The story takes place in the far future. A huge mass of energy called “Planet of Destruction” suddenly appears near Mars. The planet affects the Earth and causes unusual weather and diastrophism. Triggered by them, numerous wars and terrorist attacks occur and the world critically gets damaged. But it’s not actually a sign of destruction yet. Only one hundred years left. The human beings plan to get out of the Earth to avoid extinction. There are two plans. One of them is to form the World Integrated Government. The second one is called “Felix Plan”. Humans now need to invent a new technology to live in the outer space, but they have only one hundred years. Therefore, they first invent a new kind of creature called Felix by manipulating genes. Ninty-nine years later…. There is a Felix girl who works as a main member of the Escape from Earth Plan. She, who devotes her whole life to this plan, now completes her all works and decides to stay on the Earth for the rest of her life. One day, a boy is sent to her place. His mission is to protect the girl. The story starts when they meet…

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  1. Scanned it on virustotal apparently one picked it up as a Malicious.moderate.ml.score is this a false positive?

  2. Man, I bought this game on Steam and played it through completely, and damn it, after 12 hours of reading, bottling up emotions, crushing those emotions and going back to reading, I finally finished it and then cried my eyes out for a hour straight, yeah, non manly but fuck, that was a depressing ending. Even more than Plastic Memories.

    1. I must admit. . . . this is seriously heart rending. The beginning alone was quite sad enough but the ending. . . . it just wants to make you cry…. i cried a lot at Plastic Memories because I watched it not knowing what I was getting myself into but this. . . . . Its too much …..

  3. Hi, thanks for the work on this site, Admin!

    Playthrough was amazing, music was in the same mood as ef, and I held it up to those standards.

    I have a problem regarding the H-scenes in Plus Mosaic, though. Are they all supposed to be black? I didn’t see an option in the configuration menu, nor do I remember seeing a choice between all ages/adult (having read this over the span of 6 months or so, memory is a bit hazy.) in the beginning. Am I supposed to run through all 4 scenes before they unlock, or something like that?

  4. is this one good? … i have read like for 5 hours now and i cant just get engaged by it, the miusic is cool, but it makes me sleepy and like not want to continue reading… so… is it worth?

  5. eheh ^_^||| didnt thought about that limitation for a free user..and admin-san, regarding the replacement of the exe files..will it work?

    1. You can’t download more than two files at once as a free user. If you’re getting “file not found” errors, wait until previous parts finished downloading before starting 3rd one.

  6. Hi guys, just wanna ask if i buy the steam ver. but i replace the exe. file from the R18 patch is it possible? If it doesn’t work, just gonna get it on steam, planning to support dev team ^^

    1. Check filesizes of part 5 and 6. If they differ, then that part download got corrupted for you. Re-download it.

        1. Okay, the second screenshot you linked explains everything. You downloaded first four parts in January, which contained totally different files than the one that are posted now (links from January had game setup files and crack as separate download. The current version posted is pre-cracked archive, which you can just extract and play). Since the archives are named the same, WinRAR tries to match two different kinds of files together, resulting in error. Remove parts 1-4 and download the current ones and it will work fine.

    1. Both contain the same files. If you have downloadani premium account, use the 1click, otherwise get the free links.

  7. This is broken. While you can play it, you can’t access the memories button. Plus it almost seems as if it’s not loading many, if any, of the PLUS CG’s. I assume it’s the crack in the new upload that broke it. Maybe it’s based off of the all ages version?

    1. have you completed the game yet? if not, you only can open Memories and Plus+Mosaic button after you completed the main story, the crack itself didn’t broke anything, I can get 100% CG/music, etc just fine, both from main story, and Plus+Mosaic stories, though I download this before it turned to be pre-cracked links, but I doubt there will be any differences

      1. Ah. Ok, my bad. Kinda strange that nothing unlocks until you’ve completed it first. Most of the similar games I’ve played unlock things as you go, allowing you to see your progress.

        1. This is more like one of the games where the buttons for the cg gallery doesn’t show up until you finish at least one route. Except they still let you see the buttons for some strange reason.

  8. Yes! Finally Eden in Englisch! I waited for that. Too bad though. Wanted to buy it and support them, but they only accept credit card wich I don’t have T_T No Pay Pal because MangaGamer offers free Demos of the adult games, which Pay Pal won’t accept. And Steam only offers the All Ages version… Dammit! >_< You really want me to pirate it!!!

    1. You know, here’s a crazy thought.

      Step 1: Buy the all ages version and support the dev if you really want to do that.
      Step 2: Then pirate the adult version.

      Maybe if more people using Paypal as an excuse did this, we’d actually get Supipara…

  9. Thanks admin. Great game, would recommend to any visual novel fan. I felt feelings I’ve never felt before while reading it.

  10. In truth, I am a very hardcore loli lover… but this particular novel… this insanely spectacular novel… it made me cry like a lost child… The story is just amazing, the way it portrays the ends of times is just so unique… The frontier of a savior, and a heart warming atmosphere makes it a really good Novel… Also they did something, that I think only a few Nakige novels did, and I ain’t gonna spoil it so play it yourself.

    -P.S something is missing in the tags their Admin. 🙂 oh well I guess you didn’t want to spoil it as well.

