Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers

Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers

The war with the Val-Fasq begins in earnest while a couple of refugees from the legendary EDEN (the place origin of both the White Moon and Black Moon) arrive to beg the Transbaal Empire (and the legendary hero Takuto Meyers) for help. Takuto and his Angel’s relationship is also put into serious jeopardy as his duties preparing for the war with the Val-Fasq keep them apart with increasing frequency.

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  1. Managed to play this one in the end and like Moonlit Lovers, I had no problems getting it to play the scenes although the time it takes to load up a battle takes a lot longer than the previous two games.

    It’s probably a hardware issue on my PC, but at least it works fine.

  2. I think there is a problem with the full download, i can get the file but the File wont unzip the dvd can you please reupload it

  3. Played the previous two games and thought Tact was pretty dumb in some scenarios but fairly tolerable in others. Playing GA:EL now, having gone through two routes, he has gotten dumber by miles to the point of eye rolling exasperation. “My girlfriend has misunderstood and thinks I’m cheating. I know, why don’t I ask the girl she’s jealous of out for tea in the Lounge where everyone can see us?? Nobody will possibly misunderstand the situation…” I mean, seriously, this is just borderline retardation. Nice work writers!

    1. Oh yeah, this game employs the “moment killer” trope ad nauseum. Once or twice, I can understand an inconvenient event to interrupt an important moment but for the writers to employ it at every opportunity in EVERY route is just utter laziness. The characters are fun, but the plot lines they’re placed in makes me want to barf in my mouth.

  4. everytime that i start the fisrt mission the game crash and my computer freeze, do not pop up nothing, the screen just freeze and nothing work anymore. Can anyone help me?

  5. Hello I have been having this error pop up every time I start the game. I wonder if this is my issue for having sound, no video when watching the cinematic opening. I noticed that this error does not hinder the game play at all I can play it perfectly fine. I have checked all my settings. I have noticed that when playing the GA trio the first and third one cinematic, give me sound and no video. and moonlight lovers the second game in the series plays perfectly fine. this is the error code I receive for the third game.

    Thank you
    PC specs Windows 7 64 bit 6 G ram and 2.80 GHz

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: EnvCheck.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 41008520
    Fault Module Name: StackHash_2d31
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 00000000
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 2d31
    Additional Information 2: 2d31ab2015ddc9a1ee65a0f259407779
    Additional Information 3: 9769
    Additional Information 4: 97691da9f0d7ed305b932300c1b49e99

    1. I know this topic is pretty old, but did you try to start the game with Microsoft AppLocale (start it as an admin)? If it doesn’t work, try to set you Date/Time settings to Japanese (seriously, no need for any other locale options, so you don’t even need a restart)

  6. i already finished Galaxy Angel, and Galaxy angel moonlit lovers. But i suddenly got a problem at the eternal Lovers. When the battle start it’s always not responding. My friend play it just fine. Can someone give me any advice. Oh yeah the film on the game, there’s only sound no image. well my friend encounter the same but he still can play it Smoothly. So please tell me how to fix it

  7. Anybody know how to get the English sub on the movies? Ty in advance, by the way if anyone wants to see videos about this game then search name I used here at youtube.

  8. i love this game bot the last mission is dificult and many people is complete this game and i not and i need angel galaxy enternal lovers all of CG 100% save game

    1. the link below is from a video of my youtube channel that I used to finish all six scenarios, which hopefully should help you, finish it, as for the save files I’m not sure where to find it.

  9. i need this game 100% save because the last mission on this game is dificult and i need this game 100% save

  10. Had same problem. Turns out if you change the resolution in-game, that isnt the default, the text, the minimap, and the icons will be miss aligned.

  11. Hey there.

    I recently uninstalled GAET to fix an issue with the text and icons being all screwed up in battles. I installed it again with no problems, applied the patch without the gadat020.p00 and gadat020.pak files. I read that doing this would fix my problem, but now I can’t even start the game. Everytime I try to start it a message pops up saying “Old virsion binary table. Not supported.” I tried to apply the two files to the rest but to no avail. I have disabled the desktop compostion thing, but still nothing. Btw, the game worked fine before despite the issues in battles.. I use windows 7 x32.

