It’s been 30 years since sexual harassment countermeasures changed our way of life. Our day-to-day is governed by strict regulations dictating the appropriate distance between men and women and the various ways in which they can and cannot interact. As a result, direct interpersonal contact has been painfully reduced…

In a society where male and female members must always be six feet apart, even dating requires authorization.

But not in these hallowed halls!

Can you keep a respectable distance with three dauntless heroines horning in on you? And in a world where distance relationships are the new normal, how long will you be able to keep yourself from getting up close and personal?

11 comments on “Honey*Honey*Honey!

    1. finally got it to work, had to open a 2nd instance of the game while there is one window of it named Confirm

      really weird

  1. I actually like the stupid premise for this one. It gives a fitting background to the reactions of the protagonist, that would have you rolling your eyes if it was not there.
    If it’s basically illegal to have contact with the opposite sex it’s understandable if a mc is reserved towards rather aggressive romance options. That coupled with the fact that he is actually quite aware of how the girls feel about him from early on, lifts this up above the usual harem-esque, brain damaged mc waiting for his deus-ex moment kind of rubbish.

  2. Ngl, I was kinda expecting it to be a part of that rape series that has same word three times as it’s name for each entry. Sad it wasn’t it.

  3. Ah another nonsensical VNs, but it got Nora to Oujo artist. Just hope at least it’s as good to overshadowed the nonsense

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