Little Busters!

Little Busters

Riki was a child when his parents died, leaving him hopeless and depressed. What saved him was a group of four kids referring themselves as the Little Busters!.

They took Riki out and played with him during his time of need. He really enjoyed being together with them, and his grief gradually faded away.

Now in his second year of high school they still hang out, fight and live together, and enjoy their school life.

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  1. I actually managed to get the full japanese 18+ version of Little Busters EX. And i still have the game and downloaded files on my computer.

      1. And I also had to use kanji when typing Little Busters Ex in order to find it ”リトルバスターズ!エクスタシー”. They’re are mutiple uploads of the game, the original,ex and the perfect edition but some downloaded links have been taken down. I really don’t know if it’s been taken down, but it might still be there.

    1. Este es el original, no el de ecstasy. Yo tengo ecstasy 18+ en japones. Lamentablemente no encuentro una traduccion en ingles para el juego.

      1. I actually managed to get the full japanese 18+ version of Little Busters EX. And i already saw all the scenes. And i still have the game and downloaded files on my computer.

  2. can someone upload kurugaya’s h scene somewhere im curious to see it but im having no luck finding the scene anywhere also i really dont care if its in japanese or not.

  3. hey admin, can you please upload the psp version (little busters converted edition) of this game? it would be nice if you can upload the english pre-patched file in multiple parts (da-free download).

    1. Be calm there is never going to be any viruses in downloads if you use this website.
      Our admin works for us very hard so be assured for quality stuff here

  4. I’m just gonna put this up here for those people who are still asking about it. Little busters was the original Vanilla game, and there were two remakes, little busters ecstasy and little busters memorium (I think), which add 3 new heroines (Two of which were already in the game as minor characters) and expands the story. These two games are the same thing, except Memorium does not have H-scenes. The english patch for either of these has been discontinued and will not be finished at any point. The reason for this is because it has been officially licensed and at some point in the future (No date has been set as of yet) Little busters Perfect will be released in english. Perfect is Memorium with yet more added scenes that weren’t in any of the other versions. those of you looking for little buster H-scenes… well there’s a link to HCG on this page, but beyond that, you’re more or less out of luck if you want them in english, and don’t ask me where to find ecstasy in japanese, I don’t know.

  5. ExEx+stands+for+Experimental+Extra+I+beleive.+It+is+merely+a+fix+for+the+terrible+word+wrapping+job+on+the+original+pc+version+and+incorporates+voice+acting+for+non-essential+characters+(ex,+teachers,+extra+students,+and+the+likes)+that+were+originally+only+added+to+the+psp+version+of+this+game.+The+ecstasy,+or+ex,+version+of+this+game+is+a+completely+different+package,+it+is+not+actually+made+the+ex+version+via+patches+but+is+an+entirely+different+game+as+far+as+files+go.

  6. Downloads are felt 10 times slower than usual. If this is supposed to make me going “premium” I can only laugh. We don’t want to reward those “methods” right?

  7. I’m sorry to ask this but could you offer the crack as a separate download file please. I gotten a copy of the game from somewhere else but I really need the crack

    1. Im not sure if the admin has done something like that before, but I have never seen that question asked here. Hope admin sees your request and makes one separate for you and people that may come across this problem

    1. Hmmm the complete japanese version… I dont know where to find that one, but good luck on you endeavor. If you can settle for the english patched version it should be some pages down on google.

    1. This game will work fine with this operating system. If there are problems, besides errors, then maybe look at system reqs and see if its too high for your pc

  8. ok i got a question. does this game already include the ecstasy veriosn? so does that mean i dont need to download LB ecstasy which has 3.7 gb file size? also bump on Bob’s question about the ex/me patch making the game ecstasy? pls help. tnx

    1. This game is not the ecstasy (ex) version. The ex/me does not make this game the ecstasy version, those are only the english patches for the ecstasy and memorial editions respectively.

    1. ExEx stands for Experimental Extra I beleive. It is merely a fix for the terrible word wrapping job on the original pc version and incorporates voice acting for non-essential characters (ex, teachers, extra students, and the likes) that were originally only added to the psp version of this game. The ecstasy, or ex, version of this game is a completely different package, it is not actually made the ex version via patches but is an entirely different game as far as files go.

    1. The original game was All Ages (12+), later there was a hentai patch released to the game that seems to not be in English yet.

    2. Basically, the original game is hentai-free. A special 18+ edition called Little Busters EX was later released adding 1 new heroine, full heroine status to 2 pre-existing characters and sex scenes for all the heroines.

      Personally Key VN’s are capable of working without the need of hentai to support them so the true incentive to get the EX version is the 3 new routes (the new heroine especially offers a completely new experience to people who played the vanilla version). Also, if I recall correctly they did translate two of the new routes for EX. It was the new girl’s route which was left unfinished (and still is as far as I know).

      1. If the original version was planned as for-all-ages, I don’t see a good reason as to why a sex-version would be relevant.
        If it was made to be without sex, it shall go without sex.

        tis my dogma, in a western world in which VNs, which originally had sex, are stripped apart.

        1. P.S: Reading back, I wrote that comment rather like a dick.
          I merely wanted to state an opinion, and it seems like I’m attacking ye with the cavalry blowing their horns.

          Cheers for the info, good ol’ Key games…I wonder how long I’ll manage to go through this one without giving up and going for the walkthrough.

          1. There is a scene where you can miss and NEVER see if you don’t do routes in the correct order unless you dump the game and start completely from scratch. Not sure if spoiler but just in case –> **/Spoiler/** It has to do with placement of Kud and Kuruguya routes.

