Sengoku Rance (MangaGamer)

Sengoku Rance

In the far east nation of Nippon, a plethora of feudal lords are fighting for supremacy in the 4th Sengoku Era. After doing immeasurable damage on the Continent, the brute known as Rance traveled with his slave, Sill, to the island country.

For a hot spring vacation, you ask?

Wrong. While they’ll go to some hot springs, Rance’s goal is to bang all of Nippon’s beautiful princesses, samurai, miko, ninjas, village girls, and more. In particular, he wants Kouhime of the prominent Oda clan.

When Rance becomes the ruler of one of the feudal states, he charges head first toward uniting Nippon!

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  1. gjx says:

    This could have been one of the greatest games ever, if they had made Rance just a little less of a freaking rapist.

    Honestly, I always would like to recommend it to others, but then I have to stop myself if it’s a girl or guys I’m less familiar with.

    Even if you know guys that are into strategy and sexy stuff, you have to warn them that the main character is a jerk.

    And that’s a waste, because the game is great.

    • DamienCastle says:

      You should try Eiyu Senki its basically this game without the rape aspect

      Same gameplay and art style even a few of the same characters pop up as guest characters

      • gjx says:

        Thanks for the recommendation! I just like sexy games with funny & endearing characters.

        Btw. just reading sunstone. That’s also funny & well written.

  2. Difference says:

    Anyone pls tell me what is the difference between the two (not biased pls)

  3. Mikey Mike says:

    BEST GAME EVER, THE BEST SRPG out there imo !! Cant wait for Rance quest magnum

  4. Anonymous says:

    Does this crap freeze for anyone else while on the item screen? Sometimes when I move items it freezes my PC and I have to hard reset because the OS won’t respond at all.

  5. Namiirei says:


  6. Faselgarn says:

    no sadly it’s not.
    the fan-patch version is better. sure it has its flaws like a few non translated enemy names ( random enemies ) but no1 cares for those.
    the mangagamer version got some serious translation errors that even those who didn’t play the fan patched version will find kinda strange. i even found a lot of grammar errors -_-
    the uncensored content is kinda a sells-making-joke. seriously it is neither good or necessary. doesn’t make a differance. let’s be honest here : how erotic are some static images? – censored or not? i even prefer censored cause most “artist” do a shity job….
    i really love the rance games ( fan patched ) and seriously thought about paying mangagamer for rance-7 so they continue the series but hell no…uninstall and get the old fan-version!

  7. Lanim says:

    Is better this or the not-mangagamer version?

    • anonymous says:

      I think mangagamer version is uncensored if that makes it any better or not is up to you.

      • Anonymous says:

        They made the translation quality a lot worse. Honorifics and addressing people are inconsistent, changed funny and accurate translation to something much less amusing, can’t even tell the difference between a spear (yari) and a naginata as evidenced by a scene with Senhime where they call her weapon a spear, and they made Kou’s lines somehow irritating. So about the only reason you’d ever want to play this version is that it’s uncensored. For everything else you’re better off with the Japanese version and translation patch.

  8. Faselgarn says:

    Well they cut the intro video.
    The translation is not the best i would say. 1 positive change i could find so far is an option that handles AoE damage in a single animation. – thats kinda usefull.

  9. Otaku-Sama says:

    So… the original is almost 3GB and this one is not even 1GB. What did they cut?

    • some dude says:

      similar what they did to evenicle, they used updated compression for the image files so they take up less space.

    • Billy Mayes says:

      Plus, to piggyback off what some dude said, I remember reading how Alice Soft made the starting video a bunch of uncompressed images or something instead of a video. Doing the cutscene like that severely bloated the game size.

  10. Meister12 says:

    Sooo Whats the difference?

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