  12. Installed this just like I have all of the others, but am unable to see the movies. First time I had ever had a problem with installation of a game from this site. Any help would be appreciated. Windows 7 x64

    1. Never mind. Found the issue. Just need to Disable Desktop Composition in the Compatibility Tab under Properties.

    1. That is very unlikely, because they are for ps2 and people don’t like translating ps2 games (or console games in general)

      1. actually if you go to the translator’s site for the Galaxy Angel Games and look around they have a post with a link to a group who are going to do the first Galaxy Angel II after they finish the translation of Shuffle Essence+

        ofcause since any good translation takes time you probably won’t see it for a couple of years, Fate/Hollow is expect to be done sometime this year is progress keeps up so that’ll mean it took them about 1 1/2 and that’s got a recent fan base because of Fate/Zero and Unlimited Blade Works so there are going to be loads of people who want to see this done and support it, Galaxy Angel 2 however is different since data on Galaxy Angel dates back to 2008 with the anime’s 4 season release however anime series which are 15 minutes long and are group in 2 normally don’t get high attention because TV time slots normally work on 30 minute basis and really what inspires translations of games is the anime, reason why i suspect that there is going to be an influx of sales for Fate/Hollow and Fate/Stay Night when the translation of Fate/Hollow is done and season 2 of Fate/Zero comes out

        our best hope is that when the Galaxy Angel 2 translation is done is might spark up the fan base again since after all, in our current age anything over a year is normally too old, particular in games and if it does spark up the translation for the other 2 Galaxy Angel 2 games might be done quicker, reason why if you do plan to download anything here, do so but also buy the original game to show your support, even if you don’t ever use the actual disks you show that you will go that extra mile

  13. yo having some problems with the game, i beat chitose route, and i went to the gallery but when i click in specific cgs they dont full screen, also theres one cg that is in the gallery that i dont remeber appearing in the game and it also doesnt go in fs

  14. It seems that AVG has fixed their trojan alert, as long as you updated your AVG using the latest ver, the trojan alert won’t be a problem…
    I think

  15. hey guys is there any ways i can overwrite corrupted or broken files like part 1 and 4? I redownloaded it and still get the same result?

  16. Hey um not really new at these games but I cant figure out where to put the english patch files from the rar? Where do I place these to make the game english?

  17. Probably just me being overly cautious but the dvd seems to install a trojan onto your computer which avg flags.

    I’m not sure if it’s an actual trojan or not but paranoia dictates that I need to find a different way to get the game.

      1. Same here..
        The file seems to install trojan and AvG flags it..
        I’ve tried to torrent it, seems like the files I got (ISO) contains this problem..

  18. can someone help me please, every time i press the setup it comes out in some weird language that i don’t know, when i downloaded all the files. Can someone help me?

    1. Let c, do u change your pc to regional and language to japanese? try change it n install back the game.. that weird language u c is japanese, done install then patch the english then everything will be in english.. =D

    1. Go to Configuration and look at the second lowest box thing.
      This is where you turn voices on and off. click it so it turns simillar to other box things to turn voices on. You can change voice volume from those things on it’s right side.
      If you can’t click it, try to reinstall the game.
      Remember to pick larger option (Over 2gt) in the installer.

  19. can samwan help me?
    i dled the game but when i extract the rar it says error…
    tried it on winrar…
    says that the iso is corrupt 😛

    1. Parts 1 to 4 are 505MB in size and part 5 is 283MB. If they’re lower than the exact size then you have ro redownload them again.

  20. Remember to keep checking seiha org’s website for the Alpha/beta and patch update editions. The translator is still working on em there.

  21. I liked the game, and the story was good up to the 4th to last battle (for the sake of not spoiling any plot elements) after which the main storyline felt… rushed… a LOT. Also the lack of a character specific epilogue is disappointing. Great story overall though.

  22. Can someone help me please i cant get it to work at all, every time i try to play it a box comes up with a red x and a lot jap words i have mounted it and set loc to jap and it says there are 4 Trojans?

  23. can anyone help me when the battle start it always freezing on me big time, tried the solution above and it’s not working
    i’m using Windows XP and have played the other two GA just fine
    (it’s freezes right before an attack)

    1. I said it above, try changing the decimal symbol to dot in regional and language settings, then it will not freeze. If you don’t know how to then go to control panel, click the regional and language options and customize the Standards and formats. You’ll see decimal symbol there. If you don’t want to mess around then simply change to Japanese. Your keyboard will probably be messed up a bit but hey, at least it will work.

      1. Have a question.. to those who played the game.. does the translation sometimes overlaps the dialog box when you played?

        1. Only during battles, and only if you changed the resolution. If it’s the same for you, then when you install the game don’t apply the two files gadat020 and gadat020.p00 from the translated patch. Keep just those two original ones and then it will be fine. You won’t have translated options during the fight but hey… it’s a small sacrifice.

          1. Oh isee.. thanks for the info.. Atleast I don’t have to view their conversations agin..xD i’ll re-install them right now and see what happens..

        1. Using the advice from Crim, I managed to make the game from full screen to window and the movies show perfectly, but the new problem is that all the saves that I have do not appear in the window mode, but in the full screen one.

  24. Thanks for the upload admin. But I have to say that the first and the second game were better story and characterization wise. The last one didn’t go with a bang as I have hoped. Plus, the ending looks unfinished. It was much better handled in the previous games.

  25. I installed the game fine but for some reason it won’t start when I hit the start button on the auto-run menu an error message shows up and the game won’t start, any suggestions?

