Killer Queen

Killer Queen

13 players are locked inside an abandoned building, each with a PDA representing a playing card from A to K and a collar device set around their necks. Each of the 13 PDAs correspond to a different set of objectives, and if a player doesn’t fulfill their PDA’s objectives in 72 hours, their collar will explode.

No one knows who has which PDA, and players are at a disadvantage if they proceed alone. But in this deadly game filled with mistrust and paranoia, who can you trust … ?

Game downloadFree downloadEnglish patch – 22.6 MB

1. Download the patch folder or files.
2. Extract the files into your Killer Queen folder by allowing it to create a new subfolder. If the process goes as planned, then the subfolder should be named “KillerQueen-en”. If this doesn’t work for whatever reason, then create a new subfolder in your Killer Queen folder (name it whatever you like) and extract the files into that folder.
Note that the files MUST go into a subfolder, and must NOT go into the main Killer Queen folder. This means that you must NOT replace the original files with the ones with the same names in the “”.
3. Click “KillerQueen.exe” in the subfolder to play.

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  1. Was a bit of a headache to install properly (make sure you mount the file before anything else), but worth it, was a fun read.

    A word of advice tho, there is some NTR with one of the heroines, so avoid if you hate that. You can check VNDB for clarification.

  2. For everyone that has the gloval sav problem,just change compatibility to windows vista and run as an administrator

  3. Im doubtful anyone will respond but hey, so i downloaded, extracted, mounted and installed. when i attempted to move the KillerQueen-en folder over in to the new game, it wouldn’t let me. it told me i didnt have enough memory to do so.
    so i went in to the .cue file and added in the the file there, then re mounted and reinstalled. the normal game runs fine but no matter what i do the English version still shows up black and white with no images.
    any suggestions before i just go and leaned Japanese

  4. so could you put this someplace where I don’t have to pay for a membership to a site that I can’t trust not to steal my credit card number? Evidently the site you use I can only download things that are less than 200 mb for free?

  5. Hey.. I’ve finished played this. There are no gameplay on the english version of mine, but I enjoy the story of it. Then, I heard there are this “Secret Game: Killer Queen” on “Depth Edition” where there are more than 2 stories in it and I’m very interested to play/read it o.O anyone know how to access or download that? english version if available please..

    1. This should be the “Depth Edition” as it said on their Facebook page and it should have all 4 episodes,but for some reason there are only 2.

  6. So, we had episode one as being Sakumi’s path, and episode two as being Yuuki’s path. Does anyone know what the next one will be about and when it comes out?

  7. Are you supposed to be able to access the PDA? Cos so far there hasn’t been any instruction on how to open and no icons that look like they would open it (I’ve reached the start of day 2)

    1. There should be a button in the upper left corner of the screen just move the mouse over there and it will show up,but accesing it doesn’t do much it just shows the rules

  8. To make it workable with images or blah blah blah, you need to use image burning tool like Daemon tool to read the \kq.cue\ file to install the game properly then put in the unzipped \KillerQueen-en\ in the \KillerQueen\ folder as subfolder. Finally, you have to run the \.exe\ from the \KillerQueen-en\ folder.

  9. I have no problem at first, but

    I try to disable ero content, and then I turn off my pc.

    next time I play the game, there is no sound&voices at all…





  11. so, basically we play this game (double click) in the subfolder who we create and fill the patch? not play in the main folder?

  12. Okay I take that comment back. I’m actually playing it right now, I just got to a Scene where Kasumi, Nagisa, and Soichi foind food, water, etc. in a confined room with boxes while thay were searching for a safe room. Ehhh… I think I’ll finish the game before I comment this time :3

  13. Wow.. No wonder the tags on this VN was Battle Royale. It’s similar to the movie except, more in-doors than outside. It also rips off Hunger Games except this one you don’t get any essentials at all. So, like how do they survive without a starting kit? No weapons? No food? Not to mention water. o_O

  14. Nevermind. I actually just needed Daemon tools. Sorry for not reading the other threads up above. Hontou ni sonimasen!

