Never 7: The end of infinity


You play as Makoto, a student who never attends the lectures at the school. As a punishment, you have to attend an extra seminar on an island with other classmates. However, when you arrive on the island, strange thing start happening. A girl is found dead on April 6th, with a small bell in her hand. Immediately after that, you found yourself in the bed and see the date – April 1st! Was the vision of the girl just a dream, or do you possess a power to predict events? This is what you will have to find out, as a series of strange deaths make your seminar much more suspenseful that you have thought.

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  1. *minor spoilers* What an excellent game I just finished!! It was so cool to actually have played this game in April 2019 (actual future game time). All heroines and routes are pretty interesting, though Saki is one patronising bitch, I kinda hated her attitude in her route really. One other thing I liked was the mention of real life theories like Schrödinger’s cat. So many mind blowing moments specially in Izumi Curé and other route and that whole plot against Okuhiko was so awesome. 9/10

  2. Anyone noticed the length of yukas arm. Geeeez its so damn long, it even reaches down to her bloody knees. Check out her swimsuit sprite, it’s hilarious..

  3. can anyone upload the BGM/OGG files? the links on TLwiki e.t.c are dead and playing the game without BGM is pretty eh meh.

  4. Hey admin, just found a replacement patch for you. Gotta say, it was freaking hard since mostly everything was dead. YOU FAGGOTS BETTER BE GRATEFUL! Anyways, here’s the link for it:

    Also found some subbed movies for those who care:

    If that one doesn’t work, I also uploaded it to my drive:

    Peace guys, have fun!

  5. Hey admin, Just tried installing the patch but it says that the installer integrety check had failed. It also said that it’s caused by either an incomplete download or damaged media. I have downloaded it multiple times just to make sure that the download wasn’t the problem. I think the patch you have up is fucked or something. Just a heads up.

  6. I’m wondering if it’s best to download all the msvcr100.dll before downloading the patches, & which one out of the 3 would be best to download, if u need the game + the patch. I’m still pretty new to eroge downloading?

  7. Okay I searched these days how to get the game going now what i did to make it work was :

    First as any other game install it then later go to the folder of the game where you find Never7_English_OGG copy it and use it as a shortcut.

    Before you played install the english patch from here :

    And this programe Never7 Converter1.1.2 win32 link:

    to isntall the patch there are not dificulties just next and finish and the coverter just doble click it and it will do the operation really quickly

    And last I found link to download the ost of the game but if you insert it in the game it will stop working so the game will have to be played just with the voices and without soundtrack

    I played it today and it worked

  8. I just download this and the eng patch one week ago, and they still work perfectly fine, i’m on Yuka route, which is the last route i need to complete before i can go to Izumi route, but because of some technical problem in my PC, i need to redownload everything, but now every eng patch avalible has been taken down, so i can’t play this in english anymore, why they do this?, and please, if you have the eng patch would you kind enough to upload it somewhere so i can download it, i’m this close to finish this game, and it kinda sad to think i can’t play this in english anymore TT_TT

    and if admin somehow read this reply, please, upload working english patch TT_TT,

  9. Hmm i wonder if this should now be taken down now that the English patch is taken down its not relay in English anymore. so ya new people who was wondering why the patch dose not work is cause its taken down cause they are now a official translator for a other games. anyways i new i should of downloaded the patch sooner.

  10. Thanks for uploading the game. I just finished it. Good VN, but not great. If only the other routes were as interesting as the Izumi Cure route I would have give it a 10/10.

  11. I’ve been having problems with the music, I’ve followed the instructions, put in the patch, downloaded the PSP soundtrack, but I’m still finding issues. Right now, whenever I open the game, it starts off with a message saying (Error opening opening ogg “ost/track_21.ogg”) and doesn’t tell me anymore. I’m guessing track 21 is the track for the start menu, but when I try to progress the game past there it looks like it doesn’t even attempt to open any other tracks, possibly because it’s failed the first time. I can open the music outside the game by going directly to the music folder, but ingame it has problems.
    I’m running windows 8, if anyone knows if that makes any difference.

  12. I have the same problem as Melissa – the Japanese version is fine, the patch’s “integrity fails” – both the patch here and the tlwiki patch – and I get a NSIS error I can’t fix. Any ideas?

