Bunny Black 2

Bunny Black 2

The adventurer Dachs had been bestowed great magical power and eternal life by the maou, and in return he serves as her underling. However, he was dragged into a revolt by the maou’s army and ended up becoming the new maou. He made the previous maou his wife and brought peace to the labyrinth known as the ‘maou’s forest’… but it was soon shattered by some unknown troops who quickly took over half of the forest. After he found out through captured warriors that they were under the command of a group of three women from the heavens, he gathers his troops to launch a counterattack at the angels’ base.

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  1. its 2020 but still no translation for BB3?. if its about donation then i dont mind to give some donation. not only BB3 but also for majikoi A3 and the rest. its more than 4 or 5 years but no improvement at all.

      1. Here I am replaying BB1 and BB2 again for the 50th time still excitedly waiting for the next one. If I have to wait another year it won’t even faze me because I am so thankful that someone has the skill to translate and patch these things that I love yet lack the skill to do myself.

  2. @Admin, clicking “reply” wouldn’t let me reply directly to you but I figured out a “solution” of sorts. I’m not using a gamepad, so that’s not a problem. But, in the control panel for my mouse, I disabled “Enhance Pointer Precision” and that seemed to stop it from going up to the left. So, for anyone else that may come across this problem that’s what worked.

  3. Well this is unexpected. I can’t download a thing in this website? is it the browser or another could be the cause? does anyone here had the same problem? I need help guys. when I tried to download I click either free and still nothing happened. the same goes to every game here.

  4. I’m gonna be downloading this later…although I already played the first and I know it’s good, the last few vn I downloaded was very bad and I already use a lot of internet data so I’m not in the mood for any downloading for now… *sigh*

  5. Guys, whatever you do, DO NOT save in Dungeon Flame of Valor F1. If you do and later try to load that, the game will crash. Everything else works just fine, but i saved there, and my latest auto-save went there, and i had to do everything all over again. Be warned.

  6. admin you really great.i already played bunny black 1 and 2 can u upload bunny black3 with english patch.i am really looking forwared.

  7. Going from Bunny Black to Bunny Black 2 is a big learning curve. The first problem I noticed was that items, and other key features were not in English. This isn’t true however I was just not paying attention.
    –To make the game full English open your bunny black 2 folder after everything is setup including your English patch. Look for a file called (( obj file setup )) click this and the game will be fully translated into English, all items, spells etc.
    –Next problem was the full screen but reading above that’s already been noted push F10 select 800×600 and your set to go.
    –Windows 10 compatibility will resolve most problems regarding crashing set it to windows 7, Just to be safe I also ran as admin.

    I hope this helps a few people with the setup and the English patch. Best of luck everyone.

  8. Hey guys, I’m stuck at the point in which I have to follow the second instruction of the notepad. It’s confuse, it says “Rename obj.vfs in game install directory” I can’t understand what it means. I have a folder named obj and a file named obj.vfs. What should I do next?

  9. Is it possible for someone to find the BGM files of this game? I’d really like to know if I can listen to them out of the game without the sound being toned down..

  10. Hi, I have a problem: When I enter to the zone of the first angel (fire inside the castle), the game stops working. And when I begin the game there goes out a message of alert that says that they do not find the saved files and install them in another folder. Please help, I have windows 7 installed in my pc.

  11. Hey could someone help me? I downloaded both the game and the patch, applied it as directed and removed that file that you’re supposed to and I am able to get the title screen to load as well as start the game or prologue, but at the end of where the discussion of the angel attack in the throne room (and it seems like the scene is about to change) the game crashes. I’ve tried redownloading the game several times but same problem. I have Windows 10. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. I had a similar issue and found if returned ‘obj.vfs’ to its original name the game wouldn’t crash.. however items are not english patched anymore.

  12. Well, finally got the game downloaded, problem was something else but the English Patch had a Trojan in it. Fuck. I guess that’s what you have to deal with free shit.

    1. Everything posted on this site is virus free, it’s your virus protection that’s screwing up. A false-positive.

  13. Having problems downloading this. Smartscreen filter is convinced that the files are infected. Even turned off smartcreen filter while cringing and still no success. Hopefully didn’t get an assload of viruses for my trouble. :/ Whatever happened to mediafire?

  14. This is a good game. They made a lot of improvements over the first one like being able to go to whatever floor you want (no more needing to get a job on a specific floor), infinite inventory, no more locked boxes, and MP instead of limited number of uses for skills. I’m looking forward to the third one since this kind of ended on a cliff hanger.

      1. So it only crashes in that floor? I just started and was losing my mind because of all the farming… please tell me if the problem of the load crash keeps going!

  15. Does anyone have any idea where I may find the soundtrack for this game? I’m rather fond of ”Conqueror’s Right” ”Submission” ”Overlord” and ”Wild Hunt” and would love to be able to listen to them without having to have the game up all the time, as some of you may have noticed – the game sound is lowered upon clicking out of the game window. So it doesnt’ really do too much good if you wish to listen to music from it.. Any help would be appreciated. =)

    1. hmm, not mocking you taste in music, but to me the tracks ”Conqueror’s Right” and ”Submission” sound almost like old school generic porno music to me.

      As for finding the music… beats me…

      Honestly, I just used something to record the music. In my case, I used camtasia, and converted the video, to an mp3. The tracks sounded perfect after I did that. You can also use other things like soundtap, to record it.

  16. For those who are having trouble getting the game to go to full screen mode, I found you press f10 on the keyboard to open up the options menu. From there on the right hand side, you will see Full Screen and a Hardware drop down box right below it. It should be set to something in Japanese by default. If you change it to 800 X 600 32 Bit then you should be able to change it to full screen mode. Hope it works for you

  17. Every thing was okay when I was using win 7. I’ve switched to win 10 and now full screen is not working anymore. Any way I can fix it?

