NekoPara vol.3

Neko Para Vol.3

Patisserie “La Soleil”, run by Kashou Minaduki, is flourishing thanks to the help of two catgirls: Maple, full of pride and a little on the haughty side, and Cinnamon, an impulsive daydreamer.

These two are especially close among among the rest of the sisters. One day, Maple encounters something that shakes her belief in attaining her dream. Cinnamon, unwilling to see Maple suffer, wishes to help her in any way possible… but she can’t figure out how. This story is a heartwarming cat comedy about their ambitions and the bonds between family members… with a little ecchi on the side, too.

114 comments on “NekoPara vol.3

  1. i try to open this vol many times, but still cant open and open data folder had they had install system, but still same.

  2. so my computer is informing me that the emotedriver is a trojan virus but apparently the admin says its not but when i got to virus total it only has a 150mb limit but all the files are 200mb can someone confirm?

    1. there is no trojan here man some antivirus programs detect normal modified files as viruses but they are made that way so they dont require you to legaly buy them from steam and be online to your activated steam acc to play them in this case just download install and enjoy your Nekos

  3. im apparently missing emotedriver.dll? even tho i used the one click download anyone else have this problem?

      1. nope it isnt i had played over 10 games from this site now there are no viruses here its a modified file so your Win 10 (microsoft detects it as modified aka not legally bout from steam ) that is why you get a virus alert place it to exceptions and enjoy your Nekos i finished the game with no problem viruses or trojans or what so ever

  4. I have problems starting the game.

    It sais “The game is not installed correctly. Please re-install the game and try again.”

    Anyone else see this and have a solution for it?

    1. Oh, a newbie! Since more’ll probably see, might as well answer; sites other than have a habit of taking down Ivan’s uploads, either due to the content or the sheer amount of bandwidth that gets used. Note that you can DL six year old uploads on this site–they haven’t needed to be repaired since the switch to the current site.

      Pretty much everything else that’s reliable also has *far* more draconian limits on the download. A short wait and max two downloads at once isn’t that bad in comparison to one download per hour, for instance. Trust me, this has been discussed a LOT, and no better option has yet been found.

  5. I use UnRarX to extract and combine the .rar files then use WineBottler to open up the download since I can’t open .exe files on my MacBook (and don’t want to download the boot camp). But when I am opening the download (.exe file) with WineBottler, it says boot.dnf error, even though I have that file along with the others.

  6. Hey, so I downloaded the steam version from Skidrow. I know usually there’s just an ico file or two that comprises the I scenes and I would hate to download the entire game again, especially when I have limited data to work with at my house. Like I would have to turn my phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot and that’s kind of not an option because the whole game is larger than my data plan for the month. Is there anyway possible someone could send me two or three files that make up the h-scene patches? Because looking at this game I wanted to play without the scenes and the fact I didn’t pay more attention when I was downloading it at my friend’s house is infuriating. If not obviously I’ll just wait until I can go to someone else’s house, but I’d really appreciate it.

    1. The given video is to download the h-patch for steam version. Just don’t expect it to be small in size as there is plenty of content.

  7. Still a great game as were the previous two.
    But it has to be said. Shigure needs some love too.

  8. Wow, It is hard to believe but you
    uploaded this game on the same
    day of its english version release.
    Admin you are Saaaaaikou,
    I luv uuu

  9. hehe i actually bought vol 3 for once but its funny seeing all the noobs in the comments who never downloaded from here before.
    if u want pretty much everything on this site to work
    have applocal or switch your region
    have daemon tools
    have 7 zip
    have windows firewall turned off
    don’t run any virus programs else itll probably say u have corrupted files, everything on this site is completely safe from my experience
    ive probably played around 40 games on this site tho its really amazing i admire the admin who puts alot of work into this im just hoping this site always stays up

  10. So I have a problem. Whenever I extract part 14 I get this: D:\VN\NekoParaVol3Adult.part14.rar: Checksum error in NekoParaVol3Adult\ The file is corrupt

    I have tried to re-doanwload multiple times with no luck. I was wondering if it just me or do other people have the same problem. Also there doesn’t seem to be a .exe file to the VN or at least i can’t find it. Might be related to the error i mention before.

  11. So I installed the game and I click the link and nothing happens… I have the newest game files and am running windows 10. Any ideas?

    1. Had the same problem. You have to install directx go to the game files then to directx and search DXSETUP after installing it it will run

  12. this place doesn’t do translations it just uploads finished translations you be in the wrong place

    1. Ah, that’s right. Like I said, I was getting desperate.
      I’ll find the place, thank you.

      And thanks Admin for uploading Kagetsu Tohya, I love it. I’ll also have to download Nekopara vol 2 before I get to this one 😀

  13. i re-download parts again, when extract part 3 ask me for a CD-disc for extract. really i dont know what happend with that

  14. I have a problem with the voices, i have played the first 15 minutes but after that the voices turn off, even with the voice volume at max but i can´t hear it. Anyone can help please!(i already uninstalled and installed several times but doesn´t works)

  15. Anyone got the same problem? “The procedure entry point InitializeCriticalSectionEx could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.ddl” How can i fix this? Appreciate your help guys.