  13. I’m near the end of Haruka’s route and the game is all in Japanese, anyone else have this problem? (also, yes I have installed the English patch on this page)

  14. I’d like the game in japanese with the audio, but the oggs are only for the patched game. Where I find the soundtrack image, for the original game?

  15. Plz help. the original japanese game works fine but when i installed the patch the patch game crashes after i immediately start it.(japanese still works)

  16. Hello, I’m having problem installing the English patch and got NSIS error message (“installer integrity check has failed”). Re-downloading the patch isn’t working *the game itself works though in Jap*

    Anyone had this same problem? And how did you solve it…? Please kindly advice, thank you.

  17. I remember having tons of problems setting it up. After messing around with it for about two days I finally got it to work… not really sure how. Anyway, I never got background sound. I have the voice actors and the English subs, which I guess is the most important part, but without the background music this story feels a bit boring. Oh well… I fear if I tried installing this again I would not even get it to the point it’s at now…

  18. I’m having an isse running the game; my computer is missing SoundServer.dll
    How does one go about acquiring SoundServer.dll?

    1. I’ve got the same problem too, anyone have an installer or an ISO so I can use the cd version? In my opinion its not worth playing without the BGM….

  19. Hey guys, I have everyone’s good ending except Izumi’s but I do not get extra choice that gives Izumi points, even though I have cleared the other routes, ending list even says so. Is it because I ALt F4 when the ending movie is playing? I can’t see ending movie even after installing codec so that’s why.

          1. Ok thanks I will re-try after finished the game “Duel Savior”. I have never play a visual novel like this before. Its awsome 😉

  20. Hello

    I can’t access the Cure route despite finishing the 4 others. The choices for Izumi (like “Faint” or “Dolphin”) don’t appear at all. Anyone have the same problem?

  21. I have a problem when trying to play the game. It says I need to enter the Never7 Game Disc into the driver or the game BGM won´t play.


  22. There is a bug in Izumi’s “Normal Ending” Route, it will automatically transition to “Yuka’s Route” after the Barbeque. Chinese forums say that not saving before the barbeque ends will solve the problem, but it didn’t work for me.

    1. there is no bug as far as i remember
      Make sure you finish all the other 4 routes
      then follow “Izumi’s Cure” route
      in order to unlock izumi normal route Izumi’s Cure must be finished.

  23. I tried with the music from the TLwiki website. But it has an error “Track 21 ogg cannot be played” something along that line. So my BGM isn’t working :\

  24. I’m trying to play this but every time I try to open it, it says I need a CD, then when trying to select either window, or full screen mode, it says the file can’t open. Could someone please help?

  25. Hey Admin i was wondering if u could put a live chat room on your site.
    I love anime with a good story but i dun know much about it and i dont know anyone how does so it would be nice to be able to talk to others who love anime for once…
    You of course dun have to but ish would love it if one was here.
    Oh and this is my faverite and olny anime site >..<
    oh and i like the game toooo but 17 was better ^.^

    1. Yuka is most basic in my opinion
      plus if you fail all requirement for all other route, you will also be set into Yuka’s route

      and of course Izumi for last, since you require more than 3 endings to unlock her route (best for last)

    1. it’s not a threat but norton always detect’s unknown files like that so just install it im playing it just fine without problems

  26. interesting game, cant wait to try this one out as well :3. Thank you for uploading it, Administrator.

    Oh and another thing, is there a way i can get an english patch to the game, “white Clarity”? i, hehe, somehow downloaded the extinct game, but i need the english version :3. Thank you in advance.

  27. Awesome! I’m just now finishing Ever17, so this sounds like a great next VN.
    Also, Leah, this is the first game in the Infinity series. Ever17 is the second, Remember11 is the third, 12Riven is the fourth, and Code_18 is the fifth.

  28. So this is part of the infinity series? Where does this game stand within Ever17, Remember11, Code_18, and 12Riven? 🙂

    1. I believe the timeline of the Infinity Cure games goes like this: Never 7: The End Of Infinity, Ever 17: Out Of Infinity, Remember 11; The Age Of Infinity, 12 Riven, and Code 18.

