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  1. Pls+help+me+i+installed+the+eng+patch+i+put+the+2+files+in+the+folder+but+i+wont+work.+Can+someone+tell+me+what+mistake+i+have+made?

  2. the story follows after the events that happened in muvluv unlimited, you can say that this story is between MLU and MLA

  3. Oh wolf I found out the problem I was having is linked to the os
    M newer PC uses win 7 and rgup apparently had something agents it
    So i attempted to install it on my old one which runs XP and it worked but damn I never realized how slooooowwww that machine was.

  4. Buddy I beliveyou are missing some thing

    U – alive
    A – dead

    Oh and its been stated that both of those are untranslated

  5. help!!! why does the ERO and the mini game was not translated????

    and why does Marimo-chan alive yet se died at Alternative…

    1. Dude RTFI AC follow events after unlimited/A5 series of events so alternative route does not happen altough the main cast is likely dead given the “visions” in alternative

  6. I need help i get to the folder with the ISO but there are two of them one that is 3.6Gb and one that is 5kb. I mount the 3.6gb one with power iso and i try to install but the setup comes out all jumbled with nonsence codes and i tried to install but not possible. I have a HP envy J100, win 8.1 with 8gb ram, 1TB HDD , and NVIDIA graphics card. Can anyone help me? PS. i do have it on jp locale

    1. yeah that sounds similar to me.

      wolf@ does every time you hit ok a new pop up come up and say something about one of the files, and when you click either ok, or ?? (I think I remember it being yes) a new one keeps popping up until it progresses through the setup, then after your done the setup basicly restarts from page one.

      1. @Whitedknight yeah i get pop ups that keep on coming out in jumbled code so i don’t know what to do. It starts to install then another file error comes out and another and another over and over until it finishes and nothing. Seriously need help if anyone has an answer to this.

        1. I just noticed but at the top of each caution sign its labled that 4 letter application it uses.
          And every time it pops up it has a different file name in it

  7. I have a problem every time i try installing it it keeps brining up window after window while installing then after it finishes it restarts the install process and does the same shit.

    I use windows 7 ultimate in JP local.

  8. yes, the 3 stories, and the estrategy game, if whant to see the 01 episode of the day after, its already translated, but you will need to download alternative cronichles 02, then the tranlslation(its not in this page)

  9. I just wanted to know is it just these 3 stories? Im mostly only interested in watching the day after series so, i just wanted to know for all that downloading I did does it end for this volume when Lilia gets picked up? There is no continuation from that? and it goes to Vol 2 next?

  10. sorry if it lead to confusion the part I said (and even having lose only like 6 mechs(f-15 kagerous, or something like that, i think)) i was refering to the 3rd battle(sorry again for double post)

  11. I have a question to all of you, the estrategy game in here is a demo or something right?, because i have finished the 3rd battle in REAL difficulty(i really don´t know how the hell was I able to do that(I finished the second batlle with 6 mechs(FUKING LASERSSSS)and 12 tanks(only 1 unit))and even having lose only like 6 mechs(f-15 kagerous, or something like that, i think),and it just go to the main menu again

  12. I just finished this game and it was fantastic (although pretty short) so I looked up the sequel, and it turned out that it got a translation too. Just wondering if you were aware of that admin. Thanks for all your hard work.

      1. I really hope that’s not the case. I mean, if even Nukige get posted here then quality shouldn’t be a concern

        1. Nukige is different then VN it doesn’t need quality you can make it half assed and odds are ppl will “play” trough it

  13. comparing fate and muv luv is just retarded. both vn’s are masterpieces, we should just leave it at that.

  14. To be specific, Muv-Luv Alternative is #1 on vndb.org and has one of the highest (if not the highest) scores on erogamescape, which is a japanese vn rating site.
    Every17 scores a 90 on that site and Muv-Luv Alternative scores a 93, just so you know. 😉
    Ratings of some other well known games on egs:

    Air – 85
    Grisaia no Kajitsu – 85
    G-Senjou no Maou – 86
    Rewrite – 81
    Clannad – 90
    Umineko no Naku Koro ni – 80
    Amagami – 81
    Remember11 – 80
    Never7 – 72
    Narcissu – 82
    If My Heart Had Wings – 83
    Yosuga no Sora – 72
    Little Busters! – 85
    Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate – 81
    Sharin no Kuni – 89
    Steins;Gate – 90
    Fate/Stay Night – 90
    Kanon – 82
    Chaos;Head – 78

    If G-Senjou is only getting 86 and Steins;Gate’s only getting a 90, I think that indicates Muv-Luv is legendary.

    1. Pfft, Muv-Luv has some extremely high ratings.
      Well Alternative does. And for a reason.
      Extra is just… shit. It’s shit. It’s shittier than shit. I don’t even know what to call it. Extra gave me cancer.

  15. honestly, out of all of them the only one I personally want translated is Altered Fable. Yes its pretty much Muv Luv Extra with a few added scenes and different, thats about it. But I’m not really all the interested in the rest

  16. well, if they translate al the others muv luv VN, i will be more than pleased, for now, extra, unlimited, alternative, here i go again!

  17. The only Age protagonist that actually has a brain and uses it…. and they decided to do THIS to him?! God freaking damn it Muv Luv universe!

