Monster Girl Quest 2

Monster Girl Quest 2

Toro Toro Resistance presents the 2nd act of the massive fantasy RPG adventure!

The story of being reverse-molested by sexy inhuman vixens!
Sweet monster girls seduce and pleasure you! Lose and you will be raped!
Not one scene of boys violating girls. Masochists rejoice!

You are the hero, a young boy.
Battle sexually with diverse characters in a world of humans and creatures.
All the creatures are sexy girls of some species or another! Find them all!
It’s an epic quest. Will your dirty dreams come true?

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  1. So how do i download part 2? Just download all 3 parts and put them in one folder? can i have a step by step guide that would help thank you!

  2. Not sure what the latter does, but SaveImport carries over your MGQ1 Monsterpedia to MGQ2, an issue some other commenters couldn’t solve without issue below. Hope this helps.

    How to use “Part 1 SaveImport”:
    – In , copy
    – In , paste and replace
    – Open
    – Extras, “Part 1 SaveImport” should work now.

    How to use “Part 1 Conversion”:
    – In , copy
    – In , paste and replace
    – Open
    – Extras, “Part 1 Conversion” should work now.

        (+whatever Part 1 Conversion does)

        “Part 1 SaveImport”:
        – In [MonsterQuest\save], copy [gloval.sav]
        – In [MonsterQuest2\save], paste and replace
        – Open [mon_que.exe]
        – Extras, “Part 1 SaveImport” should work now.

        “Part 1 Conversion”:
        – In [MonsterQuest], copy [arc.nsa]
        – In [MonsterQuest2], paste and replace
        – Open [mon_que.exe]
        – Extras, “Part 1 Conversion” should work now.


        Note that [mon_que_NOwordwrap.exe] didn’t seem to recognize [gloval.sav] for me, so I’d just stick to using [mon_que.exe].

        Ignore my other comment below. Tried using greater than/less than signs instead of []’s and it killed all the file and folder names qeqSaveImport carries over your MGQ1 Monsterpedia to MGQ2, an issue some other commenters couldn’t solve without issue below. Hope this helps.

  3. Hello, can someone explain to me how to correctly download the game. I downloaded a RAR opener to get MGQ 1, but for the first part of MGQ 2, it never fully downloads. I really would appreciate the help, I’ve had this problem for a while now.

    1. For whatever reason, the arc#.nsa files seem to break when extracting from most of the free split up .rar parts. For MGQ1 and MGQ2, though, the broken arc#.nsa files usually do work in at least one of those .rar part folders, you just have to find which one doesn’t give you the error when extracting. Usually it’s in one of the first or second .rar parts, and is then overwritten as you extract the others.

      MGQ3’s arc2.nsa is broken in all of its .rar parts though. Send help qmq

    1. I also tried moving the BGM from MGQ 1 but some songs play on spots where they shouldn’t be, for example the battle music plays after a battle or even the main menu music plays in game till a new song comes on.

  4. To fix the message:

    099.txt line: 19811


    >bg \BG/bg077.bmp

    ONLY copy the arc.nsa file to the moster quest 2 folder, not arc.nsa1 or arc.nsa2

  5. Tried System Locale, Format, Language, Region and I still couldn’t get rid of those damn ?????????????? when extracting. Can someone please copy and paste the FOLDER name and the .ini FILENAME here instead? Instead, I could just easily rename it manually. Thank you in advance!

  6. The third link is broke. I love this game and would love to play the next part so if you are able to please fix this.

  7. Ok, I’ve followed the instructions but every time I import my MGQ1 save and then get to text about finding Undine, this shows up:

    099.txt line: 19811


    >bg \BG/bg077.bmp

    …and of course crashes the game.

    Does anybody know how to counter this and make it work properly? It’s so irritating.

    1. just re-install your game..after that copy the ‘ arc.nsa ‘ thing..
      then,copy your latest save data MGQ1 and paste to ‘ folder save MGQ2 ‘
      no need to copy gloval.sav thing..just copy your save data MGQ1..
      enter MGQ2 and load your save works for me..

    2. i have the same problem, i looked in the files and backgrounds 077 until i think 155 are missing, thats why it won’t work i just have to find them.

  8. People who have problem white save import grayed Copy gloval.sav in the main folder not in the save folder a dont know what happened but a just see the gloval.sav in the main folder and copy to save folder of part 2 and them the save import work normal

    sorry for the (engrish) i dont know much

  9. I have a problem when I turn on the game everything is fine, but when I start a new game all the text is very tiny and it can not be read. Please help…
    (Sorry for my bad english)

  10. When I try to start the game japanese text appears in an error box, I have tried with and without the english patch but it always pops up. Please help!

    1. I just tried opening it again, and it worked. I guess that you can’t have chapter 1 and 2 open at the same time… 😛

  11. the main game works perfectly fine for me with no issues and I beat it but when I tired the extra stories I keeps getting errors something about NSA and textlines

  12. I need help wen i instal the patch onli tanslate the title screen the text continues in japanese please help u.u (sorry for my bad english)

  13. Everything seems to go perfect except a little after I import my MGQ 1 save it gives me a message saying

    099.txt line: 19811


    >bg \BG/bg077.bmp

    It crashes right as i accept the message. Any ideas what this means?

    1. You need to replace the save data “gloval.sav” from MGQ Part 1 and follow the steps from Krammer.

  14. im playing this game its good but????when IM playing its lagging >>>>how can I fix this>>>> sry for my bad english ..pls help me

  15. Upon copying the arc.nsa from the Mon_Que Part 1 and using the “Part 1 Conversion” option ingame, I found that the Monsterpedia data was all missing.
    To reconcile this I tested copying the arc1.nsa and the arc2.nsa files aswell and upon repeating the “Part 1 Conversion” option, all the Monsterpedia entries are added.
    This may be obvious to some people but I thought I’d mention it just incase it might help someone else… The patch readme has quotes around the file name, and indicates a singular item as opposed to plural items.

    1. Upon doing this and rejoicing for a while then trying to play the story, I have identified that copying the two additional files causes an error at that point. After deleting \arc1.nsa\ and \arc2.nsa\ files in previously added and putting the 2 files that came with the game back in, The error with the story was fixed and all the Monsterpedia data remains available.

      – Steps taken summary –
      1) In \MonsterGirlQuest2\ folder…
      copy \arc1.nsa\(841mb) and \arc2.nsa\(43.8mb) to desktop.
      2) In \MonsterGirlQuest\ folder…
      copy \arc.nsa\ \arc1.nsa\(11.7mb) and \arc2.nsa\(8.82mb).
      3) Back in \MonsterGirlQuest2\ folder…
      paste the 3 files from step 2 into the folder.
      If it askes if you want to replace existing files say \yes.\
      4) Enter \Monster Girl Quest Part 2\
      Use the \Part 1 Conversion\ option then exit the game.
      5) On desktop…
      Copy \arc1.nsa\(841mb) and \arc2.nsa\(43.8mb).
      6) Back in \MonsterGirlQuest2\ folder…
      paste the 2 files from step 5 into the folder.
      If it askes if you want to replace existing files say \yes.\

      – Result –
      All Monsterpedia data form Part 1 available in Part 2 and no error in Storyplay.

        1. Also, MSG P2 also came with an arc3 and arc4. Leave them as is? Re-name them? As stated above, MSG P1 didn’t come with an arc2 file nor was arc1 11.7 (or 12) mb. So I’m thoroughly confused.

          1. I’m still trying to fix my game, but I would suggest you only worry about the mentioned arc files. The new ones may pertain exclusively to the second part of the game.

      1. If anyone is stuck with windows 8.1, don’t forget to copy the save folder. I found that following this trick along with copying the save folder helps a lot.

  16. cannot axtract the file due to it file have japanesse letter.

    and probely my os just profesional. even though i fallow all the instruction

  17. im sorry,im new to this….but can someone tell me do i need to install it in the first monster quest girl folder or not?did it will continue right after where it end in part 1 with all our status and item? im new to eroge though….monster quest was my third game and i find it quite interesting than other i have played….. i would be happy if someone could reply to this message….im stuck….. please

    1. because no one reply to me i try something crazy and it worked out.i went to extra and open part1 conversion, copied the arc.nsa file like been told and tried the game but no save data is shown….so i try to copy the part1 save folder and paste it in part 2. i basically select dont copy if the file in part 2 is larger and select copy and replace if file in part 1 was larger…to anyone having the same problem i hope you will sucess….and just try some thing crazy…it may work…just don’t delete the rar case your trying failed just reextract ang try something new.good luck

  18. PLEASE HELP i dont get this at all. How do i continue playing after completing part 1? I have the rars (and english patch) for part 2 but theres no instructions on how to set it up or transfer the game completion save from part 1.

