Hatsukoi 1/1

Hatsukoi 1/1

Yuuma is a second year student at the prestigious public school Hoshioka Gakuen. It is known for offering a fulfilling school life, but he has yet to experience love and spends his days lacking any satisfaction. He hasn’t made any progress with his classmates nor his osananajimi. All he can do is look at his love interest, the student council leader Midori, from a distance.

One day, he saw her with a troubled face. It seemed that the remaining members of the school cafeteria improvement committee had resigned. After giving it some thought, he volunteered to lead the committee. After that fateful moment, his surroundings became a lot more lively and before long, his first love had blossomed.

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193 Responses to “Hatsukoi 1/1”

  1. anonymous says:

    Not sure if it’s any point in asking here, but here goes.

    Is there a no-dvd crack for the english translation patch? I bought this game as a digital download from dmm and the translation patch replaces the executable, adding a dvd check.

  2. anon says:

    Ok you degenerates, listen up. This game is a real bitch to install, but it’s pretty af so I say it’s worth it. I had troubles out the ass getting it to work, but mostly because I’m retarded. So if you need help I’ll teach you to fish (I downloaded this from ryuublogger so I dunno if the files are the same, but am proceeding as if they are. If they’re not, you know what to do):

    1. Download ALL the files, patch included, and unzip them to the directory of your choice. Remember this directory! Baka!
    2. Use UltraIso (included in the download) to open and mount Disc 1. Start the install, choosing a directory you like. Halfway through, the installer will bitch at you, so
    3. Unmount Disc 1, mount Disc 2. Finish the install, and then close the Hatsukoi program, you won’t want to start it yet.
    4. Unmount Disc 2.
    5. Go back to the directory with the original discs in Step 1. Find the patch, and copy its contents to the directory in Step 2. It will tell you a bunch of files have the same name, so MAKE SURE you replace all.
    6. Find the kdays.dll in the Step 1 directory, and copy it to the Step 2 directory. This little fucker can ruin your day if you don’t find its ass. Are you following these directory swaps? You’d better, or the program will shit you out! Write the filepaths down if you have to.
    7. Go back to UltraIso and mount Disc 1 again.
    8. Go to the directory where you installed (not unzipped, INSTALLED you idiot!) Hatsukoi, open it up, and follow the file path to Launcher.exe. Run as administrator. Soon you’ll see a thank-you for “purchasing” Hatsukoi. Give yourself a kek or two.
    9. When the game screen opens and you can exit, exit.
    10. Unmount Disc 1 in UltraIso.
    11. Restart Hatsukoi. Beautiful. Now you can play without the error messages.

    You’re welcome, degenerates, now go love on your waifus already. You can delete the unzipped files if you want, but I’d recommend keeping the Disc 1 files around because Windows is a faggot and changes things with its retarded updates. Had to re-download the whole fucking thing but felt like a king when it worked first try.

    Go and do likewise.

  3. Angela says:

    Admin, PLEASE give us the download edition! All these CD mounting errors are giving me aids 🙁

    • someone_else says:

      i second this, i still havent figured out why it denies me access adter unzipping it all…

      • T says:

        I don’t have this game, but try changing folder and file options… unset “read-only”. See if it works? Sometimes I have problems mounting files but it’s usually when an image is corrupted. I may download this in the future and check it out.

  4. Nate says:

    Dear god, looking at all the comments reporting setup errors I think I’ll skip this VN, why tf is this game so hard to install?

  5. someone_else says:

    can someone please tell me how to install this on windows 10?

  6. Tragiic says:

    Maya’s ending was hella unsatisfying imo. Such a shame too, cause she’s best girl and has the best arc.

    • Lerkin says:

      Yeah… many routes ENDs are just meh… Or complete routes, like Yukino… starts ok, but everything goes nuts because reasons… also Runa’s route, why tefuk ”I” kissed Yukino before Runa, in the fuking Runa’s rute???!

      -Maya – best girl, nice route, meh END.

      -Kyou – ok girl, ok route, ok END.

      -Runa – sweet girl, retard route(it’s more about Yukino that Runa, wtf?), nice END.