    1. step 1: right click the main exe.
      step 2: click the properties
      step 3: Click the compatibility
      step 4: Click the compatibility mod thats say (run thsi program in compatibility mode for:)
      step 5: click the windows 7
      step 6: click the apply button
      step 7: click ok and then open the exe file.

  18. I can’t get the game to go into fullscreen. When I first tried it I got a pop up message in kanji and an “OK” button. Now clicking fullscreen just doesn’t do anything.

    Anyone have a solution to this?

  19. When I attempt to start it says the driver aci_d3d92.dll is not found. Can anyone explain why this may have happened? Thanks.

    1. I’m having the same problem, it shows “Not Found Driver : acv_d3d92.dll”. Does anyone know how to solve it?

  20. Is there anywhere I can find the soundtrack in this game? I really adore it D: Since when I keep the game up to listen to the soundtrack when I do something it gets dulled down, and I cant hear it as well..

  21. after i figured out how to apply the english patches, i want to say how good this game is (it is awesome)
    and also thank the admin and the translator and all who worked at it

  22. Phew,just finished it, was good but not as good as the first one though,it took me less than 40hrs to finish. i took a lot of time,did’nt do any replays though. just completed once.Anyways thanks a lot admin!!!I love your site!

  23. pls can anyone tell me how to use the english patches in bunny black 2.
    finally i managed it to use the english patches on bunny black 1,
    but now the installation process of the bunny black 2 english patches are not the same as in bunny black 1.

    pls can someone help me to apply them.

    and what do i have to do with the obj.vfs
    remove it or rename it .
    when rename it, in what should i rename it

    and what to do after that

    ty for ur help

  24. Hey+guys,


  25. Hi,

    I´ve finished the game and found out that even after watching all the bonus scenes I´m still missing the CG #146 and # 248.
    I checked the CG on a website and it should be one CG with Darx, Forzelotte and Kozelotte in the forest (#146) and one where Darx, Maki (Ogre Girl), Liz (Tifur) and the Monkey have a meal together (#248).
    Can anyone tell me how to get those 2 CGs?

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards

  26. Hey, I downloaded, extracted the game and after it gave me an error for some .dll missing, I put the english patch in and it says AoiCmp4.dll is missing. It seems to be in the game’s rar, but I can’t seem to extract it. Any ideas? Thanks.

    1. I finally got it to work with the background appearing, but whenever chomp, rend, and a few other skills are used I keep getting this error… odd. I just press Ok and it proceeds

    1. No. From my understanding the translator has another project he’s working on. And it looks like BB3 is a pain to translate.

  27. Tips for final boss, if anyone cares.

    Buy the “goo body” ability for everyone(increase resistance to striking attacks)
    Use Dorothy(30% chance of negating magic attacks from opponent)
    Give your melee attackers the “crow” ability(the strongest slashing ability in the game)

    I had Darx, Dorothy, Golan, Fairy, Nymph, and Tojo. I think they were all in the lvl 40 or 50 range. I can’t quite remember.

    1. …Never mind, apparently it was a tmp problem.
      If ya’ll have this issue, wait for about 10 minutes and try again, until it works out.

  28. it is the same for me i cant get to the download sit ethier it say the connction too to long what is going on

    1. Someone on Taimanin Asagi 3 said that there was a note on the website hosting the links saying that they were going to be some server maintenance. So it’s temporary…don’t know for how long, though.

  29. Download links down for anyone else? They worked fine when I downloaded the first Bunny Black a few days ago, but now whenever I want to download a part of Bunny Black 2 the page says that the website isn’t responsible because it takes too long before downloadani.me responds.

    It’s the same for the other games. So is the site down or something? Or is my own internet to blame? In any case, I hope it doesn’t last too long because I’m having fun with Bunny Black and I think I’m almost finished…

    1. Excellent, seems like download links are working again. Which is great because I just finished the first game yesterday.

        1. I hope it’s temporary, but I managed to download the 1st, 2nd and the 4th part…I haven’t bothered testing the rest, seeing as the 3rd is giving me an error message.
          Either the website is extremely selective with which files you cannot download, or the link is truly broken. |:

          1. ………………………..
            And now it works again.
            eh. huh. eh.
            Well, I guess it was a temporary problem, then..?
            *scratches head*

  30. Oh please please please, upload Bunny Black 3 if possible!
    I love these games so much <3 Hell, im even willing to pay for it if need be!

  31. -kindve spoiler-

    Can anyone post their team and items for the Mana boss thing after you beat parshy, I have tried so many combinations of items and units but I keep getting wrecked by his attacks. The farthest ive brought him down too is half health so any tips for the fight is appreciated

    1. I got this one in one go. if you are low level. bring dorothy along for the first part or just farm parshy. The easiest way to do that is to make sure your entire party is rigged with the highest level AOE damage magic that belongs to their own element til you reach the point where only the first three characters can kill them all.

      Tip #2

      make sure you get the staffs given by the requests from rakia specially the overlord staff because this will make your life a lot easier in farming parshy.


      Level up a G.Maid, she is bloody useful because she can attack twive magic or not.

      This One is for when you are low leveled

      lv55 darx lv5O marialis bring dorothy and tatsumaki as well”its fine even if you dont level them” level 51 ekate level 5O filliane.
      Make sure that they all got Either Crow or their respective element’s ultimate aoe. This is for first part your reserves will be anything strong actually just make sure you have at least 2 healers with healing up to Rain or even better angel song.

      for the medals just make sure your vanguard party makes just ONE attack at Oldues then switch it to the reserves so they will also get medals. Your HEALER MUST BE TOUGH AND EVASIVE AND DEDICATED TO HEALING OR SOME OF YOUR UNITS WILL “DIE” .

      1. Oh BTW you MUST farm parshy on overlord difficulty because being low leveled in overlord difficulty will make your battle nearly impossible when battling Oldeus for the last time. If you are not a fan of fasrming parshy then before defeating kasha again make sure you have completed the tower of guidance and I mean completely mapped it. The guillotine like gaurdian will be one big pain in the 4ss though in overlord mode so good luck.

