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    1. Just have her walk into every trap and get fucked by every differently coloured orc.

      Currently trying to find out if there’s any bonus things or different endings.

  1. anybody else having the game crash whenever an animation happens? i dont get it all the time but 2/5 times it does

  2. It’s pretty fun since i love rpg,spent more time enjoying the gameplay itself rather than the hscenes, Is there any other game like this one(something similar to violated heroine is preferred since i still had fun with the hscenes)

  3. Thanks a lot for the game! Do you plan to upload games like Dangerous Relationship,My Butler or Shinsengumi?

  4. Interesting, i always wanted to try out these styles of games. Can anyone recommend a game similar to this. (For free i might add).

    1. there was a game i played back then similar to this one it’s called violated heroine and it’s pretty fun also better than this one,some parts are not yet translated though and it still has some bugs but it’s fun,spent more time trying to get all the hscenes there than the gameplay though since it has a lot of scenes rather than just a few like this game.

  5. Man, what’s the point of a rape game if she’s going to instantly act like she wanted it all along when the rape actually happens?

    1. Not instantly, though i know what you mean. First thing with these kind of games: Most of them either let the MC enjoy the rape, corrupt them or at least brush it off. Games, where the MC is permanently affected, are rare.

    1. This is an Action RPG, made with a RPG Maker and using the common Dreamland combat system (IIRC). There is no voice (very very few RPG Maker games have such, I’m fairly certain that I’d recall if it had)

  6. Oh I see Admin, you seem to be on the side of “justice” eh? Cause they say flat is justice but that’s a lie! Flat ones are usually jealous and possessive.

    They are corrupted and easily influenced. But it’s not too late. We can still have more giant titty eroge on this site. Big melons will never abandon you.

  7. ok, I just found a bug. It turns out that if you are covered in cum and get on the raft in the 4th dungeon? you get stuck in a loop of going back and fourth without being able to get off but if you press A for the dash then you will not only get free but get completely free roam of the map. Locked door? no problem, walk straight through it. The only downside is that it makes it impossible to actually kill any enemies even though they can still attack you

      1. My favurite bug report is “The xbox360 version looks worse than the xbox one version.” The guys printed it out, framed it and it’s now proudly displayed for all to laugh at at the office.

  8. Welp, played that Action (IIRC) RPG already and now I just gotta wonder… there have been plenty of other RPGs which have been translated recently (fully, I dunno) within a short time

    yet it is this one which appeared here (and which i don’t recall getting translated but that might be because the blog often does not let me get past the warning about mature content), why? Just gently curious~

    1. Your point is?

      Is it about him missing or still not knowing/linking any random vn/rpg right now for you to get it for free asap?

      Either ask or point out something missing, but why are you asking about “Why did you post this first?, instead of others i don’t even know the names or if they’re fully translated”


    2. There is basically only one admin here so he can’t upload everything at once. There are also to many releases for one person to keep track of everything so the admin is uploading as much as he can at a time.

      1. “There is basically only one admin here so he can’t upload everything at once.”

        That is not true. The admin is a God and he can do anything

    3. You know you could list the places where we could find these translated games that are not here so we could also enjoy them please?

    4. Yeah, I agree with you. Despite the sites name it’s basically been exclusively VNs, or hybrids (VN + another genre). It’s kind of weird that the admin is just starting to branch out and happened to choose this out of all the better games out then.

    5. Its simple really, I requested this so it got uploaded.
      If you want something else to be uploaded go to the forum and make a request in the request section.
      Also you say that this game is bad but that is where you are wrong, what is actually bad is your taste in gaming.

      1. That’s good to hear, with the time on these comments I was worried it was just a prank. Looks really good.

      2. wow, first someone goes from 0 to 100 instantly, taking totally “gentle curios”ity out of context while providing no help and now while this does answer why suddenly a short Action RPG appears… where the duck did anyone say that it was bad?!

        Rather what I was hinting at is that a certain blog could be bad, in one way or another, that has been flooding sukubei with translations I do not know the quality of, for long now (because I either readplayed those already or never intended to, Dark Sphere is one of those I played through despite le loli not being quite my type)

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