Higurashi tweaks

Hide ugly UI
higurashi-noframe.rar – 615 B

Extract these files to your higurashiwhentheycry folder. Be sure to set the right-click function to show menu instead of hide frame.

Font hack
higurashi-fonthack.rar – 58 KB

This patch replaces ugly game font with nicer looking one.

Music patches
HigurashiMusicPatchFull.rar – 73.0 MB
HigurashiMusicPatchDemo.rar – 25.5 MB

Mangagamers’ release has fewer tracks than original release. They were too lazy or didn’t have enough music, so they went and replaced VARIOUS tracks with the SAME track, in multiple occasions, which is just butchering the game. For example Rena and Mion don’t have their own music themes in mangagamers release. This adds variety again to the soundtrack.
There’re two patches, one that replaces the music with the Himatsubushi-hen soundtrack (the repack of chapters 1-4) and another that uses the music from the demo (so this version it’s only up to chapter 1).

12 comments on “Higurashi tweaks

  1. God knows at this point, it’s unlikely anyone will be checking this; but the updated graphics, is that only for 1-4? Or can it be extracted and used for the rest too?

  2. Everything here and more can be found at Higurashi Tweak wiki… They also have sound and music patches for Kai but you guys probably already knew of that, making this statement redundant…

  3. Could anyone tell me or link me to a video where I can see the difference between the music patches. Also, is there another way to get the patch without having to search this website (which I just found out was 18+) or Google for 50 pages? If there isn’t, that’s fine… but I’d like to know what I’m missing out on to settle with myself whether it’s worth the hassles. Sorry for the long paragraph but I’m relatively curious about it.

  4. the reason they didn’t use all the original music was due to trouble with getting permissions from 7thExpansion great upload though

    1. It’s a bit more complicated…
      Higurashi started out as a doujin game, sold at Comiket. They used some freerly-available music, which was okay for non-commercial project, but some tracks’ license prohibits commercial use for them, so mangagamer had to cut them in official release.

  5. Yeah please please please can you get the music patches again i need to read tatarigoroshi but mangagamers version is killing me

  6. Both of the links for the music are down thanks to filesonic’s demise. So can you Pretty Please post a new link the music as is is making me want to stop playing cause playing without sound is… Weird

  7. I spoke with people from Mangagamer at a con recently and they said the reason a lot of the music wwas removed was for copyright reasons. Since the original game used a lot of copyrighted music when it was first released and the copyright laws in Japan are different from those in the US they had no choice but to remove some tracks.

    That said, thank you for making these available.

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