Little Busters! (STEAM)

Little Busters! English Edition

Capturing the hearts of countless fans since 2007, Little Busters! is an emotional visual novel from Key, the minds behind Angel Beats! and CLANNAD. This special English release supports touch controls and dynamic switching between English and Japanese text, and is in HD for the first time on PC.

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LittleBustersSteam.part35.rar – 126.6 MB

53 comments on “Little Busters! (STEAM)

  1. sh*t, downloadani website won’t load for me, been trying for days… keep getting the “This site can’t be reached / took too long to respond” error… T_T

  2. Hey admin, you should wait at least a week to post games from Steam, that way they already have mayor bug patches included.

  3. Quote from steam forums:
    “This is actually censored. And no, i’m not talking about the hentai stuff, i’m talking about the changed CGs. Komari donut scene, Mio fell scene, Kud booty scene, Kud chained scene and Saya crane machine scene (Maybe there are more, not sure) They changed these CGs from the Perfect Edition for some reason. Because we are not allowed to see panties or bootys?”

    So that’s it. Actually I prefer original ALL AGES Little Busters because those scenes weren’t censored there. Hm, maybe somebody willing to made patch to change censored CGs to uncensored ones?

    1. I don’t mind the H-scene, it’s key so(omitted). But if those kind of CGs and script is removed, I think that a bit too much. Don’t get me wrong, I just think that kind of scene is a bond making scene or a flag trigger. So I prefer they leave it as it is or changed it into a much better one. Well I can’t complain, I’m just a pirate (unless you buy it after DLing this).

  4. Thus starts the age of dumb 12 year olds ruining classic VNs again. First Shuffle, now Little Busters and Clannad, what’s next? Majikoi? Rewrite? god forbid ever17?

  5. what is going on with erogedownload? im going through older posts and there are vns there i know werent there before.

  6. Sound seems bugged for me, anyone who knows the fix for this?
    It sounds like it cant handle deep tones very well

      1. I should’ve searched i little first before commenting, looks like the 3 Routes ARE included since Tokido Saya should’ve not been included in the original LB as far as i know as they’re in the character list.

  7. I was abouth to let pass this one as it isn’t the +18 one, but i read here that his one has 3 new routes and i remember that there was a route i wanted to play. Since that is the case i’ll buy the game for chrismast.

  8. I would recommend to buy this VN since it is not very expensive and has very rich content. This way you would support Key and we could get more VN like that.

      1. LB is not an ero Vn to begin with the +18(not that it was not very mature story-wise to begin with) was a later and meaningless add on

        1. @croPath It is eroge so stop it! The 2 routes are included here and were released 18+ in the first place with the rest of the routes following suit in that manner. Then the all-ages came. No need for your lame excuses calling the cut stuff meaningless.

          1. Except that +18 edition came out one year after the release of all ages edition in Japan. So nope. This was all ages from the start and +18 is just an addition.

          2. @Icku Um… yes. This is why reading is a fundamental skill since it seems you thought I was talking about the first game when I made it quite clear I was referring to Ecstasy’s routes being released first (with the rest of the previous routes following suit being that way) 18+ then the all-ages was added a year later to celebrate their 10 year anniversary.

            It was all to promote different targets for key if you paid any attention to how they did it. They also did the same thing for console/hand-helds right after then an Anime version. Each releases were targeted to different crowds.

      2. While I agree since I’m a guilty pervert myself. But KEY, from experience, is extremely lame with their H-scene and often kills the mood the story is designed for. You do better without them.

        KEY novels’ main and ONLY objective is to bring you to tears and plenty of laughs along the way. So if you wish for something emotional, this is a good download even without the 18+ patch. Any H scene (from KEY) will ruin the quality of the story.

      3. Generally speaking I’d point agree that the lack of H scenes is sad. But my god, Key can’t write H scenes for the life of them. And no there actually was a non H scene version released in Japan, which is what you’re getting. This isn’t EX.

      4. Even if the majority agrees that Key sucks at h-scenes why shouldn’t i be allowed to try it myself? Call me whatever you want but i would still want them in game no matter how bad they were…

  9. Was there a little buster fan translated before or is this the first post by admin? o;
    I’m just asking to save time because I have another HD drive stored away and it takes time to look through it again… :c

    1. Yes, I posted fantranslated version years ago ( You can still download it – link is in “See also:” section), but this is new, official English version, that contains several improvements (including HD graphics and three new routes) – enough to warrant new post.

          1. Appreciate the response squad. I’ll dl this one too o;
            If you need stuff you lose admin, I got it stored safe away in my hd ;D (except yaoi stuff x: lol)

  10. was waiting for this one.

    and for those asking for H content, just find the CG art somewhere. they added the adult content in a later patch which is notoriously bad. both in writing and art.

      1. Dude H-scenes don’t matter since it was not made with H in mind that was added later for fanservice. Just enjoy the great story.

        1. Don’t care for what purpose it was made, content shouldn’t be cut.

          And so, what if it was add for fanservice? Does it make it allright to remove it? Who decide what is fanservice? Does every fanservice should be removed in that case?

          1. As someone who is firmly opposed to all forms of media censorship myself, I don’t think this counts as “cutting content” since the H-scenes were not in the original release of the game anyway.

          2. No, you are no getting it. The game had NO H scenes. A later version had some very SHITTY H scenes shoveled in inappropriate – they do not fit, have terrible writing, and crappy graphics.

            The fact this version does NOT have that stuff is NOT cut content – it is how it is MEANT to be. The H version was like the starwars remasters but even worse.

            Play this how it is meant to be – playing a game without H wont kill you! Then go play a game for H that actually was designed to and has GOOD H!

          3. @Raine & Ele Both of you don’t know what you are talking about. EX was released 18+ first therefore was included in the original release as this “content” was placed into the original version without the ero so it is cut content.

          4. EX wasn’t the original game in the first place! First there was just plain Little Busters, which had no H-scenes. THEN they made EX which added 3 routes that were 18+ and added in H-scenes for the existing heroines.

          5. You can’t say “I’m against censorship, but for this I would make an exception”

            The H-scenes were included with the expansion EX so they are as legitimate to be here as the 3 new routes who could be also considered as fan service.

          6. I completely agree with you m8, it infuriates me when they just cut it, the game was supposed to have that content (being good or bad). And it is an incoherence that someone just added H content after they released the original. The game originally had H scenes but were cut before the release and then restored as they were supposed to have been released!!!

          7. @Random Doesn’t matter. The fact is EX was released as 18+ with the rest of the previous routes following with additional 18+. Key were obviously trying to entice the 18+ crowd. Each releases they were doing were targeted at different crowds including console, hand-helds, Anime version, and now this version for Steam’s filthy casual crowd. It’s cut content.

            It’s BS what key did and they have been completely ignoring the 18+ questions becoming Steam whores just like Sekai.

          8. @crowBar &FuckThePolice so just because they remake the game with 18+ content they shouldnt be allowed to sell the base game with additional content but without the 18+scenes? Should they ignore the all-ages crowds in favour of solely the 18+ ones?

            Little Busters wasn’t an eroge to begin with, the decision to make the 18+ version was made 4 months before the original, all-ages version released.The ex version is an afterthought so that they can, as you say it, entice the 18+ crowds. They didn’t really cut the content from the original game, they just selectively added new route but not adding the 18+ scenes.

          9. I don’t think it would be too hard to put “Enable adult content” toggle on the settings for games…

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