Mother Daughter Pleasure Pets

Mother Daughter Pleasure Pets

Because of a declining birthrate society has had to adapt! Now that only a select few men are capable of having kids, those precious individuals are allowed to claim a willing lady partner as their very own “Pleasure Pet” to combat the low birthrate menace! For as long as you can remember you’ve been living with Kaede, a gorgeous mother, and her sexy daughter Ayane. Thanks to being surrounded by these beautiful babes every single day you’re lust has reached a breaking point and it turns out YOU are one of the rare males who can have kids so obviously the first thing you have to do is tame the mother and daughter pair as your very first Pleasure Pets!

With your legendary status enjoy the benefits of having a pair of Mother Daughter Pleasure Pets by getting into all kinds of naughty fun. Take them on a X-rated walk in the park, make them howl with joy at home, partake in some pervy play on the streets, just make sure they are nice and pregnant in the end! Thank you for doing your part for the repopulation effort!

32 comments on “Mother Daughter Pleasure Pets

  1. Why are you disscusting politics on a H-Game site? Fap to some games or leave. Politics should stay out of entertainment.

  2. lol to those fighting their politcal war on here, do that on twitter. This is a site for downloading hentai. bruhhhh just fap and be happy

  3. Let me just point out that if birthrates are declining it wouldn’t be smart to put more limitations on who can have kids the synopsys doesn’t make a lick of sense. Also the problem is the internet. Take away the internet and porn and watch birth rates would sky rocket. The internet is driving a wedge between people and warping our ideas of sexuality to the point where rather then finding a girl who would cost me a shit ton of cash I’d rather buy a flesh light and download an eroge then have sex in fact humans suck I hope we die out that’s not true it’s my crippling depression kicking in.

    1. I mean, the bigger part of the problem is the crippling, killing social stress Japan places on its work base and the astronomical cost of living in already overcrowded cities, combined with a decades-long economic malaise brought on by a corrupt top full of rich old farts plundering all the profits for themselves in a culture that glorifies deference to elders and authority. The birth rate as a whole is much more stable outside of the Tokyo megapolis.

    2. No kidding. It’s safer to stay single. A battery operated boyfriend won’t pressure you for kids you don’t want, become a lying, cheating, gaslighting asshole, or domestically abuse/possibly murder you.

    3. If you do some research, you’ll discover that empowering women reduces population growth. This was all over the internet in the early 2000s and was viewed as a good thing. After all, females only want men whom are of better social/situational standing then they are. No females would ever pick up a mechanic or plumber or call technician as a husband.

      On the other hand, males would pick up wives even if the wives had no education, and pay for the education only to be divorced later on.

      So…… if empowering women decreases population growth, what do we do to increase population? I know! We should empower women!

      1. Pass. Whatever you’re trying to suggest only benefits men who, for whatever reason, can’t compete with others who actively or inherently outperform them. It makes no logical sense to me that two people of wildly different standings, from looks to wealth, would attract the same level and numbers of quality partners.

        What we need more of is better chances for people to rise to the occasion, what we don’t need any more of is people dragging down societal standards to meet their shortcomings.

        1. Yeah, let’s empower women to set high standards for a partner based on income and the genetic lottery so they can blow all their own money on bullshit while their partner pays for all the bills while they live a Beverley Hills lifestyle while they’re technically unhappy with their spouse because their personality and other shit that holds a relationship together sucks ass.

    4. we are 8 Billions now. The “right people” and the “wrong people” is all bs. We are ALL people. So getting children isn’t the problem. PREVENTING them is. Drink some booz. Get your head clear by jumping into the next river.

  4. A lot of new otome and yaoi has come out we’re not seeing here :-/ And most of the standard het we’re getting is just mindless porn. I agree with Revvo, where’s any good stuff this year?

  5. on a side note,
    eventhough i am very thankful for all uploads,
    are there any good dating sims coming out this year? Or is it all just pure porn?

      1. nice.
        just downloaded father than blue, seems like an overdone version of “if my heart had wings”, but hey let’s not be critical right of the bat. fingers crossed for this one 🙂

        1. Not gonna lie, if you say one title or the other, I can’t tell the difference. First time I saw this title, I thought it looked real similar to “If my heart had wings” as well.

  6. ohhhhh that is a tail coming from her ass she is pulling against her crotch. Was looking through the tags for futanari.
    … Why does it seem to be more normal for her to have a dick at this point…

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