Dungeon of Corruption

Dungeon of Corruption

Test the faith of the Humans!
What sort of trial have the gods of light and darkness given?
The apostles will wander lost in the dungeon, in search of the sacred treasure. There final trial will likely begin, after they have found all 4 fragments of the sacred treasure.

4 comments on “Dungeon of Corruption

  1. some reason the game does not work for me.
    downloaded the files and extracted it but it still doesnt work.
    is there something im missing?

  2. RpgMaker game?

    Also, even though there’s a surge of uploads of games, why is it not showing on the homepage? I think that some people are missing out on this just because they can’t see it there.

    Not complaining btw. Thanks admin 😀

    1. I’m catching up with older games that somehow slipped past my radar. I’m not posting them on front page, since I want only fresh stuff there.

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