        Crow works best against Parshy and a mixed attack against oldeus

    1. I think you need to get a unit with the orienteering skill to reveal the map if I understand your problem

  32. Well i have a little problem when starting the game the game keep crashing the moment meryl stop talking to the maid

  33. Help!
    Only missing #88 scene, it’s under the “Sex with Captives 3”
    is there a 4th scene? or is it something entirely different

  34. I just defeated Paultina and I can’t figure out where to go. I thought I’d get a key from her to use in the courtyard but I’m not getting anything like that. I’ve tried reloading the game to beat her again and nothing…

    1. Tsk…. I did some more grinding… Apparently *spoiler alert*

      After finding out about Fillane’s betrayal you have to get her back by giving her the chance to by visiting in the dungeon 3 or 4 times. Then you get the commanders Key.

  35. finish this game 100% completion now trying bunny black 3 damn… i got no clue what i am doing -_- wish it was translated

  36. Oh, cool. I played the first game in this series, and while I wasn’t not a fan of the high rape-to-consensual-sex ratio, the gameplay was quite good and the story was hot. Here’s hoping this one is worth my while as well.

    1. No. You’ll get Meryl and Liz if BB2 detects a BB1 install though (it has to actually be installed; ie found through the registry. The one you get from erogedownload does this so not worries.)

      1. When do you get Meyrl and Liz? I just did a few opening missions but don’t want to go further if i need to do something else to get them to work.

          1. You actually get Maki And Liz if the system detects a NEW GAME+ data from your previous playthrough. for Moetan just finish the quiz with a perfect score.

          2. When exactly do you get Maki and Liz? Does the NEW GAME+ save need to be from the Bunny Black 1 or 2? What quiz are you talking about also, when is it available?

            I still have Bunny Black 1 installed on my pc and complete save data but I didnt get any of the mentioned chars above yet. Im about to go on 2nd mission.

  37. First of all thanks admin for uploading this game.

    Do anyone know, whenever i try to climb the ladder to valor of flame. the game always crash??

    1. come back again and again to the throne room and rest. this cg also gave me some problems but after farming parshy a LOT it somehow showed after countless times of resting in the castle

  38. i complete 98% miss 3 CG, No.205, No.206 , No.269. Anyone know what are those ? And how to get those too ? Thanks you very much, i waiting for you guys helps.

    1. Oh dear, i thought i know how to get CG No.205 and No.206 but i was wrong. So i still miss CG No.205, No.206, No.269. You guys may think this is annoying, i am very sorry for that but i’m really need you guys helps so anyone know how to get those. Thanks you very much.

          1. Sorry to say the princess is in another castle.
            Like Really, before fighting Ultinia you have to defeat The Wolf Girl and she is in another dungeon, I think it is Sentry Spear the name, anyway is one you didn’t enter before you can reach there from a door you couldn’t enter before on the Baldaquin Courtyard.

          2. Kasha the girl that follow Odeus if you defeated her than you can go back to the path of light floor 6 the boss should be there and you have to answer a question the answer is East i think

  39. All the items and skills are in Japanese, while I can figure some out, most I’m having trouble with.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  40. By the way, how do I get to Ultinia or the wolf woman *forget her name, I’ve gotten to the bottom of the spear and the riddle puzzle part in path of light but neither of them seem to be showing up, or do I have to do something else_

  41. Just beat the last boss. One person to add to your party. Dorothy. Unless you’re heaps overleveled, you’ll need her and pray to RNG.

    1. where is the cannon dude? iv been looking for ages.(SPOILER)iv just beat the fox woman and found whats his name dead on the floor but now im stuck.

  42. when I try running the english exe it says “pgsv.dll is missing from your computer.” any idea how to fix it? thanks!

  43. hello,i can’t explore all the lower levels of the castle calquin,largely the middle section surrounded by walls,is there any hidden path or something…appreciate the help..thanks

    1. *Spoiler Warning*
      after castle falls. I get her after explore 1F castle after the fall back to the palace then the event should be auto

  44. Game keeps crashing when trying to go upstairs or load ceartain saves, any ideas of how to fix it? I get the AOI message when I start it, does that have anything to do with it?

  45. I’m having a big issue with this game.

    For some odd reason, the text and font look so big that about two thirds of the dialogue get pushed out of the dialogue box, making them impossible to read.

    I have my PC with Japanese Locale set, so this doesn’t happen because AppsLocale or NTLEA, or anything like that.

    Any idea of how can I fix this?

    1. Are you using the English patch? If so, are you running the game from the original .EXE file, or the new one labeled “Bunny2 English”? Because it seems like using the original one somehow prevents innate abilities (and possibly other things) from functioning.

      If you can’t find the English .EXE, your antivirus software probably deleted it. Not sure what’s up with that.

  46. ahahaha finally i beat this game with 97% completion and missing 6 CG
    and now i want MOREEE!!, i will waiting until you post BB3 :v
    thanks admin :v

  47. For some reason, when i start the program my arrow randomly just shifts to the top left corner of my screen and stays there. Making it pretty hard to play. Does this happen to anyone else ?

  48. hey guys where i must go in Path of Light 6F ? i beeat everything but i dont know how to get in the right corner, to the boss i think

  49. Hey im at path of light 6F and i dont know how to get on the right corner of the map, im stuck, please help 🙂 i beat everything on that map i just need a way to get there, im at the cannon part!

  50. Can anyone help me? Whenever i go into the extras menu from the title screen i’m only able to see the unit, map and item collection tabs. Can anyone help me fix it so i get the rest of the tabs including the scene gallery?

      1. The thing is that i managed to get it to show once by going into the unit menu, but no matter what i do i can’t get it to show again.

  51. There is only one scene I haven’t unlock. It’s the one under “Crowe’s Defeat” in the scene list, any idea how to have it ?