  15. For some reason, I’m having trouble properly extracting the Patch files. I created a sub-folder, read the \readme\ but, why do I still have a black screen, no music, image, sound, voice, etc. Anyone help please?


    If you cannot see the images or hear the japanese audio (you should hear it and see an image as soon as the game starts, its not supposed to be just a black screen with english text) just do the following:

    1.- Reinstall the game using the .cue image from daemon tools or your prefered CD/DVD emulator.

    2.- Once the game is installed, go to the game folder and create a NEW subfolder inside the game folder.

    3.- Unzip the english patch files here or in a directory of your preference, you are not supposed to overwrite none of the normal install files unlike other patches!

    4.- Run the game using the patch’s exe file

    5.- VOILA! you should now have text in english, images, japanese audio AND the english menu.

    1. Install the game using daemon tool or other similar program.
      if you just directly unzip the patch you can still play it without CG

  17. uhh… I already make sub folder bit still no GC’s and voice to.. help me…
    what I do
    1. unzipped game folder…
    there only have 3 file
    – killerqueen
    – kq.bin
    – kq.cue
    2. unzipped eng patch to sub folder
    3. click killerqueen.exe
    4. no GC’s and voice..

    1. ahh yeah.. forget to mention
      when I unzipped eng patch there no file with same name with main folder… please help me…
      here the detail
      main folder..
      – I already mantion
      eng patch (sub folder)
      – arc.nsa
      – default.ttf
      – KillerQueen.exe
      – nscript.dat
      – ons.cfg

      see no one have same name with main folder…
      so I tried to put it at main folder. but same problem happend again no GC and voice…

      1. Try unistalling the game, then reinstall it (check that it works now, you can see images and get the audio but the text is in japanese)

        Once you had this, what you need to do is create a new folder inside the game’s file folder (“D:/killerqueen/PatchFolder” for example). Inside that folder unzip all the english patch files (you should Not overwrite any of the install files) and then run the game using the patch executable, you should now have english text english menu and all the images and audio (japanese) as well

  18. OH MY GOD!!! I played the first chapter- it was good(Happy ending and other elements of mystery and thrill…)
    But, then I played the second chapter and as I got to the end, following thought came to my mind: “Killer Queen is worse off than Dr. Hanibbal Lectar”. Wouldn’t you agree?

  19. there is no english subs for mine, and unfortunately i cannot read kanji ;P… i have the english download too, im the same bundle but how do i make the subs english?

  20. is there like a page that im not seeing on how to play these games if you are downloading them free? cuz i have downloaded some of them and they dont run properly

  21. whats the difference with this and ‘Secret Game’ cause as i can gather from the story its exactly the same and the characters also seem to have only small visual differences

    if it turns out there’s more episodes in Secret Game seeing as it came out afterwards seems i’ll have to learn Japanese cause i dont think id be able to wait for a translation

    1. You can play ANY japanese visual novel in english not PERFECT english but enough to make you understand what’s going on the game using Visual Novel Reader + Machine translation. there’s a tutorial for how to make it work fine and translate game text using LEC and Atlas translator also the VNR community can submit corrections for certain phrases and words with the online function as well as SUBS for the japanese games.


    I was kinda confused about some of the pics in the opening video…there where people that you don’t get to meet in the story,(I understand that they might be the other players that died w/out you meeting them, but then, why would they even show up in the opening vid?) even scenes that didn’t happen…the game had no choices so I just went through the story thinking those scenes might be flashbacks…but then as the game neared the end, I couldn’t see any possibility of them appearing anymore…and then the novel hit me with episode 2! …haven’t tried it yet…but more than likely, all those extra chars and scenes will be there…kinda scary though that it’s highly unlikely episode 2 will have the same outcome as the first one…maybe I read it tomorrow hahaha

  23. All i’m getting after intalling the game is a black screen… I tried running the game in compatibility mode and admin as well but no luck… As black screen, I mean there is only text, no pictures at all.

