Desire Dungeon

Desire Dungeon

Half rape-on-lose and half rape-on-win, Desire Dungeon has some nice monster girl scenes, despite the lack of voice acting and mediocre art. The game is a dungeon crawler, except not really because you can only walk forward and backwards. It’s kind of a joke gameplay-wise and also requires a lot of grinding.

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  1. What a piece of dogshit says:

    I always make a point to see games thru to the end, but this turd of a dungeon crawler was just too much to digest. It’s hard to progress, you lose a level when dying, and damn even the stupid fairies can kill you, how fucking stupid is that! Believe me, I really wanted to like this game but no, it’s frustrating even with the best weapons and items, I mean I couldn’t even beat the first floor how ridiculously strong are foes gonna be in second and third floor? Got to level 10 and deleted this garbage. Good riddance.

  2. Red Riot says:

    Great time consuming game… or not XD cuz grinding.

  3. d says:


    • Takai says:

      Use winrar to extract the files, then put the files from the patch in the game folder. Run the game with the desiredungeonwrap.exe file. I believe you have to have your computer in Japanese locale for it to run properly.

  4. Caleb says:

    it looks fun

  5. bruh says:


    • Yunie says:

      you have to open DA: Game Download and DA: English Patch Download tabs, will open you a link, select free download option, put down captcha, wait 120 seconds and your download is ready…

      • R says:

        All you have to do is bring all the stuff from the non translated version to the translated version, and you are done.

        just to be sure do not replace the files of the english translated version.

  6. justPhil says:

    Is there a way to play it on Android?

  7. Ordosan says:

    SO when i go to download this its sending me to a super virusy feeling place (with annoying pop-up/ WARNING YOU HAVE A CRITICAL ERROR!!!) messages e.e normally i trust things here with a few grains of salt but whats up? is this just a me issue?

  8. ripsky7 says:

    When I start playing the game the text glitches over itself making it hard to read. Anyone know how to fix it?

  9. Guyfarting says:

    Got my locale set to japanese, tried running as admin but every time I try to run it all I get is this


    0.txt line:55481

    |erasetextwindow 0
    >Isph SP_CURSOL,\:|/2,400,2;cgcursor1.bmp\,388,580

    and the first time I tried 2 files appeared called envdata and gloval.sav thanks to anyone who can help

  10. zappky says:

    The game could really use a manual on the interface it has.

    Here are some interface tips…

    1.To change equipment/config game system: Right click at town

    2.To earn skill: Keep Ero attack a monster till she give in,basically depletes her MP.

    3.To have full view of the screen during battle: Right click the screen

    Here are some game tip:

    1. Try not to buy any equipment in town, farm from chest is an better option.

    2. Load up Potions when you have money,or else donate to church for experience point

    3. Rest at the inn to level up(if you have enough experience to level up)

    4. When you want to advance to the next level, it will be wise to farm item from the current level of step 90 to 99.

  11. Zappky says:

    guys….. how do you gain skill?
    I keep using ero attack ,but the monster just didn’t attack me.

  12. izanagi11 says:

    This is a great game! It’s a shame there isn’t any voice acting, though. Only other things i can complain about are there’s no auto-play option and that some of the monsters like lilim or the fairy will call you “Big bro” instead of Onii-chan.

  13. sayumi says:

    there aren’t any tags for this one

  14. Frank says:

    For those interested, there is a 1.12 version translation patch on Dargoth’s site, which included some crash fixes and credits.

  15. Blazing Magpie says:

    …It’s fullscreen.

  16. christopher says:

    Oh, you need to rest

  17. christopher says:

    I don’t level up even though I have the required XP (it says 50/10 on the XP thing) why is this?