    (Btw, I don’t really remember what happened to Cass and Ayaka a the end of BB1, can somebody remind it me ?

  52. Team composition and equipment matters more than levels by far. I’m not saying you could pull off a level one game with the right team composition and equipment, but you can fight things that are many levels over you if you’re wearing the right equipment and party. Take the Gate enemies for example. They attack 3-4 times depending on which gate you’re fighting and they use primarily slash attacks. I took out the Gate on the last floor of the Path of Guidance at 35 (it is 55) because I geared my party out to resist slash and earth damage and I ran Magic Mirror for Magic Canceller.

    You should avoid spending too many skill points learning new skills. Don’t neglect spending skill points to raise your stats, especially when it comes to the defense stat. Defense is probably your most important stat and you want it to be around 40-50 minimum going into the late game. Speed or Evasion comes next depending on what you’re going for, and then Attack (remember that Attack only affects physical skills. Magic skills get their synergy from having other magic skills in your list and Defense does *not* affect magic skills). You should use Darx’s HP as a guideline for what your frontline’s health should look like. His health growth is pretty balanced for it.

    As for party composition, it always pays to have somebody who can resist or nullify magic as an innate skill. Past that it’s pretty much up to how you want to build your team.

    1. You’re wrong,attack attribute also increase your magic attack.
      The game said that in tips/hints , see it yourself

      1. If you don’t have the key, enter a dungeon, go outside, when you are in town go to the throne room. Do that at many time you need untill Filiane join you for good. When that happen, you will gain the key

  53. Can someone tell me how to get it into fullscreen? The first time I tried it said something in japanese and didn’t go into full screen, now whenever i do it, it just does nothing at all.

    1. With investment, the option is not given at the begining but come quite quickly each time you invest enough to do one reparation you gain +1 command

      When Filiane and Marialis “truely” join you, you gain +2 command

  54. Hi. Sorry to inconvenience y’all like this again, but I wanted to know if there are other scenes with the pixie lily and How I can unlock them? Thank you.

    1. There other scene. You just have to have a pixie in your party (in reserve worked too) the something like 3 or 4 scene. Just walk in dungeon with pixie in party to randomly trigger it

  55. Probably off topic but is there a way to extract the bgm files of the game so i can play them on a music player ?

  56. those who want full save, btw its not mine, forgot where i got it..use it to view cg and scene only because it will overwrite your whole progress


  57. how can i pass garden of judgement? i killed everything in all floors, but at floor 3 i cant get to the boss, i dont know how, and also i have the book or perception which allows me to see hidden doors, there isnt any, so please help me, i cant go ahead with the story, Darks was kidnapped and now playing as his daughter

    1. Search every nook and cranny. There is a route that comes from the right side of the map which comes from the 2nd floor, right side.

        1. There are some secret walls that you can use also, they help.

          Up the two stairs in F1, take the rightmost stairs up in F2, Up the only stairs in F3 (you should be on the rightmost side), down the stairs in F4 which is to the left and down from the stairs you just got up from.

          1. wow thanks a lot, i cant believe i didnt did this, probably the only method i havent done by now, thx a lot

  58. My game keeps crashing right after the alert at the beginning of the game and Meryl calls Darx an imbecile. Anyone know how to fix

  59. All man I wish i finished the first one. It was good, but I had to delete it to make space. Guess I’ll redownload, but im so tempted to go ahead and play this first

  60. might be missing something obvious, but can anybody get this game to full screen? Got an error-message the first time i tried and since then just nothing happens when i click full screen.

      1. I figured it out. Press the F10 key on the keyboard while in the games start screen, should bring up a menu in japanese. The bottom right has an option with screen sizes on it, just change it there. Make sure the fullscreen is off in the menu first though or it will just keep going to the standard size.

  61. *spoiler*
    can some one help me
    i cant find out what to do after u defeat kasha or whatever her name is and you find the old guy dead right after and you are supposed to go after the angle with green hair.

    1. *spoiler*
      can u help me?
      after defeat enemies like dancer at evervence sea then where i go? I got stuck there and how to go to Izana(blue haires seraphim) place?

      1. *spoiler*
        Did you defeat all the brainwashed adventurer?

        the progression, if I remember correctly, is that Darx will be kidnapped. Then you will get a key that unlocked another door in the plaza.

        If you already beyond this point, then I think you have to defeat an enemy that look like a gold dot on the minimap. I think I randomly walk into this enemy (he walks around) on the first floor of evervence sea.

        1. *spoiler*
          thanks bro
          now I’m path of light, after defeat cloed commander where I should go? that dugeon make me confuse for real!

          1. When you beat Ultina you receive the Canon Key, go back to big court with locked door. If you already have explored the area fully, only one door is still locked, you can now open it.

            Warning : when you beat the boss (purple enemy), you enter in the final phase of the game. You can no longer go in any dungeon, only the finally dungeon remain open.

  62. Hi. Sorry to inconvenience y’all like this, but I have a doubt about the events in the game. I was checking in a web page and I think that I have lacked an event that happens with marialis before that joins to the group. Someone who already has seen it could tell me the necessary conditions. Thank you

    1. Enter and leave the Cave dungeon until you get the scenes, dont enter the castle until you get them, if you no longer get scenes by doing that then go to the castle and explore one floor at the time and leave, that is how i got them and my method to get as many of the scenes early as possible (Dont progress the castle until you get them or they will be overwritten by the “Special” filiane scenes before her black dress.)

      Sorry if i did not make much sense since i just woke up after pulling an all nighter from work.

  63. This game too fucking hard, my team got wiped out entirely in the very beginning 🙁

    Is there any guide, in which unit should i hire or tips and tricks ?