    I really want to continue the rest of the game as soon as possible.

  19. Just finished MGQ1 and went to start MGQ2 but it isn’t giving me the option to import my game clear data, even going into the extra menu it’s greyed out

  20. I can run the game perfectly fine..

    but at one point my game crashes once..
    after that, I can start the game again, but all the save data and monster pedia are gone..

    when I checked the installation folder, the save data are still there.. what should I do?

    1. i’ve found a solution that worked for me. Basiacally I took the .rar files from the part that I downloaded the first time i downloaded them and replaced all the files with them, but i kept the save and save image. So basically redownload the game or use the files from before and put the save that wouldn’t load before in the save folder(you DO NOT need to import a save from the first game(replace the gloval.sav file)

      1. if you do import your save again, you’ll get your stats from the first part, but if you don’t care about that, its unnecessary.

  21. hey, i tried to save game but i can, when i want to save, there is a window appear with ????? and say don’t change the text, what i must do for this?

    1. you do as it says..
      don’t change or add any text in the text box..

      and you get to save at “SAVE LOCATION” only..
      it needs to be done so that the game can run perfectly fine

  22. I have the game running, and I’ve already done that Japanese locale thing, but at least half of the stuff is still in Japanese. What do. I didn’t have this problem with the first part.

  23. most off the zip has error unable to play

    ! C:\Users\xxxxx\Downloads\Eroge\MonsterGirlQuest2.part1.rar: Cannot create MonsterGirlQuest2\mod\??????\???????????.ini
    The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.
    ! C:\Users\xxxxx\Downloads\Eroge\MonsterGirlQuest2.part1.rar: Attempting to correct the invalid file name
    ! C:\Users\xxxxx\Downloads\Eroge\MonsterGirlQuest2.part1.rar: Renaming MonsterGirlQuest2\mod\??????\???????????.ini to MonsterGirlQuest2\mod\______\___________.ini
    ! C:\Users\xxxxx\Downloads\Eroge\MonsterGirlQuest2.part1.rar: Cannot create MonsterGirlQuest2\mod\??????\onabe.png
    The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.
    ! C:\Users\xxxxx\Downloads\Eroge\MonsterGirlQuest2.part1.rar: Attempting to correct the invalid file name
    ! C:\Users\xxxxx\Downloads\Eroge\MonsterGirlQuest2.part1.rar: Renaming MonsterGirlQuest2\mod\??????\onabe.png to MonsterGirlQuest2\mod\______\onabe.png
    ! C:\Users\xxxxx\Downloads\Eroge\MonsterGirlQuest2.part1.rar: Cannot create MonsterGirlQuest2\mod\??????\story.ini
    The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.
    ! C:\Users\xxxxx\Downloads\Eroge\MonsterGirlQuest2.part1.rar: Attempting to correct the invalid file name
    ! C:\Users\xxxxx\Downloads\Eroge\MonsterGirlQuest2.part1.rar: Renaming MonsterGirlQuest2\mod\??????\story.ini to MonsterGirlQuest2\mod\______\story.ini

  24. are parts 1 and 2 incompatible or something? every time i try to combine them in the game it crashes even when i exclude the corrupted parts. can some one help?

  25. Sorry for any perceived rudeness but is Monster Girl Quest 3 going to be posted once the English patch comes out? Thank you for delivering these eroges to us over the years.

    1. Ok, I had this same problem, and I just deleted everything and re-extracted the files into the folder and it appears to be working.

  26. help me everytime i click on the game it says a problem has caused the program to stopped working properly. when i open my event viewer it says tht my nsogg.dll has faulting module what shud i do i used to b able to play it

  27. When will you have Monster Girl Quest 3 available (Japanese with English Patch)? The series had been fun overall for me.

  28. I had the same issue with the ????????? files. When I tried to extract it, it kept popping up with more errors, and wouldn’t even finish extraction.
    I found a way to fix it! Extract EVERYTHING except the file ‘mod’. From what I can assume, it’s the folder holding all the corrupted files. That way, the extraction should go fine, for those of you having trouble! I tested the game as well, and it works… at least without the English patch, I’m still DLing that.
    I don’t think there will be issues.

    1. Sorry for the double post! The English patch works fine, it adds a mod folder of its own and when testing it out, I had no issues.

      1. The ???? files are not corrupted. They are file names with japanese characters, which your Windows won’t understand unless you properly setup your languages.

        Step 1: Install the Japanese language pack. In Win7 this is in Control Panel->Region and Language->Keyboards and Languages->Install/uninstall languages (or you can do it directly from Windows Update). To make sure this has been done right, try choosing the Uninstall option and make sure Japanese is in the list of installed languages. However, leave English as the display language. It is enough to have the pack installed.

        Step 2: Set the Japanese language for the installer and the game by changing the system locale for non-unicode programs. This MUST be active both when you run the installer and when you run the game. Control Panel->Region and Language->Administrative->Change system locale…->Japanese

        1. Sorry if I called them the wrong thing. The files, even in Japanese locale and with Japanese installed (I type in it all the time as I’m fluent and have many friends over there) showed up as errors and were labeled with ???????. I assumed they were corrupted, but I didn’t know what else to call them…
          I was actually just describing how I got it to work on my laptop to hopefully help others.
          Thank you for trying to help though, I appreciate it ^^”

  29. Rogue is working on the translation of Part 3, but he’s doing it in his free time and will probably take a few more months. A partial translation for the first third of Part 3 is out, though.

    For the people having problem with ???????, the game has file names with Japanese characters. You need to have the Japanese language pack installed on your Windows. Also, to successfully play the game you need to set the language for non-Unicode programs to Japanese. In Windows 7 this is in Control Panel -> Region and Language -> Administrative -> Change System Locale. Not sure but WinRAR might also need this to understand the ???? file names.

    1. Just for information I’m using hongfire’ japanese local (name of file “HF pAppLoc”) and work like a charm with most game. I even used to open my ImgBurn CD burning program to write a CD with vocaloid japanese titles, that didn’t work without it. Try it with winrar for fun, might work as well.

  30. I am unable to import my part 1 file, according to the read me all i need ti to copy and paste gloval.sav onto MGQ2 folder, i do but the option is grayed out.

    1. I saw on the forums that you also had to copy the arc(?).nsa file from the first part then replace it with the MGQ 2 one…

      I think it was only the arc.nsa

  31. The files are corrupted, the mod folder has a folder labelled ???????????? which has an .ini also labelled ??????????????????????????

  32. so i think one of the parts is corrupted, wintrar gives me this error:

    ! C:UsersLuisDownloadsMonsterGirlQuest2.part1.rar: No se puede crear MonsterGirlQuest2mod?????????????????.ini
    El nombre de archivo, el nombre de directorio o la sintaxis de la etiqueta del volumen no son correctos.
    ! C:UsersLuisDownloadsMonsterGirlQuest2.part1.rar: Intentando corregir el nombre de fichero no válido
    ! C:UsersLuisDownloadsMonsterGirlQuest2.part1.rar: Renombrando MonsterGirlQuest2mod?????????????????.ini a MonsterGirlQuest2mod_________________.ini
    ! C:UsersLuisDownloadsMonsterGirlQuest2.part1.rar: No se puede crear MonsterGirlQuest2mod??????onabe.png
    El nombre de archivo, el nombre de directorio o la sintaxis de la etiqueta del volumen no son correctos.
    ! C:UsersLuisDownloadsMonsterGirlQuest2.part1.rar: Intentando corregir el nombre de fichero no válido
    ! C:UsersLuisDownloadsMonsterGirlQuest2.part1.rar: Renombrando MonsterGirlQuest2mod??????onabe.png a MonsterGirlQuest2mod______onabe.png
    ! C:UsersLuisDownloadsMonsterGirlQuest2.part1.rar: No se puede crear MonsterGirlQuest2mod??????story.ini
    El nombre de archivo, el nombre de directorio o la sintaxis de la etiqueta del volumen no son correctos.
    ! C:UsersLuisDownloadsMonsterGirlQuest2.part1.rar: Intentando corregir el nombre de fichero no válido
    ! C:UsersLuisDownloadsMonsterGirlQuest2.part1.rar: Renombrando MonsterGirlQuest2mod??????story.ini a MonsterGirlQuest2mod______story.ini

    1. I also got those corrupted messages, but it seems you can just close and continue the extraction.

      Though when I opened it and tried playing it, the text were really tiny for some reason, not ineligible, but close to it, especially on window’s mode, can anyone help with this?