      -Midori – didn’t remember, Yukino’s route made me hit my head against the wall and forget about Midori’s route.
      -Yukino – nice, sweet girl… only before her route, afer that she becomes retarded… (”I love you Yuu-kun”… yeah sure, but when the MC got depressed: ”Yuu-kun fuck off :)”

  7. yukiteru-kun says:

    please some kind soul that have made somehow make this game work,write a tutorial to how install this game. i am fighting with this game for mouths ;.;

  8. rantharon says:

    excuse me, is the append patch included here?

  9. Azrael says:

    Whenever i try to install the game it gives me an error box with a yellow triangle what am i doing wrong?

  10. tree says:

    anyone know how to get past the 1503 error it happens every time i attempt to mount disc 1

  11. Maba-kun says:

    help me when i run setup it show some japanese word please show me how can i solve this problem

  12. Stef says:

    follow up to my last comment, I’m running win7 X64 didn’t need to delete anything, didn’t need to run in 32 bit mode either.
    you need to load cd image to start the game though, but it’s a 1 time thing just to register it as legit.
    Got a question for the uploaders why are the images in silly formats when iso format works just as well….i converted it to iso’s before install, as i hate using loads of different Cd programs and it works perfectly.
    For those people like me, who just want to load it into a virtual drive, convert the images with “AnyToISO” it’s worked perfectly on every conversion of image i have downloaded.

  13. Stef says:

    No problems with game other than the protagonist is a real dufus ie so dumb/stupid it’s almost laughable, is there truly any guy in this world like this? hard to believe even in my wildest dreams!

  14. GoldDTom says:

    Wow ! So lucky !
    I managed to solve my problem.
    So for those who may go through the same problem.

    You must delete the “config.sav” that is in the “toneworks” in your “Documents” instead of searching in the “toneworks” in the “Program Files (x86)”.

  15. GoldDTom says:

    Hi everyone!
    I finally managed to install this game yesterday and i was happily playing it today until this message showed up ruining my fun because i can’t find a solution.
    Hatsukoi 1/1
    [2018/06/28 21:50:03.0920]


    [Support Info]
    You can copy this message by pressing Ctrl+C on your keyboard.
    This what it say in english with google trad
    Hatsukoi 1/1
    [2018/06/28 21: 50: 03.0920]

    The version of the configuration data is old.
    Please delete the saved data and start the game again.

    [Support Info]
    You can copy this message by pressing Ctrl + C on your keyboard.

    So I thought about deleting files that may be the save data, but i didn’t manage to repair it. I even deleted the game entirely to reinstall it new but the problem occured again immediately.

    Help me please :'(

  16. Chair says:

    Anyone crashing in Midoris route? To be specific, it’s the scene after the school festival is over, and you go back to the school to meet Kishi and Midoris Dad. I crash when Yuuma and Midoris dad talks.

  17. Yuu-Tan says:

    my god, maya route are memorable enough and her hcg are high level indeed

  18. Rando says:

    So despite having the install work well and the game running smoothly. After Extracting the english patch into the game folder, no text shows up at all in-game. Are there any known occurrences of this/ possible fixes?

    • anon says:

      Go to settings and change the font style or font option thing.
      I had the same problem and accidentally changed the settings and after that everything was fine

  19. Mooie says:

    Is this uncensored?

  20. InFamous says:

    Can someone help me. I have done install all game and patch in the english version, when i press launcher and then the black screen pop out asking to insert disc 1. can someone tell me how?

    • InFamous says:

      Oh i have found solution for that, you need mount disc 1 in demon tool (don’t do anything about the disc 1 when you done mount, just leave there). and then got back to your folder that you have install with english patch then launch it, then you good to go. but with the disc 1 in demon tool, because it need confirmation about the game copyright. without that, it will cause the error keep popinp out even you done all the step on installation. SO have fun guy.

  21. Tyruss says:

    Had the same problem and after some work I figured out that the game dont like if you move it from the place where you installed it so if you did that just return it (for example I tried to remove it from “toneworks” folder so I dont have folder in folder and it started giving me that error but after I returned it inside it worked just fine)

  22. Fack says:

    Followed the guide step by step. Also have system local in japanese. Even disabled the antivirus. But after patching to english and trying to run the launcher it says that “Siglus stopped working”. Any ideas?

    • Tyruss says:

      Maybe you have same problem like others and the solution is not to move game from where you installed it or not to rename folder (any changes to folders or location will give you error) so if it is the same then just return it or reinstall it and it should work

  23. 10GR says:

    Does anybody have a 100% cleared (all CGs etc.) save file they could share? I’d appreciate it.

