The Shandora ruins are the site of the sealed royal tombs of the tiny kingdom of Grantz, located in the northeast.

The third princess Jill Grantz together with her bodyguard journeys there to conduct a ceremony.

Jill’s herald and childhood friend Lunalie is officially initiated into the ranks of Jill’s bodyguard by the knighthood ceremony performed at the ruins.

All present hold a small celebration blessing the new journey Lunalie is embarking on.

But in the midst of such happiness, an incident occurs on the return journey.

5 comments on “Lilitales

  1. I really wanted to like this one; the setup was good, H was decent, but that’s it.

    The difficulty is ABYSMALL. And yeah, losing is usually the point in HRPG’s, but the game only let’s you progress post-defeat when it feels like it. Most times it just dumps a GAME OVER screen on you. Bosses cannot be defeated by strength nor strategy… Rather they all require a precise ‘cheese tactic’ you must follow to beat them.

    The game also has a bad habit of locking you in a dungeon with a powerful boss lurking at the end. So you’ll slowly work through the dungeon only to arrive at a boss who mops the floor with you because “oh you should’ve had ‘x’ item/weapon/skill before attempting the dungeon.” So you’re ONLY option is to load an auto-save and lose ALL the progress you just worked so hard for.

    Worst HRPG I’ve ever played, go play literally anything else.

  2. Theres a patch for bugs for nun girl ver2 scene and trial extra dg text error. But its only applied for steam ver unfortunately.

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