Katawa Shoujo

Katawa Shoujo

Hisao Nakai is a normal high school student, currently in his final year of high school. One day Hisao receives a letter from parties unknown in his locker and waits at the written place for the sender. The person who wrote the letter turns out to be his crush; while speaking to her, he suddenly collapses. He awakes in a hospital bed, and is told by the doctors that the reason he collapsed is due to arrhythmia, a rare heart condition that causes his heartbeat to sometimes become irregular. Due to this, his parents have enrolled him in Yamaku, a school for disabled students of all kinds.

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  1. Katawa Shoujo is one of the best eroges out there. There’s too much to say about it, but I will say that the nostalgic music really sets the mood. When I first played Katawa Shoujo, I drank cream soda, and now I consider it to be so sacred that I only ever drink cream soda when I play Katawa Shoujo. My favorite character is Hakamichi Shizune. Her name “Hakamichi” seems to mean “grave road”, which is a pretty badass name, if I’m not making a mistake.

  2. I consider this to be my first introduction into Visual novels. It’s very good, very memorable and just a great story all around. All the girls are great in their own way and the ending will make your heart float away in happiness.

    All in all, it’s a must play if you’re into dramatic romances with happy endings.


    If you do not have this downloaded stop what you are downloading/fapping or both and download this (namely from the actual dev site as it is free there too) as you will love it!

    This was my first VN and it is my favorite out off all the other VN’s. This game WILL give you feels and no you can not man your way through the feels (reading and not skipping text) as the only way to love it is to play/read it.

    Yes, this game has sex and I do not consider this game porn in anyway as the sex comes from people actually in love (you will be in love too) and is not just pointless smut. The sex brings them (and you) closer together.

    Every other VN pales in comparison to what 4 leaf studio (group founded on 4chan) has created. Fate, NekoPara, Doki Doki, etc. all can not do what KS has done for me, and that is to feel every single emotion.

    I remember my first playthrough of the game and I was on Lilly’s route. One part made me so upset I bashed the desk and went and cried for 10 minutes. There has not been a game that has ever made me upset, angry or sad sure but not both at the same time. I knew this was an amazing game when I felt upset over a fictional character I did not know I feel in love with.

  4. what’s the point of uploading this here? it’s a free game, and downloading it from the devs means you don’t have to deal with the multi-part crap

  5. the feels are real in this game i loved playing every minute of it with the exception of Kenji fuck that dude … ^_^

  6. this game was amassing the feels are real kind of reminds me of Princess Evangile but a bit more down to earth in a way

  7. At first, my favorite was also Shizune. But in hindsight, I realize that I loved each one of them equally for their respective qualities and defects. Each one of them is very interesting.

  8. Came looking for an ero game with hot H scenes for “research” . Downloaded this , played for 8 hours and cried a river.

    Fuck you game , you are supposed to give me “research” material not feels.
    One of the top tier best eroge out there. Must play

  9. Loved Hanako’s route best, Lilly right after and Emi 3rd, although was not expecting Hanako’s bad ending, damn she can be scary

  10. It is uncensored. I played the android version though. Tell me if there is any difference.

  11. This was my first VN… and I think it has something to do with the fact that I do like these now.

    At my first run, I just followed my \own feeling\ and ended on Lilly route and straight to the good ending…

    Then I followed the 4 other routes but most of these left me with a feeling of something missing… The only one who felt really fulfilling was Emi’s… The other one miss some \long term\ future…

    I didn’t like the Rin’s route… Well, somehow, I don’t like Rin’s behaviour and way of thinking… Are there only people who do like her ?

    – most likeable characters : Lilly, Emi and Hanako (for Hanako, I think that if the good end was more fullfilling, she’d get the second place close to Lilly)
    – most heart-breaking bad end : Hanako then Emi.

    I somehow think that the sex scenes are out of place in this story… should they be absent, the game would really have been \all-ages\… This is even more sad as the game is quite an eye-opener on the situation of people with disabilities (at least those who fight to have a life… and it matches with what I saw in \real life\)

    Definitively a very nice story… and be prepared for a very long read if you plan to go through all 5 routes and all endings.

  12. help, I downloaded all the 3parts. And when i’m extracting part1 and part3 i get a checksum error.

  13. I got Emi’s route and she’s very cute, was trying to go down Hanako’s route but somehow ended up here but still, Emi’s story is very good also and just like those who’ve gone down Hanako’s route I’m going to feel guilty going down Hanako’s route when I finish Emi’s.

  14. Well looks like the winner of having the most favorite character here is Hanako, well interesting story from her route, but….I like Lilly’s Route it really gives me the Chills..

  15. P.S. I hope you guys do not mind all my whimpering, what I was really trying to say is that Katawa Shoujo is great!
    And also, if there is someone matching my description (which is actually likely to happen) I apologize, it is just that I never met someone like that before.


    This game just hit me like a truck. Must admit, I was not expecting such a good plot and OST from a western VN (it is kinda peculiar).

    Hanako was enough to blow my mind, I am afraid I can not even start a new path, I feel disgusted and tainted whenever I try, like if I was betraying her (my strong sense of fidelity and loyalty will not allow me). I finished her path three days ago but I can not stop thinking about her, her personality and tastes are pretty similar to mine, not to mention the fact that she is just awesome. I am just going to play her path again until I get satisfied.

    Can not remember the last time that I actually felt that way (and trust me, I’ve played far too many VNs and watcher far too many animes, I may cry easily, but to have my head tormented by a character is a thing that I thought to be impossible, at least after two years ago, when I started to actually distinguish my feelings for reality and fiction), I have fallen in love with her. Call me whatever you want, I am actually a ‘no life’ anyways; world seems to be far from interesting without people like Hanako (shy, kind, cute, interesting etc…), people nowadays appear to have no shame and all the romance and partnership is gone, nonetheless I rather be a ‘no life’.