  24. someone_else says:

    when i try to patch the game, i get this from winrar.

    ! C:\Program Files (x86)\toneworks\Hatsukoi\HatsukoiEN.rar: Cannot create Launcher.exe
    ! Accès refusé.
    ! C:\Program Files (x86)\toneworks\Hatsukoi\HatsukoiEN.rar: Cannot create SCPatch.dll
    ! Accès refusé.
    ! C:\Program Files (x86)\toneworks\Hatsukoi\HatsukoiEN.rar: Cannot create SiglusDRM.dll
    ! Accès refusé.
    ! C:\Program Files (x86)\toneworks\Hatsukoi\HatsukoiEN.rar: Cannot create SiglusEngine.exe
    ! Accès refusé.
    basically, it denies me access.

  25. Need help says:




  26. Silver_Kirin says:

    I have a question, why isn’t this on the downloads page?

  27. Someone who wants to help says:

    Did you use Daemon tools?
    When it asks to mount disc2, it will installed halfway, right?.
    Hide the window, don’t close it.
    Unmount disc1 and then mount disc2.
    When you open the window again, there will be a box with the word ‘Continue’ in it, click it and wait until it install the game completely.
    I’m using Daemon tool lite, btw.

  28. Shibuya Rin says:

    does this contain the Additional Scenario Yukino ”after” Promise Winter patch?

  29. Satsuki is my waifu says:

    GOD! Thanks

  30. September says:

    Can someone help me how to mount mds file

  31. June says:

    Sorry, I’m really confused… this is my first game, can someone be the guide?

  32. emman says:

    guys.. can you help me with the installation process from the start until last? really want to play this

  33. GOD says:

    No Append translation, duh…

    • gustave154 says:

      The translators have said they will work on the appends after they finish translation Tsujidou Jun’Ai Road.

  34. Darwin says:

    can someone help me?? i can run the game with the english patch but the game played without sound. No sound at all.

  35. Zbra says:

    Can someone post the control scheme for this game, no skip button for dialog ive already seen is painful for a vn this long. Plus not having autoplay is hurting my hand…

    • Zbra says:

      Wow… I’m a dumbace… there was a menu at the bottom the whole time… I didn’t see it because I had it on windowed mode….

  36. murakami says:

    All five routes have great story.
    I’m starting to like Tone Work’s VN.

  37. ozzy says:

    I have some problem… i try delete save data.. but it does’nt work… anybody can help me?

  38. Ki says:

    “A debugger has been found running in your system. Please, unload it from memory and restart your program.”

    Anyone got any ideas what this is about?

    • Buck says:

      it could be your anti-virus, I had the same issue. All I did was disable my anti-virus it for a while, you might have to stop it completely.

  39. Trunks says:

    I received a prompt asking me about the font. I pick something and now I can’t see any words. Please help.

  40. Allen says:

    Hopefully the dlc for this will be released. Can’t wait to see further the story.

  41. CryHatty says:

    kDays.dll is missing, any help?

  42. into weird shit, just like you says:

    I thought the translation for this got cancelled! I can’t believe that it’s here after all these years. Amazing translators and amazing admin, thankyou!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Kyou’s route was a surprising disappointment. What was the point of the MC being a former basketball player if not to make them stand on the same stage? That and other problems made it only mediocre. Maybe the others are better.

  44. Snake says:

    Thank you very much for the upload. I enjoyed this game a lot.

    Is it possible to play the prologue also?

    If so could some explain it to me?


  45. Kevin says:

    I have a problem with the game, everytime the scene where yuumi talks to me in my room, the game crashes. how do i fix this?

  46. upside says:

    Why does in Yukino route the game freezes in May 18

  47. nothsor says:

    I installed the game, but when it comes time to display a choice option I don’t get any. Has anyone else experiences this? I can’t get past the first text message i receive.

  48. manman says:

    This VN is pretty good, it look cliche at first, but dont be fooled! the cliches are only there to throw you off! once you get into a route the story always go against expectation and prediction.

  49. Jon says:

    When i run the game pop-ups just keep coming up every second. I close one and another pops up. Is anyone having this problem or had this problem before and know the fix for this? Thank you

    • anon says:

      I had this problem too. Did you ever find a solution? I’m probably going to try re-downloading later today.

