Sakura Taisen V: Saraba Itoshiki Hito Yo (PS2)

Sakura Wars 5 PS2

Set in an alternate universe New York City during the late 1920s. The game’s storyline focuses on a naval ensign, Shinjiro Taiga, as he is summoned from Japan to New York to lead a fighting troupe disguised as a musical troupe to defeat an evil warlord and his subordinates from conquering America as its kingdom. The gameplay includes elements from previous games in the series, such as the LIPS system and combat systems.

DVD1 DownloadDVD1 FreeDVD2 DownloadDVD2 Free
SakuraTaisen5-PS2-DVD1.rar – 5.8 GB
Disc 1 contains the game with Japanese Audio and English subtitles.
SakuraTaisen5-PS2-DVD2.rar – 5.8 GB
Disc 2 contains the game with English Audio.

10 comments on “Sakura Taisen V: Saraba Itoshiki Hito Yo (PS2)

  1. Is anyone able to write a tutorial thread of something on this? I’m struggling to figure out how to get the bios without actually having a ps2

  2. Who need this when i was lucky enough to buy the game, bwhahahahaha.

    This is a strategy/dating game where you have to do “quick time event” to make the other person like you. You can’t play wrong because I made everyone hate me and still got an good ending.

    1. Nope. Don’t download second one if you want game to stay subbed only ( jp voice with english subs). dvd2 contains english voices to replace japanese ones.

  3. i have a question did anyone fixed 7 chapter, where you press start chapter and pcsx2 gets black screen or it happends on 9 chapter.

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