  17. this game does have H-Scenes but just so you know it’s really dramatic. And the drama is well-written.

    1. That’s the best part…Its absolutely free…!!! Mind you,it may be free,but it is by far one the best VN available,paid or not…Highly recommended…

    2. theres also a whole site just for this game. you can download it from there for free and you dont have to open any rar files from there. it downloads into a folder with everything you need program wise so you can just open it and play

  18. there might be a lack of voice actors but the story and the timing of the sounds compensate for it trust me it good !

  19. One of the best VN I’ve read and it’s up on my fav list along with Saya no Uta, 40 Days and 40 Nights of rain, and Kamidori Alchemy Meister.Recommended for anyone who enjoys a great story.

  20. How do I get the game to start with separated files?
    Do I have to put the files on the same folder?
    I haven’t downloaded the game yet but I got an error when I tried playing a different game that had separated files so I’m guessing this would be the same 😐
    Help would be greatly appreciated 😀

    1. If you still haven’t worked it out you need to have all the rar files in a folder then extract them in order overwriting any existing files and they should all compile into one folder by themselves.

    1. @Mito…..Katawa Shoujo doesn’t have a voice actor’s for the characters ,so its normal that you don’t hear a the voice of the characters

    1. It has music and some sound effects but no voice actors. The lack of voice actors does not matter, 4leaf made a really good story.

  21. Been hearing so much about this one along the lines of babbys first VN, but whatever, time for a go.

    I suppose not all can be pure and pristine as Hoshimemo.

  22. I’ve been playing some VN lately. One day I installed this new VN and press the full screen button. The game didn’t go to full screen, the size remain the same but all other things beside the game is black. Anyone know how to fix this? Usually I only got black bar on the right and left side of the screen, but now it stuck in 800×600 resolution even when i’m in full screen mode.

  23. Game was really great but when I start another character’s route, I felt weird, maybe I was feeling guilty 😀

    1. No shit, Sherlock. I know that feels.

      I did Hanako’s route first, and it feels like I’m betraying her…uuu….

      1. Dude, Emi’s Arc is just awesome. I like her so much! I guess I should go running more often. I did a few years ago and I really liked it, but I stopped one day. Now I think I’m trying it again, to “clear my mind” from all the problems I got, and yes, I got various big problems, too.

    1. Minor spoiler on how your emotions will be for these paths (ish):

      Been playin alot of VN’s, but this one made a mess of me…

      I was so angry and irritated during the Rin path, but the end was a nice touch.

      Shizune’s I kinda sped through it, kinda regret it. considdered doin it over again, but I must try to move on from this game…

      Emi’s was emotional and cute, with a touchy ending.

      Hanako’s path was… weird. not because of her “disability”, but things felt forced upon her, which kinda made me feel uncomfortable. The ending was really nice, though had a feeling of “is this really the end of this path?”

      Finally, Lilly’s path was the one that made the biggest mess of me tbh. I cried my eyes out by the end, and I am really glad I played this game.

      That said, I’ve been thinkin about this too much, it has caused me to have sudden urges to cry whenever… This VN had done an amazing job on making you really feel attached to the characters, and its hard to let go once all the paths are done. Due to this, I Can’t stop thinking about them, and I kind of want to see more and see a… I dunno, conclusive ending.

      This game is worth playing, no matter if you want romance, drama, sex, life-changing events, doesnt matter. you will not regret it, even thought you might end up like me, which isn’t the best feeling in the world. makes me really appriciate that I have someone of my own.

  24. really awesome!! considering that it’s something just some guys from 4-chan has came up with on a whim

    ahhhhhh… bored people with too much time on their hands, you can never underestimate them

  25. sir it appears there had been an error in the uploaded file. its seems to have been corrupted for part 2 and part 3. hope u get this soon thanks

  26. Question. What are the different parts for? I downloaded all 3, installed the first one and it was ready to play and in English. What exactly are the other two for?

    1. If you have all the parts needed stored in one folder, then when you start extracting the first one, it’ll continue unpacking data from following parts. Try moving only part 1 to different folder to check it – you’ll get “unexpected end of archive” error.

      1. ahhh, gotcha. Thanks much! I’ve been wondering about it, since it’s happened to more than one game. Would download all the parts, put them in one folder, and extracting the first one was all that was needed to play. Thanks again!

  27. This game is so damn nice totally the the stories of the Girls are so different but yet totally nice and sad! love this game and totally i agree love is not on appearances or looks my gosh i think beyond their disabilities !! i think they are more determined to push trough in life unlike some people without disabilities some do suicide and stuff!! zzzz yohoho!! but my fav story is Lily’s And Hanako’s route and you know i think lilycand Hanako is the one that loves you till the end unlike the protagonist ex girlfriend !! but of course play the game ill not spoil the ending you will understand 😀 how nice this game is!

  28. to be blunt, is this site safe?
    how do you guys make money from this?
    my norton said that this site is suspected.
    is this site safe?
    and are the downloads safe?

      1. thanks for the quick reply.
        and thank you for going through the effort to make these novels available to us english-speakers 🙂

      1. “It’s a visual novel. There’s a LOT of reading.”
        You don’t say? I read a lot in my freetime.
        Some friends said that this game is “awesome” and then i also saw the rating of around 8/10 points somewhere. I prefer action but i’m also a drama guy. So i had some expectations. But in my opinion this game is MEH.