          1. I think it’s due to the patched arc.nsa file. It’s miniscule compared to the normal arc.nsa. What I did was not copy that file over and run the english patched killerqueen.exe file. This allows the pictures and stuff to show up properly however, the options menu won’t be translated. If you can accept that however, the game seems to run perfectly otherwise.

          2. I had the same problem, turns out you got to put the english patch files in a sub-directory inside the game folder or on a different folder from the game installation (NOT replacing files like you usually do with patches) if you run the patch executable then it will now run with text in english, the japanese audio, the images and the menu in english too.

    1. I had the same problem but then realized, that i just unzipped the subfolder on the same place as the zipped folder. i had to move that folder into the game directory as described on this site and everything was fine. I was like lol of course there aren’t any pictures i just played the patch not the Game XD

  24. Does this game have any H scenes on it? If it does I can’t play it because there’s no privacy in the pc I’m using.

  25. Okay, I keep getting the message that says the installer cannot be launched because it contains a virus. How do I get it to stop saying that? I use MagicISO.

    1. Try to desactive your anti-virus and your firewall.

      (Don’t forget to reactive them after you complete the install x) )

      (Sorry, my english is a little poor XD)

      1. Okay, that got it to install but it’s not in English. I downloaded the english patch and I also have the files. I followed the directions like it says on the site to my knowledge. Am I missing something?

    1. It’s a false positive. due to the nature of graphic novels and cracks, anti-virus are often “detecting” a trojin. They are safe and tested, or else they wouldn’t be on this site.

  26. Worth considering that many many visual novels simply force themselves to have \choices\ but really just do a shitty job of it.

    To take a really easy example for instance, G-Senjou no Mao is a really great visual novel, but everything but the main heroine’s route was dog shit.

    Sure it’d be awesome to read more routes and such, but I’d rather have a small bad-ass experience then to have it cluttered with crappy routes with characters that don’t have much more depth to give.

      1. Man, the dialogue in this game and the general narration is so cheesy. I also highly dislike the Ace X Queen shit they have going on. Full of cliches, completely unnoriginal. I’d skip, if I knew.

        Don’t even compare this to 999. It’s not even close. Not in the same book, or the same damn library.

    1. Speak for yourself. I thought that G-Senjou was excellent in general. Haru’s route was spectacular. Kanon’s and Tsubaki’s were relatively good. Only Mizuha’s route felt lackluster to me. In my experience, Akabeisoft can’t really muddle their stories with choices.

      1. Idunno. I think Tsubaki’s route was excellent. The protagonist grew and learned to accept the value of money without being controlled by it.

        To be honest I think it was better than Haru’s in a lot of ways. Sure it was less epic, but then there were also less contrived deus ex machinas, and I liked the way Kyousuke developed.

    2. It depends. In stories like G-Senjou where there is ONE true story line you get choices for the sake of exploring the Characters other than the main Heroine [ Funny how Haru callse herself hero huh? xD] bust Stories like Hoshizora and Grisaia which base around different characters all together withou ONE TRUE choice need the Choice Prompt. So I agree. Not EVERY VN needs choices, but most of them wouldnt be as good without them 😀

  27. Seems like many people here haven’t seen many Kinetic Novels. Basically, not all VN’s are born equally. This game’s branding doesn’t lie to you, the tag is right there telling you it is a Kinetic Novel, it doesn’t have choices. And honestly, does having choices instantly make a story good? I really loved Higurashi and Planetarium and both are almost completely devoid of any interaction.

    While I can see why you’d think having a few branching paths would be nice in this kid of scenario, I’m also not complaining either. It was a nice surprise, considering the barrage of worthless nukige that comes our of japan ussually.

