Theory of Fear

Theory of Fear

“Theory of Fear” is a visual novel combining “slice of life” and “dark fantasy” genres.
In the daytime, the main heroine is an ordinary girl, a first-year university student, who does an evening job in a café. At night, in her dreams, she visits another world with extraordinary guys, who start pursuing her.
At first, she makes little account of her dreams, thinking they’re no more than vivid fantasies, but the more she drowns into them, the clearer her realization of the Midworld’s reality becomes – it exists and those who live there aren’t going to leave her alone…

4 comments on “Theory of Fear

  1. I would say, I was really impress. I would normaly not try much of this but It call my attencion, the thematic it make feel curious about how this would end and I can say:


    No really, no kidding, at my start I realy end like on a way hating Sadao, but as deep as I go further is twisted how his route was something I just started to like even more, it was in some way a safer place and was reason to her him hough it may have all been a trick as it make it feel some… some stuff. And is pretty confusing in some ways, the canon enhding for a sencond part kind of called between stuff is something…that makes me wonder what else is to come for MC *I forgot her name, oh is funny how not of the that route lol* id her end well I leave it to you but let me say I really like better Sadao at his end, the good one!

    uh maybe this was signs I later would end having soft spots for random psyco’s that usually I just didn’t like to deal with on indie rpgs but well was such an experience this one.
    Thanks admin again!

  2. Finally an Otome Game with Spicy Scenes! Thank you so much! I will be looking forward to Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome when it’s out too! The Translation is already finished according to the MangaGamer Blog so it probably won’t be too long before it’s released…!

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