Rewrite is set in the fictional city Kazamatsuri where treeplanting and afforestation have caused the city to become overgrown with trees and flowers in much the same way that other cities are filled by buildings. However, while most of the city appears to be rural, there are many traditional city elements as well. While set in a modern setting, the city also gives off a strange sense of nostalgia. The basis of the story is set in a high school setting. The first half of Rewrite primarily consists of the characters interacting in many everyday, enjoyable scenes. The latter half, however, is more serious, emotional, and carries a sense of mystery to the plot.

As indicated by the title, rewriting is the theme of the game’s scenario. The tagline for the game is, “Could it possibly be rewritten, that fate of her’s?”.

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  1. Dante013 says:

    Why the heck is that here? Rewrite is not an eroge.
    Eroge = erotic game.
    This is an all-age Visual Novel. It has, at best, 5 ecchi CGs, and they’re not that erotic…

    Also, this is a story-driven VN. It’s not meant to be used as a fap material…

    Anyway, it’s not an eroge.

  2. Kelvin says:

    Is Eroge?

  3. Retsu says:

    So, I extracted all the rar files into one single folder and I opened the file

    The only contents I saw was the 2 discs, a website link and a folder that’s named “NoDVD”. i clicked it and I saw “SignusEngine”. I launched it hoping that the app would launch also but it showed me an error (pic here:

    Did I do something wrong or do I need to do other things? (This is the first time that happened to me, I’ve downloaded atleast a few VNs in this site)

  4. Áxis says:

    Ever time that I tried run the game the message ” THIS GAME IS JAPAN ONLY” showed up,if you have the same problem, just download a new SiglusEngine from the link in the “Readme” note, this works to me. Luck to u

  5. Vanilla Lover says:

    Tools Needed:
    >Daemon Tool
    1. Download all the file -(make sure all are downloaded).
    2. Extract the file, all files should be in 1 folder
    3. Mount Disc 1 using daemon tools.
    4. Open autorun then install
    5. while installing half way though it will ask for Disc 2.
    6. Don’t cancel it, just eject the mounted file(Disc 1) then mount Disk
    2 make sure it is on the same drive letter ( if disc 1 is mounted in drive:E; disc 2 should also be mounted in drive:E).
    7.Install English patch
    8. Copy the file in the Folder NODVD(systemsomething…)then overwrite in the installed folder
    9. Enjoy!!

  6. Friend says:

    Rewrite: Oka-ken Katsudou Kiroku Gaiden Vol 1 + 2

    Rewrite: Cradles Tale

    Someone care to upload these? They come with the Japanese Blu-ray anime disks of Rewrite, Vol.4, Vol.8 and Vol.13

    They are bonus stories and an Epiloge can’t find them online ;_; Thanks

  7. c_thor81 says:

    Uhhh im wondering how to play the patch ver because if i run it it just ends up crashing on me without the game even starting

  8. xhuy_prox says:

    Please tell me how to install it?

  9. ??? says:

    why i can’t extract files?

  10. Phones says:

    may i ask if this is 18+?

  11. Maxbombe says:


  12. ShadowBreaker says:

    I have a display problem, when i get to the menu the image freezes, as in, i can move the cursor and even press the button when i start the game the images is bugged and every font is enlarged, and the text windows dont even appear, i can hear the voices playing just fine and the opening cutscene plays normally the rest is bugged. Anybody knows how to fix this or at least lower the game specs?

  13. Aurimas says:

    I have the same problem

  14. Kusoge says:

    Hello everyone, I’m having a problem that’s extremely annoying. After I patch the game the launcher, siriusengine.exe isn’t doing shit. What the hell should I do to fix it?

    • Joso says:

      I did the following: Uninstall the game and reinstall the game. After you install the translator patch. When you have finished installing the translator patch, just start the game and that would be it.

  15. Zeille says:

    Do u need to download all parts or just need to download one part?

  16. rewriter says:

    i think the link is down, please reupload 🙁

  17. HapUgMata says:

    is there any english translation available for harvest fiesta???

    i’ve finished playing this one a long time ago(many not so long ago) and i like it very much…

  18. Hisha says:

    Please help, I just can’t install it !
    I mount the files, disc 1, then when it asked for the disc 2, I mount the 2nd one, but it didn’t work ?? Even if I was clicking on “ok” it was like I didn’t mount the Disc 2
    Please help, I really want to play it ;;

  19. freezypop says:

    i can’t open the autorun for the second disc when the autorun for the first disc say me Disc 2 is required. Can someone help me please.
    ( sorry if i did mistakes, i’m french)

  20. Long says:

    Game hay , hình hoạ đẹp , vui , giống anime

  21. Long says:

    Game hay , hình đẹp , vui , giống anime

  22. Faizal says:


  23. Kappa says:

    Can I download this through an android device?
    I’m using a tablet.

  24. sophie says:

    can someone please give me a complete tutorial to install this game

  25. allen says:


  26. Codename says:

    The+game+is+stuck+in+a+black+screen+during+the+op+and+there’s+no+error+message+whatsoever help

  27. Box guy says:

    Where is the rewrite harvest festa version?

    • Someone says:

      Not available in English yet. Wait for Rewrite +. I heard that it’ll come out this summer in Japanese AND in English.

    • Yuuki says:

      now the rewrite+ or in another name rewrite harvest fiesta you can download it.
      but unfortunately the english patch still TBA or still prosessing i think.

  28. Nuninho says:

    The game runs until the prologue after that my screen is dark and does not work , someone knows a solution?

  29. max kim says:

    so it seems that i can’t play this cuz it wasn’t installed correctly or sth. how did you guys get it to work?