    1. Dude this is a basic game you can get along with pure logic oh and BB1 was much harder try that one first
      You need 1 healer , 1 tank at the start. DO NOT buy store stuff there are plenty of chest with items.
      You need to enter the dungeon and go back home to proceed down the scenes which is important early on once you capture the first two officers so you can get hero characters fast.
      On level you can go back to home to spend points.
      Always pace yourself and know where the exit and heal points are. Leave combat on attack and All for most battles the AI is fairy good for the most part and you can get along with then but leave the healer on “support”
      Save scumming for someone like you save after every battle so you don’t lose any1 and have to waste money reviving.

  64. First, thanks admin! I’ve waited since BB1 to play this. Love it.

    My only problem is that when I try to start Flame of Valor the game crashes on me. I’ve tried to look through old comments (think I saw something on it) to se if there’s anyone else who have had this problem but can’t find any. Out of 7 times I tried to load the level I only managed to get there 1 time (yesterday) but I didn’t have enough time to finish the dungeon and now I’m back to repeat loading. It’s a real pain and waste of wimt, so if anyone has any idea??

      1. I seriously love you right now, Ageha. I woke up to a mail saying my classes today was cancelled and then I see your reply, which work too. It also got rid of the strange filter(?) which I saw on the previous dungeons. Been playing for five hours straight now and counting.

  65. Umm… Is there a way to fix the text? some text are too large that part of them disapear for example M become V, in short at some text like M,m,W,w the sides are gone…and also text at the skill is sooo small but still had the same problem.

    1. I finished the game and it seems only pixie has extra CGs. The scenes are about the pixies making jokes and how Darx punished a Fairy in BB1. (you need pixie in your team to trigger this)
      I’m talking only about CGs though, I missed 33 scenes so maybe there are other scenes with the others characthers.

    2. yeah.. i got many CG for hired unit and not finish the game yet, like pixie, hylf, blackbird, dah, echo and miriza till now.
      oh… and dont blame me if im spoiler a bit :3

  66. I read somewhere that you can get Liz and Maki if you have a BB1 save. Can anyone tell me how that works ? Say if I DLed unpacked files that didn’t need installing? How do I unlock them?

    1. just start the game, it detects it, there you go…(it won’t do it during the prologue, but once you start the game proper, it will pop up)

  67. Does anyone know if grinding is the only way through this game? I spend like 3 hours grinding to level 15 just to beat the angel commander, now i’m in the sephrim’s castle and I don’t really want to spend another 3 hours grinding. am i playing this right?

    1. are you remembering to upgrade/spend skills on your units? if so are you actually strategizing them? it seems magic is a fairly good way to go since item bonuses stack (get an aoe, load up with a bunch of magic %+, nuke the field, rinse and repeat, raising SP along with various nukes. tough to raise in the beginning supposedly great mid-late game) To be honest, I am not sure how I want my team to go either, but for most people saying they grinded that long, its generally because they weren’t spending their skills.

      1. What do you mean spending/upgrade skills? I use them but i didn’t think they could be upgraded or added to a minion.

        1. If you still didn’t found how to upgrade your units.
          it is at manage units at Rakia’s shop
          click a unit and then choose train.

  68. hey anyone got a full save?

    my bro reformatted my comp and now lost all my data and almsot completed the game too! (Y_Y) [around 70 percent scenes collected]

  69. admin i went to seiha translation and apparently they have made a new patch 103 or something might be worth posting that1 also?

    1. Yes. I only post fully translated games here.
      The comments you see here from people asking about untranslated menus and stuff is because they didn’t patch the game properly (forgot to remove one of files, as per patching instructions)

      1. Thanks admin,

        I did indeed miss the part of removing/renaming the obj.vfs file now the items are translated ^_^ many thanks

  70. For some reason, I can’t see any enemies on the map or on the main screen after the first mission. Is anyone else having this issue? I can only walk around the map and blindly run into enemies.

    1. Yeah after first mission most enemies don’t show up on the map only large groups “red” and key”yellow” show up at the point in the game where i am the rest is random encounter

      1. i encountering the same thing like the emery just came out of thin air
        admin is there anything you can tell us about this

    2. its suppose to be like that. Apparently being able to see most of our enemies is OP. There’s even a thing in game that lets us skip “random encounters” or a short time.

  71. Mahos – I have the same problem, moreover, I can not find Bunny Black 2 in the “Downloads”, only directly through the browser.

    1. tought it maybe just some minor script bug, try restarting your browser or even use another one if it getting annoying… ah and somehow “for me” the spoiler download button will not show the link if the page still loading, it just gonna refresh the page not showing the download link, that is if you have a low internet connection of course…

  72. aah so admin… maybe this is not related to the game but, somehow i cant show the older comment on this page, when i clicked “older comment” it just take me to another page with only 2 comment in it and when i clicked the “older comment” link on the second page… it take me to another page with a few comment in it too, this time the page do not have “older comment” button link wich i recognize the comment as the first comment when you post this bb2…

    well maybe it just a bug on my side, still happening right now, maybe you have some clue to what cause it?

  73. Awesome game! But does anyone have a 100% save? I went through the whole game going back for every scene that i could, but i still ended up missing like 30 of them.

  74. Yeah, thank you so much. Is there a way to shrink the Font or the Text? Its so large that some of the words are off the screen and I cant read them.

  75. hey, does the name of the objects in the equipment list have a translation? I already installed the English patch but it doesn’t translate those names… HELP!!

  76. can i please request for a game called ozmafia,its really great.But no fair lol why are there less posting of otome games compared to others in this site(I really do appreciate all you have done,but seriously why?)

  77. Man I just finished the game, great game all in all. Now I feel so empty.. how long till another good VN comes up?

  78. Wow, so many ppl stuck x.x ill try to answer some of the questions.

    Evangelize – Try grinding a bit at the Cave of bueroza, also make sure you are using the skill points when you level at Rakia’s store.

    hdk – keep going up eventually you will find some stairs leading down every floor till you get to the first floor (and did you trigger the “Event” where koze needs to do something?) otherwise you cant progress till you do.

    devil – You cant complete path of light 6 until you deal with Oldeus and kasha in “Sentry spear”.

    saris – you need to be able to see hidden doors and deal with the fairy in order to continue.