  33. Hey there is a partial patch of Monster Girl Quest 3 over at Rogue Translations, does anyone know if he is getting it?

  34. Hey the partial patch for monster girl quest 3 has been released over at rogue translations. Is he getting it?

  35. For some reason the words in the game are warped. I can’t hardly read what the heck anyone is saying. Like Hard would have the a cut in half with only the first bit showing. Anyone got any answers for this?

  36. downloaded all 4 parts and english patch. Extracted into a new folder then tried to play.. parts 2,3,4 say file is broken. will not not start up. where can I find a non-broken files. GAME MONSTER GIRL QUEST 2

  37. Hey so I was playing and literally at the end of the game, like in the monster lord’s castle and everything when my computer crashed. Now I reloaded the game and it’s set back to defaults and none of my save files are being found. Now they’re still in the save folder and everything but they arent showing up in game. Anyone have any idea what I should do?

  38. But one thing that wonders me when they are attacked
    by Ilias’s Army….Tamamo & her Kitsune’s weren’t there.
    also the Garuda gril.

    well I guess they will have an awesome entrance in Chapter 3.
    just like other battles….they will come in a nick of time
    to turn the tides.

  39. its working 100% sure….
    about combining MGQ 1 & 2 you just copy the
    arc.nsa from MGQ 1 and Paste it in MG 2 to replace it.
    and your good to go….

    any idea where you can add or adjust some side stories?
    well I hope MGQ 3 would come out….I feel bad for Alice’s
    fate and Luka ends up the Angel Ilias. but either ending is good anyway either you go to Alice(Defeat) or Ilias(WIN).
    Happy Gaming. 🙂

  40. heey, what’s the problem with extracting the files? D:
    I have problems with the “mods” folder and the arc/arc1 file :I

  41. It crashed when I was fighting Gnome! *Cries*
    (lol, ‘pipe down’ was my captcha. Rather fitting, methinks.)

  42. When my journey to Noah Region it’s crash, and the error message said

    99.txt line:19811

    >bg \BGg077.bmp\ \

    Please help me .. sorry bad english …

    1. Had the same issue along with missing items glitch. heres how to fix. When you freshly extract MQ2 and patch it. Copy the Arc file and Gobal Save files to there respective places but do NOT combine right away. Start the game and on extras menu click save 1 import, should start normally and bypass the crash (if not try changing system locale to japanese, google it) when you get to the first save location save in slot 1. then go to the title screen and extras menu and combine. then title screen, and load. you will have all your items and it shouldnt crash again. Again doing part 1 Conversion First then import cuased the crash and missing items for me. Doing the Import THEN the Conversion fixed both of these. Good luck.

  43. first time posting on here and “Death might check your items and stuff. i got mine to work after doing alot of that and all my items were gone, even my sword LOL you just have the beginner starting stuff and none of the items you collected in part one. i still cannot get my game saves to totally come over and have tried every single thing i can think of to get it to work. and still cannot get the import save to work. any sudjestions

  44. Is there already a part 3 of this game or is there going to be a part 3 of it?? I finished the game in two days and the final ending of this game is where you fight Alipheese the 18th right? And I didn’t choose to kill her. Then Ilias shows herself and attacked the castle with her subordinates after that the game ends saying about the Final Chapter.. ?

  45. OKay, somebody better answer this nice and clear. I cant open the game. I downloaded it from the link to mediafire. I extracted the game to a Folder. It wont open. Instead, a black window opens up and a smaller one with random letters. Somebody help me.

  46. game doesnt let me continue from part 1 without crashing the game, any ideas of fixing this or should i just restart the game(dnt mnd restart this game coz i like it)?

    1. its working again so its fine now.
      all i did was not converting my save from part 1 and just my save after gnome battle to part 2 save file.

  47. I imported monster girl quest part 1 using the arc file, and when i load up the game, it started from the beginning and not from the end of part 1. Is this intended??

  48. I really like the story-telling of this game! Talking about such, I’m having trouble with the spin-offs… Every single one of them at some point appears a message saying that there was some trouble in one of the lines (usually something like 099) and when I press the only option, “ok”, it closes the game, I can’t finish any of them, why? x.x

  49. Instructions for getting MGQ 1 and 2 together as a single game that can be played in English:

    (1) Download MGQ2 and extract where you want. (2) Download MGQ2 English patch and extract where you want, but not where you extracted MGQ2. (3) Go to where you extracted the patch and click through until you see ‘arc2.nsa’, ‘arc3.nsa’, etc. listed. (4) Select everything, even the files and folders I did not mention in the previous step, then right-click and choose Copy. (5) Go to where you extracted MGQ2 and click through until you see ‘arc.nsa’, ‘arc1.nsa’, etc. listed., then right-click and choose Paste. When asked to confirm, confirm.

    (6) Download MGQ1 and extract where you want, but not where you extracted MGQ2. (7) Go to where you extracted MGQ1 and click through until you see ‘arc.nsa’ listed. (8) Select that file and only that file, then right-click and choose Copy. (9) Go to where you extracted MGQ2 and click through until you see ‘arc.nsa’ listed, then right-click and choose Paste. When asked to confirm, confirm. (10) Open MGQ2 as though you were going to play it. (11) At the menu screen, choose Extras, then choose Part 1 Conversion. Listen to everything Ilias has to say, choose Yes, then listen some more until you are brought back to the menu screen.

    Done! =)

  50. Um guys, I’m currently playing the part 1 of this game. So what’s with this part 2? Is it like the disc 2 of this game? And after I finished part 1 I need to copy my save file over to this game?

    Please help. I’m really confuse now.

  51. Just to let you all no you can save at anywhere you want.

    pick any of the save slots then click confirmation(Yes) then the OK(??) it will then come up with a error message if you can read the text that it but ignore it and just press Esc and it will make the save at that point this works with MGQ1 and MGQ2.

    I had to DL the game useing the (Torrent) because the 4-part DL did not seam to have most of the (arc.nsa) files or they did not work.

  52. well~ even if the “hero” fights with his pants off… it still got a damn nice story… AWAITING THE 3RD ONE!!! X3

      1. Rogue, the translator of MGQ 1&2, is currently working on the translation of MGQ3.

        But it will take time. Probably, around 3 or 4 months.

        He works for free, after all.

  53. Hey just wanted to know if anyone else has this issue?

    The game works fine, however it causes my laptop’s cpu usage to skyrocket up to around 50% ~ 90%

    This causes my laptop to overheat very quickly.
    I never had this issue with Monster Girl Quest part 1, in fact the game only took at most 10%.

    Anyone know if this could be fixable or is it just my crappy computer?

  54. thanks for the upload
    but when i’m getting to the minotaur-girl, the game gives me an error message and crashes
    would be thankfull for any help

  55. Is this this fully translated? Cuz its in the translated section. But when I play it, I get about half, maybe one third of the way in, then it says “This is the end of the patch” and I cant go any further. Whats up?

  56. i just downloaded the patch file and it has a doppel folder can someone tell me where to put it?does it goes to the mod folder?please answer asap

  57. Mod folder is not working. To be precise, the ?????? folder can’t be extracted. Can someone upload this folder? Thanks!

  58. thanks for the tip. Just wondering, what does it feel when girls are the one that rapes man in the real world(reality). would you step outside and get raped by them or hide in our houses?XD

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  59. If anyone’s looking for an eroge similar to this one (monstergirls) I suggest Poion@berry’s Princess X; it’s un-translated at the moment BUT a tanslation group called Suidi is currently fixing that!

