Come See Me Tonight

Come See Me Tonight

Ryoichi doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life. A very viable option is dumped into his lap when his parents disappear without warning one day. While he’s pondering his next step, a woman from his father’s past, Chidori Yuki, approaches him and decides to help out the young man.

“I own a traditional Japanese restaurant,” she tells him. “Come and work for me, and you can learn to be a chef.” Having nothing much better to do, Ryoichi can hardly refuse her offer, so he goes along for the ride, although he’s a little uncertain that cooking is his destiny.

Things quickly become more complicated when he arrives and meets the rest of the family! Chidori introduces him to her three beautiful daughters, who all work as waitresses in her restaurant. “Get to know my daughters,” Chidori instructs him. It turns out her plan is to have him choose one daughter to marry and eventually take over the restaurant as Head Chef! What’s more, the girls are all actively competing for Ryoichi’s love, bending over backwards to make him fall for them. Considering he’s never had a girlfriend before, he’s really in for some interesting times. Talk about pressure!

All day, he is surrounded by Chidori and her three beautiful daughters, as well as another girl training to be a Head Hostess. It’s a veritable harem! How will he choose just one?

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  1. i have a issue with the game i keep having saving and loading flags and varibles have failed also its stuck in window mode it wont allow me to put it to fullcreen please help me fix these issues thanks

  2. Such a great game. What does part 2 have to do with anything? I installed over the other folder. Seems the same no change.

  3. Here also gave this error , convert the file to ISO format and try to reinstall the visual novel

  4. Is there somebody can help me?

    I installed the game, but it’s not working.

    I click in “Execute” and it says “Failed to copy file”.

  5. when ever i go to install the game, it says “failed to copy file” i have removed and redownloaded both the rar files 3 times now and it keeps coming up with the same thing

  6. sorrrrry i have this terrible problem
    can anybody save me?
    i can’t unlock the gallery I don’t know why
    I passed this game in one route but i still can’t unlock it
    what should i do?

  7. So, did anyone else notice that all the girls are named after birds?

    Chidori = plover
    Misago = osprey
    Tsugumi = thrush
    Kobato = baby dove
    Hina = chick (in the “baby chicken” sense of the word)

    I just thought the theme naming was interesting ^_^

  8. To save you press the letter s on your keyboard during gameplay then right click and click on save andwhen the save menu opens click apply apply.

    1. You have to reinstall the game when this happens. But you can save your saved files during the reinstall process.

  9. I’m having trouble getting the harem ending even following a walkthrough I apparently end up on a single girls route unless thats supposed to happen and the harem doesn’t kick in till later. I think I had the same problem the last time I played this a few years ago

  10. I used Winzip to extract the files to a folder. When I double clicked the KONY2ML.EXE file to attempt to run it, I got a “Registration is incorrect. Please install again.” message. What should I do? Please help.

  11. there is something wrong with the save it wont let me save at events like i wanted to…. i need help

  12. how did you guys install this game? I using win 7
    I extract both file and run KONYAUST then it said
    ‘failed to copy file’ can anyone help?

    1. 1.extract.
      2.Run konyaust (Not the application, the other one which is autorun, it will give u an option to play, install, etc.)
      3.Then choose Max install (install everything 300mb)
      4.Chose the installation folder (dont choose Drive C:, instead install it on D:)
      5.Wait, Then… TADA!! Open Konyaust and play! WELL I CAN’T!!! bcause there’s another problem… The screen resolution is so tiny (about 640 pixel or sumthing)

      6.Is there anyone who can help me with this… T.T

  13. well, there’s no problem for me… its just… THE SCREEN RESOLUTION!!!!!!! T.T
    how to full screen it? its very small screen and its annoying… i full screen it but its remain the same!! the different is that outer space bcome black… but the screen is remain small…
    anyone can help me here??? :/

      1. For nvidia users:
        Go right click on your desktop background, go to “nVidia Control Panel”
        -Go to “Adjust Desktop Size and Position”, which is under Display.
        -Select “Full-Screen” under scaling” and apply-ok.

        1. Probably something similar works for other graphic cards too … please make sure you download the latest drivers first

  14. good game. not great but good. anyway i am having problems saving. i have right clicked to open menu (pretty easy to work out, a few older games are like that)but when i click on save it doesn’t actually save. i clicked apply after selecting a number to save to and then save but nothing saved. i been through 2 routes and after finishing the second playthrough, all the cg and scenes from 1st playthough where gone.
    anyone know a way to actually save or have save files i can download

  15. got a problems
    turn black and not responding, already restart few many times still the same
    and cant play midi it says my system doenst support directsound
    the heck is that . . ??

  16. I also had the problem with everything turning black and the game not working! But after restarting my computer and giving it another try it finaly worked. Oh, and to save you have to right click. I hope this could help with some of the problems.
    BTW, admin, really epic site ^_^

    1. Haven’t played it and yet I’m sure it can’t rival Da Capo 1 & 2, I prefer the later one by the way, but also the first one is great (and you don’t get some jokes etc. in DC2)

  17. got problem here admin…

    install is no problem, but when start, it get black for long time, like not responding…

    I’m running on admin, Win XP

    any solution for this??

    thank you for the attention ^^

    1. thank god i’m not the only one getting this problem. can somebody tell us what we’re doing wrong? did something download incorrectly, or what?

  18. Really cool! This is a.. bad question though, but how do I save? I’m new to these types of games so.. sorry for the stupid question v.v’

  19. The file downloaded just fine for me, and played with only a slight hesitation during the scene switches. I’m using win 7 x64 and it seems to work just fine. It DOES need to run in admin mode though.

    All in all a fairly standard eroge. Decent art, but nothing special, H scenes are nothing to write home about. The story is a bit simplistic, and I never really got any emotional responses to any of the paths, though it wasn’t cliched enough to make me want to stop playing. No irritating voices though, which is always a plus in my book. I enjoyed it enough to clear all the paths, but will be unlikely to ever look at it again. I’d give it a 2 of 5.

  20. This vn is about 10 hours long plus it even fully voiced but the file size is only 317 MB.
    There’s must be something wrong with the file.

  21. yeah i have problems getting the game to start as well once it loads changing my screen resolution and stops responding i give up until someone tells me how to get it to work cus its getting nnoying having my taskbar dissapear ech time

    1. The game used to run just fine.
      I stopped playing for about a year then I start to have the exact same problem. Black screen, it stopped responding, desktop resolution went to 640p, and my taskbar’s gone. I never done any major changes to my system so i wonder what went wrong.

  22. I get the game to install all and good, start it up and it stops responding when trying to load the opening piece.

    1. “Mirror #2” is usually fileserve. When game is single file to download i’m using different template, since multipart one won’t look good.

  23. You have to install it as administrator for the install to work. That is what I had to do to make the installation successful.

  24. I seem to have gotten the game to install, but it crashes every time I try to start it… I’ve been having the same issue with a few of the other games that were recently added. Is anyone else having this issue or knows the fix for it?

  25. I had to re-install the game (minimum)on my C:\ drive (windows)drive before I could play it. anyone else had this problem?

    1. I’m currently uploading all older games that were missing from the site. Expect many classics to be posted within next few days.

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