    Pociumba – try going in the dungeon again and coming back out and checking for scenes, also you will need to defeat her commander before you get to be able to progress.

    Para – first dungeon doesn’t have that many moving enemies, go back down and through the door to exit the dungeon and continue with the story.

    Well tried my best hope it helps even a little bit. *edit odd, my comment was removed*

  79. Wow, so many ppl stuck x.x ill try to answer some of the questions.

    Evangelize – Try grinding a bit at the Cave of bueroza, also make sure you are using the skill points when you level at Rakia’s store.

    hdk – keep going up eventually you will find some stairs leading down every floor till you get to the first floor (and did you trigger the \Event\ where koze needs to do something?) otherwise you cant progress till you do.

    devil – You cant complete path of light 6 until you deal with Oldeus and kasha in \Sentry spear\.

    saris – you need to be able to see hidden doors and deal with the fairy in order to continue.

    Pociumba – try going in the dungeon again and coming back out and checking for scenes, also you will need to defeat her commander before you get to be able to progress.

    Para – first dungeon doesn’t have that many moving enemies, go back down and through the door to exit the dungeon and continue with the story.

    Well tried my best hope it helps even a little bit.

  80. I’m unable to see the enemy indicators on the minimap/map
    I’m already stuck on the first dungeon while supposedly clearing out the dungeon of celestial beings, i’m stuck on the floor where the patrol demon says i can’t go furthur due to “traps” and help?

  81. Guys, I am stuck at the 9th level. After I defeat Firiane and obviously rape her in the prison, nothing happens. I was stupid enough to skip the scene, have I missed something important?

  82. Now im getting annoyed, ive completely mapped out everything possible up to the 5lvl of flame of valor, talked to dorothy a few times, killed the cookbook thing, got both black filliane/miralis, slowly grinding lvls, tried dozens of times to trigger this key event running back and forth etc(from the comment above) even tried to puzzle thro the japanese wiki, and nothing works GAH

  83. anyone able to help im stuck on effervescent sea 5f i have defeated and recruited the 2 girls here and explored everything theres only a locked door requiring the next key that i dont have, any help?

  84. Anyone have any tips? I just got to the flame of valor place and I’m getting annihilated. they kill my units in 2 turns and I have like no money to keep reviving. What the hell am I supposed to do to get stronger

  85. does anyone have a 100% save file i beat the game but miss a couple of scenes i will go back to get them just going to to take a break for awhile just wanted to know

  86. Really really need help. Im already at the path of light, trying to stop the cannon er.. whatever. but for some reason, i cant seem to see which door or path should I take. need help please.

      1. the Dungeon under the Path of light? the one under it which is available in mine is the one with the Spear in the name. y’know, where you kill the fish? Im sorry bro, im at my wits end lol

        1. The dungeon you’re suppose to go to is called Sentry Spear.
          If you haven’t unlocked it, look for a new door you can open in Baldaquin courtyard plaza.

          1. Done with the game, thank you for the reply man. All I can do now is wait for another VN soon.

  87. Before I get into my issues, I want to say thanks ADMIN, I was thinking \ wouldn’t it be great if there was a sequel to Bunny Black?\ Then I checked your site and it was there! Thanks again!

    So I found various issues with my DL.

    First it shows an ISO file after extracting, using a Virtual drive I install the game and clicked on the application. I see Forza half nude for a couple seconds and then an error saying \cant create save file\,Then an Error in Japanese, it soon crashes. I figured it was because I didn’t patch the game. I also noticed that in the actual game folder there was a English patch application. I started it up and it booted the as if I clicked on the default .EXE with same error messages. Even when I use the ENG patch from the Separate link. So I went and Uninstalled it. Tried to install again and said Error when clicking the install.exe, I couldn’t Unmount the ISO and the drive became unrecognizable, which soon crashed my computer and became difficult to work with. Had to do a system restore to get my computer to function properly.

    So I deleted the extracted files, and started over. This time I got just straight files, no .ISO, Plus less files… Weird.

    Game started fine with with and without patch. problem one the screen shakes each time it tries to change the picture of a characters expression, I was able to minimize the effects but not get rid of by clicking the \minimize effects\ in options and disabling Dungeon effects as well.

    Problem two Game hiccups after a couple screens of dialogue, it looks like the game stalls, this also interrupts voice’s.

    Problem Three! (THE BIG ONE) The \word Wrap\ is bad ~ 60% of the Dialogue is off screen, it’s like the font is too BIG and it can’t fit in the dialogue box so it just continues of screen and you can’t read it. Imagine this Font times about four and you get the Font I’m playing with. Even Log is the same, cant read any of it.

    If anyone has the same issues or knows how to resolve this, it would be great. I enjoyed BB alot and have beaten the game a few times with a 87% completion rate with multiple chars above level 90. These Issues make this game unplayable ATM.

    Thanks for listening, and ADMIN thanks again for putting these awesome games up.

    1. did you switch LOCALE to japanese?

      did you patch the game exactly according to readme file?

      and under what windows you are running BB2? Win10 and Win8 usually have some troubles with japanese games. Playing under Win7 or WinXP usually solves all problems.

  88. Hello ! Thanks for the game admin !
    But, well, I’ve got a problem here. I’m playing with this sh*tty Windows 10 (don’t know if it’s the cause but there’s a great probability of it), and when I’m on the third map (Baldaquin Courtyard Plaza) and I go up the stairs, the game crash, every time.
    So someone here with the same problem ? And do someone know a solution to fix this ?

  89. Anyone know how to find kasha? after defeating her and getting all the 3 angels?… where is that spear tower… e.e I cant find it.

  90. ok i have a question i just started bb2 and i have a partial save from bb1. It recognized and the saves and i got two characters from the 1st game added. My question is would i have gotten more additional characters with a full save?

