Boob Wars 2

Boob Wars 2

Finally! Sequel to the greatest literary work of the 21st century has been translated to English. More boobs, more flat chests, more h-scenes.

Bustchest continent is at war: Big Breasts and Flat Chest kingdoms fight to determine once and for all what size is better.
Hart, the protagonist, loves all sizes equally. According to Breasts God he has a special power which can save the continent, so without a second thought Hart starts his quest as a breasts-loving messiah.

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  1. Rena Lee says:

    any walkthroughs to this?
    thanks btw admin for publishing this!!

  2. oppaisenpai says:

    hi i have a eror

    i tried 2 diffrent downloads but they all have the same error.
    When i click on the β€œBoobsWar2” i get an error window saying something like: β€œ??? ????? ?????? ????? ???”
    i have no idea what to do, is there another way to install the game?
    and if not, is there a way to fix that error?

  3. ryuu says:

    Some of us asked this but even for me, I’m having this activation key code issue. There’s only a patch along with the app exe file, nothing else. The notes for the patch mentions dll and other sound/video files which simply don’t exist after extraction of the main file/game itself.

    This CD key needs some explaining

  4. HELLA says:

    I got a problem theirs no sound after I install the game

    Why is that?

  5. Jack says:

    Game works great, thanks Admin!

  6. Alex says:

    What’s the Game activation code?

  7. Guest says:

    I have 2 questions about this game.
    1-Is this game translated in english ?
    2-Is this game uncensored ?

  8. Guest says:

    I have 2 questions for this game.
    1-Is this game translated in english ?
    2-Is this game uncensored ?

  9. Frost says:

    Some files extracted from BoobWars2.part01.rar were modified or new files were created.
    Do you wish to put them to the archive?
    Yes No Cancel
    n then i get something saying that i can’t modify volume. someone please help :c

  10. Frost says:

    i am unable to save the game. can someone help me please? after i save and close the app and i reopen the game my save file is gone :/

  11. fillet says:

    Addendum: what i thought might be directories on a quick glance in that blue box are in fact not directories…….
    From what i can tell it is machine language in both English and Japanese which needless to say is weird. First time i seen that before but given the content of this site i guess it’s to be expected….

    If the machine code were simple and in English i could tell you what the problem is. Too bad the code is at least 20 pages if not more long and also in Japanese Kanji.

    I tried all combination of with admin permission and without and vice versa and with and without compatibility modes. No go.

    Well at this point i differ to people with superior experience. Please help.

  12. fillet says:

    I’m having a problem running the exe. I have done as you said extracted the files from part 1 after downloading all parts (which took quite a while). Then i simply clicked on exe and get an error message one of which shows up in Japanese, and a little blue box to the left of that that seems to show installation directories that don’t exist. I have my system locale for non unicode programs set to Japanese. I used 7zip to extract the files.

    Only thing left for me to try at this point is 1. Redownloading the files (major drag man… :(. ) or 2. trying to mess with compatibility settings and hope it works.
    Anybody have any suggestions to save me time? Any help would be appreciated as i loved the first game although it was dreadfully short.

  13. phraetoria says:

    wow thanks for this one admin. but that’s one big file. it even beat sengoku rance.

  14. sayaorangdewasa says:

    does anyone have the link to the patch 1.01? I just found it in internet that this eroge has a patch? the provided link in older comments is down. please help. thanks

  15. Hatesu says:

    I’m not a huge fan of giant sweater meat but this is really good for a nukige. The H-Scenes are good and varied, some decent humor and good plot (for a nukige).

    Iris is so amazing, one of my all time favorite Loli.

  16. sayumi says:

    thanks for this

  17. tony says:

    file not found is there a way to fix that

    • admin says:

      Wait till current download finishes before starting next one. Free accounts can’t download more than 2 files at once.

      • tony says:

        i noticed that its just that nothing is downloading right now so I’m not sure why its doing it

        • admin says:

          Hmm… strange.
          Maybe it’s some technical difficulty with one of servers…
          Anyway, I uploaded those two parts again and edited the post. Try that two new links.