  60. My Lord has told me to delete the game and to prepare for his soon coming. I have repented and deleted the game.

    1. No offense to either you or God, but he said that he’d be ‘returning soon’ over 2000 years ago. That’s not ‘soon’.

      1. For god, time does not apply as it would apply to mortal men. There was that story in bible, I think, where God said told this guy who asked for a little bit of money to god (huge amount of money for human) and he told him to wait a minute (a ver~y long time for man).

  61. One more thing that I should point out at this time. Always check the available comments on the torrent pages. Someone may have already left you a message to avoid the file. I placed a warning at The Pirate Bay file that I found the Trojan Horse virus in. If you don’t check available comments, you are just asking to get hit. In my case, there were only two comments ahead of mine, and were quite probably placed there by the culprit (under alias names)who placed the virus. If there are no comments, be very cautious. Be cautious anyway. One way to tell if the file may be trustworthy is if it has several seeders. Honest people won’t keep seeding someone else’s virus file. Goodbye again.

  62. You will need to download Utorrent and set it up to download to your downloads folder (or your desktop, if you don’t use your downloads folder). Youtube can help you with this. After Utorrent is set up, click on the torrent link, and save it to your computer. Now, you would normally right click on the saved file and tell your antivirus program (AVG Free, etc.) to check the file. I have already checked this one. Next, click on the downloaded torrent file. This will bring up a popup page that will ask you what to do with it. At this time, you can check or uncheck files to get only what you want. just leave them checked and start the torrent download. It will start up the Utorrent page. After you have familiarized yourself with this page, you can minimize it with the minimize button at the top. It will take a while for the torrent to download. If you look at the page occasionally (by right clicking on the Utorrent button on your taskbar, and telling it to show you the page), you can see it’s progress. When it is finished, it will have made a new folder under the given name. You should again, check this new folder for viruses. If the folder has a rar or zip file, unzip it with a program such as winrar, winzip, or 7zip. Anyway, this final folder, made by Utorrent is your new file. Once you get this far, you can copy it to wherever you wan’t and delete the original torrent file. You can also bring Utorrent back up and cancel the seeding of the file if you want. When you get done, you need not have anything left but the final folder. Just a note – I have been trying to play this game, and it has been crashing on me. Another note, and warning, torrent files come from other users computers and often have viruses. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS – check and double check these files before attempting to open them. If you are going to use torrent files, you should also install and occasionally run SuperAntiSpyware, which is a free program, and works to clean up viruses better than anything else that I have found. Do not use Microsoft Security Essentials instead of AVG – no matter what anyone says. Microsoft Security Essentials won’t stop the Trojan Horse viruses that many of these files have. AVG Free stopped one for me earlier tonight when I was trying to download this file from The Pirate Bay. It caught it and I told it to remove it. I them delete the remaining portion of the file. Hope this helps you. Bye.

    1. if you wanna talk THAT long… please use spacebar… it is not for show y’know… it would be easier to read :3

  63. Greetings people.

    I was wondering if any of you could help me to dowload this game. I have absolutely no experience in torrent download and as the 3rd part of the monmonsu dowload is down I have to stick to the torent technique…

    So if anyone would be willing to lend me a hand I would be most gratefull, thanks in advance ^^

  64. Anyone know if there’s a mod or patch where you can change the name of the protagonist? Just curious…

  65. Ok I posted in the wrong one this one I am trying to get the english patch to work but it keeps messing up the main files when I try to copy and replace files like I did in the first one

  66. when i start it stops me right away and shuts the game and i cant figure out how to get the english patch to work

  67. I don’t know about you but somehow I was able to download (using torrent) and extract it without any problem whatsoever. However, there are some problem with the mod-thingy (extras>spin-off stories). Whenever I tried to play some of it, a majority went maybe halfway there and suddenly crashed the game. I had no idea how it happened and I can’t solve the problem due to that it was written in Japanese. But I somehow felt like it had something to do with the text. Although it doesn’t bother me that much but… I WANT TO SEE HOW LUKA SPEND THE NIGHT WITH TOMOMO!!! *rage*…ehem..sorry but does anybody know how to fix it?

      1. How do you combine the two? I copied the save files from the first and put them in the second, but it doesn’t seem to have remembered that I got the gems or the fried fish or anything and none of the side stories work.

          1. Go to roguetranslations. It has everything you need to know about how to work MGQ if you look around.

  68. hey, Admin can you tell me when Monster girl quest Final Chapter is going to be uploaded.

    Please, I know it is too early but at least anything you know like when it will release or anything about 3rd part.

  69. title is in japanese text and not everything looks in eng like the first game but it looks more like 80-90% done

    i STILL didn’t do it right….OTL im lv 35 but i dont see any monsterpedia record and im not sure if i did the file transfer correctly…can someone please walk it down with me? i didn’t rly understand the instructions i saw in the posts here

  70. I apologize for this but I have no experience in extracting multiple files and also have a bit of a side problem with it as well.

    First off, am I supposed to extract all the files into the same folder and rewrite them for each part?
    I’m going to continue messing with it until I fix it but don’t post something like “extract files using 7-zip” I love 7-zip and of course I’m using it but I need a bit more specific than that.
    Secondly, it seems I am completely unable to extract the third rar with 7-zip, I did with WinRar but I only got the arc1.nsa file and nothing else.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance and I apologize for the inconvinience, but I would really love to finish this game, I’m falling in love with Alice and simply MUST find my way around.

  71. I can download and play the game in japanese but when I use the eng patch, it doesn’t work. Any help? I use winrar.

  72. ok so for some stupid reson i cant even download the dame game it keeps telling me that Internet Explorer cannot display the web page when i hit create download link idk if it has some thing to do with my internet of what but it happens on all the games

  73. yeah.. sorry for being a noob but im new to torrents and i love monstergirls in general how to i even start because ive downloaded final-torrent and free-torrent-viewer but the eroge still wont play..

  74. I also got a problem.
    I copy my gloval.sav file from MGQ 1 saves into MGQ 2 saves but the option of part 1 save combine or something doesn’t work. It just stays grey. Do I have to play it all again?
    I tried overwriting and renaming it, but the option remains grey. I can’t play my savegame from part 1.

  75. HELP!
    Can someone give me the line of text that it asks for when saving? I think mine somehow got changed because when I try to save nothing actually happens, no save file is made. I’m saving in the save locations and everything.

  76. got a problem with saving the game, when i hit the saveplace a window pops up asking dor a filename and the warning “don’t change the text”, so i just leave the text be and hit the only button that shows some japanese symbols, after that an error message shows in japanese, so i’m stuck cause dont want to start over new always, anybody can help with that pls

    1. ok never mind, found teh problem, the only places you can save are the ones when the games says save location, mostly before and after a battle

  77. Can someone help me please?I have downloaded the game but only the menu and the name of the attacks in english all of the others apper to be white dots.What should i do?

  78. I have a problem like one posted earlier (the game crashes just before the fist fight), but with a different message. it’s something like

    099.txt line: 178593

    cspl 592,595
    if %mon_labo_on=1 && %chara_ori=1 lsp 700, “:a;”+$mon_labo_monfolder+”\”+$tatie1,%monster_x,%monster_y:skip 2>lsp 700,”:a;chara\”+$tatie1+”.bmp”,%monster_x,%monster_y

    I can’t install Japanese as a language on my computer because i lack the Service Pack 3 Disk for XP, and applocale’s Japanese (or i assume it was japanese, it was the only language with a “j”, but it was a bunch of nonsense letters) says my computer is already set to be able to work with the program. The first game worked fine, so I don’t know why this one won’t. Any help would be appreciated!

  79. Hey guys, I’m having a huge problem that I don’t know how to fix.

    When I try to extract the files to a folder, a message pops up saying: “you need to have the following volume to continue this extraction”

    What the ass does this mean, and how do I fix it?
    Any help is appreciated, thanks.

    1. Ya I think I know your problem. When you download these files use the save as instead of open. So just use save as for all of the parts then when they are all in your folder you want them in thats when you extract the part 1 and then it will automatically proceed to extracting these others parts.

  80. Plz do help!
    After the fight with gnome and when I tried to go to the next town, this appears

    099.txt line:19811

    >bg “BG\bg077.bmp”

    How to fix this?