  29. While it has some beautiful moments, I think most of this VN is overrated by the community.

    Aside from Lily’s route, the writing/content is not really top notch, and there’s a huge discrepancy in the quality of the different routes. Shizune’s route is especially bad.

    Of course it’s impressive for a non-funded indie project, but it’s not the Holy Grail of VNs.

    1. At last, finally had someone to agree with.
      I agree that Lilly’s and Hanako’s route are probably the best among all, but I kinda felt that the other girls could use some story improvements. Not to mention the developers assigned different authors for each of the girls’ story.

      And I’m kinda clueless as to why most players would recommend Rin’s route as the best, it’s long (not a problem at all), and the fact that I can’t quite understand her thought process have made her route disturbingly annoying for me. That said, I’ll probably have a second try on her.

    2. The reason this is considered to be such a great VN is because of how well done it is.

      Think about it. You said that Lily’s route is really good, right? Well, most people think the opposite, that Lily’s route sucked.

      See, it’s all subjective. Some people like some characters and their stories more than others, everyone sees it differently, but one thing is certain: Everyone thought at least one of the routes was great. Unlike most VNs, where all the routes are pretty good, this one has specific routes that are FANTASTIC to certain people.

      Also, I’m tired of people talking about how they hated a specific route and bashing people who liked it. Everyone feels different, dipshits!

  30. after finishing th game:

    i dont know what to do with life anymore…..i feel depressed…..:(

  31. truely a beautiful game. this automaticly makes the top on my list. the soundtrack is pretty amazing even though i finished only one path i can easily recommend this.



  32. How can I transfer the progress from computer to another? I played Katawa Shoujo on my old laptop and already finished 3 routes (Lily, Hanako, Emi). Now I want to copy Katawa Shoujo on my new laptop but the problem is, copy paste doesn’t work on the game progress. When I played the pasted Katawa on the new laptop, the Load and Extra button on the main menu is grayed which meant that my progress wasn’t copied. What to do?

  33. Ok, so by now I already played this, all of the translated
    Sono Hanabira,Kira Kira, Kira Kira curtain call and Deardrops.
    Do you guys have any other sugestions? I really like plots like Deardrops and Kira Kira, but any romance VN will do it
    (I already looked at all of the music ones ^^)
    Can anyone tell one VN with some eroge scenes, but not focused on it? I’m perfectlly fine with VNs that have like 2 or 3 sex scenes in the whole game. In fact, I’m looking for games like this.
    Any sugestions?

    1. Maybe you can try this VN ?
      1. Yume Miru Kusuri (sweet story with silver hair girl, sorry i forgot her name)
      2. utawarerumono (sad ending, but filled with love/ rpg genre)
      3. bazooka cafe (sweet story with green hair, business woman)
      just some recommendation from me, i’ve played that games before

  34. Lol what he said. This is easily the best VN I have ever played/read all the routes have a story attached and for a F2P VN thats some accomplishment! To fully enjoy this I recomend going one route a day that way you don’t finish it too soon to really enjoy it. (also do ALL routes both good and bad) You may find yourself re-playing your favorite route/s often. this gets an 11/10 from me, a random stranger!

  35. This game has ruined all other VNs for me. It’s too hard to top the storylines. All of them. Even with the low number of adult scenes it;s still the best one ive found so far.

  36. One of the best eroges I’ve ever played, The only I miss is more avaliable girls, but ignoring that it is just wonderful, hope they release some adds for it, version 1.2 or something like that XD

  37. I am beyond impressed that something of this quality came from a team of devs over a forum dedicated to a post on 4chan. lol Major props. Anyone know if thay have a way to donate since this game is f2p? :p

    1. Considering the popularity of this, unless they just don’t want to, they’ll likely make another.

      I hope so, at least.

  38. Absolutely love this game. the story is beautiful and i fall in love with Hanako the first time i saw her in game(ofc that time i didnt know her name :P) wanted to go for her for my first playthrough. but ends up with Lilly. at least shes friend with Hanako lol xD Ok time for 2nd playthrough, Hanako FTW 😀

    1. There should be some walkthroughs for the Act one that will help you get onto each characters route. I’m sure google can help 🙂

      1. ah yes. I was following the walkthrough comment Daishi wrote up there xD i got Lilly first because i didnt know each of the chars name at first 😀

        Anyway, i finished Hanako’s route and got all her CG… but for some reason it left me feels…empty? and kinda unsatisfied ToT

        1. Well, see, the sex scene in Hanako’s route is SUPPOSED to seem forced and unfulfilling; she didn’t really want to do it, but felt at the time it was the only way she was gonna get Hisao to stay with her.

          The end scene elicited an internal cheer from me, though.

          1. Hanako’s route ended too abruptly, otherwise it could have been the best of the bunch.

  39. 1.after i save the game and after that i restart computer my save file has been gone why my save gone(where that place save)
    2.this game don’t have sound plzz telle me why??????

    Just that plzz conet my E-mail or post here i waitng your replay Admint ^^ thx

    1. I have no idea what’s wrong man.

      Try re-downloading, and if that doesn’t work, try re-downloading it from the game’s site.

      If that still doesn’t work, try asking on their tech help board, they’re more than willing to help you fix the problem.

    2. Hello!
      To your Problem with the Saves:
      The saves are somewhere in a Folder named …\…\renpy\katawashoujo_actual\ . Search for it and make a copy of the saves somewhere else on your disk if the problem can’t be solved. Maybe you have something like ccleaner executed with every boot which automatically kills everything you did on your last session?
      This game has sound! What you mean is that it has no voices.
      Why? Well this is a free game made by people who volunteered to spend a hole bunch of their lifetime to create a great game. They are no professionals and to pay for professional voice actors was impossible because the game is free. And there are not a lot of girlfriends willing to be a voice in an eroge. That’s why.
      But nevertheless, it’s still a great game, esspecially under this circumstances.