    1. Both contain the same version of game. Basically the “new” links are pre-cracked game – just extract and play, while the old one, you need to install it then add the crack manually. I’m trying to make the games as newbie-friendly as possible (many people don’t know how cracks work, so they either don’t download them, and come asking for “product id”, put it in wrong places (like for example in setup folder or beside .iso images) etc…) hence the new batch of links, but I’m leaving the old ones up, so that people who have for example 15 out of 19 parts downloaded already, don’t have to start over. I’ll remove old set of links in a week or so, in order to not confuse users…

    1. I thought “18+ game download” was pretty descriptive…
      Also, this question was asked twice already. Read previous comments.

  11. In case you guys aren’t aware, supipara’s localization is dependent on if this game sells or not. I know it’s pointless to tell you to buy it, so if you absolutely must pirate the game, maybe spread the news of the campaign? Retweet it on twitter, or retumblr it or whatever’s hip these days. If someone who otherwise might not have taken notice of the game sees it because of your retweet and decides to buy it, that’s still $10/$15 more dollars for the campaign that it would have otherwise had.

    1. Thanks for this game,

      btw, i would like to buy this game but i would need a credit cart to bye it.
      But now it all age on steam so if it would help them i think i buy it if its good.
      If the 18+ version would be on steam, i think i would bye it directly there.

      1. Steam doesn’t allow adult titles. You can buy all-ages version there and use the pirated adult one from here. I’m sure the developer won’t mind.

  12. The storyline between the 2 versions is the same, the 18+ ver just has as mentioned more gore, and has added hentai scenes with the girls. Other than the gore and hentai scenes the games story is no diffrent.

  13. On a scale of 1 to 10, how sex is in this game? I like my eroges to be more about sex than violence or emotions. With the way people are talking about it sounds like it’ll be too weaksauce for me so I don’t want waste time downloading another School Days.

    1. well its just everyone personal taste, to me i like games with more story, music those that will bring you to tears not some mindless eroge (ps: still haven`t finished Imouto Paradise since its release XD)and School Days 2 gruesome hate NTR 🙁 so i passed on it even already installed it lol ) the same for ef the first and secong tale cos i played the tales of 2 and really hate Yuko`s route…

      1. I’m not knocking it, I just prefer real JRPGs for my story fixes. These ‘visual novels with sex’ tend to be too softcore for me. I like a good build up to the sex but not if it’s going to be lame love making.

    2. Just use vndb.org, the site will be able to answer almost any question you have about nearly all visual novels/eroge.

    3. The game was originally all ages with a 18+ patch called PLUS MOSAIC released shortly after. Honestly, the sex is an afterthought, and there is some character derailment in them.

      minori games have always been more about feels.

  14. I see that say +18

    But I understood that mangagamer published first the all-age version

    For this reason I ask. Maybe is a mistake

    1. Yes, this is the “adults only” version, containing hentai scenes and more “graphic” blood/violence scenes.
      Steam has only “all-ages” version available. while MangaGamer has both “all-ages” and “18+” versions. The version I posted here is the “18+”. I can also add all-ages one as separate download, but honestly, I see no point tbh.

      1. theres no hint in the Tags saying it could be All Ages or Adult.
        so yeah, we ask.
        Honestly, in all aged versions the love story lacks.
        double meanings, word plays, culture difference, they all are entertaining, even if not intended.

    1. read the posts at the begining and confirm yourself…\
      Anyway thx for the upload, I’ve been hoping to play this for quite a while now =)

  15. Holyshit that was fast! I was expecting at least a one day wait hahaha. I already pre-ordered this with no regrets though. Typically I don’t buy eroge but Eden* is on a whole different level than the crappy Nukige stuff that usually gets put on Mangagamer. I’ve been waiting for this ever since the demo patch was released years ago.

    1. 10h downloading XD max speed 1.3M/s download each part average ~ 50kb/S lol disconnect part 6 for 3 times already ….

      1. It’s so big because the game doesn’t use sprites. The characters are all blended into the backgrounds so the graphics size adds up fast.

        1. Minori games typically dial presentation up to 11. There are an extremely high amount of high quality CGs in their games. Eden is almost ALL CGs, so the size gets huge. It makes for a very beautiful and well polished product though.

  16. Crack:


    1. Crack can be used by renaming it to a different file name, or by overwriting the eden_pm_en.exe that came with the game.
    2. Optional UCOpgDlgRes.dll is part of the DRM and can be safely deleted.

    Not fully tested. If more testing reveals any problems with the crack, I’ll make an updated exe.

    Try and support visual novel localization companies if you can!


  17. Admin, I wish I could get at least one chance to say something bad about the upload o content of this site to prove that humanity can’t be perfect.

    This opportunity will likely never come.

    Tldr: Another spectacular job admin. I hope this site will exist till the coming of age of my grandchildren :]

  18. Thanks for always uploading such good visual novel.Really wanted to play ever since I watched the opening song for this.

        1. Finally this is out. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS . You made my day admin. I have been crying for this since NNL dropped the project. This is my Valentine gift !!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I played this VN with AGTH years ago and it moved me like few other managed to do. Very glad to see it properly translated.

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