  50. shade says:

    after i install when run the laucher it brought me to some support site which require the ID. so what is the ID ?

  51. omega66613 says:


    • omega66613 says:

      no idea what happened with my comment. but i said i cant extract because im ‘out of space’ on my external HD even though i have 370ish GB left free. at least thats the error message i get. help?

  52. Kenji says:

    What’s the game font? I’m having problems with it.

  53. Jeffie says:

    Help Plz!!! Why does it say “It’s lacking in a file necessary to star. Please check the object-time error of installation and the folder abnormality which starts, etc..” when I open the .exe file?

  54. Zero says:

    Thank you for your reply, and i want to ask one more thing.
    As far as I know, some visual novels are translated into chinese. So can I play it in traditional chinese instead of the simplified one?

  55. anas says:

    for some reason I cant download anything from downloadani I have downloaded quite a number of VN using it so it has happened just recently
    am i the only one facing this problem?

  56. mrow!! says:

    this is an airy but fun vn. nice and fancy graphics/engine and solid characters; i think there will be a heroine for almost every reader. but don’t expect to walk away from your computer contemplating mortality, the meaning of life or contemporary politics. just enjoy banging your osananajimi or courting the quiet, mysterious girl that gives you the cold shoulder. expect lots of coming-of-age realizations and teenage moments…

  57. Zero says:

    Sorry, i just want to ask.. I think there are side stories or after story right for Maya, Kyou and Yukino.
    Are they also included in this one?
    Or they are still untranslated?

  58. pyroridley says:

    Hatsukoi 1/1
    [2017/05/18 19:21:15.0633]

    マウスカーソル _cursor03 が見つかりませんでした。

    [Support Info]
    You can copy this message by pressing Ctrl+C on your keyboard.
    I don’t understand this at all, every time I click on the lauche.exe file, this error message appear. What did I do wrong?

    • malreli says:

      Version environment adjustment data is not updated.
      Please restart the game after deleting the saved data.
      thats the translation it just apear to me today literaly just an hour ago i was playing the game

      • admin says:

        Some Windows update messed up with some files?

        • shade says:

          i also want some answers

          • DonJuan says:

            I got the same problem. Figured it was windows related as it worked fine for me before.

          • DonJuan says:

            It just randomly appears sometimes after reinstalling, and after 2 system restarts it adds up again. I can’t get a grip on it.

            Does changing the folders name do anything? Because I start to get the feeling that it does. I had similar issues with Rewrite.

    • Benue says:

      Just Delete your save data

    • Someone who wants to help says:

      1. Mount hatsukoi_disc1.mds
      2. Click autorun
      3. there will a be menu in japanese, click the first one.
      4. It will install the game.
      5. When it ask disc2, unmount disc1 and mount disc2.
      6. click continue.
      7. copy and extract the english patch to the installed game folder, overwriting files.
      8. click launcher.exe and enjoy the game, you perverts. ?

      • June says:

        Thanks a million

      • Need help installing says:

        You mentioned in one of your steps that you need to unmount disc 1 and mount the second one when it prompts. I have the prompt, I think and I unmount the first disc and mount the second, but I don’t know what to do from here. I keep clicking ok and I try to run the Autorun application in the second, but nothing is happening. How do I mount the second disc and continue the installation of the game?

        Thanks in advance!

        • Someone who wants to help says:

          Did you use Daemon tools?
          When it asks to mount disc2, it will installed halfway, right?.
          Hide the window, don’t close it.
          Unmount disc1 and then mount disc2.
          When you open the window again, there will be a box with the word ‘Continue’ in it, click it and wait until it install the game completely.
          I’m using Daemon tool lite, btw.

          • Need Help Installing says:

            Thanks! I managed to install it, but now I get the following error:

            SiglusEngine.exe – System Error
            The program can’t start because kDays.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

            Normally, I would just google the .dll I’m missing and download it, but I can’t find it anywhere and most of the sites are sketchy. Should I just try reinstalling the program? Or is there another work around.

          • Someone who wants to help says:

            Maybe you should reinstalling the game.
            I haven’t face any problem like that and the game works perfectly fine for me.
            Though the only problem for me is the one that you need to delete the save data.
            After I delete the save data, the game works again.

  59. Ever17 says:

    This is the only game that I have not been able to get to run. Tried on windows 8.1 and 10 and it will not play on either. It gives me some bizarre error that is only in Japanese and I have no idea what it says.