  40. this game is made by collaboration of programmers in 4chan.org, called themselves 4 Leaf Studios.

    great game, teached me to love a person despite of physical flaws.

    1. You needed to be taught to love people despite physical flaws?

      I already knew that! Hell, that’s 1st grade stuff right there!

  41. Hello, admin. First of all I want to thank you for putting up all these amazing games on a single site.
    This game and everything else has been working perfectly. However I have one question:
    How do I make the game fit to my screen? I have quite a wide monitor, and all the games except Ef (which automatically adjusts the resolution on full screen mode) appear square instead of rectangular on fullscreen mode, thus having black spaces on both sides. This is not a problem per se, but I’d highly appreciate it if you knew a solution and gave it to me.

  42. I like this game. A pity there aren’t any voices in it, though… kinda like the PC version of Deus Machina Demonbane(without the voice patch, obviously).

  43. Even without voice acting, this VN is one of the best out there. Hanako and Rin have by far some of the best stories in a VN that I have seen.
    What makes this VN so great isn’t the disability gimmick but rather the characters themselves that are unique, yet feel very human! I haven’t felt so attached to a character in a long time and I haven’t cried at the end of some of the routes since Edelweiss and Little Busters.

  44. This is the 2nd VN I have ever played (too lazy to play others =.=). And I regret playing Hanako route first T.T because imo its has the most incredible story.

    Note* that I just started playing and havent played any other routes yet =.=. I picked Hanako 1st out curiosity, mysteriously and shy cute girl is my weakness because im one as well…but as a guy (=.=!)

    1. hey i agree with ur comment there lol. Hanako was the first person that got my attention when they show the CG around the classroom. I thought: Shes really a mysterious, shy looking person with her hand over her face like that. I noticed she has scars on her hand so maybe she had some on her face too O_O;;

      that just makes me wanna know more about her. Sadly i got Lilly on my first route, but thats ok xD at least i know abit on what caused her scars

  45. Absolutely amazing game. I played it when it was stilling the making up to the end of act 1 and decided to wait until it finished. Props to everyone who worked on it. I played a couple other VNs while I waited for this to finish since it interested me so much, but none of them kept my interest. I’ve played through Emi and Lilly’s paths on this one though, and am now working through Shizune’s. Next will be Hanako and then Rin. So well made. Truly impressive. Those who worked on this deserve great jobs doing such work if they chose to continue down this path. Can’t give enough praise. Really can’t. Thank you for all of your work.

  46. help, everytime i get to a certain point in the game the game suddenly closes and opens up notepad.
    help i really want to play this game

    1. Yeah, I had that same problem too. The problem seems to be an error in renpy.

      It’s the part where he’s having an internal monologue and there’s a black transparent box over the screen, right?

      You’ll just have to hurry through it, saving every time it transitions to a new page. Once you get through it, you won’t have that problem(make sure to save at the scene “Gateway Effect” and use that for when you wanna start the game over.

    1. A Lot of people, me included, don’t know about various things like that- if this was never uploaded, then I would never have found it and never played it. oh, god, am I glad I played it.

      1. I think he was asking why they didn’t just link to the website for the download. The site and game were originally created in English.

        And, the answer to the original question is: This site profits when you use their download links, as opposed to them linking to the original site.

  47. Man~! I just finished my first walkthrough (Emi’s path). So beautiful! >_< I'm a 21 years -almost 22- guy, but still this VN almost made me cry. There were a precise scene, but I will keep the spoilers for myself. 😛

    I love this VN. It's so different to anything I've played last now. Even the player interface is different showing you the name of the current scene, the soundtrack playing that moment, how time you have played… I give this game a 9/10. The 1 point it miss is because of the ecchi CG. I don't play these games online for the ecchi content, but a little more of fanservice would be realle appreciated. LOL

    1. And know I just made sure I watched all of the possible routes in Emi’s Path: the good ones, the very good ones, the regular ones, the bad ones that turn to good ones… and even her bad ending. I hate so much the bad endings! T_T Sadly, I’m kinda of curious and want to know every possibility… even if it means going through all possible endings. D:

      1. I never did them. Only for Shizune and hers wasn’t even that bad. My friend was telling me about the bad endings and I just can’t do it. Would spoil all the routes I’ve done.

  48. OMG! I’m posting this while I’m still playing the game ’cause I had to say this: I spotted a Phoenix Wright (aka Gyakuten Saiban) reference!

    In the scene titled “Cold War”, when Shizune and Lilly start arguing there is an animation that reminds me a lot of PW: first two horizontal thumbnails of each their faces, then a full-body of them and then a close-up version whenever one of them speaked. I missed some “Objection!” there, but I LMAO for good. XD

    Well, that said I’m going to keep playing it. ^^ I hope to meet another PW reference like this one. LOL

  49. Let me just say that I absolutely love Katawwa Shoujo. Nearly all the ones I’ve seen so far have had a passable story at best.

    While obviously there is no other VN like this, are there any others that have such amazing stories?

      1. omg, THE SOUNDTRACK.
        i just loove it 😀
        and i havent finish the whole game but i right off the bat when to Riho’s route ;D
        it’s. so. good.

        do you know where to download the soundtracks?
        Thank you!

  50. Um, I heard that there was a part two to this. Is there any truth to the statement? I defiantly hope a game like this has a part 2.

