The Fruit of Grisaia

The Fruit of Grisaia

“Mihama Academy.” At a glance, it might seem a normal school; but this isolated learning environment is home to a mere five students, all female.

This changes with the arrival of Kazami Yuuji, a transfer student with an uncertain past and a highly idiosyncratic personality.

As Yuuji interacts with his five classmates, all borderline-eccentrics in their own right, they begin to influence each other in unexpected, meaningful ways…

But the deep-seated, painful wounds that have brought these five young women to Mihama are still a fact of their existence. And eventually, our protagonist can no longer remain a spectator.

Will Yuuji’s peculiar set of skills and experiences enable him to open his classmates’ stubbornly-sealed hearts…?

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FruitOfGrisaiaUnrated.part02.rar – 200.0 MB
FruitOfGrisaiaUnrated.part03.rar – 200.0 MB
FruitOfGrisaiaUnrated.part04.rar – 200.0 MB
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FruitOfGrisaiaUnrated.part31.rar – 200.0 MB
FruitOfGrisaiaUnrated.part32.rar – 200.0 MB
FruitOfGrisaiaUnrated.part33.rar – 200.0 MB
FruitOfGrisaiaUnrated.part34.rar – 200.0 MB
FruitOfGrisaiaUnrated.part35.rar – 53.0 MB

124 comments on “The Fruit of Grisaia

  1. what will i do when i finished extreacting the rar in free donwload?
    do i put it in a specific folder or do i just leave them like that and find the executable file for it? or do i still need to install it somehow?

  2. I am surprised. I have heard so much yammering about what a great game Fruit of Grisaia / Kajitsu is…

    Shocked to see such a completely lame, unfunny and ultimately boring as hell common route.

    And the Protag – I have seen posts where people like this protag. He’s a total douchebag. He bullies the girl who is arguably the nicest of all – I mean, every single scene he drones on about her being an idiot, brainless, etc.. and he befriends the little cunt that actually viciously BEATS that same girl… This guy is a king douchebag and I just may continue playing in order to see him die in a heinous way.
    He may not be weak or spineless (unless you consider bullying and harassing girls spineless .. then, yeah, he is..)… He ignores how much of a moron the immensely obtuse and brain-dead Sachi is… who is also a cunt – for the same reasons generally… literally attacking the one girl as soon as the flat-chested bitch tells her to.. There are 2, maybe 3 decent heroines.. and a cunt of a protag. Well – nothing ventured I guess. This shitgame aint for me. NO offense if you like it – but, figure someone out there might want to know that – the protag is the fantasy-creation of some severely picked-on writer.. an impossible expert at war.. in the guise of a teenage, lol.. who is a douchebag. Ciao.

    1. Dude, this is my first VN and I haven’t finished the game yet. I love it very much, and I enjoy the MC.

      “He bullies the girl who is arguably the nicest of all – I mean, every single scene he drones on about her being an idiot, brainless, etc.. and he befriends the little cunt that actually viciously BEATS that same girl…”

      I only read your review up to this part cause I don’t want to be spoiled, but holy f*ck I do have to agree with this statement. This sh*t was extremely off-putting for me. The girl is always bullied by everyone, and it goes too far on many ocassions. Its even played for jokes which makes it more unsettling and disgusting. I still haven’t finished the games, so I hope she gets some justice down the road or if something bad happens to that little cunt.

      Personally, I love the MC, and this ‘stain’ hasn’t worsened my impression of him by a significant degree, but I harbor so much hate towards that useless little cunt and I would gloat over any misfortune that falls upon her.

      1. On a second thought, while I do harbor fury towards that little cunt, I still like her as a character.

    2. Does the 2 of you not know the difference between teasing and bullying?
      Every student in that school have a traumatic past and if they feel threatened they have their own self defense mechanism or in other words “trusted method” to counter or cope with things that are too much for them.
      And the last time i checked, people that are bullied don’t actively go out of their way to go with their bullies to chat or have fun.
      I don’t know if you 2 was re too sensitive for your own good but i suggest for the both of you to at least try and understand the characters before you prattle your own self serving conscience out in the open like this

      1. The vn goes in to extreme detail about the severe rope-burns and the effects of extreme pain as a psychological “breaking” mechanism.
        It is YOU who have not read carefully. Full on beating.. BEATING.. and asphyxiation,, and ropes so tight as to psychologically “break” the girl is FAR MORE THAN TEASING. Do YOU know the difference between teasing and bullying, shithead? Admin – my apologies here, sincerely, but – this guy… absurd.

  3. Are there any extra content in this version? If there isn’t then why is the file size bigger compared to the other one?