  9. Thanks a lot, I just installed the game + english patch without any problem. Now let’s try it 🙂

  10. Guys, everytime i try to open the game, it tells me “Process was illegal closed – Please restart your computer!”. i tried restarting my computer but that didn’t help at all. the only way im able to play the game is to run the english patch again and then check “start little busters! english” Help!

  11. Hello guys, I have a problem. why can’t I resuming my save data, the data is gone when I try to Load. Please help.

  12. Hi. Got a question.
    I finished 3 route. I started the game just now, and all my data had disparead. Any way to got them back ? (sorry for my bad english)

  13. Excuse me!!! I played the EX version, and I have a queston about Saya’s route and Kanata’s route… Basically… How do I get the Missing CG? There are missing CGs on the Crane Game from Saya’s route, plus a missing scene. And in Kanata’s route there is a missing CG in the 2nd H-CG

    Short version:
    – Saya’s Pantsu Scene and Different version of H-SCENE
    – Kanata’s Other CG’s in the 2nd H-CG

  14. Just want to ask if anyone have reach kanata,sasami or saya route,because i cant unlock the route even that i follow the instruction in wiki. any complete guide to unlock these route.i have finished refrain. admin?

      1. oh i see, then thats too bad,thx anyway,good visual novel especially refrain, and just want to mention for those extraxting the VN, you might have to rename the zip.file so you wont get message like missing files,happen to me,hope this helps. next stop, rewrite…holy….6.3 GB -_____-

  15. it wont let me download it. when I click on DA-1 click: game download it says it doesn’t exist when I do DA-free: game download it sends me to download ilivid and other junk do I need to update flash??? give me a hand will ya??

  16. help~ I can’t properly switch it to fullscreen mode, it just stays in window mode without the border.

  17. Best one so far. from mechanic to choice of action provided. even the story is quite complicated. but it’s need time commitment to play. thank you for uploading it

  18. Admin, thank you for all your hard work so far. We really appreciate it.(^_^). Could you also upload “Little Busters Ecstasy” when its released.

  19. How do i make this normal verison of little busters! to the one where they have the sex CGs? i really want to have it in can anybody help me please 🙁

  20. I downloaded the EX/ME version but I can’t install the images, every time I try I get “there’s no g00 directory”, what can I do now?

  21. admin~
    part 15-17 are broken
    can you please upload a new one?
    thank you in advance

    p/s :does guilty crown have a English patch yet?I’m dying for it

  22. guys ,… need your help..
    im having trouble after installed this game in my PC..
    when i wanna start the game there is a japanese word warning showed,,, can somebody tell me what should i do to make this game working..

    1. Did you copy the crack to the folder that you installed the Little Busters? Also make sure that you did everything on the Installation Guide.

  23. i have been play the whole story
    i didn’t get any H-scene
    can somebody tell me the route~~~
    hope somebody for the reply~~~
    sorry my bad at the english

    1. Lol dude…. This is normal ver, not EX ver…. EX ver have H-scenes, while normal ver just…. normal all age suitable VN. You might have to find and download Little Buster! EX for H-scenes.

  24. I have the EX version. If I download this English patch, will it run correctly? Wouldn’t it be a problem?

  25. Let’s say I finished downloading the files and followed some of the steps except the Japan locale thing, what would happen after finishing the setup and fully installed the game? Would it be a problem later on?

  26. Make sure you try adjusting the In-Game fonts.
    I felt like an idiot cuz I had the same problem but kept adjust fonts on my system by accident.
    May my stupidity help someone else.

    Also, Little Busters EX has not been fully translated.
    Keep an eye on the VNDB site.

  27. I’m having some trouble with the font. Not something too serious but it’s kinda bugging me.
    ¥¥¥¥ and \\\\ appear instead of …. (I think so) in some place no matter what font I try.
    So… Anyone has idea how to get rid of that?

    1. If you are talking about:

      Experimental Extra Patch:
      It just adds wordwrap and ‘Full Voice’ which adds 1500 voice clips from the PSP port, all misc characters are now voiced

      It’s not a patch, but an other game with 3 extras routes, some routes were rewritten, and has H-scenes in it.
      Memorial is the same, except it doesn’t have any H-scene.

  28. Hey I Have A Problem With Part 9 And Part 14 When I Extract It, It Said Corrupted. What Should I Do? Help Me T_T

      1. I’m Sure I Downloaded It Exactly Full Size
        There’s No Different Between Any Other File About their Size

        Lately I Have Found Out That Only Part 9 Is Corrupted
        When I Try To Repair It With My WinRar Only Part 9’s Archieve Is Said Corrupted 🙁

        Have Any Idea?
        PS: Sory For My Bad English >_<

  29. Okay, my baseball practice minigame isn’t working. DX Is there a way to fix it? Cause I really, really wanna play this game

  30. Thanks for the game. I will play it right away Xd

    Thanks admin for always bringing good games with their translation in english and for free 😉

    Keep it up 😉

  31. This was truly amazing!!!! It’s annoying to have to restart and skip previously read text so many times to unlock the true endings but still a truly amazing VN. Refrain is SOOOO full of feels!!!!! Loved it!

    1. I forgot to add that the fact that there are no h-scenes shouldn’t stop people from playing this. Most stories are so cute and heartwarming sex wouldn’t feel right anywhere.

  32. Hello, I got everything to work except for one thing. How do we use the ExEx patch? The guide didn’t mention anything about it so I’m not sure where to put it to get it to work. Thanks and I appreciate whoever can answer my question.

    1. Just copy the stuff in the ExEx file into your game directory. It should overwrite a copy files and add a file into the KOE folder.