  60. Karlongkar says:

    This VN is just so good.

    Maya is the best girl

    I hardly could made myself played other routes , It feels like i cheated on her xD

    • panda says:

      i cry a lot when yuma tell her to **** that Scene before end
      i feel the same as you but gonna try other route it shd be great as maya route
      gonna buy this game for support this company tho

  61. Shimapan says:

    Kill me now for this is the only visual novel I’ve read that contains condoms; burn the developers. With that being said, Yukino is best grill in all of visual novels, god bless you for that at least.

  62. Rebzz says:

    Kyou arc was the best for me.
    Although best girl is Maya.

    Thanks admin.

  63. Ak says:

    I extracted the english patch into the right folders, but some of the subtitles are showing boxes with question marks in them.

  64. Ivs says:

    If the homeroom teacher is a hot female, there should be a route for her. So why there isn’t one for her. Curse you world……!!!

  65. Sapp says:

    from all VN i’ve read, this protagonist is the most “hetare” to the point of unbearable to watch. and it is until the end. once i’m done i will delete it, don’t want to read it twice

    • littleshogun says:

      Well, there’s a reason of why tone work need to posted an apology video at Nico Nico Douga in regard of Yuma (The protagonist). So there’s that.

    • Ivs says:

      From the scale of 1 – 10. Where do you rate this protagonist? And how bad is he compere to other said tier protagonist?

      • Sapp says:

        Well, his uselessness depend on the girl’s route, and the worst is Yukino where (Spoiler!!) the main poin of that route is Yuuma being “hetare”. and from that route i personally rate it 9 out of 10. comparing to other english VN’s protagonist whom i think is “hetare”, Yuuma is the worst even compared to Yuuki from Koichoco. Btw Yamato from Majikoi is still weak but a badass haha

  66. Maman says:

    I have this message when I open the Launcher.exe:

    Hatsukoi 1/1
    [2017/05/14 15:30:21.0398]



    [Support Info]
    You can copy this message by pressing Ctrl+C on your keyboard.


    • Zipo says:

      Getting the same error what can we do?

      • D says:

        Well I had that problem too, just delete the savedata, re-run the game and then save the game once, then I exit the game and the problem didn’t happened again.

  67. tears says:

    For the people having a hear time getting this to work, youre probably in the wrong game folder.. The game folder is located in “Hatsukoi\toneworks\Hatsukoi” Place the patch inside the Hatsukoi folder which is inside the toneworks folder. not where the mounted files are located.

  68. Aezhenn says:

    Problem solved… I reinstalled it in a friend house and it suddenly worked (already tried to do the same a couple of time before). I don’t know why. Well, whatever… It works now so thanks… I guess.

  69. Jake says:

    i’ve pretty much done everthing i can but this game rufusing to work past the teacher entering somthing to do with sound files not being prepared i just dont think it likes my sound driver or somthing i really give up with it now

  70. kavinh says:

    anyone know if this includes the+append/expansions?

    • The_Great_Beyond says:

      The appends are not included at this time because the translation team only translated the game, they will be translating the appends in the future though

  71. Jake says:

    i keep getting this error early on into reading it
    Hatsukoi 1/1
    An exception occurred in game frame processing. I will finish the game.
    Bad allocation
    any help?

  72. Jin says:

    Is this VN white people approved?

  73. Zero says:

    OK I’ve been having a problem starting game I keep getting a error that says can’t find normalize.ddl file I have no clue what that is if anyo e knows how to fix please tell me I’ve tried reinstalling the game 4 times but still get error.

    • Zero says:

      OK looks like I’ve fixed it game is working now it was so stupid of me to even say anything about it because it was so simple to fix lol

      • sug says:

        can you tell me what fix im slamming my head against the desk try to figure same type of problems

        • Zero says:

          If your having the same problem as me with normaliz.DLL missing all you have to do is get the file either online or from another PC then put it in your system32 folder and that will solve it.

          • sug says:

            seems like thats not the problem i have but thanks for replying ill solve this problem some day but im guessing other vns i want will be out by then lol

          • sug says:

            im getting this thing
            Hatsukoi 1/1
            [2017/05/13 11: 16: 38.0378]

            An error occurred while preparing the sound file se0002.