  18. Altux says:

    Got all the endings

    Here’s the trick

    1. Be level 30 (the highest) ASAP
    2. BondBreaking in the temple
    3. WIN by Ero attacks-Finish off MP and LOSE by Surrender skill ONE TIME with all of the monsters)
    4. WIN by Ero attacks-Finish off MP and LOSE by Surrender skill ONE TIME with the monsters you WANT)
    5.If there’s another monster popping out, never use ero attacks or surrender, defeat by normal Attack-FInish the HP
    6. Got all the endings.

    • endings says:


      to get the ending, you must sex win twice and lose twice to the monster you want minimum.

      to get the ending you want, just have more sex scene with the monster you want.

      no need to bond break, but if you keep on ero everyone until you lost track, perhaps you should.

  19. Sherringford Hope says:

    Where does the option to leave the town show up? And where are the stats (hp,mp) for the monster girls shown when you’re fighting them?

  20. Ero-boy says:

    Is there any walkthrough of this?

    • Vorthod says:

      not that i have found, but you REALLY dont need one since everything needed is pretty much said in game. the dungeons are uni-directional and only a few monsters have anything special that is needed to beat them (hints can be found occasionally for these monsters anyway). If you want a rundown of basic mechanics or help with a specific monster feel free to ask though.

      • Ero-boy says:

        Thanks for the reply. Yeah, no need walkthrough. Finished the game in 1 sitting lol. Vampire’s ending was a little sad that he died, but to compensate her loneliness, he left her with kids 🙂 I did a little experiment: 2 Sex wins and 2 Sex loses of EVERY heroines hoping to get a HAREM route, but failed 😛 Anyways, the game was fun 🙂

  21. endings says:

    Dear god mimic is sooooo hard, won with moebious ring
    seriously half hp and half mp, troll..

    Chat log start.

    mimic end
    I see something strange in front of me.
    … It’s a chest.
    It has to be one… It looks so strange out here.
    Such an obvious trap…
    It has to be Mimic.
    I’ll just walk past it.

    *switch sound*
    Mimic: Nononono! Wait
    :Do not ignore me!

    What kind of Mimic pops out on their own?

    : Don’t change the subject!
    : Do you know how ard it is to drag a treasure chest this far out of a dungeon?
    : I had to ask those guys to drag me all the way out here, where I knew you would walk by.
    : And it was so terribly cold for them, too.
    :Sheesh.. Just what kind of selfish man did I fall in love with?

    I guess I feel sorry for the people who had to carry her.

    : T…That’s the response I’d expect from you…
    : But you know, that was an indirect confession.
    :… Well, whatever.
    :Anyway I’ll be traveling with you.
    : A god’s order. No denying it.

    Traveling with me?
    … What about the chest?

    : You’ll carry it, of course
    : It would be awfully inconvenient without it.

    … I wonder if I should just throw Mimic out of the chest.

    :I’ll curse your descendants forever if you do that!
    :Rather, I’ll make them never exist to begin with!

    Ahh… What a spoiled princess.
    Traveling with a boxed God, huh?

    *pick up sound*
    With a sigh, I lift the chest up onto my shoulder.
    If she can fall in love, I guess we’re equals…

    :Hrm… I’m sorry for hindering you.
    :Please take good care of me.

    I continue walking, now carrying Mimic.
    She’s actually saying something nice for once.

    :Nnn… Oh, yes… About the next destination…

    ———- Black———
    …After that. A man carrying a box has been spotted in dungeons all over the world. At first he was just called a bizarre adventurer. But after being sighted, the quality of items in the dungeon drastically increased. Soon after, he started being referred to as the God of Treasure Chests. As if to prove it, it was said a girl in priestess’s clothing is always following him.

    Mimic: I’m the god! You’re still so naive…

    … Is what she would say, but the rumors persist. Everywhere they went, humans and monsters would come together too. As they come to understand each other, idle conflict slowly ceases. Again today, the man is carrying his box. With the girl in priestess clothing beside him..
    But that’s a story for another time…

    • Newfag says:

      you needed the mobius ring? back when I played this I beat mimic both ways before getting past the second floor at least.

      though I probably lost a lot first but only one I remember needing the ring for is succubus.