  30. arevain says:

    Thank You very much I’ll try Clannad then. :))

  31. arevain says:

    Can anyone recommend me a vn similar to rewrite? ‘Cause when I completed it last year I was so sad and depressed in a good way so I’m looking for moooar 😀 And Admin thank you 4ur great work <3

  32. Evening says:

    i cannot open the autorun for the second disc when the autorun for the first disc is halfway done. Help please

  33. xXShimaXx says:

    heres what i did

    1.i downloaded all the files and extracted the 1st part
    2.i opened the iso of disc 1 and 2 with winrar and extracted the contents into the same file
    3.i ran the english patcher to the file which i just mentioned
    4.i ran the game

    i have problems though
    the game doesn’t make any sound except for the videos
    the game wont save
    its probably just my laptop but if you happen to solve it plz tell me
    my laptop is a acer aspire 4920 in case you were looking for my laptops specs

    • admin says:

      Being unable to save is pretty common issue for many games if you install it into “Program Files” or similar system folder. This is issue with windows security – to fix it move the game away from those “special” folders or run it as administrator (one of options in menu when you right-click on game.exe).

  34. Kagayako Kaya says:

    6Gb? WOW
    I must have much effort and patient to download it. Haha
    But I will try it whwn i have a good internet connection

  35. fred says:

    can anyone upload the game .exe?
    i deleted mine and cant open it pls help

    • uhhuh.. right.. says:

      fred: goto recycle bin, restore the game .exe (unless you already delete it permanently from recycle bin)
      but seriously, even my mom know how to restore such a thing (no offense)

  36. Hatesu says:

    Unless I’m missing something wiki says this is an all ages title so shouldn’t it have the all ages tag with the description. If this is the case I must admit I’m a little disappointed, I enjoy a good story but at least give me some boobies.

  37. shirane says:

    One of the best VN so far.. though the ending kinda weak.

  38. Kunty says:


  39. antharas says:

    hello there. i’ve been having problems to run this novels. i can start it and i start playing, but at random places my game crash. i’ve solved trough intalling again. But now i can’t past a window whe old man esaka shout “whyyyyyyyyyyy!”.
    I’ve already tried the other siglusengine.exe, and the problem continues.
    Anyone knows what i can do?

  40. PuCCiPuCCi says:

    Really loved every story.
    I laughed and cried a lot.
    I prefer VN with pure love than ones with H and no love.

  41. Dudez says:

    Can I just say that I am sad and depressed in a very satisfying way…?

  42. Dudez says:

    O_O over…30…parts…?

    >:D BRING IT!!!

    • Dudez says:

      Ok, so here is what I did it, I install the game, and the patch it with the “rewrite-r4.exe” dont bother using the NoDVD patch. That is all 😀

  43. Dudez says:

    Seems like this game has problems I’ll try to figure things out, Wait till then GUYS!!! I WONT FAIL YOU!!!

  44. edmund says:

    So I have finished downloading and so far the VN seems working normally to me,this is what I been through with the downloading and installation.The software that I use is Daemon Lite( as suggested by this site)

    Extracting the file.
    When extracting, some file does not appear to be rar.files, don’t worry just rename it and manually click it.

    Note*All installation is done within one folder
    1.Mount Disc1 image using Daemon Lite
    2.Autorun it.Install it.Wait till it say required Disc2
    3.Without closing the Autorun,mount Disc2,autorun Disc2.Then back to autorun Disc 1 press \ok\
    4.install english patch,run it,it’s directory should be \C:Program Files (x86)KeyRewrite\
    (just don’t change anything inside).
    5.copy \SiglusEngine\ application from NoDVD folder and paste it at the same folder as the english patch.

    So I have notice there is two SiglusEngine application.The one which is to start your game is from here
    C:Program Files (x86)KeyRewriteSiglusEngine
    (Don’t run the SiglusEngine from NoDVD file,it won’t work)
    Woala,open it and enjoy

    Additional guide.
    I’m not sure if this VN need to change LOCALE to Japanese,but just a slight note for you all.
    Refered from

    Hope this helps,sorry for my bad english.

    • Kunty says:

      do i have to extract all the rar files at once or extract only 1st part of the disc files. I need help because when i download part 1 rar, it recognize it as disc 2.

  45. KiritoCy says:

    I have done everything like it supposed to be mounted the iso and done the setup then i chance the engine with the one in the NO DvD file and then applied the patch but the game does not start with run as japaneese locale or admin ….. What did i do wrong pls help……..

  46. zack says:

    I don’t know how to put into words about how excellent this VN. This story is my favorite , even when compared to other anime

  47. Blazing Magpie says:

    Finished it.
    This VN is a gift from the gods.

  48. McAnon says:

    my 1st try doesn’t have any error and i am newbie here too
    here’s what i did and what application i used
    MagicDisk cd rom manager (or any apps that can mount)
    Winrar *offcourse

    1. You need to extract the files (actually the part1.rar only)
    *The files you will see there was cdpart1.iso , part2.iso <(totally forgot the name of the iso file), NoDvd, and etc
    2. Use the MagicDisk to mount part1.iso and part2.iso
    *ofcourse part1 is the 1st to mount then just install it,
    when your already finished the half part of the loading you'd need to mount the part2.iso
    3. Copy the signus file from NoDvd and english patch to your rewrite file location normally "C:\Program Files\Key\Rewrite"
    4. Install your downloaded english patch then play the game

    That's all i did… Sorry for bad english and tutorial but i hope that this will be helpful… 🙂

    • xXShimaXx says:

      okay so im using daemon tools lite to mount disc 1 and 2 but when it is done halfway it does not detect the second disc

      • KuroYui says:

        You need to make sure that disc 2 is placed in the same drive as disc 1 e.g I mounted my disc 1 and my computer detected it as (I:), so after they ask you to insert disc 2, remove disc 1 on Daemon tools and remove the entire (I:) slot, then you run the autorun for disc 2 and it shld work.