  16. sorry for the last comment.

    Part 3,4 and 5 has damaged archives.

    Thanks again for upload this VN.

  17. is nekopara vol 3 the last game of nekopara or is there a vol 4 please tell me because this is the best thanks admin for the hardwork

  18. Will u bring out Monster Girl Quest Paradox ? Would be cool to get an answer. BTW ty for u job here at this site 😀

  19. I don’t know if anyone else had this problem, but I know that I did not have my DirectX software updated (I just re formatted my computer). If you can install the game, but it does not run, or gives you an error that something is missing, update DirectX. The update is in the download file in the folder called “DirectX”. Near the middle of the list, there is the application called “DXSETUP”. Run it, and it should work fine after that. I also had this problem with Majikoi, and this fixed it.

  20. YYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Thanks admin!!!!!!

  21. dunno if its just me but stroking/touching wont work in full screen… at least it works in windowed i guess

  22. Okay I want to ask to admin, there is no need to using smart steam emu right? or you need to use it?

  23. The quality of these is always amazing, I just wish they were longer.

    Now for part 4, the little sister/full harem ending.

    1. then the sequel series wankopara because you know doggirls were mentioned right at the end of this volume

  24. Idk why this never happened in the previous versions of the game, but why does it pop up with the same installation window whenever I start up the shortcut for the game? Is there a way to stop that from happening?

  25. The pain of having spent hours downloading individual parts only to find that they were the non working version

    1. I DLed the steam emulator version, but since I can’t disable the Direct 3D setting from the engine (in the previous 3 games I could disable them by enabling the Advanced Settings in the Help tab) I can’t even play because the sprites don’t even pop up…

  26. Thank you so much! Been waiting patiently and it’s finally here..
    Any chance that you can upload Panzermadels here some day?

  27. Part 12 and Part 13 for me are corrupted tried re downloading it didn’t work and when i tried running the game it’s saying that its not installed just curious if anyone has found a fix for these corrupted parts and it looks like it varies but idky

  28. thanks for this ganna have to buy it next month god damn warhammer 40k new edition coming out and im skint at the mo

  29. Managed to download everything, but I have an issue of not being able to install the game as the option for it was not clickable when I ran the application.

  30. A question, is this the version where you can make the Advanced Settings pop up by enabling them in the Help section? ( I know I already posted this above but I really need an answer)

        1. The “steam patch” consists of a single file named “” that is roughly 1.38GB in size. If you download the Denpasoft adult version so graciously provided here by admin, that file should be packed inside the archive.

          If you drop in a Steam installation of Nekopara 3, it will add all the delicious neko H content.

          1. Do you know which file is the one that has the, or do I need to download everything just to get 1 file to add in all the H-scenes to steam?

    1. Yes, it has h-scenes (First one appears soon after “vacation trip to resort” starts – threesome with Vanila&Choco.

  31. this is my third post and yet still no one reply… and also second time i get error in checksum for part10 when extract… im sorry but can someone share better link like google drive so i can dl whole game? i know this site is run on ads and everything but this is getting tedious

  32. why everytime i extract the game and i press the application button it keeps saying i installed wrong and need to install it again correctly ?

  33. can someone please tell me whether this game file is run on smart steam emu or standalone? because emu run laggy on my laptop

  34. finally been waiting forever for this ………since its announcement thanks a lot admin
    i see its uncensored 🙂 FAP

      1. It might have pixels covering the dick and the vag but other then that you should be able to see everything.

      1. Not required, but highly recommended. Start with Nekopara 0. It is like an introductory bit explaining things more, and set in Kashou and Shigure’s Parent’s home. Leads up to the events of the first game. Nekopara 1 starts of with the Kashou/Vanilla/Chocola relationship. 2 does the Akuki and Coconut (AKA ‘Nuts) relationship. The story is quite good, and a lot of humor.

  35. i see this is denpasoft version… i tried steam one with smart steam emu and its lag like shit… i assume the parts dl link have no cooldown duration?

    1. A question, is this the version where you can make the Advanced Settings pop up by enabling them in the Help section?

  36. TFW you’re really excited about this game coming out on May 26, and then it comes out a day early.

    Love you admin, I’m going in first.

    1. Ok so I just realized the release date probably was for a different time zone and I was just an idiot. Still, it feels like it came out early becasue it’s still 10:45 pm on the 25th here.

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