The Most Forbidden Love in the World

The Most Forbidden Love in the World

Having lost his love, job, hopes, and even most of his youth, Yoshimura Osamu (28) uses the last of his money at the local pub and aimlessly wanders the streets.

Yet in this moment of utter hopelessness, the strikingly attractive woman — who had been at the center of attention back in the pub — approaches Osamu on the street in an attempt to cheer him up.

Sensing that fate itself could be at play in their encounter, Osamu resolves to confess his feelings to the older woman, but…

“Come visit me if you ever find yourself in trouble.”

Learning that she runs an apartment complex in a prestigious district of the city, Osamu follows the address he had been given and arrives at the “Terrace House Hinosaka”, a run-down boarding house.

But once there, he meets not Honoka, but a girl young enough to be her daughter… who, in fact, is her actual daughter, Hinosaka Mitoko (height: 144cm).

Osamu finds out that while he was busy contemplating fate and his own feelings, Honoka had found another man and eloped, leaving the boarding house to her daughter and a group of eccentric tenants.

And so this tall, jobless, well-educated, and allegedly young man starts his life anew under the same roof as an admirable, hard-working, but vertically challenged girl who vehemently objects to the final part of that description.

Already overwhelmed by his eccentric new neighbors, Osamu finds himself fending off the inexplicable approaches of a co-worker at his new workplace, opposing the nefarious machinations of a wealthy young woman living nearby, and uncovering the truth about Mitoko’s homeroom teacher: a woman with a penchant for wearing black stockings.

Where will our protagonist, who had unwittingly made bedfellows with misfortune, end up by the conclusion of this story?

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  1. For everyone who’s getting “Environment not supported” at startup:

    Install update Windows6.1-KB2670838 (you can find it on the Microsoft website)
    Or open regedit HKEY_USERS\(numbers)\Software\Mangagamer\The Most Forbidden Love… and on “Disable Dialog”, change the string to 1. You will bypass the message.

  2. Haha, I find it funny that the girl is supposed to be 144cm. That’s incredibly short, only slightly taller than a kid.

  3. A really good visual novel, good audio, good images, a really god plot, specially for those who like vainilla, comedy and drama. It’s a 7 out of 10, but it could be 10/10 if not because:

    1. The art is weak and bad animations in sex scenes (i guess this game is older) and has bad translations (i.e. using Mr. and Ms. for ‘-san’).

    2. Too long in some parts, becomes boring. There’s a lot of places where the conversations are not longer funny and just keep throwing things that doesn’t sum up to plot, if they were a few is no problem, but between choices or worth scenes/dialogues can be over 200 clicks, and i’m not even exagerating, there’s part that are really boring and unimportant.

    3. Sex/Ecchi scenes are really really late. Usually an erogame, lets you enjoy a sex/ecchi scene after 1 hour or maybe 2 if much, but this game is like you gotta makes 2000 clicks before even being able to watch a sex scene, and the “ecchi” (not sex, but i.e. tits/asses, etc) is too late too, only with the first girl you got a lot of it, otherwise is nothing. I don’t say this is like something that’s a must, but I belive that a normal playthrought (1 hour – 2 hour of normal playing, without skiping) should be enough to lead you to a sex scene or and had varios ecchis.

    To make this and keeping the plot is so simple. You just got to use the “lucky pervert” card and make situations on the style of “to love ru” and for the sex scenes, you can just make it up as a dream. There’s a lot of ways for actually keeping late sex (typical romance, vainilla), but also having sex scenes between, or at least numerous ecchis.

    4. Routes not clear and too variant. The routes are not very clear, you will only know when you’re going to end a route on the final decision, because it’s the most clear to lead to ‘X’ situation and they will have sex scenes just after. On the other side, there’s 4 routes (I think it should be 5, and including the mother, but well…) and each route is longer than the previous, which makes it really annoying. In the first route things telling you nothing, then in the next a lot of things that are suppose happen in the first occur, but the managing of these situations makes no much sense with the first route hapennings, and so on.

    Also each route requires you to at least get you to the decisive point of the previous, so it’s a one side history with alternative endings. Also it doesn’t include harem ending, which is in fact one of the most favorites, and as dispossed in the game, possible, but well that’s not to blame at all.

    5. The fact of use of a Loli””(14-15yo?),because that’s what it’s makes no sense in a game of this alike, where all the other woman are more than 20’s and the MC is 30yo. That’s not even factible, I know the game is focused precisely on that route and end, but let’s be honest, who would permit a 14yo with a 30yo man? That’s just fucked up on a vainilla game. If he were 16-20 it would make sense, but in this kind of game, that relationship doesn’t make sense. What would make sense is that the child’s route leads to end with the mother.

