Pretty Soldier Wars A.D. 2048

Pretty Soldier Wars AD 2048

The apocalypse known as “The Third” occured as a result of mankind’s tasting the deadly fruit of nuclear technology. The massive radiation released in the holocaust of world war mingled with the genetic fallout from biological weapons, creating horrific mutations that came to be called “Yoju”. These beasts bred in the bodies of humans and multiplied, covering the blighted landscape and pushing humanity to the brink of extinction.

It is now the year 2048. As mankind’s final gamble in the struggle against the Yoju, a squad of genetically engineered cyborgs was created – the A.S.S.P. Its members posess combat ability far beyond that of normal humans, and have been programmed with the complete database of anti-Yoju strategies and tactics researched over years of war. These female biosoldiers have become humanity’s last line of defense against total annihilation, and you have been chosen to command them.

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  1. ”There will be no voice or sound effects because the system does not support ADPCM files. Do you wish to continue? (CODE = 0:0) How to fix it? I use windows 7. I try to fix this problem but notting work…..

  2. For thoose who’s thinking combat is too difficult in this game yet would like to finish it here’s a little trainer I made:

    downloadani me tqnxjv37fve3 PrettySoldierWars-_GodMode.EXE


    1. Have you tried changing the region setting to jap in your computer’s option? Did you download every part correctly without any corrupted files? Maybe your antivirus is blocking some part of the game when you decompress it? (it happened to me so I had to configure it or shut it down to play) Good luck

  3. Has anybody seen the sequel of this game in english? I’ve found it on a japanese website but I couldn’t get my hand on it. Please uploader, can you give it a chance? I really wanna try the rest of the adventure even if it’s not in english and I’m sure it’s the same for the others…

  4. After having played through the game twice to get all the scenes and missing 1-2 each time, I was wondering if their was a kind enough soul who could post a 100% save so I could call it quits with this game.

  5. i tried playing the first stage but when i try to leave the character select screen i am given an error saying the scenario data can’t be loaded, any help would be appreciated

  6. heeeeeeeeeelp when i started the game appeared can’t use the connected file CGD Does anyone knows how to fix this?
    P.D. Helppppppppppppppppp

  7. Oh yeah the game give u many female character but i can’t get a single scene with even 1 of them in it. Instead all i get is just a bunch of women getting r*pped by tenticals.

  8. The game is broken. It’s a turn-based strategy game but it does not have counter attack, u need counter attack in this kind of game because it reduce the time u need to play the game. I don’t care much about hit rate and all but what really annoy me is that u have to click every time a character move. It doesn’t matter if it’s your or the enemy, unlike other games when i can just simply do something else while it’s the enemy turn instead i have to spend hours after hours clicking just to get it over with. I just want to say, unless the gameplay is improve nobody and i mean nobody who is a fan of turn based strategy game would ever want to play this game or its sequel.

  9. not verry difficult…its just moderate i think..but im agree its too short ^__^..but i cant open mv11 to get it..anyone have idea??

  10. Pardon, but I need some help with this. I launch the game using the files here and all I get is music, a black screen, and loading errors for many files. Any help at all would be much appreciated.

  11. Can someone tell me another visual novel like this game? i want vn with strategy gameplay on it.. so please anyone tell me.

  12. Wow, this game is annoying as hell. It works fine and all but the missions are tough as hell. Actually rather than tough it takes waaayyyy too long. Basically each character has a turn and so does each enemy, and there are so many enemies one round can take atleast 5 minutes and one sub mission takes atleast 20 rounds or so. Each mission is divided into multiple sub missions too so i’d say atleast an hour or so per mission. I cleared the first and gave up on the game by the second mission. All i can say is ‘Don’t let your better characters get killed during sub missions. If that happens you won’t be able to use them during the rest of the mission which is a pain in the ass since the enemies get stronger after each sub mission.’

