3 comments on “Agnus Dei

  1. Hey, is this only a trailer??

    i;ve played it but it look’s like a trailer (and the lenght !! haha 5 minutes is more than enough to finish this. and it’s not a game really)

    i want to at least play this -_-

    is it really available only during when they’ve released it last 2007? or they will release it in the future hahaha

    we’ll sorry for this post.. 😀

  2. According to vndb dis game share the following characters:
    40 Nichi 40 Yoru no Ame
    Mushi Kegare
    The Noose

    40 Nichi 40 Yoru no Ame is very good.
    Mushi Kegare and Yachoukitan as well.
    Never played The Noose.
    Is Agnus Dei worth of my time? Let’s try it.

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