Moon’s story revolves around a mysterious organization known as Fargo. The protagonist of the story is a young girl named Ikumi Amasawa who discovers that Fargo was involved with the death of her mother Miyoko Amasawa six years before the story begins. Miyoko, who would often make special cream stew for her daughter, was a member of Fargo. Following this revelation, Ikumi joins Fargo to discover how and why her mother died while also slowly uncovering the group’s disturbing nature of harnessing psychic abilities through torture. Ikumi ultimately wants to take out her revenge against Fargo for killing her mother.

Ikumi had been one of ten girls her age that gathered at a seminar for people who wanted to join Fargo; she had been ordered to get on a truck which would take the small group to Fargo, and on the ride, Ikumi meets two other girls with similar goals in mind as her. One of the girls is named Haruka Mima who joined Fargo in order to save her older brother. She starts to work with Ikumi for the sake of their mutual goals. The second girl is named Yui Nakura who is searching for her older sister Yuri Nakura who joined Fargo in order to obtain the ‘invisible power’, a kind of extrasensory perception. Yui has an optimistic personality which hides a gloomy past of which she has no memory of. Each of the girls have a strong will to complete their respective purposes, and they help each other along the way.

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  1. too bad there isn’t a read me or anything for the free install but *shrug* am I suppose to merge all “image1” files?

  2. Hi I don’t know if anyone will see this but can anyone explain how to set this game up after I have downloaded all the parts?

  3. I found this a very beautiful and deep albeit melancholy story. Aside from certain complications with installing the game and getting it to work 100% it was definately worth every effort. It’s not particulary sugar-coated though, the road to a somewhat happy ending isn’t all that obvious : )

  4. I know this page is likely dead but I have an error that pops up whenever I try to open the application where is a bunch of random symbols but then does nothing. No clue how I am supposed to fix this I am on windows 7 tried going in as admin and using compatibility mode but it just comes up with the same thing every time. Please help

    1. Set your system locale to Japanese.

      You might have to uninstall and reinstall the game after setting the locale (and restarting your computer as part of setting the locale).

  5. Is this game a .iso or is it an Extract and play game? would really love to know it sounds a good game 😀

  6. **SPOILER**
    How do you flee from Haruka when she chases you in day 14, I tried several forms but always found me and I end killing her.

  7. So after installing the game and the patch, I’ve run into an issue…
    The game runs fine, I can read and make choices but when I right click to bring up the menu, it doesn’t appear. I have to hover my cursor around the screen to get buttons like “Game End” “Return” “Title” “Cursor” and stuff to appear.
    So I don’t think I can save/load like this…also the intro videos doesn’t appear I just get audio from it

    Anyone know what the problem is and how to fix this?

    Here are screen shots of the errors

    Menu Problem:

    Video Problem:

    1. Got the same problem… and also the video stop, more like the screen just freeze but the song keeps on playing whenever i hit the mouse… wht is this all about….

      i have already 4 game failed to play…
      Canvas 2
      Casual Romance club
      and Moon now….

    2. I don’t know if it’ll help,
      but try running it in Win XP SP3 Comp. Mode
      with Administrator privileges.

      I got rid of the menu Problem I had that way(Title Menu).

  8. Hey I am having an error whenever I load up the game, (Probly me missing something completely obvious) but it says “Init.snx(bunch of japanese characters) in mf_init()” If anyone knows how to get past this please let me know, I really am interested in playing this from what I’ve heard.

    1. Chances are, you haven’t installed the game before running English patch. If you were wondering what to do with the CDI file as I was at first, look into downloading MagicISO maker and with that you can convert it to a standard ISO file which you can mount and install in Japanese normally, then run the english patch.

      I noticed this post was about 3 years ago, but I thought I’d post anyway in case anyone else has this problem. I didn’t really see an answer anywhere on here. Sorry for long post.

  9. The game isn’t letting me save. I go to the menu hit save and the “save complete” message comes up but the slots stay blank meaning the actual save files aren’t being created anyone else have this happen and/or know how to get around it?

      1. wasn’t an admin issue actually I solved the problem about 10 minutes after I posted (which almost always happens whenever i hit a snag and ask for help lol). I removed the english patch and then tried to play the game in its natural state just long enough to see if it would save which it did then I reinstalled the patch and after that I could save in the translated version

  10. for window 7 64 bit
    I ran exe in compatibility mode [Window XP(Service Pack 2)] for the game to “actually” work

    otherwise it would just give me a blank black or white screen after the intro

    1. Thank you SO MUCH for this information.
      I’ve been trying to get this game to work for over a year, and I had no idea it would be something so simple.
      You are now my hero. *-*

  11. here is “MY” walkthrough to true route
    most important choices are in Elpod
    if choice is not list meaning it does not affect your story
    In order to achieve true end BOTH YUI and HARUKA MUST ESCAPE ALIVE

    Day 2 – Haruka[Are you really ok?-> Dont press her]
    Day 3 – Elpod[Maybe->I think I can->Come clean->It was emberasing]
    Yui[I’ll look for her]
    Day 4 – Elpod[Answer-> why do you ask->ask]
    Day 6 – Elpod[Answer->Yes->Admit]
    find yui in Relaxation room[choose>better go back building B(other choice will left her in despair/death)]
    Day 7 – Elpod[I am->There is]
    Day 9 – Elpod[I know-> I should break through]
    Day 10- Elpod[Undo my restrain-> Maybe->No]
    Day 12- Elpod[No, that’s not true->I’ll end without hurting anyone]
    Day 13- Elpod[Because Haruka tried so hard for me-> let’s stop after this]
    Day 15- emergency
    Day 20- FINAL BOSS[first 3 choices dont matter CHOOSE> IGNORE-> BUY-> BATH]

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