      1. Yes, I looked over what was in the file and saw that only the KOE and one other thing was changed (it was the seetxt or something like that) so i just replaced/added what was in the patch in the game directory. Thanks for replying though.

  33. Guys, this is the normal version of Little Busters. So, there are no ero scenes okay? If you guys want to play the ero version, go and download Little Busters! EX(Ecstasy). There is no ero patch for the original version. Because the original version doesn’t contain the ero CG’s.

  34. hello in Little_Busters_ExEx_1.0.rar – 79.4 MB file extract in litle busters folder and we can see ero CG?

    1. No, you can’t. This patch adds word wrap and other character voices (such as “Girl Student etc.).

  35. Saya, sayonara 🙁 (too bad she died by the order of kyosuke cuz as you know he is the creator of their imaginary world and she’s just piggybacking along the way)
    btw its the saddest route in LB (i guess).

    another thing, find a walkthrough about this route cuz you will get angry because you have to die then replay and its veryyyyyy annoying 🙁

  36. if you have the LB EX and apply 6.0 patch,the H-scenes are blocked/skipped except for the new 3 heroines. i wish the final patch will be ready soon.


    happy valentines guys i wish you good luck tonight if you know
    what i mean. hehe 🙂 lol

  37. When is going to be translate the 3 new routes have patch the game and only 6 of them are trasnlate I apply the patch 6.0 it is the patch or is not transale yet

  38. okay, ive read through the site as well as most of the comments but i still dont understand it lol, so if i get the game from here then apply the 6.0 patch, then apply the ex patch, can i read the three new routes?

  39. i need to ask something i download the ecstasy version and install the EX patch but i can´t see the H-GC somebody can help me with that

  40. btw if you have the EX and installed an english patch most of the H scenes will be blocked 🙁
    GooD LucK out there

    signing off

    logging off
    shutting down

  41. in the eng patches, there is something like:Little_Busters_ExEx_1.0.rar – 79.4 MB. if that’s little busters ecstasy,do i just install it with the original little busters that i downloaded?

  42. can help me? Im noob here… my little busters ecstasy (reallive) cant load the first batting practice can someone tell me why?

  43. How can I add in the Ecstasy routes, CGs and scenes for the game they provided? I want to play the Ecstasy version, even though I’m alright with the original game. I just finished the Mio route and thought it was wonderful and sentimental. Now, I just want to complete the rest of the game and three additional routes.

    1. To all of the guests in that seeks for “Little Busters! Ecstacy”, let me clear all the misunderstanding regarding the H-game itself. The “Little Busters!” and “Little Busters! Ecstacy” are a different game each. There is no “LB-EX” patch, except you download the whole game altogether. TLWiki englih patch is only working for the Ecstacy version, not the normal version “this post”.

  44. The EX Patch from VNTranslation’s wiki is for people who has the Ecstasy version of the game already. It will not work if you apply it to the original version of the game.

  45. The extacy patch isnt working for me… What am I doing wrong?! when I apply the patch messages like “Kccuur is missing” appear when I start the game? What is this Kccur data anyway?

  46. Err…. FOR’s admin… :3
    if the Ecstasy one has been Published… Please upload it in here :3 i’ll be waiting for the patch… no matter how long is it ^^

  47. what is going on here…? I finished downloading them all but all I got was the original little busters and not the Extacy Version, I downloaded the extacy patch but everytime I enter the first baseball minigame the game stops… what the hell is going on?

  48. Hey I don’t really care whether there are H-scenes or no H-scenes but are the 3 additional heroine routes in the EX version worth it? If so I’ll download that version. If they are lame or just 3 extra sex routes or something stupid then I’ll just stick with the original.

  49. Can you please add a torrent link for this? i really want to play this but i cant download on that site.. i always get 5 kbps to 10 kbps..

  50. Is the English patch an actual translation of the game? Or does it take the Japanese characters and convert a literal translation to English?

  51. Oh and I forgot to tell I heard the EX patch adds 3 additional story (or somethin’ 🙂 ) And to get EX patch… I don’t know either probably search Little Busters! EX on google. I just torrent download links. That torrent links for Original LB with EX installed. I hope that help u guys and now Im downloadin’ the last part. Soooo exciting 😀

  52. So can anybody tell me how to find the EX patch? I’ve noticed that many people have asked but nobody has answered.

  53. The differences are just the nudity. if you insatll the EX(Ecstasy) patch you can add and see the nude parts of the game. so the ex patch doesn’t change the original story 🙂

  54. uhhh guys? im new at this, whats the difference between the two versions you all mentioned? do they have the same story? please pm me fast.(pm me fast? whats this an online game lol) XD

    1. Not sure if you figured it out yet but you have to start the entire game over from the main menu (press the new game button) instead of starting from a previous save. It’s a little annoying but you can always just skip over scenes you’ve already read plenty of times.

  55. Can I have a complete walkthrough, I can’t get past certain things like Saito or Sasami since my base stats are low. Seems like if u lose until the 2nd for both Riki and Rin u carry more over…..

  56. How can I see te H-Scenes?
    Already finished it in English Traslation.
    Do I need to play without translation to see the
    Please Help Me!? D:<

  57. Is There A Nudes Scenes In Here?
    I already download and play but there all just like games for all ages..
    Can someone help me?

    1. because the translation is for the original Little busters, but the actual game download is for Little Busters EX, or ecstascy, wich was the 18+ remake, the translation removes the scenes from the game part but dosnt remove the cgs from the cg menu, making the still visible

      1. Does anyone know if all games things on this website do this? I’d like to play a lot of these, but i’m not looking for rivers of bodily fluids. Do most english patchs remove the overly “japan” scenes? Also, maybe some english translated games do this as well?
        Or it would be a big help if there was some list of ratings for all these downloads on here.