    I do not hate ‘lolis’, but I just see it no sense, in a game such this, with that vainilla, having such age gap and as I said previously, all the other women are older. You could just make the typical “loli of legal age” of 20-30 y.o. that’s so seen in series.

    These last point are mere my opinion and not really matter, but just to give a raw view point of a normal player in this VN.Overall, it’s a great game, especially if you’re a reader that like those tags, but if you lack of patience, throw up, or directly go to options, make able the skip of unread and jump all the useless conversations/stuff you see.

    1. “Routes not clear and too variant. The routes are not very clear, you will only know when you’re going to end a route on the final decision”

      Dude, how is that a bad thing? That’s one of the best things about this visual novel. Unlike most other visual novels which have routes that are too formulaic and predictable, here, it isn’t glaringly obvious if you have made the right decision until like halfway through. Although, it’s not completely vague either. You can still tell by their reactions. And the fact that the routes vary quite a lot depending upon the decisions you make, makes it even better and believable. It means that your choices actually matter and can lead to varying results, just like in real life.

      1. Not OP, but I do blind playthroughs first, usually. However, sometimes you just want to get X ending or date X girl/boy.
        Yume Miru Kusuri had non-indicative choices and I ended up getting in the wrong route by accident. Other games were like this too, such as Kana: Imouto and Kara no Shoujo (you have to use a walkthrough for the whole game, because the choices make no sense).

    2. Good review, helped me decide if this is for me or not. Haven’t played it yet.

      Plenty of eroge have late sexual content. Usually it’s nukige that have early H scenes.
      The game isn’t that old apparently, it’s from 2007 – although when it was made I believe that animated sprites/CGs were somewhat uncommon (aside from like, School Days). Depending on the developer’s budget they might not have had the cash to shell out for better animations.

      The translation using Mr./Mrs. isn’t that big of a deal IMO but I know that some people prefer honorifics because they have their subtleties and nuances.

      Drawn out, boring slice of life elements are basically standard, so if you are getting sleepy just press CTRL and skip through the text.

      And yeah, a 14-15 year old girl with an adult man is creepy but it does happen in real life so it’s not extremely implausible. Thankfully, this is just fiction so you don’t have to worry about the legalities or moral/ethical ramifications of such a relationship. The thing that seems most implausible to me actually is her height (144cm lol), but again – this is a work of fiction – I guess if she had a normal height it would have less of an “impact” (?).

      I do hate loli/shota with a passion though.

  4. At last thinking of downloading this game after i finally pick up the pace with my other VN´s, thank you as always Admin.

  5. Really loved the Game, especially the Story. Only thing that put me really off was the Translation. Horrible when they try to translate the honorifics with words like Ms. or Mr. If they think theyr Audience will be put off by honorifics they should remove them completely, would still be awfull but better than this fuckup…

    1. I don’t see the problem. At least the translation doesn’t seem to be butchered like the one in If My Heart Had Wings. Thank God there’s the patch now.

  6. I really like Himeo. Thought she looked like arrogant ojou-sama she is quite cute, naive and caring once you start to know her better. Asami and Kaya aren’t bad either. The only one i’m not liking is Mikoto, thought.

  7. For some reason the game doesn’t start. It’s fine at beginning until I see the disclaimer. Then I click to continue, the game just crashes. Anyone ever seen something similar? How do I fix this?

    I tried downloading it again. It doesn’t work.

  8. It’s a fantastic game, though I’ve been having issues with image distortion during the H-scenes, or really any part that has animations beyond the basic movements of the character sprites. It’s not enough to render the game unplayable, and the H scenes are still good despite that, but if there’s some fix out there I’d love to be able to play it without the bugged images.

    I should add that saving during a scene with a distorted image renders it impossible to load that particular scene, so I believe it may be more than just a display issue.

    1. I don’t know the reason for this, and I don’t have the game but chances are your game files are corrupted or your graphics drivers are outdated.

  9. When i opened it ,it say

    Environment condition is not supported.This file may nit start normally

    How do i fix this

    1. Yeah I’m having the same issue actually. Not sure if it’s a problem with integrated graphics or if it’s because of Windows 7 64 bit. I saw a post about this on the Cross Channel Steam forum and they said to download an update for Windows.

    2. Hello, I managed to fix this.
      Install update Windows6.1-KB2670838 (you can find it on the Microsoft website)
      Or open regedit HKEY_USERS\(numbers)\Software\Mangagamer\The Most Forbidden Love… and on “Disable Dialog”, change the string to 1. You will bypass the message.

