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  1. I watched magical pokaan a long time ago and now I find one of the characters in an eroge game. I wonder how did Liru end up in here and whether the other characters would follow along too.

    1. Use VMware with a windows 10 iso, Virtualbox is shit do not use it, VMware supports alot more stuff and its good for gaming, I myself use it

  2. anyone know what software i can use for this since adobe flash player doesnt work on this, i have the files extracted but getting it to play is not working, any flash software suggestions?

  3. So, after turning off antivirus, firewall and Windows Defender (specifically “Apps & Browser Control”), game works just fine.
    Thanks lad, really appreciate the speedy and constructive response.

  4. All right, i’ve been having a problem with launching Liru.exe. Everytime i attempt to open it, all i get is error that points to the folder location and message “Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have appropriate permissions to access the item.” Afterwards, the exe. file just disappears.(Here’s an image http://oi66.tinypic.com/2s0murp.jpg)
    At first i assumed that my admin folder name may be to blame (since japanese games and symbol č don’t seem to go together really well), but after running it on different user, the same message appeared again. I also tried older versions of the game and different sites, but problem persisted.
    Just to note, my locale is set as japanese, Adobe Flashplayer is up-to-date, firewall, antivirus were off and other games that games from this site work without a hitch.
    And so i ask a question.
    Am I just incompetent and missing out on something important, or is there something else that might be going on?
    Thanks in advance to anyone who might have some ideas.

    1. .exe files don’t “just disappear” – it looks like your antivirus is deleting it for some reason. If you disabled AV, maybe windows defender is doing it?

  5. Non sure why but the flash player won’t do anything when I open the exe file. Is there something I’m missing? I have all the folders but nothing plays when I open the exe file

  6. Those doing the free version(and dont know how to download it):

    What you want to do first is install all the files required(1-8) and 7-zip online. After Installing 7-zip, it will be found in the right-click list and not a window.

    Then, create a new folder and put all the downloaded files into that folder.

    Next, go into the folder and highlight all files. You can use 7-zip to extract all files by right-clicking>7zip>Extract here. (You can do this with win-zip too but mine expired so Im not very sure)

    A new sub-folder in the folder will appear named “WolfGirlWithYou”. Enter the sub-folder and enter “Liru”.

    Whuzzah, you’ve done it. Note that this is all from my experience and may differ from yours.

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  8. Admit it. Most of us here are lonely fuckers that don’t have anything better to do. I am one of these people.

  9. I was wondering if it was possible to play the game on an Android tablet. I’m pretty sure not. I honestly think I tried everything. Responding if it is possible and how, would be appreciated

  10. hello Im having a problem about the japanese sub
    how can I turn this to english sub ?
    thank you in advance !

  11. yo anyone know how to solve this, my part 1 keep say network erroer but all other parts can be downloaded , need help

  12. Why is this so cute? I almost feel bad now. Is this the right thing to do? I don’t even know anymore.

    1. ok for everyone that is asking how to play the game withe the multiple rar files here is what i did esentually to get the game running so this might not work for everyone

      you need to extract all the files located in the rar folders downloaded make sure that if the files are loose in the rar folder that you put them all into there own folder do this for all the rar folders you have downloaded that way you should have a bunch of folders that are full of files from each rar if the rars dont just contain the folders themselves…..the bottom line is that for the game to run you need to have all of the folders containing the “asset files” all stored in one folder along with the executable (.exe) file in there so that it is esentually just one folder with a bunch of other folders in it and one .exe ………. keep in mind that this agin is just what works for me

      p.s i do apologize if this badly written as i typed it all on my tablet while taking a bath i will try to get back on asap to make it look nicer and easier to understand.

  13. is it me or is file 1 and 8 the only one that has files. files 2-7 are empty. i tried it on 2 .rar openers and it came up blank, the the others error-ed out. but 8 has some files in it and 1 has the launcher in it.

    1. yeah since u open the file 1 to start it with the liru.exe and that requires the location of all the rest of the parts

  14. What program do I use to extract the files? The programs I used (7-Zip and WinRar) say the .rar files can’t be opened as archives.

  15. can someone confirm this? some thread says this game have secret scene with fury liru, I mean in her animal form shape. is this true? its kinda…bestiality, but yeah everyone has their own taste & opinion. so anyone know how to unlock it?

      1. Dude, everyone has their fetishes of their own, if you don’t like it, just don’t pay attention to it, but don’t be a fucking asshole to random strangers.

        1. I agree with Rpene, you shouldn’t say things like that just because you don’t agree/like said thing. Quit being an asshole and let people live their lives.

      1. @Jake & Beck, You use WinRAR or 7zip, just extract from part 1 and it should extract all the parts into one folder/place.

  16. It stinks that I unlocked all the cutscenes but when I came back to look at them a few days later, all my progress was gone. Anyone else have this happen to them?

  17. I can’t seem to download using the links.Is some setting or configuration required? I was able to download nekopara the last time I used this site….

  18. I always evade this type of game that use flash player. But I just saw this today, and I was like “Isn’t she from that anime?” I thought that this will be just as bad as MMD, And I was absolutely wrong.

      1. It’s Rondo Duo. I played it. It’s an futanari game. xD I actually love awesome quality too, yes. :3 however. They developing this game so long in takes few years they said. Okay, anyway. I think there’s sequel game in someday. maybe. 😀 At the ending which it wasn’t over.

    1. Liru is actually a werewolf from the anime “Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan”. The other girls in that anime are a vampire, a witch, and an android, and they all live together in a large treehouse. It’s a pretty cute non-hentai anime.

  19. Thanks for the upload 🙂

    Incase anyone is wondering, to put the game in english hover your mouse over in the bottom right.

  20. Does this include the Christmas update, or has Seismic not updated the main game yet?

    This game is sugar and whipped cream with the cutest werewolf to ever exist, I highly reccomend it.

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