  91. Seems ridiculously easy to get stuck :/ Ive scoured all castle Baldquien/baldaquen courtyard/and the entirety of flame of valor and cant find a boss to fight, so im stuck with a bunch of locked doors sigh

    1. somebody already answered this (see comments above)

      you have to go back and roam between some locations until you get an event where you receive key

      1. thats apparently after some boss that i cant find,which i assume its the red haired little girl which i saw a few times and nothing happened, or it was the book, but cant really consider that to be a boss

  92. nevermind i found what i did wrong sorry . . . love this game and storyline . . . how many games has a human become the overlord and command an army of demons . . . hope they english patch the other bunny black games

    1. follow the steps in the readme. Those things are named in the obj.vfs file but since this is basically a player-test/beta patch, we didn’t get an exe to handle all the repackaging like BB1 had. If you rename or delete that obj file, the game will look into the new obj folder instead and translate those things (you may need to start a new game since after characters are introduced to the party, their names are stored in the save file instead of the obj file)

  93. Does any of you hve voices for all female character tht hve sex with darx or none at all?? Because my problem seems to be not hving voices at all for all female chrcterr from the start of the game until now .. someone help me;(

    1. The game automatically registers gamepads. I had the same problem with it scrolling right, and it took me so long to realize it was using the controller. Press f10 and you can see the options from there.

  94. OMG THANKs so much, i’ve been waiting this english patch forever!

    i love bunnyblack 1 ! (rakia sex scene ini the bar so good !!!)

    i hope this one too !!!!!!!!!

  95. Hello,it’s been a time I have been here and I found the page really intersting…By the way keep it up and don’t forget to tell us last feeds.Oh yeah I want to know is the First bunny black Uncensored ?

    1. At a certain point you get the ability to donate money to the dungeon as a whole. That will increase your renown/command.

  96. hmm, left a comment how to solve the crash when entering the fire temple but seems like disappeared 😀

    so, just set your date format to japanese (“region->format”)

  97. if your game crashes when entering the fire temple just set your date format to japanese (under “region->format”)

  98. I was thinking about when bunny black 2 on how it will be a long time till they finish translating , then BAM! ITS HERE
    Big thanks to the admin without you i dont think i be as into visual novels as i am now

    if you havent played the first one, Play it first

  99. Some of the interface text (item text, hired monsters etc) isn’t translated. Is this supposed to be this way or have I installed the patch incorrectly?

    1. Many of those names are stored in the obj.vfs file. You need to rename it or delete it like the readme tells you to to make sure you get the names affected by that file. If you’ve already done that, you will probably need to start a new game since certain names are actually stored in your save file

    1. no you should’nt BB1 was a great game don’t miss out on it, and also you’ll be a bit confused as wth is happening so just play BB1 , it an amazing game

    1. to have full screen on W10 press F10 in game then choose the size and frequense of monitor (in my case i choosed the 60 hz option)on the full screen option, hardware mode.

  100. Already found it…..
    Man, the fact that Bunny Black doesn’t (or to be precise Vague) give any hints where should go next is annoying but then again its better playing this than Kamidori in terms of fast gameplay….(talking about less annoying battle when you are just interested in the story itself)

  101. Can anyone give a guide to the Path of Light Map?
    I need to reach Oldeous (if i remember) or Kasha (he’s right hand man the beast samurai girl) to stop the watever cannon it was.
    Im getting headache for going around and around on that map (-_-)
    I already fought that cloud commander in the Path of Light i just need the way to reach Kasha or Oldeous or (probably Ultinia)

    1. You should exist the path of light and head to the courtyard plaza and open one of the doors that’ll lead you to the sentry spear (the place with the cannon seal). once you get there explore the dungeon like usual and eventually you will encounter and fight kasha. when you’re done with her you should return to the path of light dungeon to find and fight ultinia

    2. I think that what was supposed to happen is after you see the scene where Oldeus is going to come after you, he will show up on any floor you are on and there will be a fight where even if you win, it is still a scripted loss. Then you will have to go to the sentry spear.

  102. Had a decent time throughout most of the last game, but I really hope the combat is better. The protagonist could also be a lot less of a mary-sue who everybody drops their panties for. I found that annoying as I progressed through the game.

    1. I…really…hate…the…main…character

      He’s such a douche thinking only with his dick. Well i know he has to release his mana that drives him somewhat nuts, but it doesn’t really help me to like him x)
      He kills the men without care and rape the girls to fuck them till they’re mentally broken ? Tss… Fortunately the girls end up in love with him…
      But come on, rape the girl, kill the guy? What’s that? Mohamet and safiya? (no insult intended)

      Well the story is kind of… it’s a H-VN, so i don’t have to expect too much^^ Even rance is a douche, but i don’t know, i would kill darx if i had to see him lol

      He even wantz to fuck his daughter not even eight…

      But it did kill some time, i liked better the first one, there was less pedo and i felt like the rape scenes were lighter, i dunno

      1. You’re pretty much supposed to hate Darx. He’s a villain. Like not even “villain-ish” he’s the straight up villain. It’s just a lot of the people who oppose him are somehow worse.

    2. Honestly the combat is much more random in that many moves you can’t even pick where Darx is gonna hit. The “front” line lost its meaning as everything can hit the back line. So honestly it became a lot more of a dice roll. Plus you can’t, that I can tell, customize Darx nearly as much.

  103. After beating the Fireboss in Flames of Valor I am stuck. The doors in Courtyard are all locked. The red, green and yellow ones. No keys to open them. Have looked through all dungeons I think and yet nothing. Can somebody help?

    1. Just go back to the base and wander between the bar/palace/gate until you get an event where you receive the required key.

        1. After defeating the boss, keep visiting her in her dungeon and trigger all her scenes until they say that she left. From then enter/exist dungeons and visit prison/home/Rakia to trigger all the scenes. Eventually when you go to Hall of Doors a maid will hand you the key.