  49. Jetto says:

    So, anyone know why I can’t hear any voices from extra characters? I mean, I can hear the principal characters’ coices, but that’s it. No ‘Dude A’ voice. Is it perhaps because of the Siglus thing? I had tou use another one to run the game.

  50. Diley says:

    I have a question you will post the rewrite harvest festa ?

  51. Brian Zheng says:

    So when I open the game its crashes because of the siglus engine. So I went to download a new one from the link that the r3 patch said. When I try to download the new Siglus Engine I get like a error note. Someone help me. Or is there a newer siglus engine i can download or is there a newer patch i can download?

  52. Memoria says:

    Rewrite, Y U so big!?

  53. FoRtIsS146 says:

    ne someone(admin) please post a video on how to Install this game please

    I’m begging you

  54. FoRtIsS146 says:

    nee I started to run the game and there’s a window pop up~ and it says


    how can I resolve this?
    please help T.T

  55. VNfan says:

    Okay,seems I have one last dilemma in getting Rewrite to work…it says I’m missing the mn_mw_mcur00 file…

    Can someone please help?

    • VNfan says:

      Hmm…found that file. But now Siglus won’t run at all still…

      Does this still work for anyone or am I missing something…?

  56. VNfan says:

    Anyone know where that Siglus Engine hack file is…? Heard you need it to play Rewrite. X.x

  57. fix problem says:

    I have the same problem as well, please fix english and full game patch

  58. flix says:

    the link is down
    if idownload this part by part what should i do?

  59. Kusabi says:

    Guys, I have installed the English patch and tried all 3 SiglusEngines, but the game is still in Japanese.
    Any suggestion?

  60. Zoey says:

    wait…since my computer can’t download 200mb and above, do i have to download part by part?

  61. VNs says:

    I think the easiest way to explain is, you just doing things like in this link but instead of little buster it will be rewrite.
    Don’t sure if this post will help I’m not good at write English. (Can read but can’t write well)

  62. Haosond says:

    When I Try To open the file,it runs smoothly,but it dont work with the english patch,even after i patched it , it still japanese -_-

  63. Ichien says:

    My game doesn’t have any voices…is there some patch i didn’t download or is it just some random error that might disappear after uninstalling?

    • Biertje says:

      Check your sound settings! I had the same problem, I was playing the game with my headphones on (stereo), but my Windows sound settings were on 5.1 surround. I suspect that’s why you are not hearing voices. Go to the task bar, right click on the speaker icon (usually at the bottom right), click on “playback devices”, right click on the default device and select “configure speakers”. Then set it to the correct one, probably stereo. Hope that helps.

  64. Ichien says:

    I have a little trouble. I don’t get any voices from anyone even thought i am sure I have them set on…anyone knows what to do?

  65. eucliwood says: rewrite daemon n install
    3.install rewrite with daemon.
    4.copy siglusengine in rewrite folder. rewrite.
    6.problem with visual art….

    7. please help me T____T

  66. kou says:

    damn. i didnt know this was done! Seriously though, can you guys start using Mega please? It has much better limits for free users

  67. SpikeEye says:

    Does something good or bad happen if the clock in the lower left corner spins around to where it starts? I’m both afraid and curious to find out what will happen, if anything will.

    • MadNInja says:

      If you do Chihaya’s route, you’ll understand since it’s explained more in detail there but it’s kinda bad for it to go 360….but I don’t remember it going that far without me choosing to rewrite everytime.

      • SpikeEye says:

        I *did* go for Chihaya’s route, and found out before your reply, but thanks anyway. I wonder if it would’ve been worse, had I chosen to rewrite Kotarou every single possible time.

  68. hiperspot says:

    I can’t download part 32 T.T

  69. anon93 says:

    Is anyone working on the Rewrite HF? I really want to read that

  70. Yui says:

    hey, i’m installing the english patch. but it still in the japanese. can anyone help me ?

  71. Yui says:

    hey, i’m installing the english patch. but it still in the japanese language. can anyone help me with these problem ?

  72. Akimi says:

    Hi, I want to translate this to czech. Can I? And if yes, how? Thank you for your time.

  73. teary says:

    can anyone provide me with a complete save file that at least finished the 5 routes? i don’t want to wait to finish all 5 to play the moon and terra route, though i’ll try to play the best route first like lucia and akane.

    • MadNInja says:

      I recommend doing all 5 regardless. Moon makes more sense that way and Terra is really an extention of Moon but you’ll understand much more if you do all of the routes.

  74. NatsuGallatin says:

    Hi guys, first of all, thanks for taking the tiem 2 translate this, is a great work 🙂 but after completing chihaya shizuru and kotori´s route, now that I´m playing lucia route this error have started 2 appear in her route (when she and kotarou go again to the cafe where she eated the biggest parfait) and i can´t get over there… does anybody know how 2 solve this problem?

  75. dreamatize says:

    Hmm, for the English patch is a single, non-related file right? I Mean, even though i downloaded the VN file a loooong time ago, I can still apply the English patch to that one right? or I have to download again using the link above?

  76. hana says:

    Thanks guys!
    Happy to be playing this game!

  77. ShiroFreeter says:

    Guys,I have a problem while mounting this game.I have been playing the games at this site for a long time,but this is the first time I encounter this problem so someone can please answer me?I’m unable to mount this game,I downloaded all rar file,but when I want to mount the game,Nothing come out.I click the virtual drive and it came out writing ‘J: The device is not ready’ Can someone help me out??

  78. anon543 says:

    I can’t see the openings or any videos that pop up in the gallery, does anyone know how to fix it?

