Isogashii Hito no Tame no Youyoumu

Isogashii Hito no Tame no Youyoumu

A doujin AVG based on the Touhou Project series.

5 Responses to “Isogashii Hito no Tame no Youyoumu”

  1. Lolzxd03 says:

    1-Click links (for game and extra) are broken.

  2. nya~ says:

    uoah! thanks for this i could sit down and relax in my house :>

  3. T99 says:

    Is Extra its own game? If so where is the English patch for it? Cause I think the EngPatch only works for the first game

  4. blackfang798 says:

    Really love this vn, can u upload more ver like extra series, iamp etc.. Thx

  5. cia92f says:

    the main char in this game is it a male?

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