May Club

May Club

The year is 2023, and you play the role of Hajime Kudo, a young man who has just finished his studies at Jiyugaoka University. Hajime is enjoying some downtime after graduation before he is scheduled to start his training with a CAT company and enter the corporate world as a “wage-slave”. One February afternoon you receive a flyer advertising a Virtual Reality Dating Simulator called May Club, apparently the most advanced human interface unit of this type to be developed. In May Club, you can supposedly act out any desire you wish with other May Club users, a world where “virtually” anything is possible and physically represented, and inhibitions are forgotten. Naturally, you’re intrigued, and make it a point to spend your vacation time at May Club hoping to meet the woman of your dreams before starting your new life.

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14 comments on “May Club

    1. dosbox is your best bet unless you buy a old computer running xp and use it to run old games like this that cant handle 64x

  1. LOL that trap was quite a surprise, and the loli too. I think once VR sets on that road we will be facing the same issues.

  2. Oh man, another classic from back in my dial-up days. I played the hell out of this one and got all the endings without needing a guide or anything, which isn’t bad for a youth of 19-20 (I can’t remember which anymore) who has never played something like this.

    I was really disappointed that other games like it weren’t very easy to come by back then, but I also discovered some I wish I hadn’t in the process.

    I’ll see if I can get this to work cause I loved all the characters, even the one that turned out to be a trap.

  3. Is this a website for downloading ero games or a website where computer genius are needed to unlock the puzzle to play a game. SO ADMIN please make this website a lot easier to use and download games.

  4. admin, please help how to install this game??
    i already downloaded it, extract then install using the setup.exe. the normal way wont do because it telling me please set game cd.
    i tried using DOSbox but no luck there.
    tried the disc image thing but it wont solve the problem, still requesting to set the game cd.
    Someone please help. theres no point posting the game for download if theres no way to play it.

  5. First off, this game will NOT work with 64-bit windows AT ALL. You’ll have to run it from a virtual machine. I got it to work with OracleVM running windows XP, but earlier versions of windows might be better for compatibility reasons.

    Secondly, you’ll have to create an iso file yourself. I used ImgBurn, but there are many programs available. Basically just create a disc image out of the MayClub folder extracted from the download. Mount it, run setep, and keep it mounted when you want to play the game.

    Hope this helps!

    1. It’s true that it won’t run straight (it was designed for windows 3.11 after all). However, you can use VILE (vilevn dot org), which is a sort of emulator for old visual novels. In fact, if you get ahold of the japanese remake (DX), you can use VILE to play a mashup using the original scripts and the improved extras that the remake had to offer (minus the new character, since she was never translated). There’s also a download on a certain pirate’s bay that has this exact setup already preconfigured wink wink.

  6. can someone help me? downloaded this and extracted it now if i try to run the game i get “Please set game cd” and if i try to run the setup with it tells me the directory name is invalid so i checked in the folder and there’s another setup there but even if i use it the game doesn’t work what do i do?

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