Sexorcist Academy

Sexorcist Academy

Demon slayers are the ones who keep the world safe from supernatural threats, but their school is limited to women!

That is, until our hero becomes the first-ever male student at the academy.
But he’s not really suited for the trade, and he spends his days in a decidedly normal way.

That is, until the day that he discovered his ability —
when he thinks about dominating women, his libido overflows and he becomes unstoppable!
Now it’s time to turn the school on its head and make every girl there part of his harem…!

7 comments on “Sexorcist Academy

  1. Why does every game I download say file unknown or damaged? Am I not downloading them correctly? Please help

  2. While I do love pregginess, and although the tags here don’t contain the tag that bores me to tears which is normal rape (maledom type), I have my doubts about this one since the description clearly states that the MC pretty much implies that he does this to the girls in this story, so yeah… :/

    Reverse Rape (femdom type) though, I REALLY like, it’s rare after all, and I prefer it over the boring-as-fuck normal kind of rape, seriously… DX

    1. English translation is not by default.

      – Boot game
      – Select Third menu option (settings)
      – You’ll see the selection for “English”
      – Click it

      – Enjoy.

      Thanks Mods!

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