    • Saber198 says:

      Download and install CCCP codecs.When you finish,go to the folder named mov where you installed the game and change the op extensions to mpg, that way you can view the op and ending of the game in the gallery.

  79. Zaverok says:

    Rewrite works, except at the end of Kotori’s route, it seems like you get a video at the gallery, but whenever I click on it, it doesn’t play, it just goes back to the gallery menu

  80. handsome says:

    mine says visual arts stop working 🙁


  81. Kai says:

    How to uninstall this game?

  82. nigga says:

    i cant install it , it say cannot mount disk 2 blah blah blah

  83. The game Master says:

    Is there an easier way to download stuff this big than purchasing premium? Getting money out there isn’t easy, nor do I like throwing it at download sites.

  84. nigga says:

    its better work nigga

  85. Inner Eye says:

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to achieve ‘Completes’ in all mappie segments? My pseudo ocd’nes
    s is killing me…

    • Koko says:

      I’ve completed all the Mappie segments :v
      Just move your mouse like there’s no tomorrow until you find a hidden circle :v
      Some hidden circles require a requisite such as completing Terra

  86. rio says:

    This vn will be the greatest vn i will play. I dont want H-scene in it so this vn is perfect vn.

  87. Tim says:

    For those who can read chinese,here are translated patch of Rewrite Harvest festa!

  88. Random Guy says:

    I would love to play the game but the character dialogues and menus are all cut. (display bug)

  89. Nuggets says:


  90. Nuggets says:

    just finished the game…

    terra was pretty disappointing in that it had a very weak resolution…

    Moon was best imo; then Lucia route; Chihaya/Kotori route; Akane route; Shizuru route. Shizuru route was so bad…

  91. Remdur says:

    Hey guys
    Well, I have a big problem with the game. I have read all the comment but I didn’t find the answer. Well, I installed the game, patched the game but, whatever I did, the game doesn’t work. Indeed, the SiglusEngine.exe crash after a few seconds of running (when the key logo appaears). But not only the SiglusEngine, Windows seven itself crash ! I tried to replace it with the two others SiglusEngine which are in the Readme but it doesn’t work. It allways crash.
    Anyone have a solution to solve this problem ?

    (Sorry if I did mistakes, I’m french and I’m not a boss in English x) )

    • altux says:

      maybe your computer specs is not too high or try to install the DirectX. . I Think it’s too low to meet with the game’s system requirements. Try the game on another computer with higher specs

  92. Pseudoasian says:

    I can’t recommend this game enough. Great All Ages Game. Be warned, you may cry blubbery man-tears on some or most of the routes. Pretty lengthy game, first half of story will take a night and each of the routes will take many hours after that. Totes worth it

  93. Error 1503 says:

    i keep getting error 1503 and i cant understand what it says because it is in japanieze. someone said before ou just need to change o japan local and language but i did that and it did not work

    • 1503 says:

      I am also getting an error. But this time it happens on Harvest Festa! I don’t get it, Rewrite worked fine but Harvest Festa doesn’t. And I don’t understand the problem so I can’t really troubleshoot it.

  94. Hikarei says:

    Yeah!!! Its working!!!
    Now I just need to enjoy an cry like a man!! XD
    And thanks to all the previous comments regarding technical support you were a lot of help 😀

  95. Amber says:

    Is this the full English patch or just the main branch? I’ve been waiting for the full patch to come out for awhile.

  96. Rewrite says:

    Thx for the link.. 😀
    i hope you will add the harvest festa soon…

  97. JustMe says:

    i thought i left a comment

  98. Moobin says:

    Best Key game and probably best storyline and storytelling of all visual novels out

  99. JustMe says:

    i downloaded the English patch and tried to play it with the siglus engine that goes through it but an error appears saying there is an error with the engine so i tried using daemon but there are no files that can be used to mount/ no images that came with the download, any help?

  100. tlm10516 says:

    Does anyone know why I cant reach the moon route? Is that on an expansion or something? Its available on the walkthrough but i cant seem to reach it please help

    • tlm10516 says:

      So no one knows? This is really weird…Do I need 100% completion before accessing the route because on forums i see lots of people able to access the moon route or maybe im just incompetent and not looking hard enough? lol

  101. NymArk says:

    i already mount the .iso with daemon tools, then i try to run with autorun but it did nothing(nothing happen at all).
    i try to tun the setup.exe in setupdata, it gave me a japaness words of messagebox..
    any suggestion how to install this game?

    Note: i not new in VN game instal process, already install directx in setupdata folder, locale japan

  102. Wade says:

    This looks like a cool new game. Been to long since i play another VN.

  103. arsz says:

    i also get the “visual art not working” why is it? how to fix it??

  104. jtaylor says:

    Umm. That explanation is a bit poorly worded. It’s hard for me to understand what you’re trying to tell me to do.

  105. Flixrin says:

    Ok. I solve this already. Create folder Key inside the local disk C and create folder Rewrite inside folder Key. Mount image 1 and 2, copy the folder GameData from both image and paste it to folder Rewrite. Then copy the Siglus.exe from NoDVD folder and paste it there. Run the english patch and you can run the game already.

    • Halp says:

      “Mount image 1 and 2”
      what the hell? I didn’t get anything from here, could you please explain better? Mouting? Images? W-what.. Siglus? What

      • Lirg says:

        First, download the game Rewrite.
        Second, get the software Damon Tool lite or simlilar software that could create a digital dvd drive.
        Third, install the Damon Tool lite
        Forth, Use the newly acquired software and use it to open the the game Rewrite disk 1 then 2 (if you haven’t extractede the rar file already).
        The figure out the rest.