  4. Guys, the endings aren’t working for me, the screen turns black and I cant see the last part of each ending… I think it’s the parts after the credits if someone knows how to fix please tell me, I’d really appreciate it.

  5. So I just finished downloading this and I have an app for 7zip files but no matter what I do I cant run the game. Please help!

  6. Oh man I just realized I will hear how Yuuji feels when he is having sex, so strange, does he even feel something down there? I know he is a human being but…

    1. Best not to think too much on that. Besides, it’s not like it would be his first go at that sort of thing…Right? …Surely a badass assassin like him has gotten some…Right?
      (I’ve played this before, but it never confirmed whether he was a virgin or not…though I highly doubt it…then again, considering his line of work…I can understand if he is.)

      1. In the first sex scene with Amane he says that he is not a virgin and that he had to have sex with prostitutes every few months or so for “relief” as mandated by his work.

  7. After the scene in which Sacchi gets her parents letter my screen cuts to black and I do not acchieve the ending. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

  8. Been looking forward to playing this for a while now and just now realized it was on here. Can someone give me an idea of the quality of the game while I wait on the 35 parts to download… lmao
    Thanks in advance

  9. Been looking forward to playing this for a while now and just now realized it was on here. Can someone give me an idea of the quality of the game while I wait on the 35 parts to download… lmao
    Thanks in advance.

  10. Hi. I searched all over for Denpasoft’s patch, but couldn’t find it.
    Admin, could you confirm if this download is already patched or not?
    If not, does anyone have a link to the patch or directions on how to get it?

  11. Can someone confirm if this is fully patched? Would hate to have to download both this and the older version because something went wrong

  12. (clicks the free download tab.) …(eyes widen as I scroll down.) …(Chris Rock somehow hijacks my voice.) DAAAAAAAAMN!!!! …Dat’s a lotta parts…I don’t think even 7zip can handle that many!

  13. Glad to see people are still keeping up on this, played the grisaia no kaijitsu a number of years ago. Had my fingers crossed on the next installments, glad to see hope hasn’t died out! 😀 By far my favorite series when it comes to VN’s. It will be great to jump back into this world. I’m in your hands please keep me posted!!

    The fiercely Resolute Mace of spades.

  14. I’ve just found this after watching the anime a few months back, will the next installment: The Labyrinth of Grisaia, be released soon at all?

    1. It’ll be ready when 18+ version is out, probably. For now only “all-ages” version is available on Steam, I haven’t found any trace of adult ver. (not counting originals, but they are not the droids we are looking for)

  15. when i click on grisia exe or bootmenu exe a pop up of a bunch random text appears and when i click on grisaialauncher exe it says failed to start game, please help.

  16. Can I safely assume that upon the next part of this trilogy’s release sometime this summer (according to May update), it will be on here in a relatively similar time? I had waited for a long time even after initial release with fan subs on this just to raise my anticipation, but I had finally reached my limit a few days ago. After finishing this part, I’m aching to continue the story line. Definitely going to be a favorite of mine and on my watchlist for a good while. I’d just like to know more or less for a peace of mind. Things look promising with the release of “The Leisure of Grisaia” a few weeks ago, but I’d like confirmation if the whole trilogy will come out upon its official English release.

    Don’t think I could bear leaving this one unfinished…

  17. Wish it would be more interactive. It’s a great story but basically we are watching an anime even for VN standarts. An 100+ episode big anime series to be precisly with maybe 4 to 6 decisions each character (from start to end).

  18. Bug (and spoiler)

    Michiru plot, in the coffin when she is reading the letters there is no subtitle. Auto stops and the voices are chaos.
    Is there a fix or can somebuddy capeable work out a fix with the translation for it and add it here as a download?
    In the context of the story these letters are pretty important.

    also want to ad that it happens earlier, too and not only in the Michiru plot. In scenes for example when we remember somebuddy saying something…no subtitle. the screen becomes a bit darker as if subtitle would appear, we hear the voice beginning to speak…and the scene is instantly over. Maybe one word was spoken and no text appeard. Deactivating auto would propably letting us hearing the voices but without subtitles we can only little to nothing understand of it.

  19. i have a problem. i downloaded all the files, installed the game like usual, but when i try to start it, it tells me that the game has failed to start. i run on windows 10, japanese locale.

  20. Note that the unrated version, one of Michiru’s scene isn’t subtitled yet i found this after i though my game bugged. Is it only happen to me?

    1. no it happend to me too.
      and not only there. Auto skips all scenes with no subtitle so maybe you didn’t realise it but it happens pretty frequently. it’s just with Michiru where it really begins to hurt.