      1. Yes. Yes he is. I dont care how smart he looks in alternative, its hard to like someone who cant use his brain to get what he wants and would resort to act like a spoiled brat.

  18. WOW Finally~ I really love MuvLuv series. Worth the waiting. I think I see a new light for the chronicles series to be translated (and perhaps TE when it finally comes to PC). Thanks to all the translators for your hardwork 🙂

    1. As FFTHEWINNER said above, this title is classified as “adult only” ( from what i remember, “normal routes” are all-ages, but completing them all unlocks fanservice part where they are going at it in different combinations and positions).

      Further hint: you can look at “Tags” part of post, just above the comments – it usually gives you information about the content you can experience from each game and also figure out if it’s all-ages or adult only.

      1. It does unlock a special ‘fanservice’ portion, however it isn’t translated.
        Well it isn’t for me anyway.

  19. Thank Admin! I never thought Muv-Luv series was still being translated *pain in the neck to check XD* but still it made my day again i luv muv-luv series =D

  20. How convenient, just when I think Im gonna skip the only AltChron episode that I haven`t read, it got TLed, now I`ve read all episodes~

    1. no TOTAL ECLIPSE is a side story light novel tough some argue that its only loose cannon tough i disagree with them becouse Yui and also becouse it adds things to the backstory that make sense

      1. No, you are wrong. Total Eclipse visual novel exists and is a sequel to Total Eclipse light novel. The light novel has anime adaptation, vn doesn’t.

    1. The only better thing they could make is a first/third person warsim set in the muv luv universe that can support hundereds of thousands of beta and hundreds of players at the same time with nearly realistic(or atleast close to the blu ray ver of the anime) graphics and fully simulated gore for every1 and not pansy ass hp bars that they do nowdays but full on blood sprays without dissapearing body’s add to that a worldwide mmo style tracking system that has players going trough battles since the appearence of the beta up to untill they lose or drive them off and historical scenarios for solo play as well. Also no lame ass controllers this has to be full on control where you can bind dozens of keys or even several joystics to create a control enviroment that you want to the point that just like in universe you can control every single limb of a tsf separatly if you have the skill to pull it off. Add a AI director atleast on par with L4D 2 as minimum to trully drive the horror factor up and battles that can last for hours and i can see myself completely forgetting about my RL and anything not muv luv *goes into orgasm*

        1. Oculus Rift was purchased by Facebook.
          Yeah, I’ll pass.

          Besides, the idea of having something weighing down on my neck for hours doesn’t really seem all that pleasant.

        1. yeah DW is a joke and i like DW but its a beat em up with style but no substance while muv luv needs both to work

  21. is it as sad as the other?

    i did play muv-luv and muv luv-alternative, but alternative not too the end because too many people died.
    It would be ok, if there is a true route there non died, but in alternative people died and it was the true ending.

    i want a new good game too read but hate it if it goes too sad.

    thanks in advance for the help

    1. Asa Visual Novel Player who has played many games I can proudly vouch for that statement, the Original Muv Luv Trilogy is better than the entirety of Fate Stay Night. BUT that is only in the Visual Novel Department, the Muv Luv TE Anime can’t possibly compare to Fate Zero.

      Well regardless I find the Muv Luv story to be much more intriguing than Fate Stay Night seeing as it is easy to understand despite the large amount of Info dumping which the original Muv Luv trilogy had + the sprite animation there was also well done, yeah sure if Fate also had the animations I’m sure it could have done much better but then again seeing as the sprites therefor the TSF really fitted better in the atmosphere rather than seeing the whole human cast have there own bad ass sprites being thrown around all over the screen I say spriting Fate Stay Night Upwon’t really compare much to Muv Luv’s TSFs.

      1. I totally agree that the MuvLuv Trilogy is superior to Fate Stay Night. But I still have a hard time recommending it to friends because I find Extra to be at best avarage while Fate is interesting from the start.

      2. Not sure how Fate Stay Night entered into this conversation about how garbage of a VN Muv-Luv is but if we are comparing them then I will just say they both suck as VNs and are thus both terrible.

  22. This series is years in the translating and is awful. I wish translators would spend time on other projects.

    1. Please refrain from posting such untruths. The Muv-Luv series are in fact the best sci-fi visual novels ever written and should be required reading in schools. Also, you obviously haven’t read TDA which is better than Alternative, if such a thing were possible.

    2. are you an idiot?!

      Muv-Luv Series is Great!!!

      good Storyline, the Twists and i cried a lot especially in Muv-Luv Unlimited and Alternative

    1. It takes place after unlimited, although I would read it after finishing the series, since i’m assuming they already assume that you read Alternative.

      1. In all consideration. This isn’t actually an Eroge. It’s basically just short stories of Muv Luv and what not. I’m sure there will be one or two nudes but there isn’t any sex scenes in this one that’s for sure.

          1. Because there is an entore section called TSF Girl Cryska (which has NOTHING to do with Cryska) where anthropomorphised BETA are ‘experimented’ on. Basically a half hour long H-scene. You have to read both chronicles and TDA Episode 0 to unlock it for those interested.

    1. I started playing the first Muv-Luv + alternative without knowing what I got in to, left me scarred for life, but I finished everything. Many tears were shed, I don’t know if I dare try this one.

      1. Hey, any way you or anyone else could assist me with downloading/installing the original MuvLuv? I keep running into problems, and I could provide an email for easier contact

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