      • Flixrin says:

        Sorry, I never write in details. It is as Lirg said, you need a software called Daemon Tools. Download it somewhere in Google, and after you download it, you will find a lightning icon on the lower right corner of you task bar. Left click on that, and left click on “device 0”. Select the game image file and after you open it, you will find your game ‘disk’ folder in “My Computer” folder. Right click, select explore and you can start finding the “GameData” folder. The rest is just what I said. You can find NoDVD folder in the game folder, the one you downloaded from this site. The English patch can be found in this site as well.

        If you are still lost, read the rest of the comment posted here. Maybe I am bad at explaining.

        • Ika says:

          I’m done all the requirement to install
          BUT after open the game
          it only appear the mouse pointer feather-like
          after that windows automatic shutdown
          and appear error
          that said
          ” Siglus (VisualArt’s bla bla bla)has stopped working”
          everytime i click the .exe
          everytime it appear like that
          it sickening me
          you know what’s going on?

  106. px says:

    I am going to start it right now! XD

  107. ManliestofMen says:

    A Key game?

    Let the manly sobs begin!

  108. Lirg says:

    this game is a good game, doesn’t have H, but… the story is well done.

  109. Aquasilva says:

    Can you get (or if you already have) and post the fandisk? I think it’s called harvest festa or HF, thanks ^^

  110. darkwings02 says:

    sry for the second post but i tried swiftshader and it work but thers a big watermark of swiftshader almost 1/4 of the window screen… any idea gow to remove it?

  111. bleaker says:

    This VN is simply amazing (especially Terra and Lucia routes) and is at the top of VNs, along with Muv Luv Alternative.


  112. ray says:

    siglus ( visual art not workin ) . why it happen? can anyone help me?

  113. ray says:

    after i finish and extract i start to run but visual art eror. i don’t know wht ? can anyone help me?

  114. qwerty says:

    i hope there is plan to add rewrite HF after it getting translate

  115. waaaaaaaaa says:

    Such a good game, though the routes take a long time themselves. I gotta say not as moving as Little Busters was but still an awesome game. And after reading moon and terra and getting the oppai ending, I laughed my ass off, its just so not in character with the game its hilarious. Thank you admin for uploading this game as well as others, I’m sure I’ll never regret me finding this website for years to come.

  116. La says:

    Have finished the game…

    hhh.., to finish this vn you truly need a lot of time..

    this game is a new masterpiece from KEY..

    only chihaya route have true happy ending…
    shizuru end truly tear jerking T_T…
    the other is half tragic half happy end…
    moon is good route, it give you what you want in occult club…
    terra is true end (i think you already expect that)…
    oppai ending is…, hmmm., it’s not bad but i’am not a pervert.. after i get emotional ending in moon and terra, how can someone read ending like that!? i cannot recommend it after you read terra…

    this game is focusing in tragic life, not like little buster that have many true happy end (even it’s only illusion)…

    Conclusion :

  117. playing dude says:

    yo,admin.i got a problem with this.i finished installing and patching,but when i tried siglus got no response.i even tried ‘run as administrator’ and re-install.but the problem still there.thanks in advance

  118. altux says:

    Where’s the producer/developer link? usually you will write it at the bottom, in case someone wants to buy the original.

  119. Nuggets says:

    Just completed Kotori (Cuz why not just go down in order?)

    And on my 2nd play through I want to skip all the texts I’ve read, but the auto-skip (for already-read-texts) toggle thing doesn’t seem to work.

    Any ideas?

  120. zellrang says:

    got no h scene in this one huh? GOOD… INTO MY LIST WILL BE!!! :3

  121. Ushio says:

    What do I have to do first in installing this game?

    I extracted it mount the first disc.iso file then run the

    rewrite-r3.exe after that a read me txt file appeared along with the siglus(visual arts) saying it has crashed down.

    I don’t know what I’m supposed to do and it doesn’t ask me to mount anything I just tried to mount thinking that’s the right step

    pleaaase help me T^T

  122. kinetz says:

    yes there will be.. see amaterasu translations

  123. rave says:

    so if i run the english patch RC2 it does nothing and the whole time i get this message at the task bar :
    CRAGE.exe-Delayed Write Failed.
    windows was unable to save all the data for the file.
    thats what happens at the Patching process. and nothing works.
    any ideas ??

  124. Crow says:

    is there going to be a translation for the harvest festa fandisc? please say yes

  125. Livez says:

    Admins you’ve done it again!
    thanks for the great game~ I was just wondering will you guys also upload to this site the second part of the game?
    Rewrite Harvest Fiesta…

    Thanks for sharing great VN’s !
    You guys rock!

  126. Maou says:

    Patch update released!

  127. Ushio says:

    It would be nice if someone could put up an instruction for \how to install though I still haven’t tried it since I’m currently downloading it.

    After I finished and able to install I’ll put up an install guide wish me luck!

  128. maou says:

    Guyz i finish installing the game and the patch..
    The problem are when starting the game u cant read the letters and i cant see the character and sometimes the menu doesnt display in the game….
    Thankz in advance….

  129. VyseTheRegicide says:

    Can someone give me a hand?

    During the games installation, it stops about halfway and asks for disc 2. I then mount the second disc, and press “ok”. But then nothing happens. The same message for disc 2 simply pops up over and over. Both discs were extracted, and I started the autorun within the disc one folder. But again, despite deamon tools telling me disc 2 is in, the installation tells me it is not. What did I do wrong?

  130. Vyse says:

    Can someone give me a hand?

    During the games installation, it stops about halfway and asks for disc 2. I then mount the second disc, and press \ok\. But then nothing happens. The same message for disc 2 simply pops up over and over. Both discs were extracted, and I started the autorun within the disc one folder. But again, despite daemon tools telling me disc 2 is now in, the installation tells me it is not, and continues to ask for disc 2. What did I do wrong?