    1. Try google, it’s easy. The hardest thing is to learn how the program works. Use the tutorial that is in the program. When you learn how to use the “cheat engine”, all games will be easier.

  13. can somebody please help me out with some battle strategies or anything at all to help me get trough the game? i’ve made it to the 3rd mission (school) but i almost always lose 3 or more members before i can make it to the next level and that’s if i’m really lucky.PLEASE somebody i need assistance

    1. Step 1 – Download Cheat Engine
      Step 2 – Use Cheat Engine
      Codes: Alpha HP 01A0827E 2byte
      Saeko HP 01A082F6 2byte
      Marie HP 01A082A6 2byte
      Haruka HP 01A08346 2byte
      Ayumi HP 01A0836E 2byte
      Mikako HP 01A0831E 2byte
      Step 3 – Be Happy!!

      Tip: The chance of success increases if you stand still for a turn before shooting.

      1. Misa HP 01A082CE 2byte

        It’s a shame, but the game ends after the third mission in the school …

        Part 2 (untranslated)
        Zoku Youjuusenki ~Shin Setsu Sajin no Mokushiroku~

        Part 3 (untranslated)
        Youjuu Senki 2 -Reimei no Senshi-tachi-

  14. admin , i wan to ask that … about 2011 which is last year dy games .. about how long only can have english translate??

  15. admin, the mediafire links are broken T T

    also, i want to ask a few questions.
    1. will you make torrent for all the games?
    2. Can you upload white album (1998) game? It’s not yet translated actually. And the game itself is totally hard to find. Been searching for it a long time myself.

    Thanks!! ^^

  16. please ppl check the faqs section for how to install and etc
    i’ll help you i think ==”

    now how am i suppose to download while the FS gone ==”
    go Admin you’re da best ~

  17. i can get the installation to start… all it shows is Bin file name fas-pswa and CUE File name fas-pswa.cue pls help me on this

  18. Hey, I’m experiencing a lil’ problem with the extraction of the BIN file. It says that the CRC failed and that the file is corrupt for RAR 2 and 3. Help would be much appreciated

  19. Hey, I am unable to extract the BIN file. It says ‘Packed data failed’ and ‘File is corrupt’for rar 2 and 3. A little help will be much appreciated.

  20. did you all really miss all the time… ’cause 4 me its not… you just have to be in the ‘right’ range and in the ‘right’ position… :3 there is the percentage of hit in the game right

    1. There’s a % to hit displayed but it’s a f**king lie. You need to divide the value you see by about 5 for the real value.

      1. yeah, it could be a lie but I still manage hit the enemies when I do it according to the percentage… one way I know it is that, if you or your enemies don’t move from a certain location the hit% percentage is higher and my hit percentage DID reach 80-100% X3

  21. The sex scenes on this game were absolutely terrible… I know a picture is worth a thousand words and all but… that’s essentially what they are on this game. Coupled with the FRUSTRATINGLY difficult combat, this is really not worth the effort.

  22. I get to the first deployment, choose my characters, and then it says that it can’t find the map data…a little help please? >w<

  23. This was one of the worst visual novels I’ve played. I’m glad I didn’t buy this and tried it out from a download first.

    Download, purchase, rent, borrow… regardless of how you get this this game is not worth your time.

  24. Lol… the only way I was able to beat this game was through cheating… I used T-Search. All my girls’ accuracy, damage, and affection ratings went up to 100%… only did this for the CGs though. Getting killed over and over again and missing over and over again gets really old, so yeah.

