A Butterfly in the District of Dreams

A Butterfly in the District of Dreams

Oriibu Village… that was the name of this town, as well as this world.
This otherworldly town has a nostalgic, retro-like flavor.
For ages, it has prospered, and continues to prosper without end.
Every corner of the place is bustling with people, and warmth.
It is both old-fashioned, yet refreshingly new.

Neither magic nor spells exist here, but there is an aura of mystique.
How long has it been since I, Yumesaki Haruki, have come to this world?

It feels like it’s been a few days. But it also feels like it’s been over a year.
There is the passing of the day into night, back into day.
However, you don’t feel the passage of time beyond that.
The flowers that have once blossomed continue to stay in full bloom.

4 comments on “A Butterfly in the District of Dreams

  1. At first I didn’t find it all that interesting, but the true route definitely got me invested. Hopefully the sequel gets translated.

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