    1. Did you see the credits and save game for future import? If you didn’t you saw the “bad” ending. You might want to try to find a way to not do what others tell you (or check the wiki or a walkthrough). If you did see the real ending I thought it was more foreboding than sad.

      For those having issues with any of the extras or spinoff stories go to rogue’s site and get the newest patch v1.05. It should fix any issues.

      @Fox are you in japan locale if not that might be it. Otherwise you might want to try re-extracting the game

  81. HELP! I can get the main screen up, but the moment I click on any of the options, the game shoots up a screen with various symbols then shuts the game down, what do I do to start it up?

  82. I just found an error with one of the text lines in the colosseum that’s keeping me from progressing.
    Not sure if this is due to my system setup or some form of file corruption, but I’m posting it here hoping that someone can give me a fix;

    099.text line:21264

    |name “Luka”
    |>It looks like she’s being attacked without mercy, but she’s really just biding time for a counterattack. @
    >>She must be incredibly powerful. @ > Her opponent is fast, but fairly feeble… all it will take is a single hit. \

    1. Just tested out the error in the main version as well as the ‘no text wrap’ version of the game that both came in the english patch; I got exactly the same error.

      I’ll try a bit of searching around the web to see if anyone’s already found a fix for this.

      1. Fixed it.

        Apparently you need to replace the arc.nsa file in part 2’s directory with the arc.nsa file from part 1’s directory;

        basically you need to combine the parts together

  83. loved this! the rape/fight concept might be a lil dumb at first but the gameplay and dificulty is pretty decent and the story is quite addictive…and i love Alice sooo much! lucky hero!

  84. It’s not broken , did you copy both arc.nasa and arc.nasa 1 from Monster Girl Quest 1 and rewrite the arc.nasa and arc.nasa 1 into the Monster Girl Quest part 2 folder , if so don’t do it , u just need copy arc.nasa and rewrite from MGQ Part 1 into the MGQ Part 2 not both arc.nasa .. I suggest you use Winrar when u extract it’s much more efficient for me .. If u still hve problm just reply me … OK ..

    1. well when i run 7-zip it says the arc.nasa1 is broken as well and i suspect that is why my game crashes. i followed the instructions exactly too for data tranfering so i suspect that the broken file is my problem.

        1. i would but it looks like i have to buy it or sign up for something. I dont really want to do either unless i give it an email adress for spam stuff…. i might just go do that 😐

          1. don’t find full version find trial version also good , i don’t hve any problem downloading winrar..

  85. hey i need help, i saw a the same problem but no answer. the jap version worked fine, but the english patch crashes the game as soon as i hit new game

  86. Hey , is there even chapter 3 for Monster Girl Quest =.=” .. I would really appreciate if someone can tell me …

      1. Thx , i really like this game … I already finish part 2 game and can’t wait to play part 3 … ^^~ , i really though the game gonna end just like that when i kill Alice..I would be really happy if he and Alice become couple … Hehe .. THIS GAME THE BEST^^~

  87. apperantly the arc.nasa and arc.nasa1 files are broken. I use 7-zip which most people says works too. Does anyone have an alternate download link that is known to work?

  88. after Alice says she will cook me food the game keeps crashing. I’m going to try re-extracting everything and seeing if i can fix the problem like that, but if not could i get some help?

  89. Whenever I try to import my data from part one i get a wierd error

    fgf%[ most of it i cant make out but i think this means something 099.txt line:19811

    anyone know how to fix this? or do i have to just start over?

      1. Remember, MGQ Part 2 is NOT the same as MGQ Part 1. Do not try to extract this part 2
        patch into MGQ Part 1’s folder.

        it says not to but u said to extract monster girl quest 2 into same folder as monster girl quest 1?

  90. Says it cant find part 3,4 or the patch when i try to download. I would appreciate if this was fixed or someone told me how to fix this.

  91. Hey Admin there seems to be a critical error during the lilith and lilim battle; whenever they use their handjob attack a script error appears and the game crashes… is it just me?

    1. Maybe , i don’t have any problem like that from the beginning i play..I don’t about other people though..

      1. Really? you don’t get that problem… I had to download the patch from rogue translators’ site to fix it… maybe it was just my PC.

        1. Hey, do you remember the name of the patch you downloaded on rouge translations? I had that same problem in the battle with Lilith u.u

  92. Monster Girl Quest: Part 3… Can’t wait for it!
    They fixed the choppy special attack fx in this one… Nihon banzai!!!

  93. ok i downloaded all the parts and the english patch. how do they join together to make the game work?? because now i have 4 downloaded parts and i dont know how to join them

    1. The files are archived in .rar format and need to be extracted. I recommend downloading 7-zip. It can extract many packed formats. With 7-zip installed, just r-click the first part in explorer and choose “extract here” under the 7-zip options.

  94. what happened? At the start of the first battle scene, Some message shows up and then the game to fix this?

    1. I have the same problem I think the error message is…

      099.txt line:76607
      gosub *setwindow_02
      > isp700 :a;chara\”$tatie1+”.bmp”,%monster_x,%monster_y

      Would really appreciate some help with this.

      1. Win 7: Start -> Control Panel -> Change display language (under Clock, Language, Region) -> Administrative -> Change system locale

  95. help!while i was at the first few scence the game showed me a message and shut down it self what should i do?

    1. I’m also having this problem. The text is all paired up and it’s really difficult to read. I’m not having any trouble with the Monmosu 1, it’s only the second one. Although the parts from no. 1 are also messed up when I play them in 2. Anyone know how to fix this?

      1. I know this is slow, but i stumbled upon this site while looking for resolution for this problem. The solution is simple – run the game through Microsoft Applocale, like the first one…

      1. Eh it has nothing to do with that. I had the same exact problem about two days ago. It has to do with the game it self and your computer not having the required files to view them properly.

        applocale is a xp program from microsoft that fixes the problem on this game and any game from japan. I was close to just deleting the game until I found out how to fix it. The text for me was about 1/8 of an inch and broken up. Really hard to play

  96. i downloaded MGQ 2, my old MGQ 1 got deleted. in the Readme it says that i have to transfer a file from the MGQ 1 in to MGQ 2 so that i can play from the beginning right?

  97. Any one else having a problem with the queen bee fight? I’m having a hard time with that fight due to sylph’s power not even being 50% effective so I end up using meditate more than any other skill! How the crap am I supposed to win when I am unable to use any of my offensive skills like chaos star or demon skull? Any help please?

  98. I don’t know how many times I let the Centaur Lady rape me. It was funny at first, but then I started getting pissed off. Anywho. Does anyone know where I can find the controls, as in which keys pause the game, how I can set my own, view options, etc. I’m not used to not using an emulator.

  99. I Basically.. I beat part 1 but part 2 won’t play. I beat gnome and then it said to save files. What folders do I merge to play futher?

  100. hi guys, i’ve been playing well the game even after imported the arc.nsa’s from the first to second chapter, but when i go to piramyd, in the exact moment that Sara is going to appear, an error appears:

    099.txt line:16450

    and the games crash, please help T-T

    1. if you combined part 1 and part 2 just unrar part 2 again and replace the arc files for the originals and it should work (worked with mine)

  101. At least you get to the first fight. Every time I start it runs for about 2 seconds before crashing. Tried it with and without the English patch applied. Does the same thing.

  102. Gday,
    I’m having a problem, the game starts up and english patch works fine however i get an error message when I encounter the first monster (slime i think).
    I would very much love some help 🙂

  103. the links are dead :'( i just finished MGQ 1 and was downloading this and now am stuck >< can u please reupload again .. thanx 🙂

  104. What are your settings? You start the game using AppLocale (japonese system)?
    I had no problem. My system: Win XP sp3 using AppLocale.
    My game: Monster girl part 1 + part 2 + English Patch 1.05 (for details on how to join the part 1 to part 2, read the PatchReadme.txt, in english patch).

  105. I’m having a problem, every time I lose a battle the game exits back to my desktop… Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? Besides not dying lol.

  106. Damn, part2 is much more intense than part1. While I don’t care much for H-scene. (Some are hot but most of it is not that good, and I’m not a fan of guro too) The battle against the 4 heavenly knights is nothing short off epic, especially Granberia is extremely good! Just as I expected from my favorite out off the 4.