        1. Visit http:\\ for references. It lists most (if not all) the VNs out there complete with descriptions, tags, age ratings, and all other info you may need.

  58. Gahhhh. The game won’t load the first baseball mini-game properly (early in the beginning) and only shows a blank field without characters. I can’t progress past it or do anything >.< Maaaaybe re-installing everything will fix it, since i took a roundabout approach to loading this game.

    1. Ah, got the mini game to load and work properly. Seems its best to follow the installation instructions perfectly, or the game file doesn’t properly load it up. Guess it’s to do with the file locations having been separate for me, which wasn’t a problem before.

    1. dude, you just need to download the cracked version of reallive.exe (search it up), and replace the real one with it.

  59. Best VN i’ve ever played, each moment is fun (when it’s fun) especially when i got to beat Saito, I can’t help but cried many times during Refrain (other girls route too). Key is just magnificent, and the musics…..’nuff said. I’ll play it all over again.

  60. Is there anything on the Ecstasy expansion with 9 routes and hentai CGs? I looked online but cant find anything If there is any news.

  61. Hey.
    Finished playing the Komari route and was wondering how can I start the new route with Rin’s stats untact?
    The walkthrough offers little explanation.

  62. parts 12 to 17 are not working. It says the server was down or missing. i cant play nor extract the files. Please fix it.

  63. this have a hentai version, i have seen it on the cg sets, i wonder if you could find a full version o the game or a patch to play it full?

    1. there are 2 versions of this game, the standard one and extasy. the standard one is all ages, but the extasy version contains hentai scenes and 1 more character/route.

  64. This is my first post and still didn’t finish any route yet.
    Had some computer problems and had all my saved data missing.
    Can you believe that? It will take some time to get over it before starting a new game…

  65. Okay so I just finished the true route for this game. And wow. this is the BEST. way more emotional than Clannad, to me. more relatable IMO. my comment would be too long if i expressed all my feelings here, right now. but wow. every VN fan should read/play this. seriously.

  66. Um… ok, so I downloaded and installed everything. And now everything is in English except for the actual story. How exactly am I supposed to fix *that*? ._.

  67. Will this site also put “Kud Wafter” on here when the translation will be done. It would awesome if you guys could put it on here for easy access. ^_^

  68. Wow, this one is right up there with Muv-Luv Alternative in a different way, there’s an awesome story though not quite on an epic scope is still very good and heart warming and in the EX edition there are H-scenes which I haven’t gotten to yet. Honestly its a near perfect novel without the ecchi. Took me at least 50 hours to get through all the girls and reach the games final end “Refrain”. Plus the “Missions” and mini-games are icing on the cake!


  70. i already play EX version but even it has english translate it has japanese too
    i wonder why can anyone tell me

  71. but i don’t really have problem with the file hosting now..

    I mean, i never experience what other people said here (don’t know why though)

  72. I like mediafire or jumbofiles for file hosting..
    but, sometimes they deleted the file..

    but they are resumable..
    Is there any file hosting that won’t delete the file and resumable?? 😀

  73. I think is probably the worst file sharing site I’ve ever had the displeasure of using. Multiple files in the batch are either broken or won’t connect due to server timeouts, the Contact form is broken (so there’s no way to email the site with questions), and to top it off, the premium options are also broken. It has made this game pretty much impossible to download for me, and from the looks of things I am not alone.

  74. Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

    Im getting this message for part 8 for days down please help my GOD!

  75. Admin sir i have a problem to download the game when i wait the the patch to ready to download its tell me Wrong IP How came?

  76. Having just played through this game again, I must reaffirm my love of it. KEY is quite possibly the best thing that’s ever happened to the world of visual novels and anime.
    Can’t wait for EX to get translated. I’m looking forward to Kanata getting her own route – I found her to be a very interesting character, but sadly, her only real purpose in the game is antagonizing Haruka (and then overcoming their differences, leading to one of the most touching scenes I have ever seen in any game, show, movie etc. (incidentally, she is also the source of one of the most tearjerking moments I’ve seen, namely in one of the bad endings to Haruka’s route)). Wish it was done already. I’m not so happy about the addition of h-content, though. It seems quite gratuitous and unnecessary to me.

  77. WTF is with characters endings….Kud imprisoned by evil cult, Yui trapped in endless dream,Mio Dies…
    this was supposed be comedy?

    1. Whoever said that it was all comedy? This is KEY’s signature style. Start out with fun and games, then saddle up and ride it off a cliff straight down to hell. Literally every single work by KEY, or more precisely, Jun Maeda, has exhibited this characteristic. CLANNAD, Kanon, Angel Beats, etc.

  78. to get Little busters! exstacy in english with out parts go to google and search little busters! ex tpb one the first entrys will have the pirate bay site click on the one that says hshare
    and use use the magnet link with your torrent client and it will have to be unrared and then mounted after that dowload the ex version of the patches at little busters! tlwiki and enjoy

  79. the others are not working also the part 9, 11, 13, 14, 15, and 17 please kindly fix them so that I could continue downloading the game

  80. Is there any way to fix the text problem? for some reason many letters are overlapping on each other, what font should I use to fix it? I tried many fonts but the result didn’t change.

    1. Just the fact it’s by key should be enough to try it, Take 1 for the team, Angel beats, air, clannad… sure im missing 1 but cant remember…

  81. This game is easily one of the best VN’s that have been translated, by far.

    @needhelp: after you have installed the game, double click
    the english patch installer, let it do its thing,
    and it should ask if you want to launch it or not.