    1. its just a waste BECAUSE there was so much opportunity. I agree with what you are saying, but choices in this scenario would have been amazing. The story itself was actually quite good, and actually after doing some research there are supposed to be other endings and such. This is a small part of a larger whole, there are a few different products to this series. I actually have no qualms after I learned there is a whole new side to it after the going through it again. Also I agree, this is not a nukage, if you’re in for boobs/h scenes, you will be disappointed. You get 1-2 scenes when its appropriate after a story in this nature.

      1. That said, crossing my fingers the other projects get picked up, I would love to see more from this. I actually really enjoyed this, although when I am honest, part two made me sad and rage, the first part made me happy, and when a story can make you emotional, you know it did its job properly

  28. So much potential went to waste… Not to be a spoiler, but you make ZERO choices. This is just a straight up story. Yes, there is an hentai scene IF you turn it on in options. The real tragedy though is the story IS really good, but they could have done so many endings and choices that would have been amazing, I was thinking this would be something like Soul link, but it didn’t quite work out that well. This is a visual novel that got a short straw…

    1. Edit: Seems there might be more content if I play through a second time, I’ll with hold judgement until after a second play through

      1. Nah, the second episode has no choices either. I’m really mad I didn’t get to choose Karin. Psycho girl would have been ok if you didn’t actually reform her. Yandere should stay yandere 😐

  29. its me again.

    I really need help this time.
    after I installed the game and it worked really fine.
    after a few hours I took a break and shut down my PC
    but after I played it again the sound and the voice in the game was gone!
    I played the japanese ver. (The KillerQueen. not the KillerQueen in KillerQueen-en folder)
    and it has sound and music and whatsoever.

    I really like this game and and it was so far so good!
    please help :(((((

  30. It’s all black BG but the words are fine..
    why is there no CGs~!??

    and i really dont understand how im supposed to set this up.
    so could someone explain it more clearly.

    1. You installed it wrong

      When you install the translation patch you are no meant to overwrite any of the files
      Extract the patch into a folder called killer queen-en and then place the entire folder in your directory
      Then open the folder and run the game from the exe inside

  31. Second route made me tear up a little…

    Enjoyed the game overall, still would have liked some more focus on secondary characters.



  33. I didn’t see jack h-scenes and zero options for routes. After a couple hours of running through the story, I skimmed towards the end and stopped. Then switched the scenes from Yes to No in the options and skimmed again. Nope nothing. It was a nice story that kept me reading but it’s just a story book with voices really and if their is h-scenes that are missing, then I’m missing out and I’ll have to wait to get it elsewhere with the scenes.

    TL;DR No h-scenes, no plot choices, nice story. Looking for another release.

  34. This not really important but when stat the video files of ending 1-2 if left run the games gona crash… this can be skipped fortunatly.

  35. When do images start appearing? I am at the beginning where someones head got blown off yet there has been a black screen the whole time with text. Is this normal? Also, is this game any good?

    1. See my guide for how to properly install it. Start with the second long post on Daemon Tools and installing the game, then go to the first long post about how to move the proper English patch folder into the game folder.

      And you’re probably going to want to delete everything EXCEPT the Winzip files that you downloaded. Keep those and just get rid of anything you unzipped and any folders you created for simplicity’s sake.

  36. Isn’t the plot kind of a Nonary Game? Nonary Game being the central event in the story of 999 (Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors) and Virtue’s Last Reward by Kotaro Uchikoshi.

  37. When I start the game I the title image shows up, but once the game stats I only get the text block and the rest is a black screen. Can anybody help me with this.

    1. Someone, if you mean you can read the text but not hear the voices or see the images, what you need to do is first mount and install the game. If you unzipped the game from the Winzip folders and started it from there, sorry but that was just a mistake. Sometimes you might have to mount it, unmount it and mount it again, or maybe mount it and then double click on it. It’s a bit annoying, but it does happen. The installation will be in Japanese kanji, but fortunately it does most of the work so not much can go wrong.