  107. So appearently there’s a part three somewhere in the world…
    whether it’s out or not i dunno….
    i just hope it makes it’s way over here soon~

  108. I have a problem , when I save the game, and then after load it, it says “ftf@fCf<ylph.In the Safina region, Gnome. ,oSJ … " with strange characters .

    And below "00txt.line:1"

    If somebody knows how to resolve it would be cool 🙂

  109. While playing, my computer died on me, and when I booted back up and tried to continue where I left off, my saves were gone; They were in the save folder, but I could not access them via the ‘load’ option. So what I did was uninstall and re-install the game, making sure to save my saves in a separate folder for copy/pasting them back into the new save folder so I could access my saves before the computer died. I have a problem in doing that though, as I have no idea how to properly import the saves. Should I just use the import function as I did for importing the first games data, or what? Or should I just copy/paste the saves over to the new save file? Sorry for the wall of text, but I hope someone can help me with this problem.

    1. same thing happened to me. i dont mind playing the game again, but filling the encyclopedia is a massive time killer. if someone could post solution that would be awesome.

  110. oh hey Admin i think thers something wrong with the MF english v1 patch pls check and fix tnx…. 🙂

  111. Whenever I start up the game the text is extremely small, anyone know how to fix this?

    To Katsu:
    I’m pretty sure part 3 isn’t even out in Japan yet with no set release date either. Even when it is released in Japan, it’ll at least take 2 months for a translation.

  112. That was great, can´t wait for what comes next.

    By the way any other RPG on this site that is good?

    I know of the rance games
    men at work
    tears to tiara
    Gadget Trial
    Battle Moon Wars
    Lightning warrior.
    Brave Soul

    1. Try Yume Miru Kusuri. Or Katawa Shoujo which was just released. They aren’t really games per se but are pretty awesome in their own rights.

      1. Thanks, I had considered Yume and I already have Katawa Shoujo on computer though I have yet to finish it.

  113. Gah, I’m running into problem after problem -.- I was able to figure my other questions out, but now I got another. At the very beginning of the game, when its showing the continent then cuts to the story my game crashes. I was able to get it past this part before, but that was before I merged parts 1 and 2. Did I do something wrong?

  114. @Icy If its like the first game, you can only save when it says Save Location.
    Now, I need a lil help -.- I’m trying to extract these now but I keep getting errors on the arc1.nsa files for every downloaded part. I’m extracting each part seperately and using WinRar. Am I doing something wrong or did I download some broken files? Please help, this game is awesome and I really want to find out what happens lol

    1. Yea actually I was trying to save at a point where there was no save location, When you get the window that says “Do not change the text” I just pushed Alt + F4 and it saved. It even loads fine. So it is possible to save at a non-Save Location.

  115. help me please…when im about to fight the sucubus sisters(lillith lillim), there’s an error box pop out and when i click ok, the game closes. is there any solution to this?

  116. Actually ignore my last post and read this one I found out how to merge and in part 2 i’m missing like 4 battles after I get the purple orb on the ship.

  117. I am confused on merging both of the games together, and I don’t want to mess up doing this so can someone give me some instructions on how?

  118. Does anybody know how to get Ilias in your Monsterpedia, I’ve already evaluated 132 times, and also, does anybody know how to get the imp girls second rape scene?

    1. to get ILias in monsterpedia you must kill Alice.
      to get imp second rape scene you must request t*t f*ck

  119. For the Queen Slime, simply ensure you have Sylph and Gnome buffs on at all times, heal when needed and use ERD when SP is high. Also depending on which bind she uses, you will need to either attack or struggle.

  120. can anyone tell me how to pass the slime heavenly knight?, I had tried many things but I can survive her attack.

  121. I think the season three is war between monsters and angles.Man i think i will fight illias but the game just end there

    1. Go to your part 1 directory, to the \save folder. Inside this folder, you need to copy “gloval.sav”. Paste this “gloval.sav” file into Part 2′s \save folder. After that, go to the “Extra” menu and choose “Part 1 SaveImport”. It will import the save file and start you on part 2. Do not do this unless you chose to create cleared save data at the end of part 1.

  122. Hello. Im having an issue which could be a bug. While I was fighting Lilith and Lilim, the game worked fine until it crashes when their health is almost low. I desperately need to know why its doing that. Because first of all, I started a new game in the second one, and saved as well, but I didn’t add the arc.nsa file from the first the second one. But i did it afterwords, could that be the issue? Someone please help, I would gladly appreciate it.

    1. There was a post earlier about the fix. Use the no word wrap file that came with the English patch and continue with your Lilith and Lilim fight.

  123. I’m having a problem…i extracted the game and tried to run it in japanese and it worked fine, but once i extracted the english patch the game begins just like the first game and it always crashes on the first battle or wen i go to config… anyone has any idea about what the problem is?

  124. Hello

    The game is great and so far it has worked without problems for me, but when I try to read/watch the spin-off stories, it crashes at certain point of the story with a weird symbolic error message. The only thing I can copy here about the message is “099.txt line:187046

    This crash happens at least during the Vampire Girl: after 2 story, it happens when Vampire Girl starts crying and is worried that Luka might die. (It seems like the story might end there but I can’t be sure since it crashes the game).

    This also happened to me with the “Kitsune marriage” story at some point, could someone tell me if this is intentional? If it isn’t, is there a way to fix it?

    Thank you in advance 🙂

    1. As far as i know for the spin off story’s you have to combine part one and part two for them to work.

      1. How do you combine the two parts? Just drag the files from part 1 to the part 2 directory?

    2. That happened to me too. You have to set the “Text Display Mode” to “Wait” in the configs. Hope it helps.

  125. Someone already made a comment asking for help, but I can’t seem to think of anything that might fix my problem.

    I’ve downloaded all four parts, and every time I try to extract the game, it gives me an error message.

    It only manages to extract the mod folder with 3 files or so in it.

    I’m currently using the Windows Vista OS and I’m using IZArc to extract the files. If anyone can help me, I’d appreciate it.

      1. Thank you very much! I don’t really understand why IZArc was having a problem with it, considering I’ve used it to unpack all of my other visual novels-including the first Monmuso Quest.

        Regardless, 7-zip worked, and I’m now enjoying my game!

        1. me also have the same problem…….me cannot extract this 4 file and show ‘error message’
          im currently use winrar to extract the file.
          im really need help….

  126. i has been done finish all story monster girl qeust season 1 and monster girl qeust season 2 thx i did’t have problem with this game if U have monster girl qeust seson 3 tell me i will download again^o^

  127. Thanks for downloading this it’s a great game and can’t wait for the next one and sadly last one to come out

  128. I need help. I cant beat the game, because it turns out there are several monster I have missed. I missed the monsters between the Beelzebubs and the Wyvern. How do I get these monster in between?

  129. It has been asked but does anyone know how to fix the tiny letters? I’ve tried everything and still it shows up tiny.

  130. Anyone have the english patch on mediafire??? the DA link doesn’t have a resume capability in the IDM. ty.


    Why do they use such a cliffhanger!?

    Wah… I want to see more… The Finale is gonna rock, and I wish that I could help speed up the translation process.

    Press on Translators! ^o^

  132. how do i get the ultimate skill alice teaches you to work? i’m supposed to use it on granberia after all the skills i have, but i cant seem to activate it afterwards.

  133. I have a problem when i extrac the game.
    It seems problem with folder’s name after “mod”

    can anyone help me ?

  134. oh and some of the spin-off story’s also do not work and i don’t know why, so again please help me cuz i heard this game is good but now i can’t play it

  135. um when i get to fighting lilith and lilium a pop-up thing makes the game go away and i can’t get past that part i don’t know what to do please tell me

  136. admin, can u help me?
    When i want to play this game there is an error box with “Japanese words”
    099.txt line:185361
    exec_dll”NSFont.dll/gaiji,”Japanese word”,system,/hurt.bmp”
    Please Help me

  137. it appears that all mediafire links cannot be downloaded from, your mediafire account may have run out of bandwidth.

  138. when i finished extracting the rar files, have the contents, and start the game, the menu sound keeps on repeating. why? is it my computer acting stupid, the files corrupt, or another problem?

  139. When playing this game after MGQ1, do you import a savegame from the first part, or do you just start a new game in part 2?

  140. There’s a few spots that aren’t translated yet. Go to Main Menu->extras->side-stories. Only a few work I believe, the rest crash.

