Love Witches

Love Witches

Sexual story about a small tentacle and two charming witches.

History is told from the face of a tentacle, who has to survive in a world hostile to him.

But he is rescued by a chance encounter with two beautiful witches.

Will he accept the offer from them or will he remain alone?

3 Responses to “Love Witches”

  1. vorthod says:

    I opened the game and it doesn’t have a main menu, it just jumped straight into the story, and nothing I press is opening up anything like an options menu or anything. how do I save this game?

    • Vorthod says:

      Okay, I got to the end of the game where it loops back to the beginning and this time I saw a menu at the bottom of the dialogue box. So I saved my game. Then I got to the end again and the menu was gone again. I think the game is just bugged.

  2. devinkishezheng says:

    i have a problem with my pe pe why is it hard?????

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