  22. endings says:

    lilim’s ending quote.

    they defeat assasins andNinjas with one hand, while eating sushi and takoyaki with the other.

    watching them would make you think they were on some bizarre action-themed vacation.

  23. endings says:

    werewolf – they go on an adventure together, becoming warriors, they save humans and monsters alike

    fairy- they become legendary adventurers, closing the relationship gap between monsters and humans

    lizard girl- she turns out to be the dragon princess, and the hero becomes the dragon king after defeating her father.
    But the power of the new dragon queen was incredible.\n
    i liked these three the best :#

    dear god this captcha is terrible

  24. Ageha says:

    when you’re in town or in the dungeon[not in battle] right click the mouse and you’ll see what you wanna see… click on your shortsword, armor … etc to change them if you have better ones. hope I helped =)

    JUST FOR INFO – when you’re lvl 30 and you have good wepon and armor for mele combat go chalange the Fighter [boss at lvl1 Dungeon] and defeat her in pure mele combat[you can defeat her even if you’re not lvl30] and she gives you armor with defence 500+

    • Vorthod says:

      thank you for pointing that thing with the fighter out (btw i think only the finishing blow has to be physical, so you can do it much earlier than 30 if you weaken her with magic)

      you pointing out the fighter thing and then me hearing Lilim’s star wish made me realize there is something similar with the second floor’s boss. finish her off with a magic attack and she gives you a staff with no stats that occasionally casts a guaranteed sleep spell at the start of combat

  25. bob says:

    can someone please tell me how to open your inventory to use and equip items? i just can’t seem to get it to work and no one is saying anything about items so i can’t get this game to progress.

    • Vorthod says:

      right click while in town square or in the dungeon and the menu pops up. the upper-left box has options like ‘items’ and ‘skills’ while the box below it shows your equipment, click any of the equipment names and a list of alternate equipables will appear. choose something from that list.

  26. randomone says:

    also, to admin again, can you upload princess waltz? i can’t find a torrent of english version but i know it was translated from jastusa

  27. randomone says:

    @ admin, do you have any news about someone traslating lightning warrior raidy III ?

    • Vorthod says:

      as far as i know, that game died during development. last i checked, the official raidy III site hasn’t been updated since 2008

      • Vorthod says:

        oh my god, how did i not notice that this actually got released? i was sure it died six years ago, this made my day!

        • randomone says:

          the game is out but no one seems interested in translating it

          • Vorthod says:

            while i was searching through forums for a download link i saw a couple of different people mention the date “October 26,” I did not look too deep into it, but they seemed to think that was when the English version was going to be released. It may warrant further investigation if you are interested, i just decided to try my luck with text hookers, translators, and my own knowledge and have gotten reasonably far in it

          • randomone says:

            good news everyone! jastusa just confirmed that they will translate lightning warrior raidy 3 so we have just to wait now

          • 2-tall says:

            Man the bad endings from Raidy 3 just sucked compared to what came before.

          • Vorthod says:

            While i agree to an extent on that, ive found that the victory scenes quite often jumped up in quality compared to before, so i still have something nice to watch

  28. Paul says:

    Try pressing alt+enter to switch back between windows and full screen mode. Also how do I beat the the 3rd floor monsters? The monsters drain your mp so quickly and I can barely do any damage too them?

    • Vorthod says:

      if you are referring to the angel draining your mp, its because she has a VERY annoying skill where she converts damage you’ve taken into mp damage in a sort of forced-heal skill. keep your hp above 60% and she will be much easier

  29. low says:

    Can someone plz tell me how to put this game into windows mode

    • Vorthod says:

      alt+enter is the standard windows keystroke for switching between windowed and fullscreen modes and it does work here. I also think it was a bit annoying in fullscreen since you cant even alt+tab out properly

  30. Sbroglio says:

    I fought 3 faeries, went back to the inn to rest and i didn’t level up anyobe know why?

