Maid’s Story

Maids Story

The Maid’s Story is a simulation/hentai game developed by C’s Ware. You take the role as a young man who has recently found a job of his dreams: to train three maids in a number of household chores. The household chores can by anything from shopping, washing, cooking, and cleaning. You need to supervise your maids during their training and you need to decide if you should encourage or punish them when they do wrongs or rights. When the evening comes you need to give your maids some training in another area.

16 comments on “Maid’s Story

  1. This version has the voice completely ripped off.

    It is recommended you find another fully voiced version. (And yes there is one!)

  2. Loved the cute maids (‘cept for Azusa – couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss ’bout that hoe, kept pimping her and had her raped by her daddy muhaha). Other than that, enjoyed the raising of stats, praising with gifts, refurbishing the house, scolding too of course, but most of all “night lessons”. Fine raising sim for its time, all things considered.

  3. Played the game once, saved and quit.
    Now the game wont start telling me its already running..
    restart computer and still nothing, what do I even do at this point?

    1. I had the same problem. Nothing running in task manager, and no help deleting the folder and re-extracting it. What did help was running setup again. Seems to work fine now that it overwrote the old files.

  4. Gameplay – heavy eroge with grinding and a lot of repetition in the h-scenes. That doesn’t make it bad, it just requires patience.

  5. Secretary: About Today’s report and tomorrow’s schedule…
    Secretary: There is nothing to report today…
    Me: LoL!

  6. Hoooooooooooo I really like this game much when I get it long time before………….

    Warning: Its only for patient players because its time manegerial game

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