  51. u know , i’ve been wondering about emi’s roue , like are there 2 illustrators? the emi in CG looks so different u know , the only CG i find close to normal is the CG when she’s on the bed after Hisao visits her.

  52. lol , hanako’s route is god damn amazing . one of the best eroge bishoujo out there ( her scars are beautiful too)

  53. im using window 7 32bit.and when i want install this game it say (window cannot access spicified device,path or file.you may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item).

  54. This is quite possibly one of the best VNs I’ve ever played. The stories are incredible, with even the weakest ones being rather good. The characters actually feel human rather than the cardboard cut-out stereotype. Don’t let the disability thing put you off, the storytelling is too good to pass up!

    Highly recommended!

    PS: In my personal opinion, you should start with something like Emi or Lilly’s route, save Shizune’s for middle and then go either Hanako or Rin route as the last one (there are only 5) as both Hanako and Rin’s routes are truly remarkable. Infact, to me, Rin’s route easily beats any other route in any other VN I’ve played.

    1. You know I really should have gone that way, but I started off with Rin. She was one of the most interesting girls I have seen in a very long time. Emi and Lilly’s route’s are great and a good warm up.

      1. A lot of my friends love rin for some reason .. but I for one really hate her… No I’m not exagerating i really hate her.. I loved hanako and Lilly rotes..
        then i liked emi.
        shizune is ok..
        but I hate rin.. so much

  55. I played 3 different routes within this game earlier in the month before my PC died, but I do agree. At first it seemed a bit odd because of the various disabilities, but you find that there’s a lot of charm within these characters that sometimes you forget about things like that, and the story goes a lot more smoothly 🙂 So far I only played with Hanako, Rin, and Emi’s routes…

  56. Excelent game. The first impression makes you think that its somewhat gross, because of their disabilities, but the conflicts of the game later on are great. I don’t recommend it for eroge, bur for thinking about the story.

  57. I am looking for the 1.3 patch. I have gone to the official website and it is in torrent form with absolutely no seeds… Also, Admin I write walk-through’s and have many walk-through’s for many of the games. I am wondering how I can go about with submitting them for this site.

    I have used this site for a while now and never dropped a thanks, but here it is. Thank you Admin!

    1. Also for those who want the walk-through for this game I can leave it here. Sorry for the long post.

      Shizune Hakamichi:
      1: Yeah, of course.
      2: Ask about Shizune’s deafness.
      3: She has a point. Attack aggressively!
      4: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.
      5: She was cute.
      6: Wait for Shizune and Misha to come to a decision.
      7: Yes.
      8: Don’t drag me into this! I’ve done my part!
      9: Take it easy.
      10: Try to dodge the subject.
      11: Refuse.

      Following this path will leave you with 3 CG’s blank. To complete the CG’s for Shizune’s route just choose to “Comfort Misha” instead of “Refuse” to unlock all remaining scenes and CGs.

      Rin Tezuka:
      1: Yeah, of course.
      2: I think I’ve got everything I need to know
      3: It’s a trap. It’s smarter to play defensively
      4: I’m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you.
      5: She wasn’t cute.
      6: Read my book
      7: Yes.
      8: Don’t drag me into this, I’ve done my part.
      9: Take it easy.
      10: Sorry, I’m not in really good condition.
      11: I’m interested in the art club.
      12: I wish I was as good as you.
      13: It makes me feel lik I’m stuck.
      14: I want to be more like Rin.
      15: You won’t get a chance like this again.
      16: What about Emi?
      17: I want to support her.
      18: Is that why you’re being so supportive of Rin?
      19: It doesn’t matter
      20: But if you found someone like that, then what?

      Follong this path will leave you with one CG blank. To complete the CG’s for Rin’s route just choose, “But aren’t you happy people are interested in your pantings?” This will unlock the remaining 1.

      Emi Ibarazaki:
      1: Yeah, of course.
      2: I think I’ve gor everthing I need to know.
      3: It’s a trap. It’s smarter to play defensively.
      4: I’m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you.
      5: She wasn’t cute.
      6: Read my book.
      7: Yes.
      8: Hey, come on. Cut me and Lilly some slack…
      9: Go for it.
      10: Offer to run with Emi.
      11: Press Emi.
      12: I suppose I can spare a few minutes.
      13: Sure, why not?
      14: Talk to her mom.

      If you follow this path you will have 1 mission CG. To unlock all CG’s for the Emi path, at the final choice, choose to “Go after her”. You will get another choice: choose to “Downplay the issue” to get the bad ending, and choose “Give in and let Misha know” to get the final CG and an alternate
      way to get back to the good ending.

      Lilly Satou:
      1: Why?
      2: Ask about the Library.
      3: It’s a trap. It’s smarter to play defensively
      4: Hi, I’m new here. Hisao Nakai. We’re in the same
      5: She was cute.
      6: Go talk with Hanakao.
      7: Maybe…
      8: Hey, come on! Cut Lilly and me some slack!
      9: Sorry, I’m not in very good condition.
      10: Go for a walk into town.
      11: Tell the truth.
      12: Ignore his insane ramblings.
      13: Ask about Hanako.
      14: Address it.
      15: Talk about Hanako.
      16: Mention the letter

      After everything is done you should have all CG’s of the Lilly route.

      Nanako Ikezawa:
      1: Yeah, of course
      2: Ask about the library.
      3: She has a point. Attack aggressively!
      4: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.
      5: She was cute.
      6: Go talk with Hanako.
      7: Yes.
      8: Hey, come on. Cut me and Lilly some slack…
      9: Take it easy.
      10: Sorry, I’m not in very good condition.
      11: Go to the library.
      12: What do you think, Hanako?
      13: Admit it.
      14: Do you want to go into the city?
      15: Agree with Lilly.