  18. MaouMaster says:

    “Finally! Sequel to the greatest literary work of the 21st century has been translated to English. More boobs, more flat chests, more h-scenes.

    Bustchest continent is at war: Big Breasts and Flat Chest kingdoms fight to determine once and for all what size is better.
    Hart, the protagonist, loves all sizes equally. According to Breasts God he has a special power which can save the continent, so without a second thought Hart starts his quest as a breasts-loving messiah.”

    The thing that I have an issue with is the “greatest literary work of the 21st century” part about the prequel. honestly, this novel is WAY better than the prequel ever was.

  19. KionigsTiger says:

    guy’s just download all the part’s then unzip the first part and open the game exe that’s all for me game open with no problem try it maybe it will work for all you

  20. Dood says:

    Nvm, just gotta dick around. 100% yay~

  21. Kuroneko says:

    It seems part 4 of the rar corrupted for me …
    and i already downloaded it 4 times
    does anyone have the same problem ?

    • Kuroneko says:

      no one reply ?
      seriously ?
      aren’t any people there download this eroge in these 2 weeks ?

      • Dood says:

        No, don’t have that problem. Everything worked fine when I downloaded it. I just need one more scene to get 100%. It’s the “Others” section #5. Any hints?

  22. Icaros says:

    Can somebuddy tell me how do i install the game?
    i tried 2 diffrent downloads but they all have the same error.
    When i click on the “BoobsWar2” i get an error window saying something like: “??? ????? ?????? ????? ???”
    i have no idea what to, is there another way to install the game?
    and if not, is there a way to fix that error?

  23. Sym says:

    Hey can someone tell me how to unlock the scenes in between the queen and princess threesome and the red head anal scenes?

  24. Father Michaels says:

    So… They made another one? Time to get to work again

  25. FrozenFaei says:

    ok guys will need some help
    maybe im just an idiot but i will ask anyway

    I downloaded all gamefiles now my problems are

    1. The Download for the crack seems to be down
    2. what programm do I need to open the gamefiles

    I hope for a soon answer pls πŸ™‚

  26. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone have an alternate link to the 1.01 crack posted earlier? The provided link is down.

  27. Red says:

    how to enter the code to download? it says 2words but show number??

  28. Der says:

    Already redownload part 2 lik 5 times, still getting bobwar 2-1.bin error file..

    anyone with the same problem?

  29. Joker says:

    I downloaded all 19 parts but when I unzipped the 1st part, it stated that the file was 2.9 GB (full game?) and all other parts I unzipped started having error codes. Should I worry about this?

  30. Nicholas says:

    I’m having a problem with the game. After coming back to it after a while, I found that it wouldn’t start. So I re-installed it, but it then said I needed to install a runtime program (which I did the first time I got the game).

    but even after installing it again, the game won’t start, telling me to download the runtime program again.

    Anyone know how to fix it without losing my save data?

  31. KazukiNanaLover says:

    After checking, this is not a second or continuation of the first game. The title is so misleading, even so the game is good, might be better if there a combat system like the alternative version.

  32. yoo says:

    I’m mid-way through downloading the game.

    I’ve noticed that they are rar. files, is that right? I’ve never downloaded from this site/downloaded an eroge before so i don’t know if that’s right.

    If it is, how am i surposed to play the game? Do i need to download further software to play it?

  33. Darryl says:

    Part 13 is corrupted, “! C:\Users\Darryl\Downloads\Compressed\BoobWars2.part13.rar: CRC failed in BoobWars2\BoobWars2-2.bin. The file is corrupt”

    What should I do? I already dl-ed 3times the part 13 still like this.

  34. Jooouzz says:

    where is the crack? is it included?

  35. mhyr1104 says:

    I’ve tried to play this but I cant use the crack (get some error message with ‘wuvorbis’ in it) and files from the second .rar file seems to be corrupted every single time I download it πŸ™ solutions anyone?

  36. Gsk says:

    Hey guys, anyone know how to get hold of the activation key? just finished downloading n would be a bummer if i canΒ΄t play (liked the prequel too)

  37. blarn says:

    dang, the breast deities don’t eventually assume hot human forms and then you bang em
    what a let down

  38. KaroarDHG says:

    Apparently my gameplay.xp3 file is corrupt πŸ™ time to redownload everything again..

