Exiled Summoner Princess Pristella

Exiled Summoner Princess Pristella

In the war for the throne, Pristella was betrayed by her twin sister, blamed for a crime she did not do.

She awoke in exile on an island.

Pristella vowed revenge – it would not come quickly or easily, but she had nothing left to lose.

For the sake of revenge, she embraced the criminal life and all its flavors…

Her quest, and yours, starts now!

2 comments on “Exiled Summoner Princess Pristella

  1. Game’s great, one of my favorites
    You can choose to slut your way to vengeance or complete quest to save the world from a demon

    Funny dialog and characters, good story and dungeons

    A little on the easy side, so I wouldn’t recommend grinding (With just a little you can become OP)

    If you’re reading the comments cuz you ain’t sure if you want to try it, go for it!

    There’s 34 memories (H-scenes) in total, but some of them are locked to a specific route. But it’s eassy to get them all, when you finish one route, the game starts again with all your stats carried over, so just power trough the story in minutes to get to the other route.

    +++And if you’re reading this because you’re stuck, the electromagnet is the the beast island
    ++You can unlock all 34 memories if you play through the Steel Gate

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