      Following this path will leave you with 3 empty CG’s. In order to unlock the other three CG’s in the Nanako route, when asked to help out in the council, choose “I’ve done enough work for the council already.”. Then, at the end of
      Act 3, choose “How about we call it a day?”. Then, in Act 4, choose “Agree with Lilly”. Also unlocks the final CG. Cut Petals – When on the phone, select “Trust my own judgment”.

        1. I don’t disagree with that one at all, but unfortunately a lot of people want to just look at the route they want to take and the answers to get them to the good ending.

  58. Hey admin, just wondering why the switch to mediafire and rapidshare? I have a Fileserv account and the ungodly slow download rates from those two selections make the games not worth it.

  59. Does anyone know if there’s a walkthrough out for this yet? Drifting around some lonely corner of cyberspace? I much prefer having a walkthrough then playing through normally, because it takes the anxiety of accidentally making a bad decision go away, which I’m quite over-sensitive to.

    1. I’ve heard of a flowchart that briefly outlines the plot, but from what I know, it’s not very detailed. However, it does do its job letting you know which decisions to make, and how they affect your game play.

      Personally, I like to play all the routes with both good and bad endings, as I’m always curious as to what could’ve been.

      You should be able to find said flowchart with a quick Google search.

      1. except nevermind my comment is awaiting moderation… didnt see that. it’s on generation otaku, katawa shoujo flow chart

  60. This VN is amazing. A masterfully-told tale, and a truly moving one at that. The girls aren’t overly cliche and are all unique (no, not because they have disabilities). The VN steps around some pretty sensitive ground with the story that encompasses it, but deals with these issues maturely and professionally.

    I, myself, was a little bit overwhelmed when I first started this VN, as I had never really had any exposure to anyone with a disability before, and I am embarrassed to admit that at first I was judgmental of such people until I played and completed Katawa Shoujo.

    The art was done to a relatively high-degree, especially given the circumstances of the production team. The music tracks are also great. Being musically-oriented myself, I have trouble liking a series or VN if the tracks aren’t enjoyable, however, again Katawa Shoujo more than fits the bill.

    Personally, I will treasure this VN, as it taught me a very valuable life lesson, and helped me to be less narrow-minded and shallow, which is no mean feat.

    Kudos to Four Leaf Studios, your hard work and determination over the years is very much appreciated!

    1. I dunno, I didn’t really think Katawa Shoujo was that good of a VN. It wasn’t really bad, but there are a lot more VNs on this site I enjoyed a lot more than Katawa Shoujo. My problem with Katawa Shoujo is that there was not overarching sense of tension or conflict (other than the obvious ones) and each heroine seemed to belong in their own bubble, never really interacting with the other heroines in novel (at least, not to the extent that I’ve seen in other VNs). This is not to say that it’s bad, but after reading a lot of the VNs on this site, Katawa Shoujo felt kinda lacking.

      However, props to the 4Leaf team for working so hard on something that was ultimately free lol that’s a lot more than I can do, and for bringing the medium of VNs to a lot wider audience.

      1. Well, of course. We are all entitled to an opinion, after all. I was just expressing my views on a VN that I enjoyed greatly. I do concede that I’m not exactly an aficionado or entrepreneur of VNs, as I have only read a handful, but I’m not one to try to compare them, as I simply enjoy them for what they are.. Maybe that’s just me. 😉

        Some routes of Katawa Shoujo, to me, were truly wholesome, and that’s precisely what reels me in. I’m also a fan of unlikely/taboo/unrequited love in fiction, so this VN was refreshing to read.

        The plot also struck a chord with me, as I’m actually under similar circumstances to Hisao, however my story isn’t quite as exciting.. 😉

        Might I ask you for other VN recommendations, perhaps ones you really enjoyed?


        1. The game has a LOT of things going for it, but it isn’t perfect either.

          Ironically one of the best things it had in it’s favor was the fact that a western team wrote it, but they hurt themselves by forcing a setting and culture they know little about (Japan) onto the game. Akward sex? Heroines that are non-virigns? A group of attractive girls in a game and it ISN’T a harem game? These things just don’t happen with Japanese eroge. I can only imagine how much better this game would have been if they would have ditched the “this is Japan” pretext and all the cliches and baggage that comes with it.

          Also all of the stories seem to just end, without a proper ending. It almost feels like that they were sick of working on it so long and just ended the game about 2/3’s of the way through. In these types of games you are supposed to have an introduction, some strife/conflict, and an eventual resolution. With many of the endings the “resolution” is a paragraph of text at worst, or a single scene at best. You never really get the felling that that conflict/strife is properly resolved. Maybe that is supposed to be the point, but to me it felt like the plots just left me hanging.

          Hanako and Rin’s “resolutions” are especially broken. I can’t even tell if they are supposed to be happy endings or not.

          And then you have really unbalanced plots as well. Without giving too much away, there is one girl you never really properly have sex with and another girl that you ask to be your girlfriend REALLY early on and yet there is no inkling of a relationship until almost the end of her arc. The sex scenes are irrelevant, but a believable plot and proper pacing is important.

          I agree about the isolated plot lines as well. The fact that you are “locked in” after act one feels a little odd.

          1. To add on to that, most visual novels have a huge first act, immersing you into the world and showing how each character interacts with each other and really giving you a sense that you belong into that world. For me, a lot of visual novels less serious than Katawa Shoujo have moved me a lot more because I’m so immersed in the setting and I can see how characters interact with each other and the world around them, something I consider very important with a visual novel. For Katawa Shoujo, it just felt to me that each character was just doing their own thing and they never really interacted with their setting as well as a lot of other visual novels do, which for me at least, made it very boring to read sometimes.