    Step 1: mount the iso with a program such as daemon tools.
    Step 2: install it when the setup pops up
    Step 3: double click the english patch installer and follow
    the prompts.
    Step 4: It should ask you if you want to play it.

  82. admin if u there can u help me? i already got all part,then extract then i install it,after that i dont know what to do,i try to english patch it first then drag the crak to the key folder then i try to play,it cant play,why is that? can u give me full walktrough on how to install this game?

    1. The full walkthrough on how to install the game is below “Little Busters related links”.

  83. Excuse me sir admin, i m just wondering, will you make the patch for little Buster ecstasy??

    I just some patch that unlock special scene (ecstacy patch) but it crash whenever rin s battle start…, why is that happen???

  84. Need help about LB.EX!
    I have finished LB all age, then i try playing LB.EX! I just finish komari but i don’t get any of her h-scene! Anyone know why?

    1. EX is simply an extended version, with h-content, and three (I think) new routes, one for Futaki, one for Sasami, and one for new character Saya. Other than that, I don’t think much has been added.
      Speaking of which, there’s no English patch for it yet, so unless you know Japanese…

  85. is the EX patch out yet? sorry if i’m asking prematurely i just have no way to find out otherwise lol

  86. I have one question …
    When I extracting the files some of the parts are volume corrupt … or something …
    What should I do ? download it all the parts corrupted again ?
    Or what ?
    Please Respond to this ! AND THANKS ! 😀

    1. Redownload “broken” parts. Mediafire is giving me a lot of headache with corrupted downloads recently.

      1. It’s not just Mediafire. The problem with parts being corrupted struck DA as well when I downloaded another game here a few days ago. It’s usually fixed simply by redownloading the “corrupted” parts.

  87. Aaaah, excellent. A wonderful VN indeed, even better than Clannad in my opinion. The baseball minigame gets repetetive on subsequent playthroughs, but the minor changes made to the main story after every playthrough manage to keep things relatively fresh. KEY didn’t slack on the comedy here, but the tearjerkers are very, very effective as well. This game is a gem indeed, I’d recommend it to anyone. The routes are very well made, with my personal favourite being Haruka’s. I’ll not write more for fear of spoilers, but let it be said that by not playing this game, you’d be missing out on one of the best VNs on the market, in my humble opinion.

    P.S. to Admin: I believe that adding something like a Review section would be incredibly helpful to many a user, to be able to learn more about a particular game before downloading it without asking in the Comments and potentially waiting weeks or even months for a reply (if not longer). I would personally be willing to write extensive reviews for the few VNs that I’ve played, including Little Busters, Clannad, Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime and Brass Restoration.

  88. Hey guys can you give me the installer because it needs the directory thing !!! PLEASE GIVE IT !!! I WANNA PLAY THIS GAME !!! DXXX

  89. Thanks a lot, as always. I hope this game is worth its rate, but it is KEY anyway, so It cannot be bad, at least.
    Keep the hard work, admin =).

    1. Yep, I’m hoping for 2 things in it:
      -VAs from the VN and
      -Enough of a certain muscle-bound
      idiot for to go around.

  90. so… Admin-sama, could you give us someday the H version? its really a nice game but i was thinking… im kinda curious about the changes, this is the first game with two versions that i have played so… its possible?… anyway thanks a lot for the game jejeje.

      1. ohhh i see, but the team still working in it right? if that so then ill wait without harsh. thanks a lot for your answer Admin-sama if you can please tell us when is released. bye now im still gaming it and im happy to say i found a pantyshot in the game yay!! XD

  91. I’m enjoying this thoroughly! It makes you feel like you have real childhood friends :3 I still regret not picking this game up years ago, the anime announcement just reminded me of it! Anyways I’m sure I’m not the only one who encountered some difficulties while playing it: such as font spacing.

    To anyone who’s still having problems with font spacing, this happens when you can’t even pick other fonts because the list of fonts is unavailable (yes it’s quite odd) and you could only pick ONE font, well, this is what I did: the only font option available to me was mona krkr version, what I did was remove it from my fonts folder along with osakamono.ttf and then adding osakamono.ttf again. Afterwards all the fonts are available to me in the fonts setting. tl;dr remove the font and add it back again.

    I hope anyone lurking for the answer finds this helpful.

  92. With the English patch, some letters seem to overlap each other. Does anyone else have this problem, or any idea how to fix this? I don’t mind that much, but I would prefer to have the letters not overlap. I do have japanese locale installed.

  93. Hi,
    I have trouble downloading part 15 the download is extremely slow only for that part and always end up with corrupt/incomplete file for me.

  94. Admin, thank you so much for uploading this!

    Does anyone know if there any story expansion for Kud in Little Busters! Ecstasy from this Little Busters! ?

    I’m looking forward to Kud Wafter, but I am afraid to skip any story regarding Kudryavka. >_<

    Again, I really thank you for the upload!

  95. The part 15 isn’t working for me it say it’s corrupted and only 29MB long, i have tryed to reupload but that doesn’t seem to work.
    Any ideas?

  96. When i extract the rar, an error pops up saying that it encountered an unexpected end of archive at part 15…
    …does that mean part 15 is corrupt?

    If so could it be re-uploaded? It’d be greatly appreciated, thanks a bunch. ^^

    1. Nevermind. I re-downloaded then everything was A.O.K…

      …geez my idiocy knows no bounds lately.

  97. By “locale” do you mean ‘language for non-Unicode programs’?

    Or do you mean the ‘location’ in the ‘regional option’ tab?

