Fantasy Tavern Sextet Vol. 3: Postlude days

Fantasy Tavern Sextet Vol. 3: Postlude days

Much time has passed since our hero, the chef at an Akihabara maid cafe, got transported to another world. One day, a lone girl storms into the tavern, crying, “I’m here to inspect hostile activities!”
The girl in question is Anzu, the top-ranking maid from the maid cafe our hero used to work for in his home world. It is revealed that Anzu arrived to the other world after our hero, and has been working for the Stray Sheep’s rival tavern. Following her unexpected arrival, Anzu and Lupine talk things out, which for some reason leads to Anzu starting work at the Stray Sheep?!

In the midst of this chaos surrounding our protagonist, Plumeria joins the fight for our hero’s affections, escalating the girls’ battle to win his heart even further!

Our hero’s daily life in a fantasy world at the mercy of six otherwordly beauties will forever be changed when a certain hero’s vassal pays the tavern a visit…

14 comments on “Fantasy Tavern Sextet Vol. 3: Postlude days

  1. So u apparently add 2 girls to ur harem with each passing ep, there really isnt any individual ending with the girls and the true end is apparently one where u actually return to the otherworld and live happily ever after. Overall i say it was decent.

    PS. Apparently Cattleya from “KukkoroDays” actually makes a cameo appearance in this game

  2. at the end of the day anzu really didn’t sold on me. too much tsundere and too much badmouthing. they even used the suspended bridge effect just to highlight her sudden change. the “senpai diary” at the end didn’t sold me, thanks to her badmouthing. 6/6

    the drunkard is too ecchi and i get her appeal as the milf type but that’s not me. her drinking problems just means more unnecessary expenses on the husband’s part. 5/6.

    dahlia doesn’t sold me as much because of her short hair. she’s really more of a boy buddy than a girlfriend material. 4/6.

    at first i didn’t liked daisy but after her confession from ep1 she suddenly jumped as 3rd best. 3/6.

    not surprisingly choosing between plumeria and lapine turns out to be the hardest. they’re the type that you can just rest in your house after an exhausting work from the outside world and they’ll tend to you. and also tells me I don’t need an “educated wife” when really I’d rather mold her to my preferences rather some bigass institutions thinking they know what I want. but at the end of the day, lapine had an overprotective dad and if he was alive there’s no way lapine could be your wife. unlike plumeria. she maybe from the streets but her loyalty just eaten me. so in the end lapine is 2/6 while plumeria is 1/6.

  3. Hello @admin, i wanted to ask that since windows is getting 21h1 update, i heard that its getting major security updates and kernel update, would it affect the performance of the VNs i have downloaded in my pc. Should i wait or download the update?

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