Thinking he had died in a traffic accident, instead the protagonist is transported to an
otome game world. He tried to persuade the villainous Elizabeth to change her ways,
but her obstinacy makes him give up, and conquer her sexually instead. This new approach
to avert disaster seems to work, but next he has to deal with the true mastermind:
Elizabeth’s mother, Mirza.

8 Responses to “Aristocunts”

  1. Django says:

    Listen, I dont know if you guys are the actual translators of these eroges. But can I make a request? If you are the translators, can you translate “Aniki Yomesan nara….”. The link is Thank you guys for existing. Again, thank you.

  2. jin maika says:

    i cannot make it run, how to make it run?

  3. Little Gunner says:

    Okay, an Isekai plot on Eroge with MILF in it

    I’m In . .

  4. KShin5 says:

    Does anyone know how long this is?
    VNDb doesn’t say, but given how small the file is, I’m guessing it isn’t too big…

    • Dtesh says:

      It’s like an hour, tops. If you’ve played one of the games from this company before; magical milfs, harem guild etc; then you’ve already played this one.

  5. Gugen says:

    >Raping drill-haired ojou-sama and her mother into submission
    Okay, this is epic.

  6. Random says:

    This game is available on Steam in English, if you want to support it. This page doesn’t have a link to it yet.

  7. Damian of the DereDereDarkElfLoli says:

    Hmmm, I don’t really like this kind of nukiges, aka: cow breasts, piercings… BUT, isekai. As a trash myself, I will play it.

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