Blackberry Honey

Blackberry Honey

Set in England during the mid-19th century, Blackberry Honey is a tale about maids, music, and unexpected romance.

The story begins when our heroine, Lorina Waugh, is fired from her previous position as a maid in the stately home of Hartwell. With a large family back in Liverpool to support and a string of unsavoury comments circulating about her rather sudden dismissal, Lorina’s search for a new place of employment leads her to Bly.

Bly is an old, tumbledown building owned by the Lennard family, situated in the middle of the English countryside. Bly is dreary, remote, and isolated, and is veiled under an almost constant downpour of rain.

As might be expected, Lorina hates it immediately.

Forced to work for fourteen hours a day, with little chance to rest, Lorina is bullied by the senior maids and, most embarrassingly of all, by the twelve-year-old daughter of the Lennard family, Lady Constance.

One of the only maids who deigns to speak to Lorina is the mysterious Taohua – but Lorina wishes she wouldn’t. Despite her lowly status, Taohua has her own private bedroom, never goes to church with the rest of the servants, and rarely interacts with anybody. Her aloof, almost cat-like personality, coupled with her peculiar complexion, eyes, and name, have inspired more than a few rumours around the Shropshire countryside that she might be a witch.

Lorina knows she should keep her distance from Taohua, and she wants to most desperately… but maybe there’s a pinch of truth to all the rumours, because she soon finds herself under the older woman’s spell.

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    May be just me, I loved this story but I felt like it felt a bit rushed near the end, I felt like the little brat was going to play bigger role or would at least become likeable near the end, it seems like it was moving towards that at least but then once again instead of treating the mc better she becomes an even bigger jerk towards her and for no reason…

      1. Being fair, uncensored on this site could mean anything recently, I’ve downloaded several “uncensored” games that have mosaics still, I don’t mind censored, but don’t fucking lie to me.

        1. The thing is that in japan, all porn must have mosaics(by law). Yet, some games sometimes have an “all ages version” that totally cut out any lewd scene(like any eroge that is on steam); therefore, it says uncensored to indicate that this is not said version, but one with the +18 content(but of course, it still has mosaics).

          It’s all about the context.

          1. Haha … just because you can’t match the protags manlyness …^^ poor Al, her master’s Salami is as big as one of her legs

  2. I LOVE Yuri and ebi-hime games but those Henkei shita katawa oppai are too much for me, however I must thank Admin-sama
    for this and all your other uploads.

  3. A few hours through the game I get an error. A little after Lorina goes out in the rain:
    I’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

    While loading :
    File “game/adult.rpy”, line 674, in script
    IOError: Couldn’t find file ‘tao naked/Tao_nude_b_expr2-copy.png’.

    Searched online and it said something about needing an updated or needing an older version of the game?

    1. had the same error, a certain picture seems to be linked incorrectly. Below the error you can click on “ignore” though and after a few clicks the game moves on.

      1. Got the same error, except the game shuts down once I clicked ignore… I tried replacing the adult patch but it didn’t fix it.

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