  26. Are there any translation dialogue errors on the patch or is it fully translated? Thanks

    @Inferno probably two problems: 1) the time limit of 600 seconds or 10 mins before next download, or 2) it loop before it got connected. Use both filesonic and fileserve to download alternately since they’re interchangeable.

  27. I’m having trouble downloading through FileServe… … Am I the only one? Or are the links down?…

    Funny.. Since i could still use my fileserve premium on other files from other sites tho…

    1. I just finished Vanilla’s route too (first time playtrough), and I’ve encountered some small problems as well.
      1) None of the videos were subbed ( not that big of a deal since I have a vague idea what they’re saying about 70% of the time anyway but it would have been nice to know exactly)
      2) One CG never showed up in game, and when i noticed it in the “Appendix” it wouldn’t show fullscreen when clicked.
      3) After the credits rolled I got another CG for her route but no text, and when clicking it in the “Appendix” it goes fullscreen but after that the game freezes.

  28. Any1 else having a problem with the first battle? Every time i start the first battle game freezes. Dunno why but like 10 seconds into the fight game just stops. Any1 got any idea?

    I got win 7 x64.

      1. Lol it works actually now :/

        Do you know maybe how to fix the issue with resolution… If i set it on anything except 640*480 everything gets fucked up.

        1. You can keep the original gadat020 and gadat020.p00 files, not from the patch, and then it will work. You will not have the translated names and commands during battles but at least you can change the resolution.

  29. OMG!!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!! Thank you soooo much!!! I have been waiting for this!!!! you have the greatest of my gratitude!!! You don’t know how happy I am….

  30. I have a problem when I install the patch. During the battles the English words are not in the chat box. Menu and other icons are all messed up. Tried messing with options and putting it into window mode but nothing helped. It’s fine when I run without the English patch so… what is the problem?

    1. screen resolution . if you put wide screen resolution it gets all messed up. Put on 1024*768 then it should be all fine.

  31. thanks for this game, its realy great.

    I have a problem, i can start the game and play, but can not see a video, even the intro is only a black screen and the music is woking. Please help.

    1. i found out, if i change the 32 bit mode too 16 bit mode, i can see the video, but then the menü is not english.

      i must now safe bevor video, go outtoo main menü, change bit, see video and atfer i must change back,it would be really nice if anyone can help me.

      1. I had this problem on Windows 7 x64, and was able to fix it by right-clicking gael.exe, going to properties, compatibility, and selecting “Disable Desktop Composition.”

  32. Well, there goes my joy in the smug knowledge that I was one of the lucky few westerners that could play and understand this gem. 🙁

    Best one in the original trilogy imo. And I wish they carried on using Millie and co as the main charaters, instead of switching to the Rune Angels in GA2.

  33. Yes guys, this is a continuation of the story. If you want to get what is going on then play in this order, Galexy Angel then Moonlit Lovers and then Eternal Lovers. This is an awesome game with fun gameplay. 🙂

  34. Sorry to tell you guys but the translation isn’t complete. There are lots of bugs to be fixed and the translation need more editing. Though it is still playable.

  35. Thank you so much. I was honestly surprisded seeing this so soon after the second game

    This marks the final of Galaxy angel first gen right? I heard the 2nd gen are with new characters (One is actually Milfie’s sister!) and a new protagonist
    Anyway thanks for the awesome work admin

  36. Admin the way you posted them makes it look like Moonlit Lovers comes before Eternal Lovers will it matter what order we play them in?

    1. Yes, this one is third in series. I didn’t play it yet, but description suggest that you should play second one before. I’m going to post it today/tommorow anyway.

    2. Moonlit lovers is a dirrect sequal to Galaxy Angels and ethernal lovers is a dirrect sequal(did i write it correctly) to Moonlit lovers. playing in wrong order WILL HEAVILY SPOIL PREVIOUS GAMES!

  37. Oh shit! Since Seiha stopped at translating Moonlit Lovers, I thought there would be no chance to finish the last title. Love you so much admin! Thank you!!!!!!!

  38. BTW, there are 3 titles of this VN according to vndb, Galaxy Angel Moonlit Lovers, Galaxy Angel Eternal Dawn and Galaxy Angel two of them already translated so…as the name here seems as an extrange mixture of these, just wondering which one this one is…???=)

    1. Never heard of Eternal dawn.
      There are 7 titles in this series. 3 of them have been translated to english:
      Galaxy Angel
      Galaxy Angel Moonlit Lovers
      Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers
      I’m going to post Moonlit Lovers tomorrow.

      Untranslated titles are:
      Galaxy Angel 2: Door to the Absolute Area
      Galaxy Angel 2: The Key to the Infinite Corridor
      Galaxy Angel 2: Eternal Recurrence of the Moment
      All 3 are PS2-only titles, meaning it’s unlikely they’ll get translated anytime soon, due to difficulties in patching PS2 games.

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