  39. sky light says:

    I download the game and I works but I can’t see the sex scenes

    • Luke says:

      Start > type “FF” > pick “ffdshow video decoder” > select “Don’t use ffdshow in” and click “Edit” > click “Add…” > find “Boob Wars 2.exe” > “OK” > “Apply” > “OK” Enjoy your sex scenes ;D

      • Luke says:

        This method works in other games too (if you can’t see movie parts of the game)… And forgive me if you find any error, English is not my primary language (but I’m trying my best). ;D

  40. abc says:

    How to save ?

  41. NoOne says:

    An 100% Savedata? I’m kinda stuck some where in the middle

  42. zellrang says:

    I didn’t know this eroge has a 2nd edition… well this one looks better than the last one… and got more girls too ;3 hehehe

  43. Darijun says:

    Just got through the harem route. I was kinda skeptical about this one after the previous game, but it isn’t a total nukige like i expected it to be. There’s more of a plot, more developed characters, and a bit of variety. Animated scenes are also a plus. Last, but not least, there’s some definitive humor. It’s not perfect, but it’s worth the download. i actually went ahead and bought it, in hopes more, and improved games come along.

  44. nero man says:

    what should i do when i get the NSIS error launching installer ?

  45. God's Embryo says:

    Man, this game somehow really can be a pain in the ass. but i must finish it. can someone help me with a Walkthrough or something? somehow i missed some CG. which for tiara and “others” CG (except for tha anal queen).

    • Darijun says:

      Heroines: Includes Milpha, Iris, Estraea, Kotone, Nico, and Chocolat. Keep picking them. Each heroine has five events after Turn 5 (common route) ends.

      Side characters: Includes Aria, Lumha, and Tiara. Aria unlocks after Nico is picked once. Lumha’s second event unlocks after Estraea is picked once. Tiara unlocks after Iris and Chocolat have been picked four times each and Aria has been picked at least once. She is the flat chest route trigger.

      Flat chest (justice) route: Unlock Tiara (see above) and view her event.

      Big breast (plot) route: Pick Nico at least once. Pick Milpha four times. View both Lumha’s events. View Estraea’s events and accept her offer.

      Harem route: Pick every heroine and side character (except Tiara) at least once and view all of Milpha’s events. Choose to fulfill your ambition.

      • Azure says:

        i did the flat chest one or tried to but tiara wont come out i got chocolat and iris and aria and she doesnt come out is there a specific order im suppose to do this?

  46. aaa says:

    Can anyone tell me if there are walkthrogh of this game. Ican’t play throgh any harem routr yet. Sorry if my english skill is bad.

    • Braulio says:

      voy a suponer que hablas espaΓ±ol, yo tambien me estoy preguntando como jugar las harem route pero no me sale nada

    • MrAss says:

      I suggest you play it with fair. It’ll be more fun when you finish the game with your own

    • Sizzin says:

      Well, in the prequel, to go into an harem route, you have to conquer all the women from both sides before go to the queens. Maybe is similar in this sequel…

  47. D says:

    Hyoudou Issei would love this VN.

  48. axl says:

    i cannot run the game every time i run it a small window in Japanese appears the only thing that i get from it is wuvorbis.dll pls help i spent a damn long time downloading this game i extracted the crack file in the game folder after installing the game

    • Touka says:

      Try set language for non-unicode programs to Japan, it’s under admin in region and language

      • axl says:

        i have already done that before from the start but the game would not run

        • TyRant says:

          Your files might be corrupted. If that’s the case, then you might need to re-download the whole thing again.

          Or maybe someone could upload a copy of their wuvorbis.dll file for you. You can try replacing that and see if it works.

          • Machine -senpai says:

            I downloaded all 19 parts with no problem, I didn’t even have to change my locale (I’m on windows 10) so I’m pretty its just an incomplete download

    • muhammad afiq says:

      Try install that dll wuvorbis.dll at dll website and paste inside that game

    • Hareye says:

      I’m having the same problem, how do you fix it?