  104. First of all, thanks a lot Admin.
    But when i am in the Baldaquin Plaza, and I try to go up, the game crashes every time. Anyone else knows this, or got a solution, already tried to reinstall.

    1. I have the same problem, i’d like to know if there is any workaround for that. I deleted obj.svf so i did’t try to use that instead of the patch. If somebody found a solution that would be appreciated. Thanks

  105. Thanks Admin!
    just asking if voiceC.vfs is needed cause i have downloaded part 8 and 9 twice and WinRAR keeps on saying that the file is corrupted also some female characters like Forzelotte and Paniverna have no voice, dont know if it is related to it. Anyway thanks again for the awesome game.

  106. so im stuck on citadel spear floor 6 after i beat the anglier fish ya i know i spell it wrong but is there more floors or do i go back

  107. I cant seem to find Urtinia or even progress….

    — SPOILER —

    after you see Ordeus corpse i cant really seem to figure where to go. i have no waypoint between sentry spear and citadel spear? is that where i need to go?…. much appreciated if anyone knows.


    was waiting on this since part 1 came out which was one of my fav games to play :>

    (was also checking translation progress quite regularly)

    list of all my prioritys is like this
    1: Bunny black 2
    2: rest

    1. In the translator site it says that this problem most likely happens if you run the game in windows 8 and it’s solved by disabling the 3D effects or something like that. After you pass the dungeon you can enable it again, but it seems that there are a few other places that gives the sme problem.

  109. in the “READ ME” note on the english patch on step 2 (2. Rename obj.vfs in game install directory) can someone explain it properly? because what i understand is rename obj.vfs to what?

    1. Already answered in previous comments. Basically that file has to disappear, to force the game to load scripts directly from english patch. You can name it blablabla.txt and it will be good – as long as it’s not obj.vfs, you’re good to go. (simply deleting it works too)

  110. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Im currently playing The first one, still a bit away, kuku~ looks like im gonna be busy for a while

    1. Though that’s probably my fault. Must have forgotten to delete the damn file. I’ll check it later. But I must say, I come here almost everyday and this is the happiest I’ve ever been. I probably forgot to delete the file because of the hurry. When I get back I’ll check that out.

  111. Nice story and everything, but I think that first had better fighting system, skill system and item system too. I hope that BunnyBlack3 will be more like 1 than 2.

      1. Yes it is JP locale. Thanks for this game and the help.

        I could play bunny black one without issues.

        (sorry for my bad english)

        1. Ok found the problem: NORTON

          it removed parts of the english folder and even after re instaling it removed it again.
          I finaly got it working, again thank for the help and this game.
          (now i star over from the beginning)

  112. Admin, do you have the 1.02 patch files? I tried getting it from Seiha, but the patch won’t install, since the game available here isn’t installed, just unpacked.

    1. Those aren’t needed, as the English patch already includes and overwrites files from 1.02 patch (see patch readme – it’s already answered there)

    1. can someone help me pls because no matter how i try to do, even deleting the first one (which i couldn’t save by the way) didn’t help at all. help pls

  113. Would love to play this game but unfortunately every time I run it the mouse just keeps sliding upwards, if anyone knows how to fix this then would you pls tell me how?

  114. in the note “READ ME” at english patch, i don’t quite get the meaning of step 2 “2.) Rename obj.vfs in game install directory
    ” can someone explain it properly

    1. Just rename it to something else (like obj_ORIG.vfs), or paste it to another folder, or delete it. It is archive (or something similar) and without obj.vfs game uses folder “obj” with now-translated objects.

      1. Both renaming and removing works tbh. Game looks for that specific file name and if it can’t find it, falls back and tries to load scripts directly (which conveniently contain English translated version)

  115. My last coment is gone and I’m not sure if it was erased or not.

    Either way the download link stopped working for me. They were working fine at first but now whenever I try one the connection times out. Is this happening to anyone else?

    1. Same here. It just started being so, like an hour ago. I’m hoping that it is a temporary problem with downloadani.me. Like maintanance or something.

      If not then I’m sure Admin-san will do something about it…

      It’s a shame though, I was so eager to get this game in it’s translated state ASAP.

      1. Its funny, I even thought about paying for a membership a long time ago since I use this site so much. I’m glad I got that stupid idea outta my head. Since then the Dl site hit me with virus ridden ads and popups quite a few times (I think the site was infected at those times). Then you add stuff like this where even if I had a membership I’m still outta luck since not even the full dl link works.


        1. Well, it was probably just a regular around-the-midnight (european midnight) maintanance phase or something. So if you’d like to buy something there then probably there is still sense in it.

          Me, I don’t buy stuff in internet – I’d rather buy some food. Being unemployed and poor is tough, ha ha.

  116. Y’know whats sad about this. Its that this game is less than 30 hours long. That fact is cleary made by the VNDB, and the clearly shorter game size compared to the first game.
    Oh well, ty for uploading this Admin. Much appreciated.
    At least the third installment is longer.

  117. Hey admin, i have some questions!
    Everytime i start the game there’s a popup saying:
    “Cannot acces folder.
    Save data may fail.
    -run as admin
    -check permissions”

    Also, the sound is only coming from the right headset speaker for some reason.

    Thanks for the upload tho!

    1. If the game saves normally, you can ignore that popup, otherwise move the game away from “priveledged” directory (Program Files etc.) – this is Windows7 and later security feature.

  118. Oh damn, I wasnt expecting this game – well, i have downloaded original game half year ago (after finishing first one), so this is easy for me.

    Thanks, Admin, and Thanks, Seiha Translations.

  119. First one was unexpectedly really great (story gameplay (otherways – meh)). Hope this wont disappoint. Thanks Admin!

  120. Wow I literally just played the first Bunny Black last week and now I get to play number 2 right away, looks like I timed that right. Thanks for the upload.

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