  141. So the game works, its great, exciting, and very sexy, but, unlike the video I saw that had the sexual noises, its not doing it, such as the sucking noises, or the sloppy sounds of the Hero being raped. Did I do something wrong, is it a file in the game, or is it something with the computer’s sound?

    1. Run the game in nonwordwrap mode to fix it. There’s a shortcut that was included in the patch in the directory.

  142. @Exo
    It may say that at times,but it doesn’t always mean its true.Try Testing it at least 5 times just to be sure. When I downloaded Majikoi and tested it with 7-Zip it originally said the files were broken, after trying it again it said they weren’t.
    IF the files are broken Redownload.

    (Also if you don’t test All of the files at the same time,It will always say they’re broken.)

  143. @berou
    What exactly is the problem? I can think of several problems involed with extracting files. The best way to extract files quickly and easily is to use 7-Zip. You can also scan those files with it before you try to open them to see if they’re corrupted.Also make sure the program your using to extract the files with is compatible with your pc. a.k.a. windows 7
    or XP etc./64bit or 32bit.

  144. Help me to complete the Monsterpedia, anyone know how to get the “Moonlight Rendezvous” move for Tamamo(2)??

    please help me… desperate….


    1. If i remember correctly that was a move you had to get by not using sylph and undine to save you. Bad thing is that there are another 3 or 4 moves that can kill you in the meanwhile.Took me a while to get.

  145. I need help with the game, which doesn’t seem to be working.

    I scanned over the previous comments and tried several methods like delete and redownload, use a different extract and compresser, blah blah… Anyway! Extracting part 1 and 4 appears to be my main problem, as i am able to extract monster girl quest, but trying to continue the game is impossible without running into the game crashing as soon as i move to the next continent. Yes i imported my saves and merged part 1 with part 2, but other than that im not sure what to do to fix this. Please help and thanks! I wanna see how this story unfolds! 0_0

  146. I have a problem with video animations ingame where the screen turns black. The video animation is played soundwise and the game works normal, however i have only an black screen during the attack. It´s about the fire and ice attack alice uses. Codecs are all there and stuff and i can get it running without problems outside of the game as an normal video.
    I have had the same problem in hinata bokko with the opening and ending. I tried quite a bit out but couldn´t find a way to fix this.
    I use Win7 and as said have all the codecs gathered.
    Does anybody have an idea what causes this?

      1. Nope, graphic card works just fine.
        But i solved the problem just now myself 😀
        It was due the fact that i used more than one monitor at the same time that it wasn´t able to load the picture. So setting only one monitor active solved the problem^^

  147. When going out to Girl Monster Quest 3? In the end, Ilia is the enemy, trying to repeat the massacre Remina. If Ilia rape you again, defeat Alice again, but dont kill her. Wait the cutescene.

  148. I saw recently that there may be another game like this, only more true to the original idea by Kenkou Cross. Im not certain if it’s true or not, but I did see a few pics about it on Gelbooru. If anyone else has the time could be worth while to check it out. Let us know if you find anything.

  149. I found some more side stories to download. Ifn yall er interested. [At Gnome Laboratory.wordpress] Sorry Im eating Corn…

  150. Is anyone else getting an error when they try to watch the spin-off stories? Seems to crash when it tries to display a character image.

    1. You have to combine MHSQ1 and 2 first. Just choose the combine option in the config menu-the game pretty much walks you through the process.

    1. hAHAHA she is sure hard.
      Anyway just try to

      1st summon Undine (water) cost 4 points

      2nd summon Salamender (Fire) cost 4 but replenish all your points

      3rd start using all your skill one by one
      (dont forget to heal)

      When the Salamender buff off used it again.
      (Great way to replenish your SP)

      After you give her every of your offensive move.
      Time to show her who is the boss.

      1. its actually better to go like this
        that uses all 10 sp but with the use of salamander you get full sp again

  151. nice really love this game i finished and i think there will still be part 3 here cause it`s said there in the ending that this is still the middle chapter i hope there will be part 3 of MGQ thank you 🙂

  152. To you people who cant get it in english.
    What worked for me is:
    You download all the files including the patch file. Unzip/unrar/etc whatever to it. Then just copy the “contents” of the folder “MGQ_Part_2_English_V1.0” and paste it into “MonsterGirlQuest2” folder which is located in the “MonsterGirlQuest2.part1” folder. when it asks to merge or replace etc folders, click yes.

    Just did it now and made it english.

  153. Is there a way to change the font of the patch? i keep getting this tiny letters i cant read. i know theres a NSFont.dll in the patch but i got no idea how to do so.
    Thanks in advance.

  154. i can’t play this game. can anyone please help how to start this game? nothing came out when i try extract the english patch

  155. I will ask again. How can I solve problem with text? There are no letters in main game, even Chinese. English appears only in Monster encyclopedia and some choices. For the rest of game I can`t read anything because instead of letters there is something like this: ………, …………. . Some points and nothing else. What can I do to solve this issue? Can someone help?

    1. have you tried changing you system locale? if not change it to Japanese.
      1.go to: control panel
      2.Clock,Language and Region
      3.Region and Language
      5.Change system locale
      6.Select Japanese then click “ok”
      “you might have to restart your computer after you change the system locale. if it still doesn’t work you might have to re-download the game.”

      1. i got the ending where Illias becomes an enemy…what did you do differently to get your first ending?

        1. After Alice’s HP is already zero, don’t kill her, and choose ‘wait’ instead. After three to four turns, you’ll get the event. And there shall be part 3. Waiting for itttt!!!!

  156. @Shawn
    No she doesn’t talk through all of part 1, just at the sex scences. If you’re like me you can keep a record of a characters voice in your head and then add it to voiceless dialog. Impressive NO?

  157. Does Alice not have a voice in part2…. I swear, she talked regularly in part1 just not in ecchi scenes.

  158. Yo! Just Solved my own problem! You have to merge the save data from part 1 into part 2. Also to do this you will need to copy and replace the arc.nsa data from part 1 into part 2. Or the game will crash,but will still work so don’t worry.

    However while playing the side stories there is “NO SOUND” Am I still missing something or is that just how it is?

    Any Help?

  159. I can’t play the “side-stories,” first it said I was missing msvcr100.dll, so I downloaded it. But still it refuses to play!
    The text describing the problem is all in gibberish so I don’t know what to do. Has anyone else noticed this?

  160. Is it possible for anyone to upload a completed save file for part 1, with the special items (roasted starfish bought from mermaid, lamp from skipping fight, acorn from skipping fairy fight) for some reason my origenal game save would not transfer and I got halfway through the new one when an anti virus update made my computer reset….. log back in… had to remerge parts 1 and 2….. and my save no longer works (what the hell) so just wondering

  161. Loved this game, but was anyone else a tad.. confused at the ending? At least after the last battle, i was waiting for Luka to go back or something, or at least there be an epilogue on what was happening, especially with that black alice. Was it just me? (Or did i somehow miss an epilogue…?)

    1. To be prefectly honest, there was so much foreshadowing in regards to what was coming that I’m suprised how anyone could be… well…. suprised by the ending.

      Remember, there is a part three coming… the few remaining questions (which if you were paying attention should be fairly obvious) should be answered then.

  162. can anyone help me? i already download the game from mediafire.. but i somehow unable to download the english patch from the
    so can anyone tell me whats the problem? is it my computer, my internet or the website itself..i was wondering is there any other website to download the english patch. i cant download it from mediafire..i already tried but the file is removed

    thx for the help

    1. sumon all spirits and use all of their skill so she will ask to you use your most powerful move use quadruple giga to finish her

      1. how do i? I tried putting all the spirits together but it doesnt work and i die after i reach the part where it says i should try to use alice’s new skill.

  163. yo guys….. i tried to play the game, but after instaliing everything (including appcale, east asian pack) the text wnt come up…… need urgent help

  164. Hello, I have got a small problem with game`s text. It`s something like this: …….., ………. I don`t know why did that happen and how to fix it. Should i change locale to Japanese? Please help.

  165. Now would anyone please translate Shin Koihime Musou?
    I would be eternally grateful.
    Btw…I’m still trying to finish Kamidori. Played for 300+ hours and doing my last playthrough on Yuela’s route 2nd time. Time to become a Magnus 😛

  166. I’m having oodles of problems trying to run this game. I’ve been troublshooting for an hour and a bit…can someone help?

