Eden’s Ritter: Paladins of Ecstasy

Eden's Ritter: Paladins of Ecstasy

The kingdom of Ellerald, where stretch the roots of sacred Sephirot, is under attack by monsters that ravage the land and its people. The royal priestess Cecily sustains the hearts of the populace through her kindness and piety, while the well-endowed warrior Noein and her soldiers keep the beasts at bay.
The enemy Lustfiends seem as dumb as they are vile, so their pincer assault comes as a shock. When the city’s remaining defenses prove too meager, only Princess Cecily can save the kingdom… but how can this sheltered damsel fend off nightmarish waves of sex-craved creatures when she can’t lift a sword to save her life?
Cecily harnesses the power of Eden to becoming the titular (and titillating) divine warrior, Eden’s Ritter Lucifel! With powerful forbidden magics, she becomes a one-woman army—a guardian angel to her people.
But these powers come at a cost, for the longer she uses them, the more unbearable the aching of her body becomes. Each battle is a race against the clock, pushing Cecily to her limits as she strives to overcome her adversaries before her own sexual urges overcome her! It’s up to you to help Cecily make the right choices in battle and lead her to victory, for should she fail to do so, her enemies will take advantage of her compromised state to bring her journey to a bad ending.

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  1. Hey Admin, I have been trying to buy the premium account for downloadani.me but I keep getting a transaction error. Do you know what is going on?

  2. On the one hand, the artist behind Funbag/Kyonyuu Fantasy, and a description that makes it *sound* like you don’t necessarily have to make it a game where the pretty ladies lose and get raped because GOR cooked everyone’s brains in the 90’s and now bad design principles result in titles where you get punished for success and rewarded for failure.

    On the other hand… those tags underneath have me wondering.

      1. …Probably too late, but “game over rape.” I feel like the reason a lot of modern h-games and h-gamers see “the heroines win” and “sex is had” as mutually-exclusive outcomes is ’cause a lot of games back in the day only has sexual content when you lost and got raped. Like how 90% of the h-content in Monster Girl Quest and its clones goes.

        1. GOR = “Game Over rape”?

          Ohhhh, okay~ /now/ I get it…
          And yeah, I’m partially inclined to agree. I’m not really -against- the idea of GOR, but still it does get kinda tiresome after awhile when so many games exclusively (or almost exclusively) limit the sexual content to GOR + “bad ending” scenes.

  3. Any one else found it funny when the protagonist *****slight spoiler***********

    found her new powers and used a boss finishing move on an orc grunt?

  4. Listen, I dont know if you guys are the actual translators of these eroges. But can I make a request? If you are the translators, can you translate “Aniki Yomesan nara….”.

    The link is

    Thank you guys for existing. Again, thank you. thank you.

    1. They’re not the translators for all the official games/translations on this site, but for games that don’t have an English version, they try their best to translate them and upload an English patch. Meaning, they buy all the games and reupload them.

    2. You know instead of waiting for someone to translate your favorite VN it will be faster to learn Japanese it’s just 2 years of memorization after 2 years you will learn the basic of Japanese while reading VN with the help of a program then after 4 years you can read VN without the help of any program

    3. Or you simple use a Translator + Texthooker, it will only be maschine translation, but that should be enough to understand the most thinks in the game. Textractor works rather good. If the game has Gameplay, it might be harder to understand because of the menues, like equipment, but even this ones arent unplayable with it, played many Eushully Games like this. Pure VN-Games are even easier, to understand.

    4. Only important thing is that it is a PC Game, would have liked to play Galaxy Angel II, because I really liked the Galaxy Angel Games, but that is Playstation only and even if I can start it on Emulator it doesnt works with Texthooker.

    1. I’m pretty sure that the official english translations of those are all-ages, so I don’t think they will get on this site. Kind of weird that they made them all ages considering how important the ero stuff is to the plot.

  5. so based on the description are you actually able to get through the game without the heroines getting raped, doesn’t really look like the type of game that would do that.

    1. Nope! “Unavoidable protagonist rape” is the very first and largest tag for the game on VNDB. “High amounts of rape” comes shortly after. Don’t read if you don’t want to read about women being forced. A lot. Often by monsters.

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