Galaxy Angel Moonlit Lovers

Galaxy Angel Moonlit Lovers

Moonlit Lovers, revolves around the battles with remnants of Eonia’s forces led by General Rezum and later a mysterious woman named Nephilia who claimed to be a member of a race called the Val-Fasq. A new member of the Angel-tai, Karasuma Chitose, is also introduced.

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  1. Well, I finally got around to playing this one and it was even better than the first one. I got the scenes to play perfectly in this one and it just seems to work well without any problems. 🙂

  2. First off, let me say how awesome this site is. Second, I’m having a problem getting Moonlit Lovers to work. I can install the game, Chitose add-on, and the English patch just fine. When I go to play the game, an error box (with the white x inside the red circle) pops up with Japanese text. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, as I installed the first GA and it runs just fine (I haven’t gotten to any fights yet though).

    Please help, as I would love to play this when I finish GA.

  3. I have a problem with the packege-(PAK) files.
    Cant find a program to extract the patch.
    Can sameone recommend me a program to extract the English patch please.
    Thank you

  4. I just ended 2 of the routes (Milfie and Ranpha), but all the videos are mixed (even there appear videos from Eternal Lover). Can someone tell me how to fix this?

    1. I have discovered what the problem was…

      I hadn´t installed my graphic video card drivers before… That fix it the problem.

      Sorrry x that XD

  5. Hey, I am trying to get the Chitose add-on to work. When I try to mount the .iso and run it, I get an error saying that the add-on isn’t compatible with my version of Windows (Windows 7). Can someone please help? I got the game installed alright, though.

  6. is this the full patch because last time there were only translations for i gues Milufillus and someone elses route the others were only partially translatet.

  7. and now the filesonic link has disabled T.T

    “All sharing functionality on FileSonic is now disabled. Our service can only be used to upload and retrieve files that you have uploaded personally.

    If this file belongs to you, please login to download it directly from your file manager.”

    what now?…..

  8. the megaupoad site has been taken down…
    is this site would be o.k?
    i love this site and you’re like master yoda to me admin…
    i hope this site would be survived.

    1. oh and i have tried to download part3 since 8 hour ago ( i can download anything else) but part3 link always give me this massage
      “You can not access this page directly. Please use the website to start your download or contact us in case of problem.

      If the problem persists, clear your cookies and try again.”

    2. Don’t worry about it. It happened already before, and we returned even stronger and better as a result.
      As for download problems – i already contacted filesonic about it.

  9. is the voice really in mute once the english patch is copied?

    i actually downloaded the patchfirst before the Chitose ADD-ON

      1. Try uninstalling and remove it completely and re-install it with the sequence as the installation guide says. It works for me

    1. You’ll need to make a shortcut of GAML (note: a shortcut, not a copy of the application).

      Right click on it then choose properties. On shortcut tab you will see Target, add -w at the end of the line you will able to play it on window mode. For example: “M:\Program Files\BROCCOLI\GAMoonlitLovers\GAML.exe” -w.

  10. Those who have trouble with in English patch! after you install the add on and the English patch, try to to restart you computer because I had the same problem then after I restart my lap top the game work with the English translation.

  11. admin, would you mind checking the fileserve Chitose addon and English patch? because i keep getting “the file is no longer accessible” when i try them.

      1. okay it works fine now, maybe it was something on my side for a while? anyway thanks for posting them in the first place, and now my download will probably finish just as i finish the first one for the final time to get the Shiva CG’s 😛

  12. Wow, these 2 “expansions” came out 2 days after i finished (almost,there are 5 CG’s i have no idea how to get unless there’s a no-girl/all-girls route) Galaxy Angel XD

    1. Those are not expansions but separate games. Actually moonlit lovers came out some time ago, but i just realized it’s missing on site when i posted Eternal Lovers 🙂

      1. yeah i was thinking about “sequels” not “expansions” but the word just didn’t come up at the time (happens sometimes since English is not my mother tongue).

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