  49. Mangahiru says:

    I’m not to sure cracked patch 1.01 works. It still allows you to play the game, but I’m still seeing the word “wiener” an awful lot.

    • Shadownick says:

      i have yet to get it working

    • Anon says:

      They didn’t remove that word from the entire game, but the patch also solves some voice sync problems.

      If you want to check if the patch is installed correctly, click on the “Help” menu and select “Version Info…”. It should say “Ultimate Boob Wars!! v1.01” if you have the patch installed, and “Boob Wars 2: Ultimate Boob Wars!!” if you don’t.

      If you’re having any problems, make sure to use data.xp3 from the link posted on March 19th, the exe from the crack and everything else from the original game. If you don’t want to figure out where to get each file, you can install while overwriting files in this particular oder: game, crack, decrypted patch (data.xp3). data.xp3 included in the first crack ( is version 1.00 and has to be overwritten by the second one.

      The changes in the patch are extensive and include a lot of edited text.

      • Mangahiru says:

        Well, I looked at the help and it does say v1.01, but title doesn’t say “Boob Wars 2: Ultimate Boob Wars!” it still says “Ultimate Boob Wars ~Big Breast vs Flat Chest~.” I guess it’s alright if the version shows it is v1.01 right?

  50. Anon Cracker says:

    Decrypted official patch 1.01:

    Install the game and crack then replace data.xp3 with this one.

    Tested very lightly, but it should work. Patch contents appears to be as advertised: fixes typos, 3 scenes which are out of sync, a change in the title name, and replaces “wiener” with “dick”.

    Can anyone tell me if there are any games with patches that require a crack?

  51. Anon Cracker says:

    Decrypted official patch 1.01:

    Install the game and crack then replace data.xp3 with this one.

    Tested very lightly, but it should work. Patch contents appears to be as advertised: fixes typos, 3 scenes which are out of sync, a change in the title name, and replaces “wiener” with “dick”.

    Can anyone tell me if there are games with patches which require an updated crack?

  52. John34404 says:

    having trouble with the file: 2-1.bin
    all sources seem to be corrupted.

  53. joker says:

    And I posted on under the name davidab931 on the boob war 2 page

  54. joker says:

    Having a problem when using the crack app got an window message in Japanese only parts I could read were wuvorbis.dll
    something about plugin and first.ks ___110.
    if you can help I also saved image of the message and also posted this message with attachment of image to the erogegame site

  55. Urukazuto says:

    No not really You can just replace it with old crack (exe and data.xp3) and the exe will work again.

    • anon says:

      If you use the “data.xp3” file from the crack you won’t play the updated version. The update from MangaGamer provides a new “data.xp3” so its obvious that you need a new crack to play the updated version.

  56. >Rhian-senpai says:

    Nice game~
    Love the concept of it.
    Thanks a lot admin-san~ <3

  57. Feinerine says:

    Out of curiosity, are the downloadable file/s in English or Japanese?

  58. Xilrai says:

    Forgot how to install these type of files…
    anyone want to tell me how?? >w<

    • Moofa vanGoofa says:

      Install the game normally from the big archive. Once it is installed, copy the contents of the crack archive into the folder you installed to.

  59. anime_junkie says:

    What exactly do you have to do to get the Boob Route?
    I tried following the guide but i always end up with the regular Estraea route.

    I have a save at the point in the game were you start choosing the characters what do i have to do from there?

  60. Xiaoken says:

    Common Route: Pick anybody until turn 6. You’ll know when you’re at the branching point when the screen suddenly has seven icons for girls on it.

    SAVE01 after Turn 5, beginning of Turn 6

    Flat chest routes:

    Load SAVE01
    Pick Iris 4 times. You should now be on Turn 10.
    Pick Chocolat 4 times. You should now be on Turn 14.
    Pick Nico once. You should now be on Turn 15.
    Pick Aria twice. You should now be on Turn 17.
    SAVE02 on Turn 17

    Load SAVE02 as needed.
    Pick Iris for her end.
    Pick Chocolat for her end.
    Pick Tiara for the flat chest end.
    Pick random big breasted heroines until after Turn 19 for the bad end.