            Plus, like the guy before me earlier, there is no sense of overall conflict/dilemma, other than the obvious ones. In the end for every route, it just felt like a series of events happened that worked out in the end. That’s not really a story, that’s just a bunch of exposition. In the end, it doesn’t matter how “interesting” or “unique” your characters are, if they’re not doing anything in the story.

            Like I said earlier, in the end Katawa Shoujo just felt mediocre for me. I can understand how hard those guys worked and the passion they felt for the material, but what they wrote didn’t feel like a visual novel for me, it just felt like 5 separate stories with “unique” characters. As for unlikely/taboo/unrequited love, no path made it seem like it was that way because no conflict was properly established in most routes. Things just happened and people ended up together. I dunno why I’m making such a big deal about it but I really want people to understand that Katawa Shoujo is really just scratching the surface of what VN can truly achieve and if you liked Katawa Shoujo, know that there are a lot better VN that really deserve attention.

  61. I want to ask. i want to download the torrent from the main sites but it says act 1 what does that mean?. please reply ASAP

    1. Possibly the chapters in the game. There are I believe 4 acts to each heroine’s story. They probably separated the .arcs into each act.

  62. I discovered what the problem was, it’s related to resolution.

    But this is amazing…yeah not bad at all.

    I like the Shizune route.

    1. me too, i like the fact that misha and shizune love him but misha don’t want to ruin the friendship with shizune…this is the most touching VN that i’ve play until now( and i can put in almost in the same level of Clannad, Kanon and little busters!),i like hanako route too

  63. I keep coming across a bug that crashes the game at “I can count the ammount of times I go outside with the fingers of one hand”

    this is with both the windblows version and Linux version from the website….be warned.

    That’s right at the begining!!!, I’ll update python to make sure it’s not that.

  64. Ow damn I remember this game being deleted at my Pc because of reformatting. So does this means that the full version has been released?

    I thought that they had already stopped working on it & never going to release the full of it.

  65. I’m honestly surprised that this is fan-made. This was truly a beautiful game, although I’ve only finished 2 routes. I expected this game to be an emotionally draining one, given the circumstances of the main character, but I was honestly surprised to see only a few tear jerking moments, and I’m not afraid to say that manly tears were shed on this game. The best part though, is that I found this game on my birthday a couple of days ago. A wonderful birthday present. Thank you Admin.

  66. That certainly is an amazing Visual Novel. Damn, I’m so tired going to sleep 3 a.m. because I can’t stop reading. D:

    1. + 1 on this.

      I’ve done two solid nights reading until 4am because I’m so hooked, and I’ve only managed to complete two routes so far XD
      I’m savouring everything. The artwork is frigging beautiful.

  67. hey guys~~ I know this isn’t related to the post~~ but~~ when I browsing on internet cafe~~ the newest 3 VN’s (katawa shoujo, Koenchu! Voice Actress Tale ~You,the sky and summer~ and my girlfriend is the president) aren’t displayed at the top page~~ instead the newest is Little Buster!~~ yes i refreshed the page few times~~ the result are same~~~~ but when I browsing at home the 3 newest VN are displayed~~~ why??

    1. Your cafe or it’s ISP is using proxy cache that keeps copies of websites saved and serves them locally instead of downloading them again. You can try clicking shift-refresh to “force” redownload. If this won’t help then you should contact cafee staff – i can’t help you with this one, as it’s problem on your end.

    2. got the same problem here… still find way to fix it … my desktop is display as well but my laptop stuck with Umineko ….

      1. I’m pretty sure i heard Admin saying you could do that before but i’m not 100% sure Admin might want to confirm this.

  68. As usual, haven’t tried the game throughly, but game seems to work ok with Mac OSX Lion, and WINESKIN 2.53 (a WINE implementation for OSX ), with the WS8Wine1.1.5 engine…(other engines might work too, but I have only tried with this one)…no need to set the LANG to japanese…fonts look ok, sound ok…thanks!

    1. just search in google for “katawa shoujo walktrough” and you will find the full walkthrough for all acts

  69. (This may not be related to this game but I’m gonna say it anyway)

    Hey admin, just keep an eye out that Kikouyoku Senki Tenkuu no Yumina (Yumina the Ethereal in english) will be released in the early of 2012 so it could be somewhere on this month or next. But I will keep an eye out for you if you want me to 🙂

  70. Hey, another person whose first VN was Family Project. I’ve put off downloading this VN for the same exact reason as you…

    Secondly I was going to download is straight from their site but it’s overloaded, then I get the Rin picture that says “I’ve got no arms to hug you with” while she’s looking so nonchalant… It’s both sad and cute at the same time. I don’t understand. T_T

    I’ll still read it of course. Kinda worried about the fact it’s 18+ though, will there seriously be h-scenes…? I wonder how those’ll turn out…

    1. I’ve only played for 20-30 minutes and I’ve already seen the error of my ways! I am now a better person for reading this visual novel! These things are only an issue if you make them one! Hahaha! 😀

          1. I totally agree, aside form the good story it really drove home some feelings people might have in similar situations. Emi and Nanako were really different, trying for Lily now

  71. *giving a melancholical sigh* … KS was what brought me to VNs … loved the Act1-demo. Downloaded the full version from their site when it was released (3 days ago as of this writing). That said, thumbs up for spreading and being so quick about it Admin. You rock.

    Rin’s path has left me emotionally tired now for 2 days..