    • Lemon says:

      Are you mounting disk 2 in the same drive where Disk 1 was mounted? so in other words, replace disk 1 with disk 2. so then disk 1 will no longer be mounted and only disk 2 will be in its place.

  131. Mintaka says:

    Finished! This one was fantastic, Amazing story and the hidden “Oppai” ending was hilarious(Make sure you get it if you play this.)

  132. Gattsu says:

    cant hear the character voices, does anyone know how to fix that? thx

  133. Jake says:

    Anyone else having trouble with the English patch? I only get an error when I run it. 🙁 Help?

  134. anonymous says:

    Can someone tell me the average length for each route?

  135. SinXCross says:

    I’m not sure about this, but I didn’t need to change the siglus.exe to run the game. Unless this isn’t the problem?

  136. Chika says:

    Anybody have a 100 save file, getting the 100 friends thing for the terra ending is a pain

  137. Ageha says:

    for those who cant run the game from the SiglusEngine.exe, try this [after you have installed the english patch that is] > mount the first disc and just start the game by clicking on the first[window mode] or the second box[fullscreen]when the Rewrite window appears. I usually don’t eject the Rewrite disc from the virtual drive so when I feel like playing I just click “My Computer > Rewrite_Disc1 to play. hope I helped, if not, good luck in finding another way to start it 😛

  138. Saito says:

    The walkthrough is down.

  139. Vanon says:

    Hello Admin, just wanted to inform you that the link for the OST is currently down, when you got time wuold you kindly refresh it? thanks in advance.

  140. E says:

    Just finished the whole thing.
    Lucia’s and Akane’s route are wonderful.
    Kotori’s is so so, but it does get better in Harvest Festa.
    Chihaya’s has too much of a typical shounen element, but it’s just my personal opinion.
    I felt bad for Chizuru. She deserves a much better ending.
    Needless to say, Moon/Terra are terrific.
    Romeo’s writing skill got so much better. I love Itaru’s art as well. Rewrite is the most gorgeous Key VN thus far.
    Best song: the Yoshino song.

  141. CampingHero says:

    Hhm i get no subs In the video, installed cccp because of that but it don’t show them. that’s so sad. Does somebody have solved that?

  142. Lilly Satou says:

    Good day everyone…

    I really need some help right now… I dl-ed the torrent for this… And so I got those folders with dummy,NoDVD and stuff… My current dilemma (probably would seem stupid for others, but I don’t mind) is that I’m having difficulty installing it right after the moment I extracted it… Could someone please help me with the steps to properly install Rewrite? I’d really appreciate the help…

  143. Karxes says:

    I get error 1503 when I open the game, I reinstalled twice and have the correct directX, what should I do?

    • Ushio says:

      if it’s error 1503 well I know what it is.
      Though I too still can’t install this game but that error always occur when you don’t have language and regional settings into japanese

  144. Livez Einzweil says:

    You guys rock!
    thanks for sharing a great game ~
    and specially to the admins that made it possible~

  145. acefor says:

    admin, i have installed it and replaced the siglus engine.exe but when i start it, it says this game is japan only. my locale is already japan D: pls help

  146. anonymous says:

    Downloaded everything correctly, but when I mount the first one nothing happens. Using Daemon Tools Lite and all that happens is the image that says ‘mounting image’ and then nothing after that. Can anyone help?

    • anon says:

      1.) mount the .iso and go to mounted image, right click then explore the contents.
      2.) copy the folder gamedata and paste it to your desired folder.
      2.) mount second .iso copy the contents of the game folder and paste it together with the data from the first .iso
      3.) copy “siglusengine.exe” from NoDVD folder and paste it together with the gamedata from the first .iso replacing the old file.
      4.) run the patcher and it will ask you where to install, just navigate to where your gamedata folder is.

      I am also having the same problem as you and this is what i did to make it work.

      hope it helps.

  147. jjohnson1992 says:

    (sigh) ive played chihayas route lucias and now kotoris and while i was dissapointed that there was no kiss in chihayas route which i think is a given in any non 18+ game I WANT KISSING DAMMIT but overall i thought the storylines and endings where good like really epic specially chihayas allways feels like your playing the main route or something 😀 but kotoris ending was SHIT BORING ARGHHHH and something i dont get is if his koutorous powers connected to the key then why dident he lose his power when the key died in the other two routes or simply why dident he start draining life from kotori so confusing maybe im just missing something couse im a big dumb dumbass but im still looking foward to the other routes namely shizurus shizuru banzai XD

    • digitalromance says:

      put something like *SPOILER ALERT* next time… it’s not fun to hear other people opinions when you haven’t play/read the mentioned VN… sucks to be me… but spoiler is more sucks and definitely a mood-ruiner…

  148. Zeenof says:

    Ok. There’s a really annoying problem I’m experiencing.
    Whilst I can still play the game, I have to go through a roundabout method to do so. If I just click on the \nodvd\ English crack it pops up the message \This game is Japanese only\ or whatever that I’ve seen others bring up (which I’ve yet to see any comment detailing why this happens, and if it’s possible to fix it). So I thought of doing what the user \Nuggets\ posted, (even though I’ve already installed the English patch) and it worked. So this means, in order to run Rewrite, I have to reinstall the English patch every time; which is pretty annoying. So if anyone could figure out a way to play it properly, I’d be really thankful.

    This is an edit before I actually posted this, but I’ll leave everything as is, in case it can help others. Once I began the game by running it through the English patch, and made a save, the Nodvd crack started working properly. So, yeah, that’s seemed to fix it.

  149. Chaos Adan says:

    Konichiwa Admin….i hope you also can put rewrite harvest festa here tooo love this series

  150. RaffyS says:

    Does anyone know why Kotarou is wearing a skirt in some CGs?

