The Clinic of Depravity

The Clinic of Depravity - A Wife Reveals Her True Nature in Front of Her Husband

Suginomori Clinic.

Although it’s called a mental clinic, it’s actually a corrupted hospital that preys on women.
I, Keigo Osakabe, am a therapist here.

One day…
“Generally, we don’t take in anybody for counseling without a reservation,” the director says. He hands me a client’s file in a manner that tells me something was special about this one.
I look over the file.
The name of a man who spurred me to take this career is written on it.
Then, the name of a woman I was obsessed with.

When I was an office worker, there was a woman I was crazy about.
At the time, I was shy and had no self-confidence, so I couldn’t talk to her.
The only thing I could do was brand her looks and voice to memory.
Meanwhile, Shigeru Kosaka, my former boss, started dating her with the intent on getting married.
Why did she choose that man when I was here watching over her this whole time?
I return to reality from my trip to the past and turn my gaze to the director who had a fixed smile on his face.
Dark feelings well up in me strong enough I almost can’t suppress them.
It doesn’t matter that she is someone’s wife.
This time I’ll get her. The woman I wanted the most.

I’m going to do anything to get her.

3 comments on “The Clinic of Depravity

  1. My usual question with a netori (it is tagged netori on VNDB), what happens at the end of the game with the SO’s relationship? does she leave her husband at the end?

    and for a question from my partner, is there a way to play and miss the one female and serval male scene?

  2. Do you accept requests by any chance! I saw that Marina’s Report 2 patch came out about a month or so ago, but I haven’t found a patched version anywhere!

    Also, do you have a way for people to support you? I’ve been around on and off for years, and I finally have the means to contribute a little something.

    Thanks as always for your work! Keeping the site up and frequent uploads. Highly appreciated.. you have no idea. You made it possible for me to go through a rough patch, heh

    1. Actually, I might just buy the game and translation patch myself – just to support the people involved. Amazing series, and really hope to see more translations from Atelier Sakura

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