      Anyway, after you get it installed you’ll want to then take the English patch Winzip and unzip it so it creates a folder that should be named KillerQueen-en. Now you want to find the installed game on your computer.

      It should in the C: drive, you can get there by clicking the Computer link which is usually in the start menu.

      Then find the C: drive (might have the name of your computer type too) and double click that.

      After that look for a folder that says Program Files. It might be in a different one, just go through the folders until you find the right one (obviously don’t change anything else in any of the folders, just look through them).

      In Program Files or whichever folder it’s in, look for a folder called FLAT (I think it’s the name of the company). Only touch that one, no other. Go to that folder, then from there go to the folder with the name KillerQueen.

      Once you’re inside the Killer Queen folder take your KillerQueen-en folder from wherever it is, and move it to your KillerQueen folder in the C: drive.
      Computer will probably ask for permission, so make sure you’re doing it on an account with admin privileges (you should be by default if there’s only one account on your computer) and grant permission.

      After all THAT, go in to your KillerQueen-en folder now that it’s been moved to the C: drive’s KillerQueen folder. In KillerQueen-en, find the program called KillerQueen (should be 2078 kilobytes) and double click that. Hopes that helps.

        1. Sorry if it seems like I’m dumbing this down, but I have no idea how much experience you have with installing cracked games.

          First, get Daemon Tools Lite. If you already have it and have used it before, ignore this part. If not, download and install it (make sure to carefully check exactly what it says when giving you options during installation, a lot of freeware tries to trick you into agreeing to install dubious programs that you don’t want these days, just remember you don’t want any part of a new search engine, subscription, access to some MMORPG or helping them with their statistics).

          Now you should have a folder NOT in the C: drive that will be named KillerQueen. It should have been created when you unzipped your three Winzip files that this site makes available for download. If you don’t or you deleted it, create it again.

          Now open Daemon Tools Lite. Where for where there’s an icon that says E:, it should be at the bottom left of the box, just under two icons with a plus and X signs (Add Image and Remove Item respectively). Double click on that icon with the E:.

          With that it should open a box for you to search for the files. Go to wherever you put the KillerQueen folder when you unzipped it, Downloads, My Documents, whatever. Find that KillerQueen folder (it will not be in Program Files however, that folder should not exist yet, so don’t bother checking there).

          Inside the KillerQueen folder there should be a file with the same icon as Daemon Tools Lite (which lets you know it opens with Daemon Tools) that will probably be called a CUE file underneath Type. It will be named kq.

          Now kq should be mounted, but it might not start installing. If it doesn’t, no problem. Double clicking on it should get it to start, and if that doesn’t then right click on the mounted file and selected Open.

          After that it should start installing. Fairly simple since the program handles most of the installation. Even if you accidentally click on the wrong thing, I’m pretty sure that all that happens is that it cancels installation, so you can just start over again. Let it install, then go through the details I’ve listed above in the first post, stating with this:

          “Anyway, after you get it installed you’ll want to then take the English patch Winzip and unzip it so it creates a folder that should be named KillerQueen-en. Now you want to find the installed game on your computer.”

          1. oh man, thanks alot for your guide. i was having the same problem as this guy. after using daemon, the game works perfectly now. thumbs up dude

          2. since i used the free download, i had 3 folders, i unzipped them all, putting in one folder, used daemon to mount the image of the first folder, installed the game. I also put the english folder at the right place and the game works, but i have no sounds and voices, i have the eng subtitle with the images. Is it because i didnt do anything with killerqueen part 2 and 3? Not sure if what i said is clear… but yea need some help haha

          3. i installed the game and it worked perfectly fine but the text are in japanese. how can I change it to English?

          4. You need to put the English patch folder in the right place (and once it’s in right place start game from there). See my instructions for details.

