Meltys Quest

Meltys Quest

Meltys Quest is about the journey our protagonist, Princess Meltys takes to restore her kingdom. Meltys is a girl who has fooled around all her life, not giving a hoot about anything but herself. But one day the Grolido Monster Empire invades her country, destroys her home, and kidnaps her three sisters. With no castle and no one else to call for help, Meltys decides,

“Well, I’ll like somehow fix everything!”

Please warmly watch over Meltys and guide her on this light-hearted, sometimes comical, and sometimes serious, but always erotic, quest to rescue her family and restore her kingdom.

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  1. Jakai says:

    I can’t open the game tried the read me file but it tells me to open game.exe which as far as I can tell doesn’t exist so help please.

  2. Bube says:

    Good game. I like its sidequests and simple combat system (it’s easier for me to focus on the plot).

  3. yuri says:

    this is absolutely not a yuri game. wtf is with the comments?

  4. Zero says:

    Does anyone have a link for the new content update (April 2018)?

  5. KamidoriFan says:

    One of the better games
    Scenes were good, and the story/sidequests were humorous
    Combat isn’t nearly as complex as something like bunny black but still a good game

  6. tsuki-ouji says:

    First impression: wow, the protagonist is awful

    Second impression: not the most creative setup, but that isn’t something that would stop it from being enjoyable

    Third impression: I saw the stats, and stuff keeps making me laugh. I have seen the best weapon I’ve seen in a while: the Golden Bow. It’s pure gold and useless as a bow, so you just bludgeon people with it. This game is definitely promising.

  7. Tomoki says:

    I bothered only because y’all were saying this was yuri but…

    Although it has yuri in it, all the girl-on-girl action is of the rape variety (the protag is straight, for the most part). The only person the protag gets lovey-dovey with is a dude, and as mentioned she’s pretty opposed to the whole girl-on-girl thing. So… sad face. :<

    Still, it was decent for what it was – and the fact there's accessible scene replay and that you don't have to actually lose to bosses to get their (only yuri) scenes is nice.

    • Yurifag says:

      Why are you lying? Just because you got one ending doesn’t mean you know the whole game. In one of the endings she marries a chick.

      • Tomoki says:

        Not intentionally lying – it was late and I just finished it. Spreading misinformation is still bad though, sorry. To be fair on me, all the girls seemed pretty cock-hungry so I guess I didn’t expect much to change (I went pure route. I thought raising her slut-level would just make her more phallus obsessed)…

        I only got the pure ending. I guess I had to lose to the bosses so she got used to being with a chick? If you could give me a clue I’d appreciate.

        • The_Great_Beyond says:

          Spoilers: Ending List
          Pure Princess : Ending 1
          Defeat the Final boss with S.Level at 0
          Beginnings : Ending 2
          Defeat the final boss with an S.Level between 1~29
          Interracial : Ending 3
          Defeat the final boss with an S.Level between 30~68
          Gaiety : Ending 4
          Defeat the final boss with an S.Level 69+
          Must not have fully built the castle
          Happy Life :Ending 5
          Defeat the final boss with an S.Level of 69+
          Complete the castle (The 5mil Upgrade)
          Ending A : Talk to Roy in your room
          Ending B : Talk to Daliah in her room after beating the final boss
          Ending C : Have Bally return to the surface, talk to Esmeralda, head to the roof
          ????: Ending 6
          On an NG+ Defeat Esmeralda

      • test says:

        i don’t think it’s lying when most of of the images in the HCG link shows either tentacle rape or hetro.

        sure there’s the occasional yuri and what looks to be only one futa (though it’s spoiled because there’s a guy in it) i think going off about the yuri in this is like going off about Fate/Stay Night for the Yuri in it….which is only 2 scenes, one is a MFF Threesome and the other is only available if you get Realta Nua and even then it’s turns into Rin drinking Shirou’s blood

  8. Simon says:

    Did I just hear Yuri? In that case… excuse me, please. I have… stuff… to take care of.

  9. TO says:

    hehe, the first captcha was “forbidden fruit”

  10. Ann Sears says:

    another Yuri.. am I seeing things?
    goodness gracious! thanks for the upload so much xD

  11. dokidoki says:


    This eroge is so well written, it’s hilarious, witty, and full of yuri goodness. It’s a must download, thank you Ivan.

  12. Usagi says:

    What version is this? I mean number of version.. I hope it’s 18+ too.

  13. Anvenjade says:

    Contains a decent amount of yuri.

    Translation is pretty good. There’s only a few mistakes here & there, but nothing that detracts from the experience.

  14. Trump says:


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