  21. Hi,
    I have dll all the part / dzip and when i do that say corrupted.
    I try to run the game but well that don’t work so hum problem or its just me ?

  22. Ok,so I downloaded everything,but…When I try to run it,it says ‘this game is incompatible with this system’.Can anyone help?

  23. I cannot see any of the characters in the VN. I can see the text and background perfectly fine. Can anyone help? Thanks.

    1. yeah i just installed it and i have the same problem. im already running on japan local and it was a clean download so i dont know what the problem is. was looking forward to playing this VN. hope someone can help us soon.

  24. so, if i already download the last one, there no poin to download this one? how about the video on inside game? is that already fixed?

  25. I have a question is the VN one with like routes or is it like the anime? Like i can make my own choices i am not just reading.

    1. Why should he wait? You really think all the people who downloaded it would buy it? Sekai is also not a saint they released the game broken on steam months ago and to this day not a single patch that fixes the missing Amane choice, mismatched voices, buggy steam overlay.

  26. Yeah. It’s true… I seconded that opinion.

    English VA is bad either for anime, eroge, and any game from japan that has been translated to english… It just… Feels Different

  27. Admin
    can you put a link for the patch only?

    i have the game of its fan translated but haven’t played it yet saving it for last but now the official has been release

    can you put link? or do i need to download it again to get official if so

    ill stick with the fantranslation

  28. “We put up a patch to fix some issues with The Fruit of Grisaia that were reported to us. Check your account to download it.”


  29. The only issue I got with this it isn’t uncensored. Mosaic everywhere! I have no plans on helping Sekai and Front Wing no matter what because of this decision.

    1. I might be playing a little devil’s advocate here but a lot of the uncensored officially sold releases are uncensored because they either get access to the original material prior the mosaic or get people with redrawing (if the need arises). From what I can tell this projects are purely focused on translating (or taking complete or almost complete fantranslations) and editing them to a level competent enough to be sold thus also ensuring the industry has enough of a presence outside Japan (thus trying to destroy the “we don’t buy VN’s” idea so we can get more official releases).

      Basically, they aren’t interested in releasing a completely uncensored experience, they are giving us what Japan gets (seriously, the mosaic is there no matter what for them, we should count ourselves lucky several companies do take the time to take it off).

      1. There’s different factor that causes games to remain censored for western release that you didn’t mention – companies are afraid of those “western” copies finding their way back to Japanese market, which would be breaking the laws there. That’s why MangaGamer doesn’t allow you to purchase anything from Japanese IP for example. Both Minori and Frontwing cited such fears as a reason for keeping mosaics in (albeit Minori gave into the pressure later on and provided “partial uncensor” with smaller area of pixelization.)

      2. I can careless for their fears of reverse importation. It’s just an excuse for control to their own people over in Japan and some cash grab. They basically rip off their own people from what I’ve seen. If their fans in Japan want an uncensored version done for the west, it’s none of these stupid corporations problem. BS like blocking Japan IP’s definitively shows they’re control freaks.

        Corporations like FrontWing make me sick with this crappy mosaic to the west crap. I could care less about this more exposure to the west crap. No uncensored no buy period. So here I am on this site saving my money till another product I’m interested gives me what I want, thanks admin.

        @Admin, some patch has been released by Sekai? I’m still downloading. Should I stop for a reupload or is the patch separate?

      3. Frontwing stated more than once that they don’t even have the original uncensored images anymore. They were never planing on marketing it outside Japan so they had no reason to keep them. Same thing happens with a lot of VNs. I know JAST has actually dropped a few titles because of that. Sometimes people will do re-draws but they are generally pretty fucking bad and almost make you want the mosaic instead.

        1. I should also add a lot of the time even when the uncensored original CGs are available they are just plain bad because they were drawn by the artist with the fact they would be covered by mosaic anyway so they don’t put much effort into it. Anyone who has seen uncensored HCGs or Hentai anime knows what I’m talking about. It ruins it more than the mosaic ever could.

          1. I can laugh about badly drawn genitals. There is no way to appreciate mosaics though. They completely ruin any CG for me and I would never read through a mosaiced Nukige. Thankfully this one has more to offer.

            “Frontwing stated more than once that they don’t even have the original uncensored images anymore.”
            That is either a sign of complete incompetence or a lie. Companies do not throw away assets for no reason and “We dont need them right now” isnt a valid one for something that can be stored without additional cost.
            Especially japanese VN companies that rerelease VNs all the time and may have a need for those assets to redo the mosaic slightly different to fit the current trend.

          2. Plenty of companies in any industry have been known to waste assets by flat out getting rid of them, or just plain losing them because they’e not prioritized. And we’re talking big ones here like film studios, a niche company on a rather small industry would obviously be far less concerned with saving every little asset, especially unused ones that are just never going to be put to use.