      1. i have link for working crack,

        but i can’t post here (my post always get rejected)

        before i also encountered same problem as you

  98. Best game I’ve played so far. Starts off with Rolfing comedy, then goes into a “SHIT JUST GOT SERIOUS” mode. They even change the 1st person view around.

    Great Game, can’t wait for Little Busters! Ecstasy.

  99. Thank you admin! Love this new mediafire files I can download them all at once saves me hours!

    Long Live Admin!
    Long Live Meidafire!
    Long Live Eroge!

  100. Ow that problem, all you need to do is to copy the realive from the crack and replace it with the in the folder named “Key”

    You could find the key folder in my computer —- then program files. After that it’s all good..

    Ow by the way just a little tip for those who haven’t it yet

    Try playing the route’s in this order

    then last but not the least Kurugaya Yuiko.

    of course the last would be refrain you all know that.

    If you guys want to ask why in this order, well that’s because I arrange it in the way you could enjoy it playing again and again, it’s kinda hard to find the exact words for it but, let’s just say I just based it from their story from “GOOD” up to “OUTSTANDING”. Like the saying.


    1. Ah, but you forgot to mention that Rin’s route needs to be played twice. There are actually two Rin routes, in a sense, the first with a relatively open ending and the second setting you up for Refrain. To unlock the second Rin route, you need to clear all six normal routes first, Rin, Komari, Haruka, Mio, Kud and Yuiko. When you then play Rin’s route again, it will play out differently, and once you reach its ending, Refrain is unlocked. In fact, it replaces the “New Game” option until you find the true ending.

  101. admin, everytime i try to play it’s always show message like”(some japanese)1503″, they say it’s problem with crack.

    can you add another crack?

  102. Admin the patch for the ex was done, maybe you want to put the ex as well… if a certain VN has two version i’d prefer the one with the ‘bonus’ tough.

  103. Out of curiosity.. Is it possible for the English patch that’s listed here to work on a legitimate copy of the game?

  104. Ow damn I have to complete refrain first?

    Guess I’ll just start over before I could end Kurugaya’s route.

    I want to defeat him before finishing the whole game.
    Anyway thankz for the advise

    1. thankz, I saw that school revolution watch in kud’s possession but didn’t paid much attention to it, since it does not have an effect, also is there a chance that I could fight him again in the battles during rin2route??(refrain).

      About the ex version, well it was maid 2008 so probably it’ll be done next yr.

  105. goddammit I’m currently doing Kurugaya’s route before I could do the rin2route. And because Riki and rin’s stats goes higher every time you finish a route, I manage to become the provisional ruler of the battle rankings. then suddenly this “Mask the Saito” appears, his stats is totally fucked up I don’t know how to beat him

    Anyone happens to beat this guy? Pleas tell me how!!

    1. trade your item than can decrease his stats (such as “mouldy donut” from komari or “really weird picture” from kurugaya)and most importanly, you must get “school revolution”watch” from the character who lost to saito(don’ trade this one it must be in riki possesion) it has effect to decrease all saito stats by 50.(saito only)

    1. I got it figured it some how i created two game folders just had to move the crack file into the proper folder named KEY that solved it.

  106. does anyone know how to fix a problem with the first batting pratice the game plays fine till that point but the characters will load there is the background and base but no people are visable and the pitch count wont go down stuck at 19 pitches left

  107. Thx a lot it work properly on me ^_^ i follow all the steps so it’s was so easy to understand thx for your good work

  108. I know this is a bit odd comment but.

    I just thought of watching rewrite’s opening and I so, wow I’m amazed at the animation of it, it’s very unlikely for a VN to have such animation, mostly its just pics. BUt What? lol What the hell does a dinosaur doing in a Key VN???

    Anyone cares to explain?

  109. Little problem. Seems that the 3rd part is broken.
    Everytime I try downloading it, it doesn’t make me wait and doesn’t ask me for the captcha. It simply gives me the download link. But the moment I click it it takes me to an empty page with a message saying “You can not access this page directly. Please use the website to start your download or contact us in case of problem.
    If the problem persists, clear your cookies and try again.”

  110. Bah! I wasted about an hour before I realized that this was the all-ages version.

    I love this site to death but I sure wish that it had some clear categories instead of just one big list.

    Also some general info about the game would be nice. Like the age rating, the publisher… the translation/release date, ect. There are so many games that they start to blur together at this point.

    I’m NOT complaining mind you, I’m just making a feature request… the tags don’t work so well because they are so tiny and the tag cloud is outright confusing.

    1. I am glad I didn’t wait for the EX version, the story shouldn’t be modified it’s an amzingly good VN. More for the story than the hentai anyway.

      Why you always want me to cry Key :.( weee…. dammit.

      1. its not key that always make us cry, its jun maeda (also made angel beats anime). his older work before joined key also sad, i hope “rewrite” translated soon

  111. I’m not sure if it’s a problem on my end, but I can’t download part 3. The link takes me to the FileServe site like it’s supposed to, but when I click the Download button it just says “your download is ready” but no matter how many times I click it, it won’t start the download. I had no problem getting all the other parts, though.

  112. the game is really good.. Thank you admin.

    mind if ask something though? umm.. Does Little busters! and Little Busters ecstasy have different stories or they’re just the same?