    Non-flat chest routes:

    Load SAVE01
    Pick Milpha, Estraea, Nico, and Kotone once each. You should now be on Turn 10.
    SAVE03 on Turn 10

    Load SAVE03 as needed
    Pick Milpha 4 more times for her route.
    Pick Estraea 4 more times for her route.
    Pick Nico 4 more times for her route.
    Pick Kotone 4 more times for her route.

    Big breast end:
    Load SAVE03
    Pick Lumha twice. You should now be on Turn 12.
    Pick Milpha 3 more times. You should now be on Turn 15.
    Pick Estraea twice and accept her offer.

    Harem end:
    Load SAVE03
    Pick Milpha 3 more times. You should now be on Turn 13.
    Pick Lumha, Aria, Iris, and Chocolat once each. You should now be on Turn 17.
    Pick Milpha and choose to fulfill your ambition.

  61. Moofa vanGoofa says:

    Anyone know if the new patch they put out is usable with it?

  62. ChicagoTed7172 says:

    Thanks, looking forward to playing this later and appreciating it’s artwork.

  63. Zero says:

    doen a good job admin, quick ? for anyone tho does Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden have a English patch? i dont seem to be able to find it or the places that say they have it are to broken to be any good. also like to recommend it for upload as i dont see it on here.

  64. noire says:

    1. after downloading all parts extract the contents(download links sometimes goes on and off, same with DLing) the extracted folder \BoobWars2* and run BoobWars2.exe
    3.after installation of the game, extract the contents of BoobWars2-crack to game directory, select yes to all if prompt of replace
    4. run game congratulations!
    Reminder: if you are an avid VN player, it is highly recommended to set your \language of non-unicode programs\ to japanese, rather than using applocale.

  65. Shido Itsuka says:

    I have no idea how to do this but please help me step by step x.x

  66. loli says:

    Finally it worked!!!! ^^ Thank u Admin-sama^^ I downloaded part 15 and finally worked!!! ^^

  67. Uiriamu Busujima says:

    I have no idea of how to freaking install this. I downloaded all the files plus the crack file and unzipped them. After that I don’t know what to do. I read the copy and paste but idk where to paste it. I keep installing and it keeps asking for an activation code -__-

    • ChicagoTed7172 says:

      If you haven’t already fixed it, you may have been having the same problem as me, that problem is that the steps weren’t given to you as well as they should have been; where you decide the game folder will go (during installation), make sure you know where you saved it (or just do it again) because you’re supposed to put the stuff from the cracked version into that folder. If you weren’t/aren’t having this problem, sorry mate.

  68. ninetailz says:

    does anybody know how to get into this pic’s route?
    That pic is 18+ Also spoiler.

  69. fdsfgs says:

    Such a massive disappointment. Don’t waste your time with this, there are a lot of better nukiges out there.

  70. Deneuralizer says:

    Is this English.?

  71. DxW says:

    I just can’t install it right… I wonder why?

  72. Hachiman says:

    For the first time I cant install this VN, someone could help me?

  73. darkH says:

    God bless you!! Thanks a lot

  74. redswerve says:

    Gotta love how you assume that it was your guide that I read, it was on a site not affiliated with this or any other common visual novel site. Insulting someones intelligence at the drop of a hat, haha makes you seem like every other immature child on the internet.

  75. loli says:

    Thank you Admin!!!! Arigato kami-sama!!! The sequel of Boob Wars!! ^^

  76. redswerve says:

    for the life of me, i can’t figure out how to make tiara pop up, and in the walkthrough that someone posted on here, i did aria 3 times and tiara didn’t pop up, does anyone know?

    • MonokumaSensei says:

      Learn to read more carefully.

      • redswerve says:

        Never mind I figured it out with another guide, thanks for nothing sir.

        • MonokumaSensei says:

          So you didn’t even notice that I wrote that other guide you mentioned?

          Man you really are stupid…

          • redswerve says:

            Gotta love how you assume that it was your guide that I read, it was on a site not affiliated with this or any other common visual novel site. Insulting someones intelligence at the drop of a hat, haha makes you seem like every other immature child on the internet.