            [Support Info]
            You can copy this message by pressing Ctrl + C on your keyboard.

  74. ditto says:

    Hey guys! For anyone having trouble trying to launch the game after EN patch.
    Firstly the Hatsukoi folder that contains the Discs is not where you want to extract the EN patch in.
    Try searching for the game icon on your home screen(if found, Right-click, open file location) or try searching for the Hatsukoi file in x86 program file list (Not the folder with the Hatsukoi Disc is) and extract the EN patch files there.

  75. kidlat020 says:

    OSTs please!!!!

  76. Jason says:

    After downloading the English patch, what will I do so that it will be translated??.

  77. Bard says:

    is tranlasted 3 additional scenario too?

  78. kiabee21 says:

    Maya and Yukino are the best girls.

  79. man says:

    i keep getting the message siglus visaularts has crashed when i open it with the launcher please help

  80. 223444 says:

    i need walkthrough Morino Yukino Tokizaki Maya

  81. Hanns says:

    I got it working once you have installed the game and patched it go to C:\Users\pcname\Documents\toneworks\Hatsukoi\savedata and delete everything in savedata then it should launch.

  82. evenlaist says:

    i copied the patch, but the game still asking for disc. Help?

    • evenlaist says:

      ok i figured it out..
      Somehow i need to mount the disc on the first run.
      after that i could open the program even without the mounted disc.

  83. Link says:

    Every time I try to run this game after installing the patch I get this message. What on earth does it mean? I can’t run my game because of it. I didn’t try adding a crack to the game or anything, just the English patch.

    Hatsukoi 1/1
    [2017/05/10 16:44:18.0463]


    [Support Info]
    You can copy this message by pressing Ctrl+C on your keyboard.

  84. PSImiss says:

    When I try running Setup.exe, I get a message saying the module location is not specified. Any idea what this means?

  85. sug says:

    not worked keep getting errors about missing things can someone help please tried every thing i can think of im at my witsend with it

  86. kazu says:

    is this the full translation?

  87. Bill says:

    Can anyone help, whenever I try installing this it keeps on giving me that
    “mw00_base” is missing. Then it will keep on giving me other files that are missing, most of them are mw00 something

  88. Radiffy says:

    When I start a Launcher.exe some error appears in japanese.
    After taking it to translator it says something that there is an old version and need to delete something. Game close after that. Can someone help? Would love to play :/

  89. Blurs says:

    everything runs fine, but the image seems blur like the text and there is some line on the characters face. is it because my pc spec or does anyone faces the same problem??

  90. Aezhenn says:

    First, thanks admin for posting this. And thanks to the translator, seems like that VN is enormous… I do have a problem through… The characters’ voices are not playing. Am I the only one ? If not, is there someone who know where the problem is ?

    • Aezhenn says:

      Problem solved… I reinstalled it in a friend house and it suddenly worked (already tried to do the same a couple of time before). I don’t know why. Well, whatever… It works now so thanks… I guess.

  91. Saint says:

    Has anybody walkthrough?

  92. CDP5280 says:

    Hey guys! Just extract the HatsukoiEN.rar to the Hatsukoi folder and start the game with launcher.exe.

  93. CDP5280 says:

    I hate that the names are written backwards, hearings the names one way and seeing them written backwards is very….jarring. It really diminishes my enjoyment.

  94. WTF says:


  95. FoRtIsS146 says:

    ArigaThanks GozaiMuch 😀 😛

  96. Gosick says:

    Every time I use the launcher.exe the game crashes and I get the crash error “Siglus (visualart’s) has stopped working”. I’ve reinstalled twice, tried admin/compatibility, and have the patch.

  97. Anonymous says:

    Is it just me or Maya really looks a lot like Christina from Steins Gate?

    • computersaysno says:

      i have never read/watched steins gate before, but ‘looks alot like’ her might be stretching it a bit. One has brown her, one doesnt. Pretty sure maya has a bigger chest. Judging by the google images i saw, it looks like their personalities might be similar. Who knows.

      • Anonymous says:

        I said a lot like her, not that she looks the same down to her three sizes. You likely looked at the wrong pictures because Kurisu’s character design is a little different in the anime from the VN, her hair color being one. If you didn’t see the novel though, I can understand.

  98. Steb says:

    I’ve read for a couple of hours, up to the edgy girl’s birthday, and the MC has been a huge wimp so far. I really hate that in a protagonist. Does it change further on?

