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  1. Hi, does anyone know where can I find indecent clothes in 4. city? Shop with clothes will not sell me anything.

  2. If you look inside WitchAct\Graphics\Pictures folder which contains all h-pics, there are a series of pics for example


    that doesn’t exist in any h-scenes.. even after i beat the game & unlocked everything. does anyone know why (is it because the game version is old or perhaps there are another reasons?)

    1. Im not sure about yours but how did you get the 2 scenes at the top right corner of the recollection room. The 2 scenes on the left of the inn scene.

      1. both are obtained from the item & weapon shop by clicking glittering items in front of the respective counters.. it may take several tries. not sure what the actual trigger is

  3. Greetings,

    possible Tags include:

    – Female Protagonist
    – Witch Protagonist
    – Naive Protagonist
    – Blond Protagonist
    – Nudity
    – Sexual Content
    – Rape by loosing
    – Tentacle Rape
    – Sexual Encounter with multiple man
    – Sexual Encounter with a shota
    – Prostitution (one encounter)
    – Consensual Sex
    – Short Story
    – RPG

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