    • Vorthod says:

      every level requires more experience to surpass than the last. If you are level 3 or 4, you are too high to level up from a mere three fights with a fairy (level 2 requires 30 exp to pass, fairies give 10 exp for a victory, so you will need to fight more creatures for every successive level)

  31. Eliitti says:

    Desire Dungeon 2 make it happen I WANT MOARH!!!

  32. Katsu says:

    whats the LvL cap?

  33. kirito says:

    How to get ero scene for succubbus? ero attack dont work

    • HintHelper says:

      Beat the final boss using ero attacks, then use her skill to beat succubus.

      • kirito says:

        Already beat her without going through the 3rd floor boss. it might have been easier to beat the succubus after the 3rd boss though. thanks anyway

        • Vorthod says:

          if you have the coat of black dreams, the succubus can hardly do anything since the coat itself prevents her taking off your clothes. I got that before i met her the first time and seduced her in my first encounter with her, so you dont need mobius if you have some good gear like that

          • Vorthod says:

            oh, and if erotic attacks dont work, it means that you are too weak in that stat. you need a high level and a powerfully erotic weapon in order to do damage.

  34. Rebirth says:

    Anyone have a clue how to defeat the warrior?

    • kirito says:

      Ero attack all the way, equip your highest ero weapon ang highest defensse armor. dont forget to heal

    • HintHelper says:

      Beat the sorcerer using ero attacks, by doing so you learn a magic attack, use that to beat warrior.

  35. Player says:

    How the hell do I save in this game? Right-clicking does nothing. Moving to the cursor to the edges of the screen don’t work either. Please help. :/

  36. Zookie says:

    How do you defeat the second floor boss? I think her name is Lilim.

  37. tasha alex says:

    how do you get an ending with them? i always just leave the town?

  38. zetta216 says:

    I’m looking for a game kinda like this. It was a monster girl game where you had to strip the girls down and make them cum (usually using toys and stuff) before they made you come. Actually defeating a girl usually took several battles of her running away and you had to use water (i think) to keep yourself from blowing your load as she went at you, but I can’t remember what the game was called.

  39. HintHelper says:

    Wow, the Vampire ending was surprisingly sad and happy at the same time >_> I did not expect to feel a even a twinge of sadness during this game.

    And on the opposite end of the feels spectrum Fighter’s ending made me feel nothing, just go that’s it?

    • jodan_desu says:

      Yeah, only Vampire gets the bittersweet ending.

      Also, an easy way to beat the final boss is to use the Mirage skill. If she uses her tail to coil around you for an ero attack, she will hit the mirage instead and become stunned for a few turns, allowing you to get some free hits (or Drain Kisses, if you have that skill).

  40. Kurai says:

    AHAHAHA omg, there was a Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne reference on the 2nd floor.Damn I’m a big fan of the SMT games too

  41. Roflcopter says:

    I have a problem; How do I go back in menus? Esc doesn’t work! When I first got into the city and entered the shop, I couldn’t get out because I don’t have money to do anything, and there is no ‘return’ button to press.

    • Roflcopter says:

      Also, is there any config menu where I can turn the music off? thanks =)

    • Roflcopter says:

      I finally found it… if anyone else is in trouble, the answer to both is to press the left mouse button, LOL

      • Guy says:

        How did you turn off the sound? I right clicked and can’t find the music in Config.

      • Vorthod says:

        i think you mean “right mouse button” but yes, that is a pretty standard cancel button on VNs so it is a good idea to remember it for future VNs as well

        • Guy says:

          I knew that but I don’t know how to turn off the music and I didn’t find it in the Config when I used the right mouse button.

  42. Lukard says:

    Thanks !!!!! =)))))

  43. trademark2 says:


    I don’t know why eroges are so so grindy, noone wants to grind that much.