  38. If you mean the ending song before the epilogue, where the audio go crazy and the screen go pixelated. Then just double click when it start to skip it.

  39. After reading that description and that title only one thing popped out of my mind

    She’s a Killer Queen
    Gunpowder, guilloutine,
    Dynamite with a laser beam
    Guaranteed to blow your mind

  40. Could you put a visual novel based on anime guilty crown? The Lost Christmas if I’m not mistaken, I’m eager to play

    1. admin doesn’t translate the visual novels. He only posts projects finished by translation groups. So if no one has picked up the Guilty Crown game then you probably won’t see it here any time soon. Except maybe in japanese only.

  41. no need to replace original file with patch. just put patch folder inside of the game folder. feeling clever? well your genius efforts fail… baka-san play without an effort. ㄟ( ▔∀▔ )ㄏ
    (i thought i was smart tht i just replace the file with patch like usual vn installation n failed,lol _(:3 」∠)_ )

  42. Around the where the (probable) climax of episode one happens, the audio cuts out completely, and I can’t seem to find the problem.


    Restarting Game

    Restarting Computer

    Uninstalling and reinstalling

    I was gonna try to delete the saves, but can’t find the save files.

    Help would be appreciated.

  43. This game exceeded my expectation, at first i was frustrated with the “i wont kill even if people try to kill me” and finish episode 1 with like “meh, it’s okay” But episode 2, totally didn’t expect it, the title “Killer Queen” is really appropriate. Recommend this.

    And for people asking, this is 18+ version, just make sure to select “Yes” ero content on option.

    1. There’s very little H content, though. That said, the title is actually supposed to refer to the first episode, not the second one (look at the episode titles ingame). Weird, I know.

  44. Hi admin first i have to say you have wonderfull collection here
    can i request game ? Please add rapelay on your colecction

  45. How many H-scenes are in this?
    I’m a few hours in it on the first route and haven’t come across any, and I do have ero-content turned Yes.

  46. Can someone confirm that this is the 18+ version or tell us how to enable that version? I want all of the content to be there.

  47. I know there is a game called ‘secret game -Killer Queen- Depth Edition’ which weights 3 GB. Is this the same game with less story or few characters or is it a new one?

  48. Thanks but I really didn’t like it because it wasn’t a game at all…The story had so much potential too,I mean you can’t make any choices,the interesting heroines get killed like flies,the second plot is filled with loli..what else is left.

    1. Really ??

      I came here wondering if there was a option that i could use to turn the options ON

      I’m in the second day and i havent choose any kind of option and i haven’t see any kind of eroge ://

      1. The game has two episodes. The first one only has one H scene at the very end. The second episode has a bit more H, but not much.

        H content is disabled by default in the options, though.

  49. Hi,
    i only get it to work in japanese, i cant find where to put the kq.bin (thats the patch right?), i have used daemon tools and found the flat folder but there is no bin data to replace could anybodey tell how to get this game to work in english.
    thx in advance

    1. The patch is the .rar named KillerQueen-en, you must extract those files in your game folder if you didn’t change the default settings it should be in C:\Program Files\FLAT\KillerQueen. but be aware, you mustn’t rewrite any of the files inside…extract the patch files with the option “Extract to KillerQueen-en\” then move that folder to your to the game folder.

  50. There is note on translator’s site about NON-ERO OPTION DETAILS

    “Our patch includes the option to disable the ero content in the game. To do this, go to the Options menu and go to the “Ero Content” option to switch it off (the Ero Content option is switched to “On” by default).”

    Whereas in the game ero content in options is set to NO when you launch the game first time. What does that mean? No – as it turned off by default despite what translators said? Or they are just mixed up and it actually means Yes? 0_0

    1. You have to turn it on, it’s indeed off by default. There’s very little H in this VN, though, except for the very end of the second episode. IMO this was kinda a disappointing VN. It had a good premise, but it was average at best (saw every “twist” coming from miles away).

