How to Raise a Wolf Girl

How to Raise a Wolf Girl

Shuuji picked up a strange girl in the mountains near his hometown and ended up taking care of her. Iroha had been ‘spirited away’ more than ten years ago and lacks common sense and the ability to converse. Even though this constantly caused him problems, he was enamoured by her innocence.

However, the world is not always a friendly place and her lost time will never be restored. An uncertain future awaits Iroha, but Shuuji is determined to protect her.

11 Responses to “How to Raise a Wolf Girl”

  1. Shiny Soni says:

    Is this actually 18+ or its just the normal one?

  2. Swordart142 says:

    is the free download button ok to download? cuz when I downloaded all “10” of it and when I open it there is no application on it… onyl the other files like voices, saves, etc..,

  3. PALADIN7 says:

    i cant save

  4. kidlat020 says:

    this MC is a serious dick. but Kana is no better. heck I’d even argue he got his dickness from Kana. spoilers ahead:

    >wolf girl had a bad first impression to the villagers
    >they want her gone
    >she went back to her home which is a total paradise
    >MC drags her back to the real world of suffering
    >doesn’t care that she’s gonna suffer in a human society
    >because he loves her apparently.

    • Forgiveus says:

      Isn’t that the whole point? life sucks but you can’t spend you whole life running away from it, but who cares it’s a porn game, take your dick out and jack off don’t think to hard about it

  5. Demo says:

    Looks interesting. Thank you very much for the upload!

  6. Takeshi says:

    Is this any good? Looks cool. Is it a nukige?

  7. Maman says:

    Thank you, Admin!

  8. Anon234 says:

    Where do I find the 18+ patch? The Denpasoft website won’t let me download it :/

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