  29. Oh my gosh, I’ve been eagerly awaiting this! 😀 SO HAPPY.
    Thank you, admin! And to the team who painstakingly translated it. ^-^

  30. is this VN size really only 700mb? cos’ ever 17 and remember 11 was about 4Gb or more… i need to calculate my bandwith usage before downloading…

  31. how can i fix this error? ” msvcr100.dll ” it appears when i open the english patch/trans launcher plss help

    1. I’m also getting this error when I try to run the game. I’ve been looking forward to this but had to put it on hold for over a week so it’s pretty annoying to have yet another hangup that I don’t know the cause of.

    2. As my knowledge, those mscvr***.dll errors are caused by the unavailability of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. I have all version of Ms. V. C++ installed on my laptop just to be safe: 2005, 2008, 2010

  32. wow nice

    I would be good if all of your post have torrents link, because not all of the VN here don’t have torrent

    btw thank you admin

  33. Stop complaining. The DL sites are fine. With all file sharing sites being more lenient, its better to have a solid source to download then having broken links to non at all.

    And thanks for the hard work admin! Everything seems to work fine.

  34. if you didnt know already. for the capthca you only need to enter the random letter looking one, if its first just put a space afterwards then continue, or if its second put space before then put in the random letter word then continue, can really help for those impossible looking ones. 😀

  35. Can someone tell me how to have the kurumi endings? For some reason, afrer the BBQ, i always go back to yuka. I can’t find wich choice make you go the right way.

    1. Make sure that you only choose kurumi… If you chose to play tennis with yuka, then you might have stepped into her route instead of kurumi’s

  36. Whenever i try to start Never7_English_OGG the config menu pops up but no matter which options i choose the game wont start. Also if i try to run Never7_English_CD after the config the game window will show up, but then it will stop responding. Anyone know whats wrong? Im using windows 7 i that matters and i tried switching to windows basic

  37. Wow, i noticed that some of the pirates here only know how to complaint instead of saying thanks or upload their own games. Anyway thanks admin, you are the best, me (and most of us here) feel really grateful for your hard works.

    p/s: please read the tag before complaints about h or non-h , reading the tags make you less idiot.

  38. Yes can someone how to get to append story? I’ve done all normal routes finishing with izumi’s cure A route, and when i replay it to get to the true izumi ending i always end up back with the cure A ending….

  39. da isn’t bad for capthca and the wait its the download rate that sucks i get 200ish kb when i can get 1. something mbs on good sites without crap servers

  40. Thanks so much Admin. You’re awesome and quick as usual to get the best up. You’re dedication makes me harder than the queen on monsters.

  41. Hi Admin!

    Thanks for this release!

    You could use zippyshare as a free file hosting site. It won’t delete anything. So much better than mediafire and faster too.

  42. Anyone else having trouble with the movies not playing?
    Even after following the fix on tlwiki they still won’t work for me.

  43. Just a thought, what about Rapidshare? And I’ll admit, I am slightly biased. But its a pretty good file host. I think…

  44. Not sure why but my screen turns and stays black at full screen except when the op starts. Windowed mode works fine.

      1. Problem solved. You need to manually reset the windows color scheme back to basic. [Left-click on desktop -> personalize -> Basic and High contrast styles -> select Windows 7 Basic]

  45. Filefactory isn’t good.

    Fropm my experienced, they deleted files faster than Mediafire and much slower download.

  46. The Message Box always appear in the game.

    “There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive…”

    Can anyone do something about it?
    Thank you for your instrustions.

  47. Admin, thank you so much! I’ve been pretty happy with the dlsite you’ve been using – it just takes patience, and I’ve got plenty of VNs to read while I’m waiting. 😉

  48. so when i put the captcha in and download from sites like downloadani and a few others i get a message that says wrong IP. anybody know a way around that?

    1. Files aren’t deleted due to DMCA reports, but due to excesive bandwidth usage – you folks are downloading 6-7TB/day. I tried changing filenames when i re-uploaded “MonsterGirlQuest2” -> “MGQ2” and it didn’t help.

  49. there not that bad just hit another capcha and don’t be lazy till you can find one you can read i nail them first try 99% of the time.

    PS” admin you are freaking awesome always remember that.

  50. I thank the admin for uploading to this site since the links never get removed as I’ve seen and the downloads are quick with a low reset time to download again.

    Thank you admin!

  51. I know this isn’t the place, but Togainu no Chi was completely translated.

    Are you going to post the translation here?