  44. kaszak says:

    Is there a way to disable fullscreen in this? Who the hell made a VN engine that is fullscreened and can’t be alt-tabbed out of?

  45. Guerrilla Exia says:

    Okay I play until LAST BOSS[Oroboros]and it’s kind a tough.
    But I think I need [Mimic] POWER too.
    So any Idea how to confront error when fighting [Mimic] admin?
    Or they still under construction about that error?

    • Vorthod says:

      the english readme states that they are aware of this issue in their translation but cant figure out a solution. Sadly, since i haven’t had this error i haven’t been working on ways to avoid it. however, the mimic seduction reward is thief skill +2. extremely nice, but useless in a fight. My advice is just to get to level 30 and fight her while making sure health stays above MP so that switches refill your MP bar for more healing, the succubus skill Drain Kiss can be a useful way of lowering her MP during one of the non-ero barriers (not sure if it counts as magical or physical so i dont know which barrier lets it through, but im pretty sure it wasn’t on ero when i was using it at least)

    • LVUER says:

      You don’t need Mimic power to defeat the Last Boss (Oroboros), and yes, she is tough (she is the final boss). Remember that Oroboros have shield/barrier with weakness that changes every several turns (physical/magical/ero).

      What will help you a lot fighting Oroboros is mirage (from Slime). Do this move when she coils you a lot to get several “free” turns.

      I can’t help you with Mimic error since I never encounter the error. But you get thief skill +2 for defeating her (in ero battle) which is only useful to open more chest (or for summoning her again).

      But one thing I can definitely say is it’s a suicide to deliberately encounter Mimic in lv.30. She will MIMIC your level so you have an equal chance of fighting her at any level. The important factor in beating her is your skill and equipment. Like wear equipment with weak magic value and beat her using magic skills.

    • xxx says:

      Can someone tell me how to get the endings or what i must do for those endings

      • Vorthod says:

        to get an ending you start by picking a monster, seduce her twice and lose to her twice, then leave town. That monster will then follow you out of town and you get a quick story about what happens in the future as you and the monster travel the world

    • aklik says:

      Yes, mimic is must have, you need it to open chests and get better armor/weapon

    • NeoDarklight says:

      The most recent translation on dargoth’s website has the patch for that. Look for English Patch v1.12.

  46. usamiharu says:

    I mean the Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa wo Hirogete the second one.

  47. usamiharu says:

    Wew….i will pass on the two new VN i might flip my PC upside down
    first this VN is so short
    second is All Ages.

    But tnx as always admin!

    • Vorthod says:

      it may be short, but i think it is worth it, there are some nice scenes in here depending on your preferences

    • Katsu says:

      what do you mean by short? like how short? am lvl 14 on second dungeon lvl

      • Vorthod says:

        There are three floors of 4 monsters each (3 normals + a boss) and the maximum level is 30 (though getting from 29 to 30 is a pain, there is a large jump in power on that level).

        • Katsu says:

          woops should have scroll up before ask for the lvl cap… hehe guess am close to it am only at slim and lvl 24 (ya i like grinding/farming thats why games like Kamidori Alchemy Meister types are the best for me XD)

  48. Vorthod says:

    wow, if you see a chance to seduce the mimic (ie: one shows up while you have an erotic weapon) definitely do it. The skill is so worth it.

    • KmK says:

      I recommend waiting until you have the MP regain skill to defeat the Mimic, because that Miasma wave skill is OP, and almost a sure loss if used.

  49. Katsu says:

    umm where can we/I get someone to translate a game anyway? kinda want Himegari Dungeon Meister english patch really bad after all…

  50. Maou says:

    Another one? Damn, I need more time to play!

    Thank You.