          • XP says:

            Nah he’s being d8ck but you really are an idiot. Will you kidz fight elsewhere?

          • DxW says:

            you guys are just really… you musn’t insult other. just drop it already please. you also need to realize your mistake dude.

          • Vondoom says:

            Chill Guyz… Let’s all just all shake hands and be friends here, all of us in here are comrades, let not simple mistakes and insults severe our bonds. We should stand together, Hard, long, strong and firm…. That last bit was kinda awkward but you know what I mean πŸ™‚

          • Jonathan says:

            Can we be sure to wash our hands before we shake hands?

  77. Stealurheart says:

    1 – Kotone – 1st
    2 – Estraea – 1st
    3 – Nico – 1st
    4 – Chocolat – 1st

    SAVE 001

    6 – Milphalia – 1st
    7 – Milphalia – 2nd
    8 – Milphalia – 3rd
    9 – Milphalia – 4th

    SAVE 002

    10 – Estraea – 2nd
    11 – Estraea – 3rd
    12 – Estraea – 4th
    13 – Estraea – 5th

    SAVE 003

    14 – Kotone – 2nd
    15 – Kotone – 3rd
    16 – Kotone – 4th
    17 – Kotone – 5th

    SAVE 004

    18 – Lumha – 1st
    19 – Lumha – 2nd


    LOAD 002

    10 – Milphalia – 5th


    LOAD 003

    14 – Estraea – 6th


    LOAD 004

    18 – Kotone – 6th


    LOAD 001

    6 – Iris – 1st
    7 – Iris – 2nd
    8 – Iris – 3rd
    9 – Iris – 4th

    SAVE 005

    10 – Chocolat – 2nd
    11 – Chocolat – 3rd
    12 – Chocolat – 4th
    13 – Chocolat – 5th

    SAVE 006

    14 – Nico – 2nd

    SAVE 007

    15 – Nico – 3rd
    16 – Nico – 4th
    17 – Nico – 5th
    18 – Nico – 6th


    LOAD 005

    10 – Iris – 5th


    LOAD 006

    14 – Chocolat – 6th


    LOAD 007

    15 – Aria – 1st
    16 – Aria – 2nd
    17 – Aria – 3rd
    18 – Tiara – 1st


    LOAD 002

    10 – Iris – 1st
    11 – Chocolat – 2nd
    12 – Nico – 2nd
    13 – Kotone – 2nd
    14 – Estraea – 2nd

    SAVE 008

    15 – Estraea – 3rd
    16 – Lumha – 1st
    17 – Lumha – 2nd
    18 – Nico – 3rd
    19 – Estraea – 4th


    LOAD 008

    15 – Lumha – 1st
    16 – Aria – 1st
    17 – Aria – 2nd
    18 – Milphalia – 5th


  78. Breakthrough says:

    19 rars for a Nukige. There better be a lot of cg to make up for it.

  79. Sad_person says:

    what did you use to mount the 3 images? i’ve tried using daemon tools but it doesn’t work, i also tried to convert/extract the bin files with ultraiso and magiciso but i get an error while opening them

  80. Sceleris says:

    you have to pick just Lumha, Estrea and Milpha, I did all of Lumhna 4 of Milpha and then on the 4th scene for Estrea pick join big boobs. Not sure if you have to do all of that but it will get you the scene.

  81. nova150 says:

    Can’t someone help me? I cleaned the six heroine, the 3 sub (Aria, tiara, lumha), the harem and even the bad end, but i still missing the first “others scene”

  82. chepoken says:

    doesn’t work for me, i download everything just fine, but when i move and run the cracked files it says some Japanese text and the screen just stays black.

    btw i dont get:

    i just get “boobswars2” and 3 cd files

    any help?

    • admin says:

      The files you downloaded first are the game installer – you need to install the game first, then overwrite the files in game directory with the ones from crack folder.

  83. flavio says:

    I cant see to be able to open the game it gives me an error that is encrypted on japanese

  84. Synzia says:

    Anyone else getting the problem with Lumha’s first scene (and one of Chocolat’s scenes) where the voice and text stop matching each other?