    At first winrar kept yelling at me that files were broken and there were errors. I re-DL’d the rar files. No dice. I took someone’s suggestion of DL’ing 7-Zip and it turned out that there were broken files; arc.nsa and arc1.nsa

    After some puzzling I just took the ones from MQG 1 and put it into the MQG 2 folder. Voila game worked…for two seconds and some text saying something about the BGM for the title. After fixing that none of the music would play; there were files in the previously empty folder I copied from the (what I assume to be) Japanese version.

    I do the stuff the readme says about merging the games and porting save data. After it described the “story so far” it brought me to the world map and promptly crashes asking about a .bmp I try the Japanese version as well, and it crashes in the same place but the music works.

    TL;DR – My game is fucked and I’ve spent time trying to fix it. Music doesn’t play in English version, plays in Jap version. Both crash in the same place (right after “the story so far”) with an error message saying a .bmp can’t be found (I think).

    Help plz?

    1. Well, why don’t you ask someone to sent the missing file via email. Than you just put it into your directory

      1. It’s more than one file. Maybe if someone could direct me to an alternate source that would be nice.

        The game seems to be missing sound effects and actual visual effects from what the files are (.ogg, .bmp)

  167. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the end of this really makes want to play third part now its getting so good

    urgh be patient be patient be patient

    1. LOL!, Lucky me I haven’t played both part1 and 2, guess i’ll just wait till part 3 comes out.

  168. Huh? Hold on we have to start all over again? Is there no way to continue from the end of the first?

  169. I have problems with the text.
    It’s very small and like this >(Di ff ic ul ty)<
    I tried some fonts and download from another source, but it's still like this.
    Can someone help please?

  170. does anyone know where you can get the sound track for thsi game. theres some song which i really do like

  171. Can anyone get the extra side stories to work? They seem to keep on crashing.

    BTW 1st monster quest was good but 2nd is much better

    1. this apparently requires a merge with game 1. It involves somthing like copying arc.nsa from the first game to the second and then going into extras and running merge.

  172. I finished the game.
    The ending was so sad to me.
    As I hoped they will be happy together.

    Wait! There’s still one more, right ?

    Maybe the ending will turn twist upside down.

      1. Yes, I finished her. Her Life bar’s all lost.

        What’s wrong ? Is there an alternative ending ?

        1. Yes, there’s also the true ending. This is a three part game. Also choosing a slower death gets you more dialogue.

        2. Lol when shes down to 1 hp you’re supposed to either wait or use guard twice and then additional dialogue comes out

        3. When you deplete her life bar, if you don’t want to kill her, click wait 2 times… You will let her live this way.

  173. C:\Users\user\Downloads\Compressed\MonsterGirlQuest2.part1.rar: Cannot create MonsterGirlQuest2\mod\??????\???????????.ini
    The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

    anyone having this kinda error know how to fix it? btwn my locale already in japanese have no problem with kamidori/hoshizora

    1. solved it by using 7-zip to extract whoever have this prob just dl 7zip and extract 7 zip doesnt try to rename the file like winrar

  174. Beat part one…
    how do I get to use my part one data in part 2?
    (had beat the part one and saved after the last boss gnome)

  175. There is one thing that I find weird with the rar files.
    There is a subfolder in the “mod” folder that is listed as ??????? and refuses to unpack properly even in Japanese locale.
    I can still run the game just fine as far as I can tell so far, so it just puzzles me what the folder is actually good for.

  176. Guys y do i having an error says: “file name, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect” ???

  177. What do you guys mean by part 3? does it mean that the game have not been fully patched or does it mean there is a monster girl quest 3?

    1. Monster Girl Quest has always been meant to be a trilogy, IIRC.
      That’s why we now have a part 2.

      1. so do u mean there is a monster girl quest 3 or it just means the monster girl quest have a 3rd part in it?

        1. It seems like that. Although I played Japanese version, I could predict there will be third part. Therefore we should be patient for a litle time until the game release

          1. Whoa so that means there will still be more game of Monster girl quest? Nice! lol

  178. Thanks for this admin.

    Downloading now. Wonder if this comes with a tutorial. Completely forgot gameplay.

    Anyone know where I can pick up a complete save file?

  179. Phew… finally got all the CGs. Took me… 16 hours. I would’ve finished in half that time if it weren’t for all the fapping. Haaaa… the story was pretty good. I love Granberia since she can be pretty cute. I wonder how long it will take for Part 3 to come out? I’m hoping for a good round finale at the end.

    1. Hopefully soon… realistically speaking probably a year…. Danm im very fired up and want to tackle the third one as soon as it gets out *and translated :/ *

  180. Okay, I finished the game…….the very same night I downloaded it @_@…… still I like the story, I knew there was something fishy going on, but that’s to be expected…. the signs were all there @_@

  181. OH YEAH!! I’ll begin downloading this one… r~~~ight after I get that LAST enemy… (too lazy to get that one before)

      1. I had this same issue and I solved it by downloading the game from a different source. I think that part of it is that there were errors when uncompressing this copy.

  182. so there`s another part huh… ): i thought it would`ve finished and all but i guess not… well guess it`s worth it to wait.

  183. anyone here know how to fix crash in spinoff section? i tried like 5 times and it all crash zzz. complains complains XD

  184. is it normal to have prblems in extracting with winrar? just wondering cause i get diagnosis probs o well guess i’ll just have to download it again

  185. Hey, I can’t seem to get the spin off scenes to work. anyone else having this problem? only 2 of them work, and i wanted to know if there is a way to fix this.

    1. the spinoff game are yet to be fully translated…
      so they disable the spinoff side until a proper patch is updated~

  186. Alright, i got out of the start of the game. But whenever i get to the desert to save the princess (Sara). The game crashes. Anyone else with this problem?

    1. I got it to work. I loaded my save from part 1 to part 2 but I think i’m like you. When it directs to the Noah region, it crashes

  187. ARGH!!!!! I wanted to tell you “Patch is out”. Seems like i overslept lol. Well, thanks for uploading and keep up ur good work 😀

  188. Admin, can you help me? I downloaded the game, but at the time of drawing, error appears.
    Sorry for bad english and keep the good work.

  189. I’ve tested it and it works perfectly. Don’t forget to combine the save file for those who played the first game. 🙂

    Admin, why don’t you put up the Violated Hero? It’s been translated to english too?

  190. Anyone had crash at the coliseum? i was just playing through it and it crash. it put up the tranlation and then closes window. any solutions to it?

    1. Nvm i fixed it. had to reload save for a few times and it went through. sorry for missing the earlier post with the similar problems.

  191. Nevermind, that link doesn’t want to download with Jdownloader, had to it manually in order to get it to work.

  192. What a splendid morning, I knew you’d have uploaded it by the time I get up. 🙂 Thank you, good Sir.

  193. do we need the 1st part to play the game? cos i just reformatted my com n the save in the first part is gone. got too many virus from uh-hmm a certain website XD

  194. IT……..IS…….TIME……

  195. Is the game working? or its just like those April fools prank? im just played the minigames / mini stories but its working (dont know about the main story yet)

  196. I keep getting an error message during the lilith fight.

    (Japanese words)

    099.txtline: 178003


    Originally I thought it was whenever I hit a certain amount of HP (just a little past half way), but I was able to bring her down to just a little bit before it errored again. Can anyone help me with this?

    1. I had the same problem, just keep on trying and saving while fighting and you should be able to pass the fight after a few tries.

  197. wow thanks admin been waiting for the second part haha
    what left is hoshizora no memoria and never 7.. good luck

    been wandering why i can’t open the download link box????

  198. is it me or everytime i try to extract part 1..
    it keeps saying extracting error and the file is automatically rename???

  199. Ok… at the start of the game, it crashes with some unreadable bug. Anyone knows how to fix it? Please and thank you

  200. Extract fails. it seems it was rared on a system that didnt support japanese characters and mess up some files.

  201. So admin, do you plan on combining the download page for MGQ1 and MGQ2 into one page, seeing as it’s now possible to combine the first game into the second.

    1. Yeah. I think there’s like a minigame or something that’s not translated, but the story part is.

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