  51. Wow! Finished translated today and you’re bring it to us today too! You’re the best, admin! 🙂
    I like Secret Game Code:Revise, so I’ll definitely like this too 🙂

  52. from what i gather reading the lemnisca site, the translator does not like loli and wanted to do a cencor patch, but changed his mind and released both versions. This could be wrong because the posts were very wishywashy and confusing(he first said he was only going to release the 17+ version and then complained that he didn’t want to release any 17+ content at all since there was loli. But it’s based on the original game, it just uses the reprints interface.

    1. also he did apprently cencor some loli scenes, with instructions on how to uncencor them. I hope our good admin put out the *completely* uncencored version but theres no way to tell without playing the game.

      1. From what I could gather, only CG thumbnails (for CG gallery, I presume) and other things caused the interface conversion patch were altered because the author himself did not wish to distribute porn in general.

        So presumably he cencored all of those and not just the loli ones, but the actual HCGs should be as original as those come from the game and not the translation patch. The patch here seems to be the same one as supplied by the TL group.

        1. What about the in depth version?Can’t get any intel whether it was translated or not.Only found Leminisica announcement in their site from a year ago and nothing else…..

  53. Nevermind. I’m an idiot. I had to mount it and find the Killer Queen folder in my program files and put the patch folder there, not just the folder where the mountable file was in my downloads. I shouldn’t be allowed to internet.

    1. Hi,
      had the same problem as u, that i only get it to work in japanese, i cant find where to put the kq.bin (thats the patch right?), i have used daemon tools and found the flat folder but there is no bin data to replace could u or anybodey tell how to get this game to work in english.
      thx in advance

      1. Using Daemon Tools you install the game onto your computer, giving you the “FLAT” folder in your program files, which has the “Killer Queen” folder in it. You want to extract the patch files into another folder, which I called “Killer Queen-En”, since it’s the English patch. Once you have the “Killer Queen-En” folder, you want to place the entire folder in the “Killer Queen” folder in your program files(specifically in the “FLAT” folder). So if you’re finding the folder you’d go down the path- OS (C:) > Program Files > FLAT > Killer Queen > Killer Queen-En, then open the patch application from inside that folder. You should be able to play it then. Sorry if this doesn’t help.

  54. None of the images and sounds are appearing when I launch the patch’s application. I can mount the original file on DTLite and get the game to work in japanese, but the patch isn’t working with the rest of the files, I suppose. What do?


      (Note: This patch is compatible with both the original and Reprint versions of this game, but uses the Reprint version’s images and interface.)

      Patch 1.00

      Downloading instructions:

      1. Download the patch folder or files.

      2. Extract the files into your Killer Queen folder by allowing it to create a new subfolder. If the process goes as planned, then the subfolder should be named “KillerQueen-en”. If this doesn’t work for whatever reason, then create a new subfolder in your Killer Queen folder (name it whatever you like) and extract the files into that folder.

      Note that the files MUST go into a subfolder, and must NOT go into the main Killer Queen folder. This means that you must NOT replace the original files with the ones with the same names in the “”. If you do this by mistake, then you will get no music/images/sound, only text, and will be forced to reinstall the game all over again.

      3. Click “KillerQueen.exe” in the subfolder to play.

      FoUnD FRoM Z MaiN TrAnsaLatioN pAGe lOL -OpE E -eLps

  55. So is this with the patched 18+content, or the cut down version from Leminisca Translations. If its the latter, would you include the 18+ patch in the patches sections when its released?
    That would be swell!

    1. From VNDB:

      “Contains a non-ero option that removes H-Scenes but keeps references to sexual content.”

      So I suppose it’s the 18+ version if there is an option REMOVE the ero content. Still Lemnisca though.

  56. Joe man i think is the first game cuz flat, they announced an end to their activities as a doujin group end on 2009 this game was made around 2006 and the reprint on 2008

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