  151. Gattsu says:

    got no character voice either

  152. XIII says:

    I’ve been playing some VN lately. One day I installed this new VN and press the full screen button. The game didn’t go to full screen, the size remain the same but all other things beside the game is black. Anyone know how to fix this? Usually I only got black bar on the right and left side of the screen, but now it stuck in 800×600 resolution even when i’m in full screen mode.

  153. Jeff1244 says:

    Yay~~ Rewrite Eng ver <3 -w-

  154. ttrt says:

    Yes, I’ve been waiting for this one!!

  155. J2dless says:

    Does this have H-scenes? According to vnb it has no sexual content. Is this true? But this site says erogedownloads.

    • webdriver says:

      it’s long had been stated that EG here only post english-translated Game, well, it’s not limited to only VN, and it’s not only 18+ here, maybe the name “eroge” make the site’s name sells more ^_^ LOL, ask Ivan about it.

      Anyway, VN is not just for H-scenes, consider the story too ^_^

      • J2dless says:

        Oh, I see. Thanks for the reply. Well I have no doubts in KEY’s story line since it is famous and I have watch clannad and played littlebusters and they really stand for that image. But as a visual novel gamer, I would prefer some h-scenes to somehow spice-up to a well develop plot. Although, I heard KEY having bad reputation for h-scenes. I have an ex version of littlebusters and I’m waiting for the complete translation to affirm if KEY is really bad in presenting h-scenes. If they do, I won’t wait for the h-scene version of rewrite.

      • super dude says:

        you don’t actually have to wait for them to finish LB EX to know if they’re good at writing VN’s with h-scenes, you could just play Tomoyo After(original).

  156. Mhm says:

    Well when I try to extract the Rewrite.rar I get “Data error in “Rewrite/Rewrite_Disc1.iso”. File is broken.

    What to do?

  157. camilo says:

    Guys i fixed the prblm with 2nd disk , if you use daemon tools… When the error of the 2nd disk pops up mount the 2nd image and click on the play button, it woul think you got out 1 disk and put in 2nd one 😀 hope it works for you guys

  158. camilo says:

    I got the error from 2nd disc, i mounted the 2 of them but in mid install problem pop ups i tried remounting and other things.. it would be awesome if someone could make a : how to install or just solve our problem

  159. Zehro says:

    My computer can’t seem to locate the 2nd disk. I keep clicking ok but it just keeps popping up. I also made sure that the 2nd disk was properly mounted. Anyone who’s had the same problem?

    • camilo says:

      Guys i fixed the prblm with 2nd disk , if you use daemon tools… When the error of the 2nd disk pops up mount the 2nd image and click on the play button, it woul think you got out 1 disk and put in 2nd one 😀 hope it works for you guys

  160. ......(0_o)..... says:

    i give up i try everyrhing and i follow the instrutio… nothing happens (error)…

  161. px says:

    Thank you very much for the game. I will try it as soon as I finish Utawarerumono XD

  162. BlueNami says:
    How can I fix this?I tried everything but nothing seems to work does it simply mean my computer cant play Rewrite?

    • KoalaOfDeath says:

      I believe direct3D is a direct x issue, you can try reinstall the lateset directx and see if it solves the problem and remember to install the game in Japanese Local. Hope that solves the problem

    • anonymous says:

      it says the game need your graphic card to perform pixel shader 2.0 at least, and yours doesnt seem to support it

    • Tim says:

      Yes,but there is a solution:
      Download SwiftShader (a software to providers high-performance software 3D renderer for users who do not have optimal hardware specifications), and unpack it to the game folder.
      Now run the game and problem solved——well, maybe a little bit slow the game may perform, but you can enjoy it as well.

  163. The Krypt Angel says:

    a walkthrough text file is placed in the game directory when you install the english patch….

  164. hamhock says:

    Been a while since i played a none eroge VN. Welp, I loved Clannad so here we go!

  165. moelover says:

    the blonde girl looks like Takanashi Rika from chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai

  166. NEEXT says:

    I installed the game but the game won’t start I’ve also patched can somone plz help me ??

  167. lolilover says:

    if anyone knows where to find a walkthrough please put up a link a link

  168. Chaos says:

    Thx so much man , you help me a lot , couldn’t install it

  169. HolyMan says:

    anyone have the walkthrough? May I got the link, please

  170. Chasenuva1 says:

    Is anyone else having problems running the autorun.exe after mounting the first disk? I click it, but nothing happens.

    Yes, I mounted the ISO/MDS correctly.
    Yes, My computer is in Japanese locale.
    Yes, I tried restarting my computer.
    Yes, I tried compatibility modes.
    I have also checked Task Manager and it does not show up in processes.

    I guess I should clarify: When I click the .exe, the mouse changes to the ‘working in background’ image for about 0.5 seconds, then goes back to normal and nothing happens after that.

  171. Nuggets says:

    Here is how I got mine to work:

    1) Download the big file from above which should contain 2 iso files and 2 other files named Rewrite_Disc.
    2) Download the english patch.
    3) mount the Disc_1 .iso file. Click (download direct X – second from list i think), then click 1st, which is another pop-up download thing.
    4) Half-way through the 1st .iso file, it should stop saying something about Disc_2. At that point, mount disc_2 (without turning off the first one). The first one should resume processing.
    5) After your done, use the english patch and just click through.
    6) click finish, checking “run rewrite”, and it should work.

    Set your locale btw

  172. Nuggets says:

    Should I mount the Disc_1 or Disc_3…? Or does it not matter which one I mount?

    I AM supposed to mount it, right?

  173. LemonChan says:

    WOW! hoorah for Key. I can’t wait to play another masterpiece visual novel.

  174. problem says:

    sogeking ur patch is only coming up in japanese do you have an english translation?

