My Black Cat

My Black Cat

A mysterious black cat who can speak the language of humans.
The lone girl he met one day.
“I’m Aki Fujita. From now on I’m your master!”
With his newly-bestowed name “Don-kichi”, from that day forth the pair began their life together.
The master, strong-willed but with an easily wounded heart.
The black cat, who strove to protect her from sorrow.
The black cat, whose every thought was of his master.
The black cat, who would always be at her side.

7 comments on “My Black Cat

  1. ookamiwolf, thank you a lot!!! I couldn’t find how to get 3rd ending ANYWHERE in the Net. And yet I ‘ve remembered this site!
    You have no idea, how desperate I’ve tried to get this ending by myself. At once, I got it, but… skipped. ‘^_^
    Thanks! Story is touching and bitter-sweet.

  2. the trigger of the third ending are:
    East Park
    I want to…
    I am sure he…
    Would you …
    I turned…
    And without …

    Really it was very touching

  3. how can i get the third ending? what triggers it?
    i tried more times but only got the partner and the entrusted dream

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