  10. When i open the file says
    File cannot start in normally and then a manual system open to chhose frame , bits , screen size ..but no matter what i choose ..OK click option doesn’t me

    1. Install update Windows6.1-KB2670838 (you can find it on the Microsoft website)
      Or open regedit HKEY_USERS\(numbers)\Software\Mangagamer\The Most Forbidden Love… and on “Disable Dialog”, change the string to 1. You will bypass the message.

  11. Having a weird issue with this one. I don’t see an obvious application file in the folder when I extracted it except for “AdvHD”,which doesn’t have an icon or anything (though there is the icon file in same folder)

    When I go to start it I get an error message that says I don’t have “VCOMP140.dll” on my computer.

    I checked online and found a Visual C++ Redistributable package from Microsoft that’s supposed to fix this issue based on other people getting hte same file-missing error when using other programs. I installed it. Nothing. Game still won’t run. Any ideas?

    I’m doing this on a slightly older computer running Windows 7, but it’s always been more than enough for any visual novel I’ve played. Most recently I ran If You Love Me Then Say So without incident.

      1. And by that I meant the art style. But the creator of that game is a huge pervert. Also, owning the game in several countries would actually be illegal even if it doesn’t include adult content. Some games shouldn’t exist. smh

      2. It does look disgusting. WTF is up with the mind of the creator. He actually tried to defend his work. He wanted to put it on Steam. They refused and he got really angry.
        The weird thing is that Monobeno is actually for sale on Steam and it includes the same kind of content. Gross. SMH

  12. hey wassup admin.Do you know when I walk among zombies vol 2 is coming out? I’ve been waiting on it for ages.

  13. is anyone else having an issue with words being split between lines? if its a font issue can any one tell me how to get the font i need?

    1. I’m having the same issue and I have no idea how to fix it. It’s really a pain having to scroll back to finish reading the bigger paragraphs.

  14. Liking this so far.
    always nice to see a vn that doesn’t focus on the typical school routine but instead dedicates itself to a more grown up audience.

  15. Reading the description and seeing the part about stunning older women I go straight over to VNDB see what she looks like and oh my god, I thought I got play this she is really hot… then I finish the description T_T I think this is the first time I’ve been cucked in the description of a game ^_~

    By the way, I am joking around, but Christ I would have loved to have had a route for her.

  16. Admin, please add VN yotsinoha because I have searched for the link everywhere, but none of the links I found
    please admin please add this VN
    I really like thank you admin for adding this vn to the download list😁

  17. Does anyone have a guide or know how to get to Himeo route? I’ve been trying for awhile to get Himeo route and the last 3 cutscene for Mitoko but can’t seem to find the right choice. There’s no walkthrough on Google either.

    1. Pain in the butt to figure out, but you have to first reject Kaya at every turn, choose everything favoring Mitoko (including taking her in as a guardian), than obviously choose Himeo’s cooking over hers, always be there for Himeo (makes the obvious choices to her benefit), then scold her for Mitoko’s sake when the time comes. Finally, attend the fancy dinner party with her, and you’ll get the choice to stay in her room after she passes out to take care of her.

    2. The most important thing is to look for Himeo instead of Mikoto when the option appears. It’s more important than most choices. You could also try to compliment Himeo’s cook.

      By the way, when you finish all the routes including Mikoto, go back to Himeo and watch it again until credits, there will be another H-scene.

  18. Man this is awesome, can’t stop laughing, this game is without a doubt one of the (sadly) few great games that exist in recent days.

    1. “in recent days” might not be the right expression to use as this VN originally came out in 2007 in Japan.

  19. story written by the same guy who wrote White Album 2 and How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend, should be decent me thinks.

  20. How do you download this game? From the download link, it says you can only download 200mb daily without a premium membership and that the file is too big to download.

  21. With a title like “most forbidden love” i was expecting a more extreme scenario, especially since the game uploaded prior to this seemed to focus on hemorrhoids in your younger sisters ass.

    but i’m glad this seems to be more normal ^^

    Thanks a bunch admin!

  22. The game ran at first without any issues, after a restart however, it just pops a black screen and shut down immediately, anyone had that issue?

    1. Well I solved my issue, re-downloaded it and had the same issue, so the problem was in the save files, I deleted everything but my last save and it worked.

  23. Hasn’t this already been uploaded under a different name? I remember a premise similar to this one somewhere.

    1. I dont think it’s better than family project but it’s quite similar I guess. The characters arent as good

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