  85. krasus says:

    is the crack safe? my norton is blocking it until i manual allow it (after a warning).

    sorry, i have never problems on this site until now, i just want to be safe.

  86. SomerandomGuy says:

    So yeah…happen to be re-reading Highschool DxD Light Novel, I was on the part with chichigami-sama appear when this finally finished downloading. When I saw the oppai dragon in the beginning of the game I couldn’t help but burst in laughter. Just had to say Thank You Admin!!

  87. Schwoop says:

    A sequel to the acclaimed Boob Wars?

    There IS a god!

  88. MonokumaSensei says:

    6 Heroine ends : Just pick the same girl all the way
    Butt end : Spend over 19 days fooling around
    Queen Tiara end : Pick flat-chested girls only (3 of them). At around turn 18th Queen Tiara icon will appear at the castle on right side of the map.
    Queen Estraea end : Pick big boob girls only (4 of them). At around turn 15th pick Estraea 4th icon at the castle on left side of the map. Select 1st choice when prompt.
    Harem end : ???

    -To get Aria icon to show up you have to pick Nico 2nd icon first.
    -To get Lumha 2nd icon to show up you have to pick Lumha 1st and Estraea 2nd icons first.

    (I’m kinda dispoint that there is no combat gameplay in this one unlike the first game but at least cg, girls and comedy parts are better in this one…Ah yes and Chocolate reminds me of Rikka and her Eighth-Grade Syndrome XP)

    • usamiharu says:

      Queen Tiara u can see the icon of queen tira at 16th turn if you choose 3 pettan girls only aria,iris and chocoloat.

    • Tick says:

      -You only have to do 1st for Lumha and Iris
      -You have to do 2nd for everyone else, including Aria
      -Complete the game with Milpha. You get a choice near the end to pick the harem ending or the Milpha ending.

  89. NS says:

    thanks for the game)… and for crack)
    someone have a walkthrough? i don’t understant how to get scenes with Tiara(flat chest queen) and harem scenes

  90. sojorred says:

    THE HELL FUCK YEAH, i was waiting this letΒ΄s fap everyone

  91. Bored guy says:

    Thank you very much , Admin and Anon Cracker .
    Thank you , Thank you , Thank you .
    This nukige really make my day , 10 ending (include 1 bad end) really entertainment .
    Thank you very much.

  92. anon says:

    time to fap

  93. redjurij says:

    Does this one work? I heard that in the first game you ran into a “wall” if you used crack and couldn’t win a battle.

  94. Arkvoodleman says:

    it ask me yo put the activation code, which one is?

  95. Ryu says:


  96. The Fallen says:

    Domo arigato Admin-sama

  97. Dai21 says:

    Just as I finished downloading the game crack is out. πŸ™‚

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  99. Febri says:

    just when i thought we’ll have to wait for a long time to get the crack
    all hail admin!!

  100. AleelA says:

    You truly are the best admin, thank you very much !

  101. Kagero says:

    Just came home from winning a tournament & saw that the crack is out.
    mind the language, but JUST FUCKING PERFECT! XD
    Can this day get any better? πŸ˜€

  102. NoZaku says:

    Is this longer than the first one? And if so then by how much?

  103. Anon Cracker says:

    Read instructions in the zip for installation information or just install the game and extract the exe and xp3 where you installed.

    Tested enough to get 100% CGs/scenes.


  104. Metabee says:

    how do i get the Tiara scenes and for that matter this harem ending ive got everything else ? any walkthoughs did google it but can find any for the this version of the game.

  105. krasus says:

    Agreed, small boobs should rule the world^^
    In the last game i only played the small boob route and the harem one.

    thanks admin

  106. Ed_11 says:

    I downlaoded it and installed it but i need a activation key yet I don’t know how to get it or what it is, can someone help me please??

  107. usamiharu says:


  108. Hiki1412 says:

    Anyone Tried the Game???

  109. The Fallen says:

    Have anyone a crack from a previous game that work ?

    • Dragon says:

      Previous cracks have been tested already. They don’t work. You’ll have to wait for a new crack and before you ask I don’t know when that will come out. It might be tomorrow or it might be weeks from now. It all depends on when the cracker(s) get to it. You’ll just have to keep checking back and be patient.