  113. REWRITE REWRITE REWRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    although rewrite is mad by key, the writer isn’t Jun Maeda. So i’m not so sure if it’s really good, just like little busters, clannad and Kanon

  114. Just finished refrain and going for the true end for Kurugaya now. Imho this the is best VN next to cross channel. I really hope someone translates LB Ecstasy(either +18 or all ages i dont care) i am interested how the Kanata Futaki and Sasami Sasasegawa are routes are. Especialy since Futaki was already in another route and Sasami is an interesting character

  115. thanks to Nii-Nii and Naoe Riki for replying and godammit I just finished haruka’s route never thought that it would be so good judging from her character I didn’t really thought that her story would be that good. I actually fallen for her because of her story

    Also for people who hasn’t played haruka’s route yet don’t read the next part!!!!!

    I knew it they were twins, I mean they were so looked alike!!XD

  116. Okay, I’m officially confused (Of course that isn’t really new, as I’ve been confused since the day I was born). Did this title just jump in it’s position on the homepage(s)? I thought Little busters was listed before Harem party, and had different artwork posted. Or am I just crazy?

    Assuming that I’m not crazy (Another impossibility, just ask any of my teachers) and it really did move and/or you changed the artwork, does mean this is the 18+ version and you have yet to change the “tag”, or is it still the all ages version?

    1. Titles are jumping their positions as there were some caching issues after i updated the PHP on server to newest version, and people weren’t seeing latest uploads on front page.

      Cover changed, since i used the 18+ version cover for all-ages upload and users were getting confused as a result ( read older comments) – i posted correct cover now. Game is still the same.

  117. Oh wait….

    Is this a full version???

    Because I can’t seem to comprehend why does Rin’s route is like that.

    Also I didn’t even manage to see the ending vid, the part where, they’re in a van.

    Also I didn’t even manage to hear the song “song of friends”.

    Or wait, is that all in the ecstasy version only?

    1. Recommended route: Do all heroines except Rin so that when you want to unlock the final route “Refrain”, the story flows and you won’t have to go back to her again. Walkthrough is at … google it!

  118. also I tried going with Rin’s route and ended up being (I don’t know) DEAd (o.0) I was so sure that following Rin’s route was the real story of little busters. But it’s not?

    Also before I play this game I actually already read the story of it in the internet but somehow after playing the game I didn’t even saw the part where they got injured.

    Damn It!! anyone have a walk-thorough or something??

    1. As I said before, you must finalize at least two routes (I did Kurugayas and Kud’s), then he joins automatically after saving a girl from falling from the rooftop.

  119. Does anyone knows how to win the baseball game???. I think it’s totally impossible after I played it. Anyone???

    1. I won 8-3 putting the members in this order: 1-Riki 2-Masato 3-Kengo 4-Rin 5-Kyousuke 6-Komari 7-Haruka 8-Kud 9-Yuiko.

      Kengo is not available in the first two playtroughs, though.

  120. A f***ing good VN right here. Little Busters FTW! I wish Rin had her own route (Rin x Riki) though and not connected to Refrain the last route. Oh wells, I just hope that in Ecstacy she’ll get one. Little Busters = Childhood & Adolescence. Thanks for the great VN Admin. We’ll be waiting for the Ecstacy<3

  121. Just finished off the Refrain route…

    My god this is the BEST VN I’VE EVER PLAYED!!!

    No VN has ever made me cry before…this so needs to be animated…thank you so much for the upload admin!!

  122. thanks again admin!
    does this mean that the partially translated section can have little busters crossed off its list? just to make things easier for new people to the site :3

  123. I have a copy of LittleBusters Memorial Edition will the patch work for that? and also thanks for the release!~

  124. after crying my ass off , i cant complete refain cause in the end no matter what choice i choose i still cant save “him” , PLZZ HELPPPPP

  125. I downloaded the RAW game, and I don’t want to download a few gigs again, do you have a crack only download?

  126. i downloaded the game from torrent some time ago cuz its faster and now i HAVE to download all these files for the sole sake of getting the crack folder *sigh*

    requesting a separate download link for the crack if Admin-sama have some time

  127. Is there any specific way to take the routes?

    Like I know it doesn’t matter but what would be the most enjoyable way to go through em?

    I was thinking something like – Komari -> Kud -> Haruka -> Yuiko -> Mio and then finally Rin.

  128. Thanks for the awesome game! Btw, I’ve downloaded parts 1-3,6,8. Pending 7. But I can’t seem to download 4 and 5 in FileServ. Part 4 requires premium account while 5 is no longer available. Am I the only one having this issue? *Can’t use FileSonic cuz it’s Extremely slow. 🙁

    1. Strangely though, part 7 initially gave me the same error as part 4 where a premium account is needed. However, after several attempts, I was able to successfully start the download. Hopefully the same goes for part 5. I’m really looking forward to this game. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  129. Wuhu, another masterpiece from Key I would say. I now played through all the routes and the refrain. It takes pretty long but that’s something good of course. q: The minigames and missions are fun and the story is just great. A must-play for every VN-lover.
    My favourite heroine is Yuiko, she’s just so cool. 😀

  130. I just finished Kud’s route, wow I didnt expect it to take such a good few dramatic twists.

    Anyway, what I was going to ask is, on the baseball practice sessions, is there a way to move the other players around so they arent all standing on a pile behind Riki? It seems like I should be able to move them but I cant figure out how to.

  131. there’s no one to do the english patch of Seiken no Fairies????
    i have the download edition, but it’s all in japonese and i just started to learn to read kanji

  132. Hey. I installed the game, but for some unknown reason I can’t save. Well I can save, it’s just that the saves aren’t there anymore when I start up the game again. I’m not sure what the problem is. Any help would be much appreciated.

  133. admin i have a problem… im on the baseball field now and for some reason i cant do anything.. i keep on clicking but nothing happens (just a sound of a bat swinging) how do i fix this?)