  25. ok whoever made the battle part of the game is a sadist or this game was made for masochists characters that are supposed to be accurate are not ,CQB “units” cant hit a thing even with 60-80% hit chance,the game really asks things that are difficult even for experianced turn based players,i think most ppl woud quit during one of the 3 stages of the first mission im at 3 stage of 2nd mission and i have to take out all enemys(there is always 2-3 times as much as youres) within 30 turns.
    The game is bearly passable think of it as an x-com style game thats japanease,has tentacle rape ,that dosent even have item options(as far as ive seen)
    Though the game coud work if further tweaked and added more options in “HQ mode”(interaction)

  26. Urgh… I remember this game… MissedMissedMissedMissedMissedMissedMissedMissedMissedMissedMissedMissedMissedMissedMissedMissedMissedMissedMissedMissedMissedMissedMissedMissedMissedMissedMissedMissedMissed…

    If someone can just figure out how to tweak that f**king chance to hit… Very nice graphics though, which was the only reason why I managed to finish it…

  27. Admin please add a tag for this game. I can`t find it using the tags and found it only after using google and it can be quite troublesome for some people since this looks like a very exciting game.

  28. O.o
    On the first mission(?), when selecting characters to deploy, I can’t seem to start the mission at all; the game crashes and says can’t load the stage information. I thought it was the installation problem, so I uninstalled and installed it again. Again, couldn’t load stage information even with different selected units.
    The pc running Windows 7 is on Japanese locale, so I doubt it’s because of that.
    Oh, I run the game windowed mode, in case that affects anything.

    1. you have to start the game as an admin or that problem will always occur. I learned that the hard way myself after installing then uninstalling the game.

        1. So you just need to uninstall it and install it huh? but it seem the same for me? it still bugged out

  29. I can’t say I ever finished this game. I seem to recall really infuriating game mechanics. It’s a shame, because I really liked some of the CG art.

    1. I got to one of later stages, but gave up when i really couldn’t finish one mission. Chance to hit of your units is ridiculously low.

    2. I finished this game long (kinda)time ago. And, well… In-city sceens are plain and boring, very mellow and silly… Not even worth takinf into acount. The whole charm is about a heap of tentacle monsters and about the gameplay… But, uh… The game is flawed, maybe even very flawed, I dunno.

      The length of it would be the first issue. It’s short. And the story is cut off in the end. It’s like we played Prologue part or something. There’s actually a second part to the game, as far as I knoe. But, untranslated.

      The second flaw is in the second charm… the gameplay. It’s a tactic simulator, quite cute and appealing at first sight. But a missed opportunity as you look closer. Really simple and unnesessary character RPG like development, too simplistic too. But, it could’ve been so much better. Just a move in that direction, development, branching and additional features of development… And the necessity for it… But nope. Oh well.

      So we have a Prologue-like short game, partially difficult to finish due to the, uhm, difficulty level of fights but… Simple, too simple, too short, undeveloped. But such a nice idea, such a good potential… And i realy love tactic simulators and tentacle stuff too. Too bad, just too bad…

      Though I’d still wish someone translated the sequel someday…

      1. Difficult? Just do as in “300” and go to the end of a narrow hallway and dog kill anyone who comes in/out. It’s long, boring and tedious. You rarely ever lose. And you likely get two or more of your girls killed. The only two girls that are soft of good for direct combat is the girl with the katana and the robot-suit. But yeah all previously criticism still applies. Does this have any settings? I remember having to press next for every time the characters said “target hitted!”, ‘Target Missed!”, “Damage taken!” that was the most annoying part.

    1. For now i’m uploading games that were released in 2000-2010. After i’m done with these, next in queue are the ones released in ’90s. Finally i’ll post the earliest ones from 83-89, but they are the most problematic to get and run on modern PCs so i’m saving them for last.

  30. i have spent more time on this site in the last 3 weeks than i have in the last 2 years. Especially with all these great older ones being uploaded recently (going to dive into the ‘Come See Me Tonight’ titles. Question though, is Men at Work 2 going to make it up here?

    1. Yes, every game will be posted. I made a list of every title that’s currently missing and i’m currently checking and uploading them.

      1. is there a location of said list of which are currently up and still ‘en route’ to this website? if so i would like to see it, i may have some myself i can upload or help translate.

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