  51. kurogane222 says:

    thanks for the upload but I get this message after running either .exe :


    0.txt line:55674

    |spfont ” M S *****, 16,16,0,2,0,0
    >bg “cg/logo.jpg”
    (the * are japanese)

    • Vorthod says:

      check “English Readme.txt” that came with the patch, it has a troubleshooting section. though the very first suggestion is to make sure your system is using Japanese locale, and people not having that set seems to make up the majority of problems on this site

  52. Cludusco says:

    Yeah this is the games i like i wonder when eushully game like kamidori game will be translated the hero name is lilith where she saves the demon king!!!

    • JayDen says:

      I assume you me the predecessor, Himegari Dungeon Miester.
      i read some where that it was being translated but since then haven’t found any info, might have died early on. shame really.

  53. andy says:

    Nice summary, lol. I liked Monster Girl Quest, but I don’t like the idea of rape-on win, so I’ll stay away from this.

    • admin says:

      Summary sucks since i couldn’t find any decent review in English and I’m too busy recently to write my own. If anyone writes/finds something better – feel free to contribute and I’ll update the text.

      • Ushio says:

        Whoever came up with the summary is soooo BADASS!!! hahaha

      • zellrang says:

        “As a nameless adventurer you hear the rumor about a dungeon beyond the mountains and deserts. They say that if you can reach the bottom floor, it would grant you all your desires. On a whim you decide to look into the rumor, only to find not only the dungeon, but an entire town built upon it!
        With the encouragement of the townsfolk, you decide to explore the strangely straightforward dungeon filled to the brim with lovely monster girls that would never really hurt you, considering adventurers their main source of food (read: semen). What could possibly go wrong…?”

        – Description from VNDB

    • Crimrui says:

      It’s not rape-on win as the girls are also eager to get it going. In some cases more so then your character. Don’t worry, I hate games where you rape girls but this is a bit different and lighter. Try it.

      • Teh says:

        …Have you ever played Sengoku Rance?

        • Crimrui says:

          Yes, tried a few and stopped, as I hate all the Rance series. I don’t want to play with hypocrite rapist guy who most of you call hero.

          • 2-tall says:

            none of the girls in this game are raped when you win (use ero attacks til the blue bar bottoms out). Your main dude however gets raped when he loses at level 2 and upwards.

          • YAYY says:

            If you use erotic attacks to win, you can have (consensual) sex with the monster girls. Erotic attacks are usually weaker than normal attacks, so you have to be quite strong before you can subdue anyone easily.

          • Teh says:

            Lol, it’s a shame. He’s not a hypocrite though, he knows very well what he is.

          • Karvil Atern says:

            I hate rance series too, but sengoku is barelly passable. The gameplay is good and it has something resembling a plot. Well that changes nothing about the fact that Rance himself is total ******. I treid playing one other piece from this series, but imediatelly quit. The gemeplay was terrible as well as the rest.

          • Elpaca says:

            to be honest i beat the game and have spent more time in the gameplay unlock. no h scenes but it is pretty fun to play since the gameplay is solid

          • Ookami says:

            Although Rance rape a lot of girls, lot of them fall for him, the most concrete example is Maria Custard. Since Rance 2(When Rance rape her which incidentally save her) she fall for him and she’s in all Rance series after Rance 2 (possibly in Rance IX too which still in progress) and she play a major role.

          • Merem says:

            To be fair, Rance isn’t a hypocrite. Although he “rapes” girls, Rance doesn’t do it like some monster. Rance works and trains his skills so as to maximize the pleasure during the act and always studies the girl he’s raping so as to find a way to make her enjoy the sex as much as possible. The funny thing is, he’s rather gentle and caring for when it comes to women and and never harms them or lets them get unnecessarily harmed. This kinda leads to a lot of the rape victims to fall in love with him.
            It should also be noted that he’s heavily against incest as shown in Rance Quest, where he meets his daughter and refuses anything to do with seducing her in any way and instead plays the role of a cool and caring Father.
            Simply put, there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye.

  54. Guerrilla Exia says:

    Is this almost same as
    “MGQ” and ‘Violated Hero 1/2″ ?

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