  134. I just finished playing through this. My god, I am blown away by how beautiful it is. I’ve played a decent amount of visual novels so far, but this one is by FAR the best.

  135. nice. i was waiting for this. or rather, i forgot that the tl was nearing completion when i last minded.

    oh well, at least, it’s there!

    1. If admin says that I’ll download it. I was a bit annoyed by 8 parts but I’ve noticed that you have good taste in VN.

    1. the tralsnlator are going to take a rest and there is an others three rutes in ecstasy, and more things for the others rutes (like the echhi stuff). I would say that it could take one year more. But in their page they had a patch for the ecstasy vercion. As long as you only aiming for the routes of the all ages verción and don’t mind if the ecchi stuff is in japanese you can look for the ecstasy verción. The crack of this one works with it too. I have the ecstasy verción and i’m playing it.

      1. Man that amount of time to finish Kurugaya route in the ecstasy versión but i didn’t see any echi scenes…possible i’ll see it in the true end. Too bad that i’ll go in a trip tomorrow and even if i returnd i’ll need to go through all others routes before i can see that scenes.

  136. I just want to say that the crack works with Little buster Extasy too. If you dowload ot from somewhere else. But you may would like to wait until they complete the patch of that verción.

  137. yay yay yay ……… i’ve been waiting for its english translation for almost 2 years….. thank u thank u thank u….

  138. Uhhh… The MDS and ISO files in both site are corrupted.
    I can’t mount them. No matter how many times i redownload them.

  139. Seems to install ok with the above instructions using Wine 1.3.35 (actually Wineskin) on MacOSX running OSX Lion 10.7.2…just make sure the cjkfonts are installed with Winetricks, and set the wine locale to ja_JP.UTF-8 in order to see the Japanese characters during installation…after that, applying the english patch is a breeze…
    Haven’t tried the game, and saw the initial screen with the little kids running and the heard the background music…mouse works, and menu/config seem to work…but since I haven’t go thru the game, I cannot say if game works enough to be fully playable…I can only assume it might, since I was able to run it ’til the splash screen appeared, and heard the backgrond music…

    So, there’s hope for OSX gamers..since I’ve seen some questions on the net in some forums asking for H-games playability on systems other than windows, like OSX & Linux…! Thanks! 🙂

  140. Man thx for ur releases I really apreciate all the work u hab here. Yet, there’s one one thing that lacks to be perfect. Can’t u upload them on mediafire plx ou multiupload? Either one is good, but thank you anyways.

  141. For some people that want the h version I found out that the patch works on that as well.Don’t know if there are many differencies except the (h-scenes)but it worked for me so far…

    1. There is a special patch for h version but hscenes are not translated there are not translated lines in many places etc etc.

  142. I have to say, I am going to love this story. I want to download it, but I intend to hold off until the group finishes translating the full version. It’d still be great, but it just wouldn’t be as fun without the entire story in there. So, patience is a virtue.

    I still have an entire library of VNs to finish, along with other things to occupy in the meantime anyway. I wish the translation group much luck in their future ventures.

      1. Oh, my bad. I was under the impression that the adult version was the full version, not a new version. I shall download this then, and then wait for the new one.

  143. well, another good job from admin ^^

    I’ll list it then on my down load list ^^

    Thank you for the hard work and keep it up ^^

  144. Thanks a lot admin. I told someone that I had a dream that both Umineko and LB would come out at the same time and now…BAM! I’m speechless, really.

  145. this game is hilarious it’s been awhile since I’ve played such a good vn if you like humor this game is definitely for you

  146. UOOOOOOOH!! finally its finished, thanks admin for posting it
    so much to play… there umineko eps 8 and little buster hehehe

  147. Thanks for this, The TLWiki has patches for the ME and EX versions as well but they aren’t completely finished yet but you can use them.

  148. Thank you so much Admin for uploading Little Buster and thanks TLWiki for the patch( even if i doubt they will read that :P)

    Anyone know where i can buy a physical copy of Little Buster for around 60-70$ not more ?

    Everywhere i saw Little Buster the price was crazy like 150$ and i will never pay that much for a VN.

  149. After i saw this in the homepage. the screen turned white and it smelled weird.

  150. The game asks for the CD when I try to run it after installing the english patch. Anyone else getting this problem? And yes I used Applocale to run it in Japanese and changed by system locale.

  151. Thanks, but why did you put Ecstasy cover? You’ll put the same one when the real patch for other versions are released…?

    1. No, this one is all-ages. There’s 18+ version as well, and it’s currently being translated, by the same people who translated this one.

          1. There is two more characters, there is alos like 70% more content for KUD and so fort, so do not expect the patch within a year at least.

          2. To be specific, the EX edition of Little Busters upgrades two characters to heroine status with their own routes, along with adding an all new heroine and route- and of course adding H content to the game as a whole.

            Technically they released a patch that works with EX, however it hasn’t translated ANY of the added content thus resulting in a product that, aside from some compatibility issues, is pretty much the same as basic Little Busters.

          3. To clarify the information provided by above two posters:

            By installing the EX english patch on the EX version, you get a fully “functional” but not polished version of English Little Busters Original.

            This means:

            1) You don’t get into the 2 other heroine routes.
            2) All the eroero are being taken out (no CG, no gallery, no scene).
            3) Your savegame (route completion and progress) will become incompatible with the Japanese EX version (and perhaps also the future English fantrans EX version)
            4) Some paths/sprites/scenes which are only available on EX, this includes those from LB-heroines (not just Kud).
            5) The current EX patch confidently allow you to complete all LB (not-EX) routes and would not crash your EX game.

  152. thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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