            And as someone else put it, badly drawn genitals are worse than mosaics. If the uncensored image shows a horrible contrast in quality it becomes quite jarring which I find worse than just withstanding some harmless blurred pixels.

            Just as an aside I find myself just taking a wide berth from the subject of IP control hence why I didn’t mention it when I was pointing out reasons. It’s a rather sad subject all around seeing as it’s been used as reasoning to bar the west from titles in the past.

  30. Can we somehow download only the new translation, texts, newer CGs, etc. So we do not have to get the whole stuff again.

    1. Here you don’t see any new things… Only another text translation (Maybe they cut some CG) But still old and great game

  31. Is this unzip and play or do I have to install it? If it’s just unzip and play I’d like to check it out.

  32. Just a side note, having read the fan translated version; I had honestly forgotten that it was not an official translation. It didn’t have any of the terrible grammar and punctuation that some fan translations do.

    On an even greater tangent, captcha “this is not fake” letting me know this one is official.

  33. Seriously? People, for fuck sake quit complaining about the admin posting this game. Yeah, this was translated and uploaded before but that was the FAN TRANSLATION one. This one is the OFFICIAL translation one.


    Besides you motherfuckers should shut up cause you ain’t even paying a single penny. So quit complaining and wait for the TL project of the 2nd one to be completed.

    God, that really pissed me off. Anyway, GJ on the speed upload as always admin.

    1. there is no need to be that harsh.
      people are just confused so they asked what’s the difference.
      since not everyone follow “legit” things of vn.

      1. While I don’t agree with the cursing, I do have to admit he has a point in his enraged argument. Several people (especially those that have basically said “fuck sekai project” and made wink wink accusations that they are basically selling a prettied up fan translation) are basically bitching about the administrator uploading a re-edited version of the fantranslation, when really there’s nothing to complain about. They won’t be paying, they won’t be getting the sequel any sooner anyway and they don’t even have to download it if they believe the old translation was fine (or better).

        The people who asked out of actual confusion are excused (although the administrator added a Note in the post itself explaining so really, they should read the whole thing rather than skimping and then getting confused), but everyone else who seem to be making a stink are just being even more entitled than usual.

    2. While I agree there is no reason for the complaints you are wrong. There is no “huge difference”. The official version just uses the fan TL and even hired the translator who did the fan TL (mostly so he could do the sequels). The only difference is that the script was run through editing another time to clean it up a little. The difference is so minor it’s basically unnoticeable. The only real difference is this version they charged money for while the fan TL patch was free but since we are pirating here that doesn’t matter.

  34. ARE YOU SHITTTING ME !!! i tuned in to the sight and my heart fluttered thinking grisaia no meikyuu had been release and all it was was a shitty english butchery of the original Grisaia when we people learn the english voice actors have horrible talent at acting in visual novels.

    1. Voices are still Japanese – I don’t think any company localizing those VNs have budget big enough for full re-recording. Meikyuu doesn’t even have release date set (not even “Soon™”), but you can bet that as soon as it’s out, it’ll be posted here.

      1. to those unaware of what Blizzard’s Soon™ mean:

        Soon: Copyright 2004-2015 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. “Soon” does not imply any particular date, time, decade, century, or millennia in the past, present, and certainly not the future. “Soon” shall make no contract or warranty between Blizzard Entertainment and the end user. “Soon” will arrive some day, Blizzard does guarantee that “soon” will be here before the end of time. Maybe. Do not make plans based on “soon” as Blizzard will not be liable for any misuse, use, or even casual glancing at “soon.”

      2. Ahaha, and I really don’t want to hear English voice actors in Visual Novels. It’s the same for Anime. At least for me.

  35. as said by FireHawX:

    This is neither a sequel nor a duplicate. It’s the first game with the “OFFICIAL TRANSLATION” the one previously uploaded had an “FAN TRANSLATION”.

  36. Ok im sorry for this stupid question… is not this game already here or is it a sequel? I’m asking becuse i swear this is the first game. Well atleast going by the description

    1. Nope. The sequel is planned to release later this year. This is official English release of the same game – previous one was a fantranslation. I added explanation at bottom of post, since many people got confused.

      1. It should be noted the “official” version uses the fan translation (they even hired on the original translator who did it) but has just been run through editing again to clean it up. I’m kind of disappointing since they promised us that they were also going to add in the extra CGs that the Vita version had but they didn’t.

        1. Those extra scenes are from the all-age version that was made for the Vita to make up for the loss of the adult scenes, so obviously the adult version does not have those scenes

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