    1. Man, I can relate. Family project had the same effect for me. I couldn’t get it out of my head for many days. And now this. Maybe I should stop reading these…. but then I would miss all the great stories. (I don’t like the mindless sex ones…. as much)

      1. Yeah, Fam Project was a real good and touching one too. But in difference to KS, it didn’t touch me in such a sad way, but sent me into rage again and again, because i dislike those, let’s say, “abusive” stories.
        Anyway, if you liked Fam Project, you should try Kanon – it has some really touching stories too. =)

        Btw. if anybody wonders/worries about the 18+ – the H-scenes can be disabled (just as the girls, ha ha ha. Boy, now i feel bad) but are anyway made in just the same sensitive way as the rest of the game. Except maybe for Emi’s Path 😉

        1. Yeah, I played Kanon too. It didn’t have the same effect. But KS, I really really liked. For some reason, at the time I read it, Fam Pro really hit me hard.(in a good way.) Though I never finished Chunhua’s route as she just didn’t interest me enough.

          On another note, I fail to see what you mean by “abusive”. Could you elaborate? Don’t be offended. I’m just curious.

          1. I mean that all of the paths at Fam. Project deal with abuse in one way or another. Chunhua sold herself and probably got (ab)used even more, Jun sold herself, the whole angle with Masumi’s husband and the background of Aoba wasn’t much better. At least one could protect Matsuri before any harm was done. I mean, it’s nothing as f***ed up as “Hitomi – My Stepsister” (I’d say, it’s another kind of rage. One is positive and caring, the other is simply “WTF?!”), but it simply pushes my buttons and i go into “protector on white horse”-mode, if you know what i mean. I think, maybe I’m not the type for such stories… … … so, now going to play “Maiden Rape Assault – Violent Semen Inferno” … that sounds nice and romantic … …

            Sirious through, any recommendations else for someone who liked stuff like KS, Fam.Project, Ever17 and such?

          2. @Nizzy, im not really sure. alot of the really good ones made me hurt bad. if youre looking for something sweet and good, theres Clannad & Little Busters( as with any of the KEY company games), Wanko to Kurosu( tho half way its just fukafukafuk), Galaxy Angel, Symphonic Rain, and Planetarian.

            other than those i havent played any others that were sweet and calming for the mind

            these are violent(very) and sex oriented but actually have a decent story in a way: Cross+channel, Sengoku Rance(the main story made me cry a lil but i wouldnt recomend the other rance games cause theyre all extreme), swan Song, and Yume Miru Kusari.

            These i recomend after you feel like your up to a different change of pace but they may not be your cup of tea. I know because it was hard to push myself thru some of these… ;_;

          3. @nizzy: Manly man above me gave some good suggestions. It’s really been a while since I’ve last read a good vn other than KS, and you’ve likely read about every one that I can think of. (not many, for instance I haven’t read ever17)

          4. @hohoi
            Manly men aim to please(tho im not actually that manly). Thank you for the words of appreciation and you are welcome. you make me feel like a hero 🙂


    2. Lol..I feel you. I cried like a baby and was emotionally unstable after playing Kana Little sister~ That was my gateway VN.

  72. This was awesome! I though it was gonna be heavy drama but it was rather bearable. Sure, few tears were shed, but the endings were pretty epic. Hanako and Lilly FTW!

    And Admin, I think you should have stated in the discrimination that this is a free project, hence no voice. Maybe people will be more open-minded with their accusations…

    1. I’d also add that not only is it fan-made, it’s also an OELVN, so even if it *did* have voices, they would be in English, not Japanese. A lot of people seem to think this was translated.

      And yes, this game is amazing, or the more so because it’s a fan-work. These guys deserve a shit-ton of praise.

    1. well this is translated by the same creators of the game and i guess they were 2 lazy 2 add voice so yeah

      1. this game is not a translated game, it’s a OELVN, an original fan made game by 4leaf
        and it’s not that “they were 2 lazy 2 add voice” it’s a fan made, so they didn’t have that big of a budget to add voice acting..
        it’s a GOOD game, and you got it for FREE, so just be grateful already..

  73. First, i would like to thank you admin for this rapid fire of nice VNs and secondly something ive been itching to ask for a while now. How is work going with forum ? And are you going to do some kind of chat on site ?(Chatango is easy to add to site i think). Im asking because its hard to check all those games for comments and help people, it would be much easier with forum or chat, not to mention it would be nice to discuss with other people what they think about this and that.

    1. I played only three routes and while it is an emotional rollercoaster, the endings were nice and heartwarming. One of them wasn’t even sad, it was mostly romance. So don’t worry, try it out. 🙂

        1. That one, after you play it, look in your events. There are four extra slots after that ending implying a second one.

        2. It continues after the credits. If it doesn’t, you probably screwed up somewhere. (And like LT: If it actually stops four scenes short…. Well, try again.)

  74. @sadfaced,

    well its a fan-project, the whole game. So it would be quite expensive to get a good seiyuu cast for it 😉

    1. Eroge that u mentioned is still in middle of translation , so right now no one knows whats going to be next ( im placing my bets on Forest or Monmusu Quest(or Majikoi if u count partial patches in)).

  75. I seen this on a hentai manga website and I can’t find a way to play it… Now you gave it to us.

    A thousand blessings! A wonderful year’s gift!

    1. It’s not rally a wonder if you couldn’t find a way to download it. I mean the game came out on Wednesday (4.1.2012)

    1. I don’t know about it being free or not, but, even if the Admin require me to pay, I’m okay with it..since its almost impossible for to get this kind of game ‘officially’ in my country, gotta pirate it one way or another..

      so, cheers for the Admin!

  76. Wow admin! I read about this game along time ago and I never thought I would have a chance to play it. Thank you 🙂

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