Higurashi When They Cry Hou – Ch.1 Onikakushi

Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.1 Onikakushi

Higurashi When They Cry is a sound novel. The music, backgrounds and characters work together to create a world that is the stage of a novel for the user to read. They laugh and cry and get angry. The user takes the point of view of the protagonist to experience the story.

A re-release on a new engine with updated art and a complete re-translation. The updated art contains only all-new sprites contracted by MangaGamer, drawn by Kurosaki of Caramel Box. No CGs or new backgrounds have been drawn.
Players have an ability to switch between old and new art, and English/Japanese languages.
The original soundtrack and content, previously cut from the English release of the game, have been restored.

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  1. I can’t play this game. i tried open the game but nothing happended. Does anyone have the same problem? I’ve changed the locale.

  2. Like always “All Ages” is just a blanket rating to mean no ero content. Disturbing subject matter, foul language and Violence be damned.

  3. Please update this release to the 1.06 version. Not only the updates fixed some typos and minor bugs but more importantly improved modability. The 1.00 version that you have here has troubles with making the voice patch that came out recently working since it’s aimed for the updated version.

    1. Yes, please release the 1.06 version, admin! This update seems to be already stable and since it is released on 19 May, maybe it is the final update.

      1. It seems that the 1.07 update is needed for the widescreen support mod. Any chance for this upload to get the update too?

  4. Thanks, admin!

    I downloaded and saw that since the sprites files are unecrypted, changing the images in the folder HigurashiEp01/DataStreamingAssets/CGAlt will change the sprites. In this way, you can switch Mangagamer sprites to Alchemist sprites as long as you adjust the sizes and transparency of the sprites (I tried this). The same thing may apply for background in the CG folder, which means it may be possible to change the background to Alchemist images.

    Scripts seem to be compiled on run-time, so changing the text in the scripts is possible by editing the text in the scripts folder (I tried this too and I could edit in-game text). Adding voices may be easier with this Steam release, though inserting thousands of WAV files seems to be too bothersome for anyone.

  5. Well this might be just the occasion for me to finally read Higurashi. I’ve seen the anime, but I’ve heard the novels were good too, or better.

    I really like the idea of alternative art. Ryukishi07 is an excellent writer, but he really can’t draw lol. Or if he’s not the one who drew the sprites, then the artist he used realllly isn’t to my taste.

    1. You must be new here… All of 07th Expansion’s VNs are extremely long Kinetic Novels divided to several chapters. Also, Ryukishi07 is one of the greatest VN writers of all time and has even collaborated with Key in Rewrite.

      1. I have played VNs over 50 hours, but still play without options on routes, without voices and without +18 scenes… it’s better to read a book or watch an anime. Well, thank you for the feedback.

        1. Hahaha
          What are you even doing here? Sound novels are basically “books” with sound, and why do you think lack of +18 content makes story worse or not worth your time? Sex-scenes in VN’s are generally very bad attempt to fish for additional neckbeards with nudity, often adding nothing to the story but cheap fanservice. I don’t want to sound like an fanboy or anything but discarding the rare VN’s that actually have a plot instead of shitty high-school sol and forced sexual content is the worst decision you’ll make, but considering the quality of your comment I don’t think you’d find this particular work or anything else by 07 enjoyable.

          1. I really like VN’s, But if it is a fifty plus hour novel and you are forced to watch and have what amounts to zero user input to change the paths, that is where have to I’d pass on a VN.

            I have yet to play this…so I’m hoping it has some choices. If this allows at least s-o-m-e user choices that would be good.

    2. Yepp. It’s basicaly a book with music and art. Nontheless it is still worth “reading” if you can accept it for what it is and like mystery and horror stories. I’m momentarly over 60h into Umineko and it sucked me in. I love it. What gives me real trouble are non kinnetic novels that turn half way trough into ones like “Rewrite” or “Grisaia”. Great VNs but I don’t like that feeling of beeing “kicked out” of these games and just read text for hours in a supposed interactive story.

  6. There have been several patches fixing typos and bugs, how can we get these? Are they going to be uploaded or is this release going to be reuploaded with the patched version?

  7. It’s one of those where it’s considered all ages in that it doesn’t have sex scenes, but the story isn’t exactly for 8 year olds. Just treat it like a mature story without sex.

  8. God knows at this point, it’s unlikely anyone will be checking this; but the updated graphics download, is that only for 1-4? Or can it be extracted and used for the rest too? I never actually got around to playing Higurashi because I saw the anime. I don’t feel like waiting for this new release so I’m gonna go back to the older ones on here, but wanna make sure what to do with the graphics first.

  9. Wow talk about useless, an all ages version of higurashi with new art? Everyone who doesnÄt like the ham hands were just using the PS2 sprites anyway.

    1. Nah, it’s kinda all-ages. There are some graphic descriptions of violence, but nothing serious.

      1. Child Abuse, death of heroine, fear of death, horror, Loli Heroine, male protagonist, miko heroine, Mischievous Heroine, Murder Mystery, Paranoia, Violence, yakuza, Yakuza Heroine, yandere heroine

        All ages?

        1. “All Ages” in that there is no graphic sexual content, and in fact barely any graphic content visually.

          It’s the same sort of deal with the Steam release of Littlewitch Romanesque, it was labelled “All Ages” because it had the sexual content removed. Higurashi didn’t have any sex scenes to begin with, so it’s technically always been “All Ages”. Even though it’s most certainly not for children.

          1. Having watched the anime to this, I shudder at the images that come to mind. If you want to see some screwed up things, this would rank up there in my opinion. I’ve not played the game but if its anything like the anime, I don’t need to.

          2. You really SHOULD read this VN. If you liked the anime, then you will be delighted by this masterpiece. Its three times better than the anime imho.

          3. I guess “All ages” is a bit of a misnomer. If we were to use ESRB ratings Higurashi would NOT get E for everyone lol. It would not be A or 18+ only though. Maybe rated T or M? Something like that.

        2. well, actually the all-ages rating is a japanese rating system. It’s not really strict so you can tell yandere things all ages as long there are no sexual depictions,canibalism, and too much killing. As example, go play The Gray Garden. It for all age but… I won’t give any spoiler.

    2. while it doesn’t contain much in the way of visual depictions of gore (like the anime did), it does contain very graphic AURAL depictions. The very first thing you hear is the smashing of a blunt object against flesh. Multiple times. So don’t expect an eyeful of gore… Expect an earful of it.

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