  110. eroi says:

    is there no separate english patch for this??

  111. 0.o says:

    well there goes my week :/ with my internet it’ll take me a good 4+ days to DL this. meh oh well, it’s something to do while waiting for the crack at least

  112. Vondoom says:

    For a nukige…. It’s heavy… O_O

  113. random says:

    how do you learn to crack a game like this anyway?

  114. sojorred says:

    i really want an activation code or a crack… i must wait tomorrow πŸ™

  115. kingbradly says:

    the problem is the translation file itself “data.xp3” is encrypted in addition to the game exe, so if you can’t decrypt data.xp3 regardless of where you put it, it will just cause errors

    • sojorred says:

      i heard of that in the first series, there is a time where the player get killed and says: i died due to piracy

      • admin says:

        Nah, that was only the case with earliest version of crack – game developer put a filename check inside script files which caused those random deaths (altho, to give them credit – you still could complete the game, even if they knew you pirated it). As soon as people became aware of it, new version of crack has been posted, which removed this “early death”.

  116. sojorred says:

    I think the only solution is to download the original game and this, copy the translation xp3 file and try it on the original

  117. GhostBro says:

    The closest I’ve gotten to it working was when I used the Touma Kojirou Detective File crack. Unfortunately It doesn’t work with boob wars 2’s data.xp3. If you try using Touma Kojirou’ data.xp3 you will end up with the VN starting but all the dialog will reflect Touma Kojirou’s soooo yeah might have to be patient.

  118. Tnks Admin And Small boobs rules!!

  119. Yandere says:

    Could someone explain what’s soft denchi? it asks me to install it..
    Is it safe to install it on our PC?
    how this program works?

  120. A wanderer says:

    Is anyone having trouble downloading some parts of the file? I keep encountering page not found error when trying to download part 8…

  121. leron says:

    has anyone tried the old cracks on it yet? and if not, what .exe’s should i use to test it.

  122. Dless says:

    Sorry but I have a particular fetish. Does this game also feature defloration like the previous one? I can’t find the tags defloration, all virgins, or virgin…

  123. Locutus102 says:

    Man i need some crack. I am addicted to that stuff!

  124. RANDOM_HERO says:

    Where is the plot…?

  125. Saxz says:


    This one is a big file

    Wait…This is still mindless nukige right?

  126. Tick says:

    Wow, I just checked Mangagamer and this is on the top of the weekly ranking after one day despite being nearly $45. Could Mangagamer actually be making money?

    I hope this means that the sequel to Inventions of a Sexy Era will be translated some day. That game was a lot of fun.

  127. Janitor says:

    You know, I did not expect to find this when I turned my computer on a bit ago. I fully intended to come here and download that Valkyrie Svia VN. Well…more is better in some cases.

    Thanks for this, admin. Much appreciated.

  128. Fernando says:

    I don’t know Boob Wars has a sequel. xD

  129. Chaz says:

    I died when I saw this. Didn’t think this would get a 2nd story.

  130. Hyoudou Issei says:

    We embrace the plot and admire the justice
    which sizes doesn’t matter
    as long the heart pounding and the feeling emerged
    we love them equally
    whatever it is an endless plain nor a great peak
    it a is a creation of all
    a gift from heaven

  131. zed says:

    Thanks Admin)

  132. Hero says:

    Wow, I wasn’t expecting this! I hear this one is a lot better than its prequel. Thanks Admin!

  133. crack addict says:

    Anyone have confirmation on a prior working executable? The last eroge released required file(s) to be decrypted.

  134. Namiirei says:

    My most wanted eroge, thanks a lot.

    Fap of the year 2014.

  135. Yalp says:

    Any confirmations on a working crack?

  136. topfpflanze says:

    Awesome. Thanks a lot Admin.
    And loving the description. πŸ™‚

  137. Laff says:

    “Executables from previous games”?

  138. raitou says:

    The size five times bigger than the first series 0_o

    But, FUCK THAT!! I,m downloading!! XD

  139. Steve says:

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