          1. I lolled. First I saw Togainu No Chi with an 8 rating on vndb, though “Oh cool, possible great new game”, clicked link, saw pics, had to scrub my brain clean afterwards.

          2. I don’t see how BL could possibly be more outrageous than titles like ‘Maiden Rape Assault: Violent Semen Inferno” or “Violated Hero” lol.

  52. on filehosts:

    with the current situation of dying one-click-hosters it’s difficult. Downloadani is at least allowing 2 file-downloads at the same time. As long as the big ones shit their pants we have to live with that.
    (quote Dak’kon: “Endure. In enduring, grow strong.”)

  53. DA is not that bad, granted it took me about 8 hours to download Period. but at least the files aren’t getting removed

    1. What’s so terrible about it?
      I can post mediafire links if you volunteer to replace them every-time they get deleted (last time i tried to re-upload School Days links lasted 7 hours).

      1. What’s so terrible? The horrible, unreadable catpcha’s first and formost. It took me an average of 10 tries to get one where I could GUESS it right. Now when you guess wrong you wait 2 min before you can try again. Spent around 20 min WAITING before I gave up and went looking for a torrent to download the last game (and the game dowloaded in under 8 min!).

        Admin, I can understand the issue you are having with finding a place to upload your files, but this download site turns me off and made me go someplace else. and I LOVE this place so I’d rather not have to do that again. So I’d urge you to #1 be on the lookout for another site and #2 think about a torrent. I WANT to come here and download the awesome new games.

        PS:Cross, you got lucky. I was unable to dowload 2 files at the same time. When I clicked on the second file it just reset my wait time. 🙁

        1. DA uses reCAPTCHA – the same one as in many other popular websites. If you got unreadable one, you can get a new one, by clicking that small two arrows button right under captcha – you don’t have to refresh whole page and wait another 2 minutes.

        2. No he’s not lucky, DA allows for 2 simultaneous downloads, sometimes more depending on which server each piece ends up on. Something weird was happening on your end.

          As for the catcha, they do use a rather high setting, but you’re almost definitely exaggerating. I only have to click the new captcha button maybe 50% of the time, and I don’t think I’ve ever needed to go through more than 3-4 at the worst of times.

          But, yeah, it’s all about preventing the files being removed, and DA has proven to be one of the better Direct Download options to prevent that.

        3. and once again, another one lacking Vitamin A from playing too much games and reading in the darkness guy complaining on how he can’t read the captcha. Fix your eyes and don’t complain since your getting it free rather than buying the game itself. Please and I mean, PLEASE, do not complain since your only getting stuff FREE without having the burden of uploading and/or paying for it

        4. Try learning to use the “Another capcha button” to change the one you have. Also that site lets u download alot of files concurrently, just about 4-6 mins in between starting them.

        5. if you cant figure out captchas you are an idiot. mediafiles is a great site as long as they havent got around to banning you

        6. dood seriously dont use this site anymore if all u do is complain i had it with u ppl complaining i mean for god sake admin have been doing his best to provide us good visual novels for free…tsk

      2. downloadani is fine, and about the reCAPTCHA, I’ve caught myself making a one letter typo more than once, and it was still accepted.

    2. There’s no problem with small games like these, it’s just when the game is over 2GB that I suggest putting a torrent.

      1. Yeah, I’ve gotta go with this one. Four parts? Downloadani is nothing, complaint was uncalled for in this case. But trying to download Period the other day through it was torture. Whitey here knows where it’s at.

    3. i agree with admin, if you upload in mediafire your account surely dead. I think you guys should appreciated what admin do, if there no admin i bet you guys can’t get game for free.
      don’t u know how hard upload 49 part schooldays, hey why don’t you try upload your game

    4. There aren’t many good options right now and probably won’t be for another year or two. If it’s that much a problem then you’ll just have to use the torrent.

    5. Instead of complaining you should thank the admin for even uploading the game, i swear people are getting less grateful everyday!

      1. I have to agree with you there, lol. I always see hobos raging in the comments because they can’t get it to work etc., and complaining with lines like “WHY ISN’T ANYONE HELPING US?”. I don’t know what they’re so fussed about.

        In the first place, this isn’t like a service that we’ve paid for. We’re getting it for free. That’s why I think if we have a complaint, or problem, we should do two things first.

        1) Make sure it’s a reasonable complaint
        2) Make sure it’s politely stated

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