    • BlackMarch says:

      Yes!! I guess or I think

    • sos says:

      I don’t think so. He is not totally worthless, but yeah he is kind of dense and oblivious to most of the things.

      • sos says:

        Sorry, I am taking my words back. The MC is one of the most infuriating protagonist in a visual novel that I have ever seen. He was annoying but after completing the childhood friend route, I just can’t stand him anymore.

        • Trainee says:

          Thanks for the forewarning! I was about to download it, can’t stand these type of protagonist too. D:

  99. Ryujin says:

    Btw does someone have a walkthrough for it?
    Would be nice…

  100. I requested it says:

    Thank you so much for the upload admin. I am very grateful for the upload. 😀

  101. SoulTV says:

    does any1 have a good walkthrough of the VN?? (i tryed to find a few, but they are incomplete)

    • computersaysno says:

      I know there is walkthrough for some of the routes, but you honestly dont need it. Choices are straight forward.

  102. YukiOnna says:

    Ty admin for publishing and translator for your amazing work!

  103. Codenamer says:

    The translator only took 4 months to translate this goliath! 😀

    • dow says:

      Yeah I was following their progress in the 4chan threads. The translator is apparently a native!

    • bobobobobo says:

      If I remember correctly, the TLer originally TLed this in VNR(which took nearly a year) and then he decided move the TL to an official patch. It took 4 months to basically move it, not TL it.

      • Soros says:

        No. Triplicate (the translator) not even played the vn before start translating it, 4 month ago. He only translated manga in the past.

  104. Neptune says:

    Ohhh…Ohhhhh~~~!! *dogeza* Thank you admin!

  105. HappyJoJo says:


    • Groove819 says:

      Had a similar problem bc I used the crack from somewhere else don’t use the crack just use the patch.

      So if you install the game again and just add the patch it should work.

      • evenlaist says:

        Hi, i copied the patch into the installed folder, however the game still asking for disc. Any help?

  106. Eternum says:

    Yes it’s here! Time to download.

  107. computersaysno says:

    Have been playing this the last few days and am liking runa’s route (mainly because i like her type of character) Though im sure those ‘professional’ reviewers will say how crap this vn is when they constantly compare these type of vn’s to stuff like F/SN etc lol.

    • sayyes says:

      what you on about, F/SN is horrible, if you going to compare it to better stuff, choose G-senjou Maou or Kamidori.

      • boobobobobobo says:

        F/SN is literally the citizen kane of visual novels. Just like if you watch citizen kane for the first time, you don’t exactly get what the fuss is about. It’s because citizen kane paved a new way for movies and raised the bar in a way nobody thought of before. Because Citizen Kane is the bedrock of modern movies today, it seems like Citizen Kane is an above average movie to some. F/SN is in a similar situation, though I have to say that F/SN is nowhere near the quality and finesse of Citizen Kane, I thought F/SN was kind of average at first, then I began to appreciate it more, the more I thought and played it.

        But hey, this is the web and you can shitpost and say whatever you want. 🙂

    • -_- says:

      Kohai types like Runa tend to be boring, since they don’t gradually love, but seem to have taken a love potion.

      Maya is the best of course.

  108. Arratron says:

    Hail the great Admin!

  109. SilentK says:

    nice been waiting for this. Thanks!

  110. hellmyhand says:

    “Hatsukoi” means first love right? I wonder what gives this “Pure Love Story” tag. I mean, most VN other than netorare or nukige have typical romance that could count as “pure love”, but I don’t usually see this tag on them.

    • Nikey646 says:

      The tags are most likely copied from Vndb, so you can check the description of the tag there, which is…

      “Most of the VN’s have some sort of romance, but there are some that are about true love overcoming all difficulties. Of a pair of destined lovers overcoming every difficulty…”

    • Arzheviel says:

      I wouldnt count netorare as pure love though.

      • Passerby A says:

        its pure love to those retard….just kidding

        anyway…. when a Netorare game has a pure love tag its probably because the plot would be like perfectly normal couple days turn into huge fuck fest after the girl met some random asshole and then either the ending would be a mind break,cheating,or happily ever after by the dude save the girl depend on the tags

        • Siren says:

          putting pure love story tag and netorare tag together in vndb gives 0 result. It’s probably meant to be mutually exclusive.

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