Amy’s Fantasies

Amys Fantasies

This is a story about a high-school girl named Emi, who fell in love with her younger step-brother. Finally, on her eighteenth birthday, she decides to tell him about her feelings. But suddenly, debt collectors arrive and confiscate everything your father possessed. Tomomi, Emi’s step-brother, disappears. Now Emi must find him, her only true love, and to confess to him her feelings.

But on her journey, Emi discovers a different personality inside herself. This other person is called Amy. While the true Emi is a shy, modest girl, her Amy part cares mostly about one thing: to make real her wildest sexual fantasies…

19 Responses to “Amy’s Fantasies”

  1. Zero_G says:

    There’s the full CD voiced version in a comment at f95. Also running in a Win 98 VM without problems, thanks nobilis for the advice

    • nobilis says:

      Sure thing zero, you won’t believe the iso you can run on this site alone in 9x. Usually just buy DVD-RW, like the good old days. enjoy
      f95 is great they got lots of translation MTL, good folks.

  2. nobilis says:

    this game unfortunately does not like NT powered operating systems voice/bgm works flawless on 95/98/ME didn’t work on 2000
    favorite game i like it alot

  3. Ahegaoing 2.0 says:

    Kinky bdsm + light comedy = what a great combination! Even with no bgm or voice, this was a blast, what with that airhead brocon constantly breaking the 4th wall and the cast ever-changing roles as in a pantomime mocking its audience. Also that trolling at the end was golden!

  4. Whacked says:

    WTF did I just read?

  5. Derp Derpington says:

    this game can be considered a piece of art… or absolute mumbo jumbo bullshit 😀

    as the story progresses you will have almost no clue what the f*ck is happening! Sweet love story? Characters entirely switching their roles? Rape story? Alternate realities? Very detailed prostate exam at doctor? This story is full of very unexpected twists…

    I dont know what to make of story, but one thing is sure: you will laugh! Its one helluva good comedy 🙂

    PS: dont forget to turn off music or it will drop
    (move mouse to the top of screen for menu)

  6. Lolrider says:

    I was having some problems with this game on start-up, where the opening menu wasn’t responsive and the game crashed even if I turned sound off.

    Turns out you can play the game online at if you are having problems like I was.

  7. StriderVM says:

    This version uploaded has no voices. You will need to go to the setting and uncheck the voice setting.

  8. yang zwu says:

    this game just compatibility with windows XP

  9. Req says:

    Is ther any way to run this game WITH voices on?

  10. Gemini says:

    I just disabled the sound and it works fine

    • T.Bonne says:

      How did you disable the sound? I can’t select anything other than New Game and Story 1 afterwards. I’ve tried moving the error window but then more and more error windows pop up until it crashes.

  11. chasenuva1 says:

    I get the same error, but I’m able to play if I move the error box out of the way of my screen and play the game normally.

    I only tested this for the first few dozen lines, but I think it works for the whole game.

  12. Joey Joe Joe says:

    I have the identical problem as the YAYY. Any idea what the problem is? Will this game simply not run on Windows 7?

  13. YAYY says:

    “emi_34: midiStreamOut: The MIDI header was not prepared. Use the Prepare function to prepare the header, and then try again.” shows up when I try to play the game.

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