Witch Act

Witch Act

Hildegard, a young girl who has graduated magic academy and wishes to become a full Witch in the Guild.
She is the pride of her family, a genius with skills far in advance of her age.

8 Responses to “Witch Act”

  1. mar says:

    how do i get the indecent dress? someone plz help

  2. Sorontur says:

    Hi, does anyone know where can I find indecent clothes in 4. city? Shop with clothes will not sell me anything.

  3. J says:

    If you look inside WitchAct\Graphics\Pictures folder which contains all h-pics, there are a series of pics for example


    that doesn’t exist in any h-scenes.. even after i beat the game & unlocked everything. does anyone know why (is it because the game version is old or perhaps there are another reasons?)

    • someone says:

      Im not sure about yours but how did you get the 2 scenes at the top right corner of the recollection room. The 2 scenes on the left of the inn scene.

      • Z says:

        both are obtained from the item & weapon shop by clicking glittering items in front of the respective counters.. it may take several tries. not sure what the actual trigger is

  4. Chaos says:

    I like games like this! Thank you!!!!!!!

  5. Markus_Greif says:


    possible Tags include:

    – Female Protagonist
    – Witch Protagonist
    – Naive Protagonist
    – Blond Protagonist
    – Nudity
    – Sexual Content
    – Rape by loosing
    – Tentacle Rape
    – Sexual Encounter with multiple man
    – Sexual Encounter with a shota
    – Prostitution (one encounter)
    – Consensual Sex
    – Short Story
    – RPG

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