  175. problem says:

    hi im having a problem i update to the no dvd patch, my computer is on japanese locale but its stil stating that “this game is japan only” can i get help pls

  176. Kain says:

    This game looks gorgeous, thank you soooooo very much admin, as always.

  177. Akai says:

    Waited so long on the erogegames website… Here I come Rewrite *.*

  178. Neil Dylandi says:

    You don’t know how much i love you….

  179. RaffyS says:

    If you want a VN with good story and great dialogue. This is it. As expected from Key. Oh, and it has 1080p resolution (dunno if it’s upscaled but dayum does it look good.)

  180. Sir_Dolfo says:

    Oh yeah!!! thx admin it perfectly work on me

    • Kam-kun says:

      You said you got it to work for you? I’ve gotten to the point where I extract both the ISO files to get Rewrite_Disc1 and Rewrite_Disc2, and I can run the Autorun files but when I run the one in Disc1’s folder, it stops halfway and says something in japanese about disc 2. At that point I try to open the Disc 2 autorun, but it won’t open. The same is true if I open the autorun in Disc2’s folder first. If you could help at all I’d be extremely thankful

  181. Sir_Dolfo says:

    oh yeah!!! it perfectly work on me
    Thx admin

  182. Sogeking says:

    For everyone trying to play the game with the nodvd crack provided by the Admin and getting a “This is Japan only
    ” error use this crack instead and it will work!

  183. DarkGrifter says:

    Rewrite is one of the best VNs I have played in a while, I enjoyed all the endings quite a bit there is no reason anyone should over look this game just because it is not smutty porn. All of the heroins feel well planed and thought out and the two endings after that (Moon and Terra) are by far some of the most interesting story lines I have ever played (Right up there with Ever 17’s true ending.) I would Just tell anyone going to play this game, Stick it out through the Common route and you will be disappointed by none of the routes.

  184. i have the game i dl it from torrent and why cant play? always error ……..

  185. kami says:

    same here maybe some prereq….like the siglusengine … ??

  186. otakumous says:

    For those wanting a walkthrough, I’m pretty sure the translation patch puts a text-based one in your main game directory (e.g. C\Program Files\Key\Rewrite). At the very least, I’ve got one in there…

  187. Heero ♪ says:

    Admin thans, you are like gold fish. 😀

  188. Bob says:

    I’ve installed the game but the game won’t start I’ve also patched it

    • The Krypt Angel says:

      I have this problem too installed it and patched it nit clicking the shortcut does nothing no error no crash nothing I was even watching the task manager process list to see if the siglusengine.exe shows up but it doesn’t not even briefly

  189. mathus says:

    Thanks as usual admin! Btw, any chance you could put up a detailed walkthrough, maybe with pictures, of how to mount (or what ever it is you have to do) bin and mdf files? I can’t seem to do it.

  190. Bob says:

    If it helps the error message I get is right after you choose where to install (I think).

  191. Bob says:

    Serious I’m certain someone has installed this all ready so can someone just tell us how to?

  192. mistery says:

    any chance for a walkthrough?

  193. Neko says:

    I`m trying to aces the download menu by pressing of the buttons but it just reloads the page.

  194. Bob says:

    Can someone please help me I’m at my wits end of trying to get this to work i got the DA-Free download but when I get to the install screen it won’t let me install it I just get an error message I have been trying all night but it won’t work and yes I have the English patch and have tried using it three times. Thnx in advance for the help

  195. Chika says:

    Finally a Eroge that is widescreen.

  196. jordi says:

    Thing gets translated and 1 day later its up that was fast

  197. Georege says:

    i was a little sad to see all ages but damn it’s still a great game so i’m downloading it.

  198. Raynor says:

    Wow Thanks admin!!!

  199. Ryu says:

    WOW another KEY’s product !!! THANK you admin I mean IT !!

  200. suddendesk says:

    Been waiting on this one for ages, how could a visual novel made by Key, Romeo Tanaka, and Ryukishi07 NOT be friggin epic!?

  201. RANDOM_HERO says:


  202. Mintaka says:

    Normally no eroge would make me not want to play it.. But seeing that it’s made by key I’ll give it a shot.

  203. Fuji says:

    Same here.

    • camilo says:

      Guys i fixed the prblm with 2nd disk , if you use daemon tools… When the error of the 2nd disk pops up mount the 2nd image and click on the play button, it woul think you got out 1 disk and put in 2nd one 😀 hope it works for you guys

  204. ExtacY says:

    ADMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! UR AWESOME

  205. Spirit says:

    Love ya admin

  206. Reiku says:

    why is my character voice is gone after i am update the complete patch? i dont get it.

  207. guyo says:

    damn that was fast, i love this site

  208. Anon says:

    Why’s this posted here if it contains no eroge? The site is, after all, called erogedownload.

  209. Ken says:

    Holy crap! I’ve been waiting for this for ages! Watching trailer after trailer, I didn’t even know that it was being translator! Thanks to whoever translated this and kudos to all of yall. Oh and kudos to admin for posting it. Another piece of my life is complete. Now… downloading… ARGHHHH! I can’t wait!

  210. Artix says:

    Admin, You once again overdid yourself.. Thank You. I’m hoping for more future releases.. oh and I know its quite rude to ask but, Is Draco Riot gonna be translated soon?

    • nanashi says:

      According to their website, the translators have finished 1 out of the routes, but don’t plan on doing a partial patch.

  211. Gattsu says:

    hi, is it true there´s no eroge in this?

  212. Riptos says:

    Finally, been hanging off playing Akane’s route for ages because I’d been waiting on the complete patch.

    Now I can finally crack on!! =D

    Shizuru and Lucia <3!!!

  213. Maou says:

    Thanks Ivan.

  214. ryuushima says:

    woa , thanks admin as usual. you rock 😀

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